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The only good N64 Rareware game.

>inb4 someone defends their autistic furfag games or their laggy shooters with shit controls

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Only good thing about blast corps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rRG6rLzWpI

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Blast Corps and Jet force gemini are both kino.
Also both made by the same team.

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If you wanted /v/ you missed a turn onto Hyperbolic Retard Street

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It is an excellent game, however Goldeneye is better. Banjo-Kazooie is also excellent.

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Game like this isn't current. Its retro. Or can you not read the title?

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time to get moving

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>it's actually pronounced blast core
explain this anglos

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Rare games were nothing special. The only reason they were so popular was because Nintendies were so thirsty for games on their abortion of a console that even a mediocre hollywood tie in movie game adaptation was like a godsend.

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French loan word, blame them.

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Never played blast corps, eh?

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My understanding that N64 emulation is still far from perfect and things are either good or bad on a game by game basis....
So the question I have is, is it worth while trying to emulate this game to bring back the sheer visceral joy this game entails?

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OP is a fag obviously, but he might just be right about Blast Corps being the best Rareware game though. I love that shit.

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I can't go back to GE or most N64 games but Blast Corps is still lots of fun, probably because it's almost like a 2D game, with none of the usual graphical or control problems that plagued early 3D.

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English is basically just a bastard child of French and German with bits of Latin and others just shoved in willy nilly. It's why there's two wordsfor most things like house and mansion.

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I have a fun story about this game from when i was younger.

>be me
>be about 10 years old
>Dad let me rent a game from blockbuster
>see Blast Corps and decide it looks cool
>bring it home
>mom sees the name of the game I rented and forbid me from playing it
>Upset because I didn't understand why
>fast forward 10 minutes, listen in on parents having a shouting match about my game choice
>long story short my parents are arguing because my dad rented me a game about blasting corpses
>I join in and ask what the problem is
>Mom tells me she doesn't want me playing a game where you shoot dead people
>Remember thinking "the fuck???"
>Ask mom why she thinks this game has that
>because corps (she thinks corpse) is another word for a dead body
>Never knew this before but decided to be reasonable
>Why don't we just put the game in and see if that is what its really about
>parents eventually let me put it in watching me, its about destroying buildings
>mom still doesn't want me to play it and forces my dad to take it back

I played this game later on anyway and I thought it was shit.

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There are only 3 good N64 Rare games: Blast Corps, Diddy Kong Racing, and Killer Instinct Gold.

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>I played this game later on anyway and I thought it was shit.
you're a corpse

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Swap DKR for JFG and we're clean.

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Meh, too much unintuitive level design and shitty animals you have to collect.
Also tons of slowdowns and not very good controls.

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Why did they fuck her design? She was one of my first caps until they changed artstyle before release.

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Unintuitive level design? I always thought the level design was actually quite nice, a good mix of being linear with more open areas.
The controls are actually really good (provided you're using a real N64 controller), the problem might be that the default scheme doesn't let you move in all directions while you're in aiming mode, just left and right, which sucks and is a lot more limited, however, you can set the controls to "expert" on the menu, and it lets you move in all 8 directions while on aim mode. It's game-changing really. If you haven't tried that, definitely give it another chance.
IIRC, it was Nintendo themselves who told Rare to make the main characters more adult instead of big headed chibis. I definitely prefer the adult versions, especially Vela.

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your mom is a stupid bitch who had a retard for a son.

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House and mansion aren't synonyms though.

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You have your mom's genes. End this lineage.

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"Sonygger" sounds better imo

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Holy shit, I never thought I'd find myself in agreement with any fucker here, but shit son, you nailed it.

Literally the only three games I have for my N64.

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