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The internet games from Windows ME are still working. And people are still playing them.

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Too bad MS will be shutting don the servers at the end of this month

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This is ultimate 60 year old on disability core right here.

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>Windows ME

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My dad would play internet hearts all the time

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I don't play these games but decisions like these make me feel sad for the old timers who still play these games.

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Don't need your pity. I only played the singleplayer games from MS; Mahjong and Minesweeper. Online is trash.

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what makes a company say "wow these dead games really need their servers closed"? if nobody is fucking playing them whats the harm keeping them running? 500 kilobytes of ram?

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One raspberry pi in a back room at Microsoft could serve all the games currently being played.

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a raspberry pi is probably 10 times as strong as a laptop from 2005 and these games were on servers well before that. i dont even play these shit games, i dont even fucking use windows but they could give me the server software and ill still host these games because it literally doesn't matter

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is it a good time to change from windows 7 to windows 10? I'm really worried because I hear a lot of files randomly delete with windows 10

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Germans aren't people.

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man I miss the graphics on old windows, all the graphics popped out, then looked sleek on vista and 7. Now everything is so flat looking, how did this happen?

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why not try linux? you dont even have to install them to try them out. i recommend xubuntu or kubuntu. most /vr/ windows games are runnable with a double click once youve installed wine, though i would still suggest you google "game winehq" to view compatibility for games you really want to continue playing as linux is still not a perfect solution

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XP had that fresh, new millenium hope.
10 is jaded and bleak because it knows it all went to shit.

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hell they can just make a VM and shove it into some server, they own fucking Azure it will cost nothing to them

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