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ITT: worst fucking attempts at making a commercial corporate mascot
inb4 bubsy
inb4 scotformer

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don't forget this fucking piece of shit, most pathetic thing disney has ever tried to push forward

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Wild Woody sounds and looks like a sex offender.

Not the worst game ever made, but this shit stuck out to me as a kid as an embarrassing focus group created mascot.

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how about Zero. Great fucking name to start a franchise

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This literal who (even though I kinda like the game) clockwork knight too. And Astal. The Saturn was honestly full of them. And none of them were necessarily bad games, just not anywhere close to mario/sonic/crash tier.

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Astal isn't a mascot. BUG! certainly is, though, and is pretty embarrassing.

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>Wild Woody sounds and looks like a sex offender.
well he probably is one

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Oscar the Platforming Otter. So forgettable & generic, you have no idea who or what am I talking about.

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Gex was based though.

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Oh fuck I played this years ago. Dont remember anything from it at all.

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These ones were based though

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Somehow this got a GCCX episode too

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Bootleg Toy Story.

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Is that actually in the game?

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But that came out before Toy Story.

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I never played any games of this franchise, but I always found the cover interesting. Are they any good?

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Zero. Kamikaze. Flying Squirrel.

I fucking love it.

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To be fair, he actually was Xbox's defacto mascot for a while after release. That was back when most people considered Master Chief to be too generic to be the Xbox's Mario. Needless to say, it only lasted like half a year.

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It is good, but it is a puzzle platformer more like Lost Vikings than Sonic the Hedgehog.

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He sold well and his games were at the very least, solid. No idea how Square Enix could've let this IP rot.

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looks like UK's dennis the menace

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Mohawk & Headphone Jack

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That was a cartoon, man.

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It's really in the game, though you gotta do some work to see it.

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Bonkers was created after Disney realized they wouldn't be able to use Roger Rabbit. It's not his fault

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That is truly an awful abomination of a mascot.

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I'm told Blinx was supposed to be their mascot as well at one point? You'd think they'd push Banjo hard after buying Rare but they just fucking sat on all those IPs and barely did a damn thing with them.

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Sorry but Xbox fans only play dudebro shooter shit

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You can all go home now.

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>most pathetic thing disney has ever tried to push forward
Have you seen star wars lately?

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What's the deal with scotformer mascots and their habit of showing their callipygian buttocks to the viewer? Bubsy did this in bubsy 2.

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Skat and funny

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It's one of the best fucking puzzle-adventure-platformers ever made. Highly recommended.

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Way more popular than Banjo. And even Zelda and Metroid.

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Give me your sticky nut pudding or I will steal more code to make more Skunny games

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get the fuck away from Skunny (and Rosie)

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>Skunny is wearing a dress
>Rosie is pantless and implying to be revealing her cunny

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>Skunny: A squirell with attitude!
You just can't get more generic when it comes to mascots really. This tagline must've been used a gazillion times
no shit sherlock.

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Just how many fucking Skunny games can a one company make

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>That game over screen

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IIRC that site is so poorly designed that you can get the zip files by simply opening up its source code .

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Wouldn't that have been munch? Not abe.

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Tell us more. Im too scared to try the game based on the cover

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Loved Bonkers when I was a kid, he was over and drew money.
Remember playing this as well.
What the fuck were they thinking? How do you sell this to kids?
>He's a kamikaze squirrel! He's going to fucking kill himself!

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He's the angriest video game neeerd

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you've seen nothing, watch the full gameplay and see the fucking final boss

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Klonoa is great, get lost

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he's not a great mascot though
i loved him and his demo when i was little, but my family not so much

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End yourself m8.

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Big recommendation. Close to a 10/10. Exoddus is great too, it streamlines some of the gameplay and adds a bunch of abilities.

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All of these games itt are peak scotformer material. Just cynically made platformers designed by focus groups in order to create the next big thing; bonus points if there's no synergy between the character and the game mechanics.

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Your mom didn't like it? What the fuck kind of argument is that

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That's the Oscar that had some weird game based on the Trolls engine, right?

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How about a game starring the 7-Up mascot?

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The skull?

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We don't even have 7up here in my country, so I just grew up wondering why did they make so many shitty games with the same horrible mascot. I thought it was another Bubsy kinda stuff, but at least Spot had a big company shilling him.

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Don't fuck with Cool Spot.

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>Cool shoes, colorful shirt, black glasses & rad cap John
who the fuck though this was a good name for a mascot

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Puggsy, everyone. Why does he look so depressed and why is he burning his only map right next to the keg of black powder that he's currently leaning on? Hmmm.

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The Master System version of this was the worst game i've ever played.

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This game was less a mascot platformer and more the videogame embodiment of motion sickness

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You know, I remember liking this show as a kid but it was because of the humans in the show and not Bonkers himself.

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I loved this game as a kid. He's probably middle-of-the-pack in terms of video game corporate mascots, if not recognition.

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It's awesome, it's like they designed a game around Sonic 3 shields.

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