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>Title song is named "Vacant Lives"
what did they mean by this?

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It means you should not forget to dilate.

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/v/-tier thread .

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what does this mean and why does it keep getting posted

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something trannies do so their artificial vagina doesnt close up
Its low level bait

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transwoman have to insert a thing inside their post-op vaginas to keep them open and fresh, otherwise the body will think of it as a wound and will try to close it.
4chan is obsessed with trannies nowadays so everyone they don't like is a discord tranny or whatever, just like with soibois last year

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>Its low level bait
WRONG it's top tier bate
dilate tranny

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The song is now playing in your head

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take a long hard look in the mirror, ask yourself how things turned out. then go back to 4chan in your hovel surrounded by piss jugs and litter. that is what it means.

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The real question is how this strange procedure is related to OPs question.

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>The real question is how this strange procedure is related to OPs question.
Because when you dilate you create a vacancy, a vacancy between your legs.

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