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Who else has fond memories of Rolling Thunder? It was one of the first arcade games I played as a kid. It's pretty difficult, but it's a fun game too.

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No because I only found out about the series a couple of years ago but yeah it's awesome, really deserves more love. 2 has some amazing level design and co-op


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played 2 co-op with my brother on Genesis
If you died at the last boss you couldn't get any real weapons/ammo and were stuck with the useless one-bullet-on-screen-at-a-time default gun which made it basically impossible
Unless we overlooked something

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Unironically one of my go-to cabinets in the arcades back in the day, along with M.E.R.C.S, Ikari Warriors, Operation Wolf, and Cabal

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Shinobi is better.

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Rolling Thunder: 10/10
Shinobi: 11/10

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Than the first game? Sure. Than the second one? Nah they're about on par. Rolling Thunder 2 has a lot going for it, like actual co-op for a start and it's overall more challenging, some cool ammo management in the last level too. Besides it feels more satisfying to quick draw and kill some goons attacking from both sides than throwing some slowly traveling shuriken or crawling up to enemies for a melee kill.

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You ever play Shadow Dancer, the arcade one?

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Yeah it's fantastic, my favorite Shinobi

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What are some essential ports/sequels of Rolling Thunder? I've only ever played the original arcade version.

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2 arcade is incredible, pretty much takes everything that made 1 good and improved on it while adding co-op. It has a Genesis port that adds bosses, new levels, weapons and cutscenes but the overall port quality is rather iffy with worse enemy AI and placement in levels, a lack of ammo conservation, and so on. The new levels range from ok to awful (lab), too.

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Also, the NES port of the first game is so different that you're pretty much playing a new game and it's pretty good.

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>not mentioning RT3

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When I played RT3 I didn't like it because I was in the old good new bad mentality. The free aiming and less sparse level design put me off, should give it a fair chance some time

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I remember being really scared of the Rolling Thunder villain, whenever I'd get a game over that green giant fucker would be there laughing, being the autistic seven year old I was it scared me alot. I loved the game though

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He is a pretty smug son of a bitch. His laugh is less "I'll conquer the world!" and more "wow kid ur fukin shit lol"

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Well, when you name is based off the fact you have no balls, smug laughter is all you have.

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