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What's the best classic Resident Evil?

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I’ll take chub posting over loli threads any day.

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Alone in the Dark

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RE3 is my jam:
>city exploring
>ammo crafting
>optional sections that can alter your game

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I love the city. There is so much variety. I like the boutique too, where Jill changes

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Claire's booty shorts are pink REEEEE

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Resident Evil 1, then 3, then 2.

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Yea 1 will never be topped

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Thank god we can have both

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Remake for sure, then RE2, then Code Veronica X, then RE3, then RE1.

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If this is some RE porn parody dont tell me fucking Barry is the one who gets to unlock the master of unlocking legs

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Its the girl they scanned for Jill in the remake

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Jillfags are absolute tasteless subhumans. Unuronically end yourselves.

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>Remake for sure

RE2 & RE3 are peak RE.

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Re2 is way worse than remake. Its just a linear path with tons if ammo

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RE2 is a tough contender, everything is well made. Disc 1 & 2. RPD and Umbrella labs. Spark and bolt guns.

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REmake is over rated as fuck. It's getting to be as bad as OoT fanboys, honestly.a

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REmake is linear too. REmake is just popular because it's pretty. Take that away, and it's an average survival horror game, and actually really slow paced.

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Best worst threads are shit

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Your post is shit

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no i'm shit

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Where does code veronica stand?

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Shitty and non-retro

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Dreamcast is retro dummy

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In the trash as the piece of shit who kickstarted action dumb RE

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Re2 was more action than this

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But Code Veronica is the one used as "inspiration" for RE 4-5-6

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REmake sucks anyway, I don't care what any of you numales have to say about it.

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nooo stop liking a 2000's game over a 90's game REEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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>REmake sucks

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Fun game with awesome music. The PSX trilogy felt inspired to me by Cameron movies, and you still get a sense of it with stuff like Wesker's glowing red eyes. But it really was the start of RE going anime.

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then ps2, gamecube, and xbox are retro.

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RE2 > Vanilla RE1/DC > REmake > RE3 > CV > CVX (I don't like Wesker's portrayal in X) > Zero > RE1DC DualShock

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Since there is a RE thread going...
what's currently the best way to play classic RE (1-3) on a PC?
hard mode: with a controller support

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As far as I know, not for RE1, but both RE2 and RE3 SourceNext have mods for modern operating systems. So those would be your best bet.

Emulate RE1 I guess

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It's the game that got me into tank controls so I have much nostalgia for it

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>PS2 turns 20 in 2 years

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Read the sticky you newfaggot. Mods said Dreamcast is retro, cry more

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2 improved on everything 1 did. 1 is just plane classic though with shit like chimeras and hunters ( who remembers the creepy music when a hunter is around?) 3 had mercs nemy walking through doors. Besides that it was pretty boring IMO. Code Veronica was great except the monster designs. (Nosferatu was cool though)

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Its getting as bad as faggots defending the original

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>Same game as original
>REmake is linear
>RE is not linear
>Its the same game

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RE1 is way more linear than remake

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No its not, its just more streamlined. You don't have to backtrack as much, like out to the graveyard with the masks or Lisa's cabin.

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REmakefags BTFO

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I want to kiss her chubby belly!

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Get a ps1 emulator and put the disc in. Plug in whatever USB controller you want. How hard is that?

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Some retard will unironically recommend the Chinese windows port because there's a battle mode nobody cares about and no fart basement song..

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Name a more useless character

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Not an argument

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Here is my progress so far.
- SourceNext PC version disks are somewhat obtainable in the interwebs but the patch process for modern systems didn't go well for me (tried this https://www.techradar.com/how-to/how-to-play-the-original-resident-evil-2-on-pc). The rebirth mod should allow for some neat features, most important latest Windows support ad custom resolutions on stable 30fps

- emulating PS1 however seems to be the most hustle free way of playing classic RE1-3 on PC. disk images are also more easily obtained

since I reached my goal and have a way of playing RE2 now, I'll stop my research. but maybe this will be a stating point for some other PC anons here.

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He saves Jill's life. She was almost a Jill sandwich.

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>He saves Jill's life
Another reason why hes worthless, he enabled Jilllfags to happen

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RE1 is more eerie than the REmake. Better graphics does not equal to better atmosphere.
Whoever calls 3 boring is retarded.

All three games are worth playing. CV as well though it's different in presentation and might appear as a slight let down gameplay-wise after RE3 which is pretty much as far as tank controls can go with gameplay variety. CV is a lot more vanilla a la RE1/2 - slower speed of running, no dodging, no ammo crafting, no random bits of nonlinearity etc.

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The first and fourth are the only good ones, DESU. They're actually horror games unlike the dozen other sequels it should have never gotten.

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And I guess 7 is good, but it's not even Resident Evil. It's just Outlast.

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If this music didn't make you want to save the world then something was wrong with you

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>4 is true horror

This is the shittiest bait ive ever seen

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What about the DS port of RE1? I think that was really good.

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RE2 easily.

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