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>tfw your digimon dies

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>replay DW1
>Get MetalGreymon out of pure luck
>stop playing because i don't want him to die

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>tfw Digimon World had a "premium disc" released in a ComicBonBon promotion and its the only legit way to obtain Panjamon

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>Get an Ultimate after much trial and error.
>Push to make progress.
>Just beat warumonzaemon. Feeling great
>Digimon goes to the grid.
>Expect it to digivolve into numemon or something because I didn't treat it too well lately
>It just dies.
>Feel absolutely gutted

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this shit was too real

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man that cover is badass as fuck

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that was unexpectedly sad as fuck

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They dragged it too much, in DW1 it dies and immediately is reborn.

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When I was little I had the digivolution table but didnt know what a care mistake was. I assumed it was just letting it poo on the floor.

Also fuck centarumon.

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I come back to this game from time to time. It's so flawed but so comfy. Probably nostalgia but the exploration was really rewarding.

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Digimon World is ok but this is easily the best monster raising game

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it was too damn short

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Thanks for this, I never knew that.

Did you know about Metal Etemon? The way to get him was only on a special memory card that was given away in some sort of V-Jump event.

So Panjyamon was on a special disc, and MetalEtemon was on a special memory card. There was another fully finished but apparently unused Digimon in the game, Gigadramon, a Megadramon reskin, if the pattern holds true I wonder how you were meant to get him.

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people have claimed to get gigadramon by digivolution in game but no one can explain how

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>can't marry colt

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>it just fucking keels over
>find its corpse the next day
>girl starts crying and asking what's wrong

this is so fucked up

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I wonder if people are just running across some bug that let's you accidentally evolve into something random and stumbling upon those Digimon. Something like the Mew glitch in Pokemon Red and Blue.

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lol or like those kids who would try to get random digimon on the virtual pet by sticking the plastic tab back in and pulling it out right when the screen is fading out.

Usually it would just reset the device, but if you timed it JUST right you could scramble the memory and get a random 'mon. Like I got an Airdramon once by doing this.

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You could also get digimon that had the wrong attacks too. If I recall they was the method for getting the skull shooting Monzaemon.

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excellent taste desu

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Any benefit to playing the first one before this?

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Reminds me of the weird way you can digivolve into a MegaSeadramon regardless of requirements by praising or scolding certain Digimon exactly 200 hours into their life. Fascinating stuff.

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explain yourself

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Or like people arguing about Chimeramon in DW2 but without cheats

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Well, can't say they didn't warn us. I must've put a hundred hours into this game as a kid, but never made any noteworthy progress. My big brother got pretty far, though.

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Sort of. If you've got save data from it, you can create monsters in MR2 using it in a method referred to as "slating." It's the easiest way to get a Bajarl once you unlock them, by slating a Magic from the first game.
Also the easiest way to get attached to Dinos and be disappointed that they never return in the later games, minus one of the later MR games having it as a rare Zuum subtype.

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Can you really not get Kimeramon in the Mt. Infinity dungeon? Even the Prima guide says you can find him there? I've tried replaying Digimon World 2 at least 3 times over the past almost two decades since it's release, but my save would always get corrupted so I never got to the post game.

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Good game. I loved the backgrounds.

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