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What are some endless 8-bit/16-bit (plus PS1 and handhelds like GBA, NGPC, related of the time (I know it's barely /vr/)), preferably RPG, just to sink a lot of time into?
What are some games with great replay value? What are other types (non-RPG) games that are great to sink time into?

Thanks. I'm personally just looking for some games of that time to get into. But I'm quite curious in general.

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As far as I know, modern games made for old consoles are okay on /vr/ too, so I'd say those are okay answer too, if anyone knows any. I find it quite hard to find modern games for them.

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Are you really wanting to waste your life with videogames?

You are better than that man. I tell you this because I want you to be well. You can do better.

Have a more purposeful use of your time, for your own good. You know deep inside that I'm talking the truth here.
Wish you the best.

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monster rancher
harvest moon

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If you're willing to accept PC games from that era, these should last you a LONG time:

Ultima 6 (with Nuvie source port)
The Complete Ultima 7 (with Exult source port)
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld 2
Arx Fatalis
Gothic 2 Gold Edition
Might and Magic 6
Might and Magic 7
Wizardry 8 (make sure you install the speed up patch)
Deus Ex
System Shock
System Shock 2
Planescape Torment
Diablo 2
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate 2
Fallout 2

>What are other types (non-RPG) games that are great to sink time into?

Uncharted Waters - New Horizons

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Fuck off wagie retard.

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My work in the military has me sitting around and doing nothing (while getting paid more than I ever made actually working in the civil market), so yes, please I would like to do that.

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Thanks, that's a really great list but I'll mostly be using a handheld for it so PC isn't really an option.

Good. Thanks.

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This but unironically. There's much more interesting things you can do than spending your life playing repetitive RPGs.

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>tfw spent my teens and 20s doing nothing but playing RPGs and fighting games
at least I don't suck at street fighter

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I mean, you could do worse. You could spend your life doing things you don't enjoy just to die like everyone else.

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Evolution on the NGPC is p good

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So what are YOU doing here than?

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i have no fuckin idea, but i love harukana recieve

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Nothing's wrong with video games.

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Hei, that is good advice!

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If you're playing on handheld (and assuming that you're emulating) then try Uncharted Waters: New Horizons.

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SNK VS Capcom Card Fighters.

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bumping for interest

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FFL1 and 2
emulated FF5 and SaGa Frontier

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who this

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some slut from Harukana Receive

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There's a few Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games on the GBC and GBA if you haven't played them yet. I recommend FFV, the class-changing system makes it my favorite in the series.

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