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Blade Force on 3DO has to be the most nauseating game ever made.

It has full 3d movement, inconsistent fps and wildly swinging tilting camera along with some of the worst texture distortion/warping I've ever seen. And it's hard as balls so you have to play the same stages over and over again.

I remember this being a showpiece for the 3DO (I saw it being demoed at Best Buy on a huge TV) but there are no full playthroughs on youtube and I can easily see why. If you can play this for an hour without afterwards feeling like your brain just melted in your head, you should take up professional boxing.

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QUEEN BI-ATCH>>5730816

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Is there one (1) good game on 3DO?

I bought an ebay lot back in 08 I think and all 20 games were shit.

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After looking up random footage on youtube it really doesn't look that bad. Not exactly good but I don't see anything "brain melting"

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Dr Hauzer
Scramble Cobra
Seal of the pharoah
Iron Angel of the Apocalypse
Chef RPG

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this is trolling

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OP here, that list is trolling or just idiocy from some poser faggot listing random obscure games

Trip'd is a newgrounds tier puzzle game with literally no content that Kenji Eno threw together in probably 5 minutes in one of his schizophrenic fits

Seal of the Pharaoh is objectively one of the worst games ever made

Iron Angel is shit though the sequel bumps it up to mediocre

"Chef RPG" is very memorization heavy, good luck finishing it if you don't know japanese

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I remember playing this in the 90s it was alright, controlled poorly

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>It was alright, controlled poorly

u wat m8

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