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While it's not all of them, I really wish I treated these things better back in the day.

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I feel like I'm transporting a newborn any time I pickup a new Saturn or Sega CD game.

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EU MegaCD does not have this issue.

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And it feels so good. This is how playing a game should feel. It's like the polar opposite of CD-Rs in a binder or on a spindle, or thumbnails on a screen.

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sup OP?

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Well, like I said, it ain't all of them, but damn if you have a fine collection. Megaman 8 and OG Panzer Dragoon in particular.

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Got any imports?

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One of the few I have. You could unlock Pepsiman in this one.

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I indeed do. Too lazy to take them out, but they are:
>linkle liver
>langrisser 3
>dragon force 2
>magical girls lunar
>willy the wombat
>far east of eden apocalypse 4
>shining force scenario 2
>shining force scenario 3
>shining force premium

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Isn't Zwei more valuable than PD1?

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Is that Rayearth game good?

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Actually, Saga is the most valuable of them all, which he has.

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duh I know, but between 1 and 2, I think 2 is more valuable.

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Holy shit, those are some [email protected] hidden gems!!! You will be a billionaire!

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it's okay. I thought it was a legit rpg but it wasn't. Still worth playing though.

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not bad

dark savior:great
legend of Oasis: shit still god a copy of that thing somewhere, what a mess of a game

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Same here. I had a cd binder I kept all my saturn and ps1 games in as a kid. My parents threw away all my Saturn cases without telling me because apparently they took up too much room. Feels really bad man. Only Quake survived, and Nights since it came in a regular jewel case. I ended up buying a box of slim plastic cases, and now keep all my Saturn stuff together. The two imports I got from Ebay are more put together than my own collection. Although I still have every single manual saved, just put away with some of my other retro stuff, so at least its not all bad. I never intend to sell these anyway.
I also just realized PD1 is missing here. Ah shit

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It would be good if it was any challenge at all, it's a top down ARPG where you switch on the flybetween three characters, one with a range weapon two with swords and all having different magics to deal with different puzzles and different kind of enemies. The problem is that progression is extremely linear, you're never exploring it's go to town do task open up new road rinse and repeat, every two minutes of action is broken up with 5 minutes of long winded dialogue in what is a garbage generic story to begin with, and there is never any challenge to make use of the cool switching mechanic. The dungeons are mostly linear paths where you arrive to a room, see ice blocks, switch to fire magic character, melt the ice, get to boss, stand in the corner and hit him where he can't hit you, rinse and repeat. I didn't get deep in the game so maybe it ups the challenge factor later, but, at least, for the first half of the game that's all it is so I had to drop it.

It's not a bad game, it looks and sounds great, it just doesn't flow well and it feels like a waste of time when everything is so easy.

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Daytona USA and Alien Trilogy are two I had, but I did the stupid thing and left them at a friends house. Still good games.

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you should definitely feel bad

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What's the anime lady game?

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im not the richest by any means but I think I have a pretty nice saturn collection for a poorfag, dont have any photos of it though.

haunted casino, i was literally just looking it up a couple minutes ago before i saw it here what a coincidence

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