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So I am ashamed that I still have this, but I feel like it's an important piece of history. Like it was the sign of things to come.

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You deserve a big huge shit in your mouth

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Sonic was never good. Also, pic related.

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>Sonic was never good

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Based 6th gen poster, if Dreamcast is retro then so is PS2, Xbox and Gamecube.

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A very good reason and argument to boot Dreamcast off /vr/

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Exactly, either have them all or none at all. The whole "B-BUT DREAMCAST WAS RELEASED A COUPLE OF YEARS BEFORE PS2" argument is just autistic.

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Only the retards at /vr/ think ps2/cube/xbox are not retro. Grow up faggots. Even the autistics at reddit conceded this point.

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You know I had to sage and report it to em.

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Year of release is not a point of autism. It is considered the definition of whether or not a console is retro.

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That's autistic, count it by generations.

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