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Are these games actually worth playing? What are some of the series represented?

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>Are they worth playing?
Sometimes, they're like Fire Emblem but less severe about fuckups while being just about the exact same flavour of game.
>Some series represented?
Tons. Magic Knight Rayearth got into the latest, and it's had all sorts of oddball series as well as ones you'd expect.

More to the point, representation can happen in one game exclusively, and sometimes you're looking for Escaflowne and it's only in Compact 3 which is before they decided to use NG+ mechanics. Oh well.

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I just want to play as Ideon and kill em all.

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Depends on how much you invest into the anime robot in general. Understanding a story behind them and how they play with others makes this game standout.

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if you have to ask the answer is no

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Why haven't you played them yet already? The fuck is wrong with you, go play them. Either the OG's or the regular ones, start with one series and when you're finished move on to the other.

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These games were builded for mecha anime fan.
If you're not mecha anime fan, these games aren't for you.

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Ideon only appears on SRW F Final and SRW Alpha 3.

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Can't wait for someone to google translate the script, hack it into the game, and ask for patreon bucks

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>tfw huge mecha fan and seen/familiar with most series in most entries
>tfw find the gameplay dull and uninteresting

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Some of them.
SRW3 is a pain to play and I'd recommend it just as a curiosity. The Inspectors and Divine Crusaders era is pretty interesting but not groundbreaking because Banpresto was still learning the ropes of working with all these series and making a good plot around them (for instance in SRW3 Daitarn 3 and Combattler V are introduced literally in their final battles, they get done with their plots as soon as they appear to focus on UC Gundam. Now if you like the UC, SRW 3 has a treat for you)
F and F Final are legit good but people tend to avoid Shin.
Reception of 64 was kinda mixed. The general consensus says that the series started to get good from Alpha.
Most standalone games are super fine on their own and worth a play.

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Yeah, SRW doesn't precisely sell for the strategy part, it's the fanservice of seeing your favorite characters interact with each other and, in the case of Alpha onwards, awesome sprite work and animations.

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Good thing in Alpha 3 Ideon is quite important, the Buff Clan is one of the main enemy factions and there's even a WHOLE BAD ENDING ROUTE which plays the ending of the show straight with the characters commenting about their certain deaths and how these last fights are useless.

IDK how Ideon was treated in F Final.

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By the way can't wait to get my Wii so I can play Masou Kishin translated on a CRT

No way in hell I'm buying an SD2SNES

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Cool beans, anon. SNES Masou Kishin is best Masou Kishin.

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I didn't play alpha 3, played F Final years ago and can recall it unlocking more attacks the higher the morale went (9999 dmg map ones like ideon sword and gun), but also increasing its gauge would make it berserk, randomly hitting your own units. To top it off, if it died while berserked you got a game over.

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No. Not unless you're a nutcase fan of the cartoons and you're the type of person that collects figurines are you're overweight etc.

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I played F and F Final. Ideon and Gunbuster only appear right at the end of F more like a "next episode!" thing.
In F Final, both Ideon and Gunbuster are quite important, moreso Ideon since it also has the Buff Clan as one of the main baddies.
Ideon as a unit is also kind of vital, I relied solely on Ideon for some of the more difficult later missions with thons of bosses, since Ideon can insta-kill almost everything, but you need to build up ide gauge which takes a while.
Want to replay them sometime, I just recently learned that there's a bad end route which has kaworu from Evangelion as the final boss, piloting Eva-03 for whatever reason.

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Exactly me. I wish SRW would get a game like the Gundam Vs. series, although the scale of all the different robots would likely be a mess.

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Here's the only question that you need to ask: does this video give you a bone?

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Only if you're really into the robutts that are crossing over. SRW gameplay is mediocre at the best of times. The crossover appeal is all it's really got going for it, which means anybody who says 'start with OG' should be ignored and mocked. OG itself is only good for the crossover appeal, you have to be into the original robots and characters from the other games to get anything out of it, because again the gameplay, in OG1 in particular, is absolutely a snoozefest.

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Well you have ACE series for the PS2, so it's something

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The skill point requirements in the later games are moderately interesting and will be one of the few things to really anchor you back into some semblance of difficulty, otherwise they're a lot like playing Fire Emblem and your cast is filled with almost nothing but Ikes, Hectors and Sigurds.

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Aren't the older games considered more difficult than the later ones?

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Yes, besides being extremely more tedious

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>complain that units are OP
>on a game about super fucking robots
plus boss enemies can also be OP as fuck

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how about this game?

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there's a virtual boy SD gundam game too

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Play them all.

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>Want to replay them sometime, I just recently learned that there's a bad end route which has kaworu from Evangelion as the final boss, piloting Eva-03 for whatever reason.
Pic related.
Anyone who played F Final got this ending?

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>The general consensus says that the series started to get good from Alpha.
The general consensus is pleb as shit then.
WINKY SOFT, the original team, made the best ones.
SRW peaked with the late SFC titles and F/F Final.

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>Look at me, I'm different!

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The general consensus is not real. Having the Winkysoft games as favorites is pretty common within SRW fans, at least in Japan.

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The translated snes games are decent. I like pokemon and chibi sprites and new nothing about gundam but enjoyed them

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The general consensus goes around the most played

Games had a surge of popularity during the PS2 era with (mostly) Alpha 3 and Z (considering they had popular series), so tons of people played those ignoring the rest of the entries.

Having played a good chunk of SRW, there are amazing ones like Masou Kishin, R, D, which are out of your so-called 'general consensus'. Never seen any proof of the stories 'getting better' with time either.

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When will it be time for L-Gaim again?

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I liked the OG games, but they have a really, really, painfully slow start. Once you start getting into the characters, though, it's pretty good, and OG2 rules pretty much the whole way through.

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D is one of my fav. I especially loved the cast and the intermission puzzle maps. They should have made those puzzle maps more often. IIRC some other GBA episodes had those maps too but not the OGs unfortunatelly.

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They actually tried this and it was a mess

It's not good by any means at all but I've had some fun with Super Robot Spirits for N64 which is a clunky fighter but has the SRX team along with dudes like Dancouga, Dunbine, God Gundam and other series

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It bothers me that Cruel Angel's Thesis only ever got used as an event BGM, when they use stuff like Ode to Joy and Komm Susser Tod for battle themes.

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well, makes sense Komm is playing since it's during 3rd impact. Having zankokuna playing during that part would be weird.
I think in F/F Final it used "Angel Attack" for the Eva turns, which was fitting.

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Best bot coming through.

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*blocks your path*

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It's more like most people started with the Winkysoft games but the most popular games are Alpha, Alpha 3 and Z1.

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In Japan you mean?
I guess at this point it's hard to tell which ones are the most popular since there's so many entries.
SRW3, 4 and F/Final seem to be favorites by the japanese fanbase though.

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Not that particular one, unless you have a lot of patience. Disc based games all suffered from horrible loading times until the PS2. I would suggest to stick with the cartridge based ones for older.

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The games are made for a VERY specific audience - the mecha nerd. As such, you'd only enjoy these games if you're a fan of giant robots in a Fire Emblem/Tactics Orge-style gameplay.

Each SRW entry will feature a roster of mecha shows. A few are exclusive to one or two select games (GoLion/Voltron, for example only on the DS game).

The game's UI isn't that hard to figure out even in Japanese. Most non-Japan gamers managed to get the hang of the gameplay and memorized much of the SP commands. The caveat, of course, is unable to understand the plot because it's all Japanese unless you are very familiar with the mecha shows involved. So if you know the story of Macross, for example, you should be able to figure out what's going on even with the Evangelion characters crossing over.

If you don't have the patience to figure out the game mechanics, then just go and play the PS4 games as they are all in English.

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>PS1 version of F/F Final lets you skip attack animations
>but has fucked soundtrack
I'll stick to Saturn actually. But you are right, you need patience.

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What. No, PS1 doesn't let you skip animations. Also, there are bugs in Saturn version that can destroy your save file.

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I'd quicker say the very first Alpha game is the most popular one. IIRC its one of the highest selling if not the highest selling game in the series and its old enough to get a sizable amount of nostalgia from it. I wouldn't deny the effect that the later Winkysoft era games had on the series either since that's how some of the seiyuu for the OG characters got into the series. An interesting anecdote is that Demonbane's name came up when the writer decided the name the Grungust Demonbane when he was a kid.

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>Also, there are bugs in Saturn version that can destroy your save file.
I live to the extreme