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It shits the bed in the last quarter of the game but it's still head and shoulders above Chrono Trigger in every category. Better music, better visuals, better characters, better story, better world, better side quests.

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>it's still head and shoulders above Chrono Trigger in every category

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i think it's a fine game on it's own but the strained connections to chrono trigger kind of ruin it. it doesn't work as a sequel to chrono trigger.

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the story, as convoluted and poorly explained as it is, would have been great if they hadn't tried to shove Lavos into it

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and schala, and introducing the main 3 mcs of chrono trigger as GHOSTS with no explanation of what happened to them

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Chronos Cross gameplay is fucking shit because you can finish every fight in game by pushing one button. This game is easy as fuck and it ruins everything, shit ton of additional characters are useless because you can choose basically anyone and still win every fight, this also makes buff/debuff or any kind of magic useless.

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>Chronos Cross gameplay is fucking shit because you can finish every fight in game by pushing one button
You didn't play the game, shut the fuck up

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Nothing you said in that statement is true. Cross has worse music, worse visuals, worse characters, worse story, worse everything.

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My only complaint is the legion of characters that you can recruit. I would have preferred maybe 10 characters whose backstories were developed and more complex interactions between the characters. Some people enjoy the character collectathon though so w/e.

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>Better music
Chrono Cross has a notoriously horrible battle theme. Try again.
>better visuals
Nope. CT is the fucking golden standard of spritework. CC is just another low poly mess.
>better characters, better story, better world, better side quests
And here you're just fucking ignoring reality.

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>It shits the bed in the last quarter of the game
It goes to shit way earlier than that, like when you take control of the furfag dude.

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What you say is correct but a lot of ass mad Chrono Trigger fanboys will try to deny it as usual.

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cross has the most beautifully dreamlike prerendered backgrounds ever committed to a video game, but the polygon models have not aged well

the soundtrack is flawless, you're just a manchild who can't into anything that isn't synth-rock

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>on purpose bait thread without presenting a real argument simply saying x is better deal with it
>thread gets serious responses

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>Better music, better visuals, better characters, better story, better world, better side quests.

Zoom zoom

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Why did this game have so many characters? You only need 4 playable characters max in a game like this.

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Well you go to so many places and across two dimensions so it's cool that every other hour you get a new party member. Adds some replay value too.

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When it comes to art, opinion is all you have. There are no facts besides performance.But if you want more in depth:

Trigger's world was pretty generic JRPG medieval with magic world. Sure you went to some slightly weird places later on but Cross just ramped it up to 11 from the beginning. You start off on a completely alien planet that's tropical and hot but with plant and animal life that doesn't exist irl and is far more out there than anything in Trigger, coral walkways in the sky, sentient plants, weird caterpillar dragonfly things. Everything is so foreign and unique and interesting.

Now there's nothing wrong with Triggers world, but put the two side by side and Cross's is the far more unique and interesting one.

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This game single handedly killed a franchise at the spastic height of its hype and popularity. People were rolling around frothing at their mouth and shouting in tongues in supplication to Christ himself to finally experience Chrono Trigger with Final Fantasy VII's production values.
And then Chrono Cross came out.

But you're right OP I'm sure it was some sort of mistake and everyone's wrong but you. You're a regular Winston Smith.

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>When it comes to art, opinion is all you have.
No, number and quality of these opinions are what you have. Anyone could take a dump in a SNES box or a PS1 jewel case and call it "art" but how many people would take that seriously?

Autistic obsession with "world building" is the cancer that killed JRPGs. Chrono Trigger's appeal was never about the world, it was about the colorful characters and the time travel dynamic which allowed audiences to go with these characters as they visit very different locations which were each like their own self-contained world. It only had 7 playable characters but people loved them, their simplicity ended up being their charm, verses the 30+ literal who's that didn't even get a little bit of development in Cross because the narrative was too busy trying to help the audience make sense of its hopelessly obtuse world.

The pre-rendered backgrounds were beautiful and unique, sure, but its narrative was an incohesive mess, and its characters were like less memorable pokemon (when they weren't flat out cringe-inducing, like Lynx) and that translates to a mediocre RPG

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>If more people like it that means it's good
Fuck off NPC

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>Contrarian for the sake of being contrarian
Unironically worse than having normie tastes

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>If you don't follow the masses you're a contrarian
I said get lost NPC

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>"Dude! Just let me revel in my own mediocrity!"
Make me, nerd

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When I first saw Chronopolis' backgrounds it blew my mind

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CC fans are super defensive since their game is unpopular, and feel the need to bash CT.

CC is just a mess of a game. Mess of a story. Mess of gameplay. Mess of everything. If it didn't have the Chrono name I wouldn't even give it a second look. I give not the slightest shits about the story/setting for one.

>better visuals,

No Toriyama for the designs is a MAJOR step back. His designs are part of the appeal of CT. Also, the game goes for some bizzare polynesian sea theme which is pretty stupid.

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>If it didn't have the Chrono name I wouldn't even give it a second look
Yes because you're a Trigger fanbaby.

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>calling other people a baby while getting triggered that nobody likes his obscure game
He's not wrong, you know. People wouldn't be talking about it today if it didn't have the Chrono name, they'd remember it as just another mediocre JRPG for the PS1, which in the end probably would have helped the game because it would have stood on its own merits, rather than be associated mostly as a disappointing follow up to a previous gen. game

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The only people who were disappointed were childish drones who just wanted Trigger 2

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the only childish drones are the ones who think that obtuse world-building and flat, one-dimensional characters are a good substitute for tight writing and cohesive narrative

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>obtuse world-building

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no, it was just overwrought and nonsensical

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>who just wanted Trigger 2

If they made Trigger 2, then we might be on Trigger 6 or 7 by now. Because Chrono Trigger 2 is exactly what people wanted. Cross is some bizzare game that doesn't really stand out on its own.

A lot of this just comes down to different staff working on Cross and them seemingly not even understanding the appeal of Trigger. All they needed to do was a story/setting like Trigger but with FF7 style production values.

So either it should have been clearly set in the same world or it should be a totally new setting. Either way it should have been more time travel shenannigans. That was part of Trigger's appeal it gives htis huge cast in these huge worlds, and each time acts as a world or level.

I honestly forget most of CC's story/setting, but as far as I remember it's officially the same world, but it just feels so completely disconnected to Trigger it might as well be new. You don't revisit the same areas and you don't see the old cast members. It feels alien.

With the success of FF7, they decided to just go for the standard r-rpg battle system, which is really a step back. Those pretty battle graphics are part of what sold these games. Trigger tried to improve SFC rpg battles by allowing you to see the enemies on screen, and to have all battles and exploration in one screen rather than a screen change.

CC's battles should have looked more like Parasite Eve's, which was directed by one of CT's directors. One screen, you can move around, characters have range for their attacks.

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>Better music
Tough. CT has some of the best music of any game ever, but so does CC.
Probably. CC had pretty great backrounds and combat animations
No. There are so many throw aways that are just stupid tropes.
No. CC is pretty convoluted.
>Better world
No. The time travel mechanic worked a lot better than dimension shifting and the worlds had more unique flavor in CT.
>Side quests
No. CT was much better in this department.

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>No. There are so many throw aways that are just stupid tropes.
I wish, that'd be an improvement. As soon as any character joins the party they stop existing as a character and instead just become an accent filter applied to generic text.

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>Cross has worse music, worse visuals
False. The rest is correct though.

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>something is really good
>i want more of it
>this is somehow 'childish'
Ask me how I know you're sixteen.

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>better music
nah, chrono trigger's ost is timeless and probably top 3 of all time. CC's is just 'good'
>better visuals
kind of a cheap shot but sure
>better characters
most of the characters are woefully underdeveloped because of the sheer number of them. even kid who is supposed to be the female lead, is often one dimensional and absent for the middle of the game.
>better story
disc 2 is some of the worst writing square has ever produced
>better world
I'd say yes but it's also quite underdeveloped, CT fleshes out everything it needs to and feels a lot more 'complete' in regards to its universe
>better side quests
the CT character side quests are some of the best in the genre and provide great insight into the lives of your companions, CC only has Riddel's side quest as one that stands out

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I wish the path choices had more impact on later parts of the story. Doesn't really matter what choices you make outside of how you fight the last boss. Also Korcha and all those other accents were pretty terrible.

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The accents are at least an interesting bit of trivia because of how they did them. The paths are absolutely crackhead retarded.
>want the best character in the game?
>just randomly decide to kill the blonde girl for no fucking reason, goy

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Well I wouldn't mind that choice if latter on Kid acted differently in some way because you abandoned her to seemingly die, something more than that short campfire scene. The whole point is though that it doesn't matter if you decided to save her or not because her amulet would always save her. So might as well get Glenn and not deal with Korcha, and Kid will return to your party later on regardless.

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>game writes it like the player should care about Kid
>Player has full choice to ignore this character at every opportunity and only know her as some random screeching unlikable aussie cunt.

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>head and shoulders above Chrono Trigger in every category

No big feat considering how shit CT is.

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>hating Toriyama
Please see yourself out.

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>Better music,

The music was fucking awesome in chrono cross. Seriously one of the greatest collections of compositions ever. Alas the actual game was shit.

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If the battle theme didn't make you want to physically cut your ears off, I just don't know what to say. I don't know how they decided that that abortion is what you should listen to for 80% of the fucking game.

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Those designed are cliched as fuck, you can't help but take one look at them and notice that they are 90's fab. Great for an initial impression (which is what those rough sketches are supposed to be) But I'll take the timeless simplicity of Toriyama over that disposable garbage any day

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Toriyama is a fucking god walking among men, and anyone who hates his beautiful simplicity isn't fully a human being.

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Its a little weak. Boss battle theme is way better.

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>a little weak
It's some fucking yiddish violin raping my ears. It's the worst battle theme in the history of JRPGs.

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I know this thread is Chrono Cross but I'll ask it here before I make a new thread.

What's the best way to replay Chrono Trigger I played on super nintendo back in the day and the DS remake I'd like the additional content of the remake but I'd prefer it to be a higher res than the DS.

Was the PC release from last year any good?

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Kill yourself.

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They both are too different to really get compared since they follow different concepts despite one being a sequel to the other.

Also when I was a preteen, I fantasized over the pictures of Kid on the cover of the Chrono Cross disc case and in the manual. I also liked seeing the screenshots of her in the CGI cutscenes and wanted to be Serge so that I could fill her my hot grey poupon. I am not even joking here.

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You first faggot.

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Kill yourself.

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Kill yourself,

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>muh faggot constipated sameface

Toriyama is garbage.

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Give me another game with this much care put into the art as chrono trigger and I'd die a happy man. Every fucking screen is loaded with detail, it's fucking insane

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>Chronos Cross gameplay is fucking shit because you can finish every fight in game by pushing one button.

Every JRPG

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>(when they weren't flat out cringe-inducing, like Lynx)
What about Lynx is cringe-inducing? I thought he was a decent villain.

>No Toriyama for the designs is a MAJOR step back. His designs are part of the appeal of CT.
I disagree. I don't think party member character portraits and the boxart make up a huge part of CT's appeal.
>Also, the game goes for some bizzare polynesian sea theme which is pretty stupid.
Why is it stupid? Because you don't like it? I thought it was very refreshing and unique.

>With the success of FF7, they decided to just go for the standard r-rpg battle system
There's nothing "standard" about CC's battle system.

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Try SMT with that strategy, you stupid faggot.

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>Chronos Cross gameplay is fucking shit because you can finish every fight in game by pushing one button. This game is easy as fuck and it ruins everything,

Final Fantasy 7
Chrono Trigger
Super Mario RPG


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