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This was pretty fun, and the soundtrack kicked ass. Too bad it’ll always be known as the “All Your Base” game.

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>All Your Base Are Belong To Us
I can't believe there was a time when that sort of thing was considered funny.
In hindsight it's pure cringe. All the stuff from the old /b/
>Numa Numa
>Ran Ran Ru
>Ievan Polkka
>Shoop Da Woop
>Pool's Closed

It was all retarded and I'm glad those days are over.

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>zoomer who spent a few weeks on knowyourmeme dot com weighs in

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I'm 27 years old, I was there.

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It was more sincere fun instead of the post ironic trash you see now because everyones too much of a spineless twat to be sincere about anything due to fear of ridicule

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You might say those old memes had SOUL?

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it was pretty fun dude. at least people created oc instead of "here's my new wojak hope you like it xD have sex xD"

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I remember /b/ used to have "caturday" where they would post cats for saturday
sounds like a fun subreddit idea

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Sneed feels like a 2006 meme let's be honest

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I want to go back!

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Hey man. You take that back.

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I feel there's a lot of faggots here nowadays that are excited about spreading their unfunny memes around the rest of the Internet or into real life. Obnoxious shit that used to be mocked is now BASED and /ourguy/. Rules 1 and 2 weren't bad ideas.

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Early internet memes man. I'm glad to be able to say I witnessed its birth.

Memes aside, yeah, Zero Wing is a pretty decent shooter with lots of things going for it. One can expect people would get actually interested in the game following the meme.

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those fuckin idiots put it on their top 20 worst genesis games list, that was when they had their own website so like 10 years ago lol

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sorry those idiots at screw attack*

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Kill yourself. I'd give anything to go back.

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