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>Mac’s have the emulator


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*Best FUCK

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Are you okay?

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great thread

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Linux has GNOME "Games" but unfortunately it is just another shoddy libretro frontend.

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Looks better than retroarch itself. Duck that steaming pile

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a thread died for this

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Do you actually use it? Can't get covers to work because the service is down.

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No, I tried it when it first came out and it crashed far too often. Haven't tried it since but it kinda dwells in the back of my mind.

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That emulaor is actually terrible, it claims some official controllers like wii analog work but they have calibration problems. The developer(s) are too retarded to add analog calibration and blames you for not using the exact controller the developer tested with (logitech). The guy won't even upload the source code that actually compiles so no one can fix it.

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Gotta agree with everything here. Still, I have it installed and I use it because of its best feature: unparalleled ease of use.

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hey anons, i'm trying to homebrew my wii so i can play some retro roms... do i really need an sd card or can i just do it with an usb drive?

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>not iRonic
one jobs

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your life will be way easier if you use an sd card. it doesn't even have to be big, 1gb should be enough

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>/vr/ has the shitposter


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