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This is the best Sonic sprite ever.

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Sure it's nice.

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This is it.
Sonic 1 best Sonic.

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No thanks.

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Really though, that looks blue to me. Lighter blue than Sonic 2's sprite, but still blue.
OP's sprite looks more purple.

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These are all shades of purple, anon.

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Sonic 2's sprite is alright too, but the primary fuck-up is the shine on the side of the head.

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And then they went full retard.

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Much better sprite.

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Too bad about the shiny tumor growing of the side of his head. Good representation for brain cancer patients though.

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The shiny spot looks bad, but it's still much closer to how sonic was portrayed with official art, so I'll take it as a compromise.

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this is honestly my favorite sonic sprite i dont get the hate.

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Added a second shine, derpy expression, messy pre-rendered look when you see it ingame.

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Not shiny enough

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game gear sonic was from a darker timeline

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Maybe this is why Sonic sucks as a mascot. He requires extra detail and shine to look right. Mario is simple and iconic. Sonic requires more autistic detail.

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Why is Sonic so SHINY?

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Oh, God. He looks so dumb with his goofy smirk and big ass hands.

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Look, all I'm saying is nobody sperged out and vandalized game shops when Mario's overalls went from red to blue.

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for me, its Advance

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Man, the Advance games and Sonic Battle had some excellent spritework.

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Who builds the starting lines, including little leg press machines? Eggman? Is it all just a game to him?

Actually this is what I canonically believe, he and sonic have a friendly kinda “bet you can’t do this” relationship

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His sprite fits the game's art design. Everything is slick and shiny in 3.

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I normally get shouted down when I discuss how awful Sonic 3's derpy plasticine sprite is. Nice to see someone else recognise that it's a trashfire.

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Call me weird, but Sonic looks better when he is drawn without a mouth imo.

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Yeah, call me autistic and make fun of me, but that sprite ruined the game for me. I never liked it much, so I was ecstatic to play Sonic 3 complete and use Sonic 2's sprite.

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Imagine if that was your dick

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Fair point. Fixed Sega's error.

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everything's an ugly blocky mess in 3. it's the worst looking of the original trilogy + CD.

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>imagine actually caring about a couple of pixels
>imagine caring about a bunch of squires of colour so much it “ruins” an entire game for you
You unironically have to be autistic

Wait until I tell you what happened to his arms!

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Oh hey I remember this sprite

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I kinda like those desu. I'm weird. I like

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Can't believe nobody's posted the actual best sonic sprite yet.

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Who are you talking too? Lol, the game isn't bad, I just don't like it because of the sprite. I know it is autistic af and I don't hold it against the game.

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I do like that sprite. Is Sonic Pocket Adventure worth playing?

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Who are you talking to? This thread is just for fun, chill.

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Why did you delete?

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If you have an NGPC it's worth picking up but I don't think I'd say it's worth going out of your way to play, it's very good but the levels are repeats of themes from earlier games.

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I would just emulate it dude. Is it worth emulating or nah? Tnx.

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woah duuuuuude, it's totally worth emulating, bruh. Tnx.

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AM2 made the best sonic sprite. Sonic team sucks.

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Yes. It's a weird mix of 2, 3 and Sonic Advance but it's damn fun to play.

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I do like that model.

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Gonna try it. Tnx.

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Thats not sega sonic

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Gonna try it dude. Tnx.

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Mania sprites are nice, but I wonder why they chose such a radically different blue to the classic games. Seems like a weird choice when otherwise their MO was to recreate the Mega Drive games as faithfully as possible and pull in nostalgiabux.

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That sprite is awesome. I love the super cartoonish style.

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Probably the same reason they used un-dithered waterfalls.

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best girl shouldn't be on /vr/..

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I always appreciated how Sonic got a new sprite in almost every game he was in (or at least new animation frames anyway), he's like the reverse Morrigan.

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He's a greasy fuck who never showers

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The head looks stretched vertically.
That's indigo at best

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Best sprite

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This. It's a lovely touch.

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Nah, mario is just super basic and meant to appeal to communistic bugmen.

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