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Night Slave PC-98 EnglishTranslation





Same dude that translated Night of The Brain and Makyouden

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>Broken Arrow meets Mechwarrior meets an X-Rated love triangle in Night Slave (ナイト・スレイブ) by Melody for the PC-98.

>Once upon a time, a man played a mech shooter for the SNES called Assault Suits Valken (or Cybernator) and loved it. I must have more of this, he thought. I will make this exact game, but for the PC-98.

>But all was not yet right. His game was not yet perfect. It still needed something...

>Porn, he decided. Porn, nuclear politics, and a tragic love triangle. Yes, now Night Slave was complete.

>Adult Content Warning: This game has quite a few consensual (vanilla) and less consensual (bondage) sex scenes during the story sections between missions.

>Partial Translation Note: The text that lives in hard to reach places didn't get translated. You'll have to figure out death screams and what an assault rifle is on your own.

Not going to lie, this game looks pretty good compared to Makyouden was imo, prob will start playing it tonight.

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>advertising patreon account in the OP
buying a banner is recommended

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If you clicked it youd see all the DLs for all his shit is open and public, jump

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And why you'd really want to play the game.

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Not an argument and has nothing to do with advertising patreon.

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I've been waiting for this

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No, NO!
How could you, PC-98 translator?
I told "No sluts on /vr/!" And what do you bring me? SLUTS! SLUTS on /vr/!

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Gameplay-wise how does this stack up against ASV and front mission gun hazard?

They have dicks, right?

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I've finished this a few weeks ago. The beginning is pretty good, but some of the later stages get pretty bad, because they're full of twists and dead ends. There was some issue with balancing I forgot... Anyway, the game has 9 stages. The best weapon is the laser.

The sex scenes are cool. Most are yuri. There's one near the end where your character is capture by dozens of clones.

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>Gameplay-wise how does this stack up

It is ok for a hentai game, I guess. As in, its playable.

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It's a little slower, and the mechs are too big for the screen - meaning you can get attacked from outside the screen a lot of times. Also, there's a LOT of scripted sequences, and you don't know if you're supposed to be taking fire or trying to fight an invincible enemy. For example: on Stage 3 (I think), you're defending a city during an attack. Scripted artillery will randomly attack you, and with the other mechs trying to get into the city, you don't know if you have to kill them or just wait for time to pass. Usually, you have to either go back to the beginning or let the operator finish talking.

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IIRC, the two black-haired girls do indeed have dicks.

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This upsets me...

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>Gameplay-wise how does this stack up against ASV and front mission gun hazard?
I like it a lot but the final mission (which is just a bunch of boss fights) is a bit cheap as hell especially if you didn't upgrade the laser.

A lot of people complain about the low FPS rate the game runs on because of the hardware but it never really bother me.

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Just opened the game and watched the opening, game looks like one the best graphic wise on the PC98 from what Ive seen so far

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Judging by the trailer they couldn't even decide whether to use Erica or Erika.

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This translator is fuckin chad
The anti-Ghideon

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He demands money and probably gives up after a few weeks?

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3 games in about 2 months, truly is a TransBro

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Left or Right?

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Emily. No contest.

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man this shit is hard
could only get to the sub boss

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What about the dick?

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We got 2 Threads now

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Forget about it, it's 4chan.

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Action games on the PC-98 are p bad

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What's the problem,not enough reading for ya?

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Game looks really good compared to the 1000 VNs on the PC-98, hell looks better then most games that get translated in general lately

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Not enough frames

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Human eye can only see 11 Frames

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The scrolling and graphcs are trash.

Night Slave is the perfect game to get a remake. Keep all the art unchanged, but bump up the battle scenes to 16 bit quality.

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how do dominatrixes fit into a mecha game?

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You may not know, but mecha and porn are deeply related. The guy who did the first mecha manga (Mazinger Z) also did the first ecchi manga (Harenchi Gakuen).

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That's not Mitsuteru Yokoyama or Osamu Tezuka.

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4 frames per sec is enough to fool most people.

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I searched youtube on how to defeat a certain boss and accidentally found out that the 'translation' is pretty bad. Anyone knows how to extract the story script?

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Some dude posted a pastebin from a texthooker here.
It doesn't include everything and occasionally you have low shield warnings but it covers the main parts.

M1: http://pastebin.com/2vBn7kWA
M2: http://pastebin.com/Y4EQSiwn
M03 - http://pastebin.com/agNqmJj0
M04 - http://pastebin.com/tzzpvP6Y
M05 - http://pastebin.com/ntrtz7Ep
M06 - http://pastebin.com/GFZBWqZR
M07 - http://pastebin.com/BbhgwkiD
M08 - http://pastebin.com/kgwycXVT
M09 - http://pastebin.com/LKr58kT4
M10 - http://pastebin.com/gAgxv7cA

What boss do you have trouble with?

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>'translation' is pretty bad

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Subhuman EOPs are fine even with shitty translations.

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Thank you so much. I got stuck in the boss with sperm like attack.

Let me give you some random examples, check it yourself with google translate or something:

(Rei) And now you're nothing but terrorist

(Erika) We're not kids anymore Rei

(Erika) I grew up. I looked around.

(Rei) I was always better than you

(Erika) Oh yeah? Prove it

The translation made Rei sounds like an asshole, she's pretty cool in the original.

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All those sound like the translator just made up stuff. You should provide context, if there's any that can save this.

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excerpt from Chiho's rape scene. The translator cut a chunk of Erika's back story.


Also Chiho is not a slut

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This excerpt is from Stage 2 if you want to read the whole thing >>5711254

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I was going to comment that it looked like one of those 1990s-early 2000s commercial translations, where a quarter is omitted and a quarter is made up... which I can totally understand, because sex scene dialogue is hard to translate...

...but then at around line 88, the translation went mostly into fantasy land and never recovered...

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That is terrible.
And people pay for this shit.

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It's surprising he got Rei's name right since 麗 could also be read Akira, Michiru and whatnot.
It's like he had a synopsis and machine translation and filled the gaps with his own ideas.

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How do we know her name is Rei anyway - it's not like there's any confirmation / voice acting

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It's in the wiki


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What the fuck, almost nothing there is correct.

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Yet there's a guy defending it in the second thread. Damn apologists.

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tbf he did call it a Partial Translation...

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Someone could question him on twitter or patreon and see what he says though. Cause I just Google Translated some of it and am very confused on why its so fucked

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Retro gaming is fucking hell for OCD
Original Hardware vs Emulation accuracy
CRT vs non CRT
Translation or learn Japanese
Is it really worth it

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>I got stuck in the boss with sperm like attack.
Did you beat him? The trick is not to shoot Erika.

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But Erika is a slut

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The CRT question is so much more complicated when you have a handful and you are trying to get feel on which one your prefer. Old japanese computer emulation is the only way to go. Fuck trying to acquire a pc98 and maintain it. You'll have to learn nip before you venture into that rabbit hole( The OS, the floppies, trying to get some kind of bargain).

Just walk away if you can't just use what you have now and enjoy that.

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You can learn enough basic japanese to read menus and item and quest descriptions in a year. Just do it, if you find out to be useless at least it served as a good mental workout, give it a couple years and you'll forget everything.

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So, if the translation in this one "took liberties", so to speak, how was his previous work?

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Probably just as bad if not worse.

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I'm not an expert in comparing translations but judging by the start of "Dead of the Brain" it's also made up to a significant degree.
One blatant change is renaming the cat from Kitty to Schrodinger but there's other complete rewrites even in just the opening sequence.

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"Why did Kitty your pet cat attack you? Did it have rabies or something"

Did I get that right?

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Translation is shit, the guy either did it on purpose or doesn't know any Japanese.

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EOP windowlickers waited DECADES for someone to translate this for them.

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Probably both.

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Throw the script into Google translate, see if you can turn it into something that makes sense. If that doesn't work, fill the gaps with your own ideas.

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Cole: Ah, excuse me. I came to visit Catherine who works here. (with the implication that he's asking a question and the waitress will tell him where Catherine is.) I came to visit Catherine but...

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The dreaded electric chamber -
electric chair and gas chamber in one cruel and unusual punishment.

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If someone would be kind enough to explain the readers of this thread what's different or mistranslated between these three pic related.

I'm much too tired to understand the Japanese right now...

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I got as far as
> hitori no souryo ga tatazunde iru.
> nani wo suru de mo naku, tada tatte iru dake no you ni mieru.
> genzai no kyouto de ha souryo no kaazu ha izen no hanbun ni mo mitanai.

and then my brain shut off.

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I thought some of the stuff had to be edited out because of space concerns, but it seems the guy made most of the stuff up.

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There's a small lake.
At the bottom of the lake is Kyoto station and the resting place of the people who were there during the apocalypse (魔壊).
But it appears some don't rest and pull passerby into the water. Whether that's true or not can't be determined.
It seems several bounty hunters tried to challenge the water monster, but they also ended up on the bottom of the lake.

Basically the part about there being a lake is correct, the rest is bogus. Some of the words match but the context between them is entirely wrong.

魔壊(makai) is a neologism formed from 魔(demon, magic) and 破壊 (destruction).

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You mean, someone would just go on the internet and post made-up translations?

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And demand money for it.

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Thank you. That's productive.
I was tired of this thread having insinuations of bad translation quality without almost anything to back it up. Most of the comparisons posted seemed like they weren't even of the same lines. I guess this explains why.

> this used to be the entrance to the station.
> if you continue along the road, you'll reach the imperial garden.
> the path is sewn with cracks all over.
> I hear the subway below is flooded with water,
> and has become the lair of aquatic beings.

...I'm cutting it here because I really don't have the skill to translate the final sentence. But it does mention bounty hunters, for what it's worth.

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>Most of the comparisons posted seemed like they weren't even of the same lines.
That's why it's so obvious. It's not just a bad translation with your usual fuckups like missed negation, wrong objects or mixed up vocabulary, it's made up from scratch.
If it weren't for synchronizing lines like ....... you could believe it was based on a different scene or script.

I guess the longer lines in Makyouden make it more obvious.

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"I thought it was completely destroyed in the explosion, but amazingly the head was left."

Pay me to translate games. I won't even make up my own dialogue.

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Can you pump out half a dozen garbage translations a year, though? EOPs will always prefer the ESL with MTL who can pump out 5 games in the time it takes you to do 1, because 5 is bigger than 1, and translation quality isn't something any of them actually care about.

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Former fan translator here. This is depressingly true.

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You're smothering my dreams while they're still in the cradle you guys.

>> No.5717297

If you want money, translate fetish doujinshi for a bit and make a patreon. You'll make a lot more, with a lot less actual work. And after a few months you can just start making excuses and putting out less and less shit.

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This one I'm a lot less sure about.

Cole: Rei's hairstyle can't be described in just a few words. I see guys with that sort of hairstyle (doing something) in front of the station a lot. Maybe Rei's (in the station as well? With/among those guys?).

>> No.5717389

You don't know 演奏?

Assuming that's Rei, because I have no fucking clue about this game, it's just saying he looks like a rocker.

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So what does he do? Just Google Translate it then make it make sense grammar wise?

>> No.5718071

Given how shoddy the work is, I can't imagine anything else. He certainly has little to no understanding at best.

>> No.5718075

The wording there is the most damning now that Ive seen other examples,"...with the default Google Translation"

>> No.5718082

Using Google translate even for "testing purposes" is a massive red flag in the first place. All you're going to test is the character limit, there's no reason to break out MTL at any point.

>> No.5718083

t. pathetic weebs attacking an innocent translator because they can't accept their animes have writing that hilariously bad

>> No.5718090

Now you're trying a little too hard.

>> No.5718091

Absolute wow about the Makyouden lines. I'll go through them and really explain what's wrong, in excruciating detail, just to make sure you all really know what kind of "translations" some of you are celebrating. I'll directly mention what the problems are.

First here >>5716638
>There's a small lake. At its bottom sleeps Kyoto Station and the people who happened to be there when the 魔壊 happened.
>>5716709 has the right idea. "everyone drowned" is a real barebones guess-translation for what is said.

>They say that even now some remain sleepless and drag passerby into the water, but whether that's true, I don't know.
Here his translation is shit. Yeah, "monster" is right, but otherwise it's guesswork. More likely there's multiple of those monsters and rather than prowling, the text gives the impression they stay near the water and drag people in. And by using the verb "sleep" the text makes it clear the monsters are some of the people that drowned in the station (the previous line). His translation omits this, makes it seem an unrelated, different monster.

>I know several bounty hunters challenged the water monsters, but ended up joining their ranks at the lake's bottom.
Yeah, the translation is a completely made-up at this point. Notice the monsters are said to be 水の魔物 (water monsters) and 湖の底の連中 (guys at the bottom of the late), further reinforcing the idea it's not some prowling monster.

>> No.5718145

Part two of Makyouden >>5716643

>This used the be the front of the station.
Yeah, not the station itself, the area before the station. That's not the same.
>If you'll continue this way, you'll reach the Imperial Garden.
"Easy" is misleading here. Yeah, it's easy as in "just go straight", but not easy as far as distance goes. The station and the park are actually quite a distance away. He should have just went with "continue this way" or something like that.

>The road is full of cracks all over.
This line doesn't exist in the translation.

>Supposedly water has flowed into the subway underneath making it a den of water-dwelling creatures.
This line doesn't exist in the translation.

>A part of it is used as a passway by bounty hunters and those who call themselves "phantom thieves".
Yeah, 怪盗 is what we call "phantom thieves" in English, not just common thieves. You know "phantom thieves" as in Arsene Lupin or the Persona 5 characters. Of course it would have to be translated in a way fitting with the game's context. Also the line doesn't say anything about the people coming out there, just that they use the place as a passway.

>But it's funny how sometimes groups lose some of their members or get annihilated entirely.
Instead of this line there's something completely made up. 愛敬 is "cute, charming, likeable". A rather unexpected word to use here. Gives the idea that the speaker is okay with some of those people dying there.

>> No.5718158

ご愛敬 here is closer to "entertainment", like watching thieves die is one of the sights.

>> No.5718170

That doesn't explain all the changes. Some sentences have been completely rewritten just to fit his narrative.

>> No.5718173

Yeah, that's I went with "funny" in the English version.

Writing part 3 now.

>> No.5718178

Complete rewrites are pretty typical of cleaned up MTL work. The editor gets the complete wrong impression, and is confused by some lines that seem either contradictory or out of place, so he just removes them. This further muddies the meaning.

It's not that he's trying to create a narrative, it's just a case of the blind leading the blind.

>> No.5718185

>Let's be rude.
Is that Google's idea of 失礼します?

>> No.5718191

Part 3 of Makyouden >>5716649

>A monk is standing there.
>It seems he's not doing anything in particular, just standing there.
The translation of all this is just "just an old monk". Also note that the first line uses "佇む", which is "stand at one place for a while", and the second one "立つ", simple "stand". With this in mind I think it would be fine to add something like "not moving an inch" to the first line.

>In the current Kyoto, the number of monks doesn't reach even a half of what it used to be.
The translation makes it really vague with "not very many".

>It' because many of them died during the 魔壊 and many more lost their lives or their will to live during the battle to seal the hatred (grudge) that caused the 魔壊.
Yeah, the translation is a guess that omits most of the line. 再起不能者 is tricky to translate. It's basically anyone that lost the ability to stand up in the morning again, be it because of physical or psychological reasons. I went with "will to live", but it doesn't feel perfect.

>> No.5718201

That doesn't explain renaming the cat.

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To think people only discovered this shoddy quality due to a lesbian porn game.

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Dead of the Brain is no better.

This >>5716586 is super shoddy too. He completely cut the second half about a gas chamber and smelling cyanide.

>> No.5718297

>Its not, this game I'm not sure what the fuck is going on. But the first 2 where fine, even slowbeef who started the Dead of The Brain translation even game the dude money for it.

>> No.5718306

More people had played Night Slave than Dead of the Brain or Makyouden so it was easier to stumble across the original script.
Maybe next time a new saviour of PC98 translations shows up, better directly check if it's another scam before more damage is done.

>> No.5718308

Slowbeef is that SA guy who translated Policenauts, no? Maybe I'd be worried.

>> No.5718309

What damage? It's cringy anime hentai. You take this way too seriously, Japan can't write for shit.

>> No.5718312

Is this you, paranoia-kun?

>> No.5718383

I told you! I told you Erika was a slut! That's why we have the rule NO SLUTS ON /VR/! Do you understand what your "translation" has brought upon us? Divine thunder!


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File: 3.19 MB, 480x320, 1537822354241.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

even better

>> No.5718583 [DELETED] 

no they dont have a penis queer. I know you're used to everything you post and read on >>>/lgbt/ but the world outside of your queer brain has straight peoplethings also.
so sometimes you'll play video games made before 2019 and they wont be made with queers or tranny freaks in mind and it wont have scenes where you dilate like a good fake vagina queer does. So sorry not sorry but >>>/lgbt/ for yourqueer posting and does it have a penis questions. queers and retro dont go together and especially queer stuff like wanting girls to have a penis... that's a boy in drag you dumb retarded queer not a girl with a penis. get your brain fixed

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Cole: On top of that, we also know they're after human brains. They're attacking humans to eat their brain matter. (I don't know if there's a complex reason?) that's their only instinct."

>> No.5718597

>再起不能者 is tricky to translate. It's basically anyone that lost the ability to stand up in the morning again, be it because of physical or psychological reasons. I went with "will to live", but it doesn't feel perfect.

>> No.5718606

>I don't know the complex reason, but it seems to be one of their instincts.

He isn't saying he doesn't know if there's a reason, but that he doesn't know the reason.

When の1つ is used like this, it means "one of", not "only".

>> No.5718627

Cool, that seems like a good choice.

>> No.5718675

>hell for OCD
Take your pills and see a head doc, anons. Don't blame vidya for it.

>> No.5719681

Any good pc98 games that are not porn?

I know about Touhou and Madou Monogatari

>> No.5719686


>> No.5719701

rusty, which is basicly just weeb castlevania

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The soundtrack to this game is amazing. I've never played this and listen to the OST all the time:

Sc-88 Version:

And a great, modern version:

>> No.5720378

Does anyone prefer the OPN version of the music to the SC-88?



Seriously this sounded OK until the fart trumpets kicked in

>> No.5720448

This is a very autistic and pathetic thread.
It's almost like people don't understand translations don't always have to be 100% word-for-word identical and are more based on getting the general gist across, because face it, no language is 100% equitable to another vocabulary and tone-wise. In fact, some of these "mistakes" aren't "mistakes"- they say the exact same thing except in fewer or more words. The "just a monk standing there" is a fine reduction of what was originally a redundant string of statements. And the "front" of some place can be referred to as a being part of a place lol. Some of these nitpicks don't really make sense to me unless English isn't your first language and you don't understand lack of formality in wording.
You guys better not look into some official translations like the ones for Ace Attorney because you'd probably piss yourselves and make a 50 reply thread analyzing all the ways it is incorrect.

>> No.5720495

You're a pathetic apologist. The "translator" clearly doesn't know Japanese, uses machine translation, completely makes up some lines and completely skips some.

For example the grammar used the Dead of the Brain line in this picture >>5718296 is really basic, yet he completely mistranslated it.
Try telling me "thinking about having a party" is the same way as "being on a way to a party". You know, the Japanese line is about thinking about organizing a party yourself in the future, the guy's guess-translation about going to someone else's party now.

How is this misunderstanding of basic Japanese defensible?

>> No.5720618

Nobody gives a fuck lol
I don't know why you're pissy about it.
Play the fuckin game
You're the kind of person who would get butthurt over the Ted Woolsey translation of FFVI and recommend the god-awful literalist translations of FFVI or VII that sucks all the personality out of them.

Stop posting these weird character-for-character analyses in the threads. Nobody cares.

>> No.5720621

Ted Woolsey could actually do his fucking job and not just make shit up because his Babelfish translation failed him.

>> No.5720624
File: 39 KB, 640x400, 1369838082340163.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


"Cole: The inside of that drumcan is hollow. I don't need to investigate it anymore."

Now if I were doing a proper translations I'd translate that as "That barrel is empty. I don't need to check it again". That would be what I consider altering the dialogue in a way that makes it sound good in English while keeping the original meaning. I wouldn't just literally make up my own dialogue that has nothing to do with anything.

>> No.5720631

You're a pathetic shit-eater.

It's especially hilarious how you think I'd defend autistic FF retranslations. Those are probably so bad you can't even imagine. Luckily I can play the Japanese originals and avoid all kinds of shitty translations altogether.

What's clear is that eveyone should avoid this Patreon dude's terrible guess-translations. (Are you him? That's the only good reason I can imagine why you're so triggered by people exposing him.)

>> No.5720638 [DELETED] 

My nip isn't all that great, but...
>はははは! ゾンビとは上手い言い回しだ。いや、人間には試した事がないんで判らないが… ま、試したら犯罪になってしまうからな。わしは科学者であって医者でないのだから。
>Hahahaha! "Zombie" would be a good way to describe it, yes. No, I haven't tested it on humans, so I don't know... And well, testeing it would be a crime. I'm a scientist, not a doctor, you know.

It goes into pure fanfiction after the first line.

Also, this guy's name should probably be Cougar, not Cooger.

>> No.5720640

My nip isn't all that great, but...
>はははは! ゾンビとは上手い言い回しだ。いや、人間には試した事がないんで判らないが… ま、試したら犯罪になってしまうからな。わしは科学者であって医者でないのだから。
>Hahahaha! "Zombies" would be a good way to describe it, yes. No, I haven't tested it on humans, so I don't know... And well, testing it on one would be a crime. I'm a scientist, not a doctor, you know.

It goes into pure fanfiction after the first line.

Also, this guy's name should probably be Cougar, not Cooger.

>> No.5720641

Your translation's good.

The Patreon dude's includes some completely made-up stuff about announcing. He probably got it from misinterpreting a machine translation.

>> No.5720645

I just don't get it.

Google Translate:
>The zombies are a good word. No, I don't know it hasn't been tried by humans ... but if you try it it's a crime. Because I am a scientist and not a doctor.
Bing Translator:
>A. Zombies are good phrases. No, i don't know because i've never tried it on a human being. Well, if you try it, it's going to be a crime. I'm a scientist, not a doctor.

Both are MUCH closer than his shit. Are there other big machine translators that could've raped the text this badly?

>> No.5720650
File: 238 KB, 744x370, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Also, this guy's name should probably be Cougar, not Cooger.

Reminds me of one of my favourite pieces of shit translation.

>> No.5720658

It's really mind-blowing. The more you look into it the more he looks like a simple scammer.

>> No.5720659

Maybe English isn't his native language. Could he be translating it from Japanese into whatever his native language is and then into English? Like how the famous Jojo duwang translation was from Japanese to Chinese to English.

>> No.5720668

Ha, this is the first time I see machine translators actually translate the first person pronoun "washi" right instead of tossing in some crap about eagles.

>> No.5720728
File: 36 KB, 638x448, Dob17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Cole : Woah!! How awful... There weren't any police in the broadcast room, were there?"

I'm not sure if I got this one correct.

>> No.5720750

What are you even trying to do?
You don't read Japanese by translating it into English.

>> No.5720756

What do you think it says?

>> No.5720763

コール:うわっ!! なんて事だ!!

>> No.5720812

>"son of a submariner"
>"do I look like a waiter"
>"slit his mama's throat for a nickel"
lmao the delusion.

No, I just think it's funny you guys are going out of your way of ruining being able to enjoy a game because it isn't 100% perfectly translated. Like why are you going out of your way to not enjoy something? Are you masochists? Or just some faux-language expert kids off JET.
Do you perhaps browse /m/ because you have the type of autism I see on there a lot.
Like unironically the pretension here is ridiculous

>> No.5720821

>No, I just think it's funny you guys are going out of your way of ruining being able to enjoy a game because it isn't 100% perfectly translated. This game is no fun without friends who are capable, no one likes playing... ... of jump master and can ruin your game before it's even begun. Dropping 20 seconds late and going back the way. ... so I just wait for a friend to get online before playing (it should not be like this, ..... username does not check out.

...what? You're not making sense.

>> No.5720824 [DELETED] 

Ignore the guy, he's a 50-something loser that has nothing to be proud about outside of bragging about his ability to read Japanese

>> No.5720830

Why would somebody brag about the ability to read Japanese on a board where it's nothing special?

>> No.5720832

Knowing Japanese probably seems pretentious to someone like you.

And nothing is ruined. People now just known the Patreon dude's translations are low quality rewrites.

>> No.5720852

Falcom, Koei, Kogado

>> No.5720919

It's fine to rephrase stuff to make it flow better. It's fine to omit some stuff that doesn't translate well.

But it's a problem when the amount omitted reaches 50 %.

>> No.5720924

Also, it's pretty much a dead giveaway that Google Translate (for some unfathomable reason) gives 'Democracy' as a translation for 魔壊 and which word did the translator choose to use? 'Demonocracy'.

>> No.5720931

The biggest problem is the translator clearly not knowing Japanese. You can see it with the Dead of the Brain example about a party, where he isn't able to translate a sentence that uses basic Japanese grammar pattern. It's not some complicated stuff, it's a common pattern that every textbook teaches as a set thing. It doesn't even require thinking, just knowing it and recognizing it.

And also know that you're replying to a mentally ill paranoid dude that couldn't handle the fact that many people on /vr/ know Japanese. He's shitposting in various threads like this. You can also spot him in the X68000 thread for example: //boards.4channel.org/vr/thread/5718139

Jesus Christ. I hope people mention all this on his Patreon.

>> No.5720936

These and Artdink.

>> No.5720976

Odd, for me it's translated as "magic".
I tried switching the language to Chinese but then it's Konjak for both traditional and simplified.
Guess it's a bublle thing.

>> No.5720985

Try a full sentence. GT is wonky like that.

> ”魔壊”で多くの死者を出し、魔壊を起こした怨念を封じる戦いで更に多くの死者、再起不能者を出したためだ。
> It is because it caused many dead in "democracy", and more dead and non-rebootable ones in the battle to seal up the devastation.

>> No.5721014

If I put the second 魔壊 in quotation marks it turns into Devilishness and Devilishing.
I'd really like to know how it gets democracy.

>> No.5721020
File: 37 KB, 1300x354, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5721029

I wasn't doubting it. I was curious about the algorithms and data he based the translation on.

>> No.5721031

I am seeing this pop up and it doesn't seem like there is some boogeyman who can't handle Japanese in these threads, the link you have is just someone, possibly you, randomly mentioning this mythical person, not really evidence. Did someone criticize your Japanese or something?

>> No.5721037

It's a recent phenomenon. According to the guy, everybody who knows Japanese is 50 years old.

>> No.5721045
File: 9 KB, 938x125, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's this guy

In other words, it's likely you denying your own existence. Seek help.

>> No.5721282

I miss when /vr/ was a place for decent discussion betwween mostly older anons that only very occasionaally devolved into /v/-style "if you like something I don't like you're the cancer killing the board" faggotry.

>> No.5721529

Ironic how you inaccurately jumped to the conclusion that those were all the same poster, all while calling him paranoid... Go take your meds.

>> No.5721550

I can guarantee you that no matter the time frame of /vr/, if someone figured out the translation sucked, people would (rightfuly) complain. I`ve been using this board since 2014 (not that that`s when I joined 4chan) and if I saw this hot garbage of a translation back then, I would rightfully trash it.

>> No.5721558

I was referring to that guy posting shit like this >>5720660

>> No.5721583

Some of those were a guess. You do exist though. In that deleted post in the screenshot, and in the post in this thread saying translations don't matter, if nowhere else. And the fact that other people learned Japanese keeps you up at night.

>> No.5721767

I think the fundamental problem with this machine translation garbage is that the guy has a FUCKING PATREON for it. Having a fake translation is one thing, but there's no excusing asking for money to do them.

>> No.5721776

At least the Nana guy releases one translation every 5 months. This guy did what, 3 translations in 2 months?

>> No.5721779

He's doing more than just using machine translations.
Machine translations are closer to the actual script.
Aside from taking money the biggest issue is leaving your customers in the dark on what you actually do.

>> No.5721783

No, the deleted post and the translations don't matter are both not me. I guess you don't have everything figured out after all. Do you intend to keep being this retarded?

>> No.5721793
File: 37 KB, 676x266, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This article about the game also mistranslates "Cougar" as "Cooger". Coincidence or something more sinister?


>> No.5721797

Yeah, he's not even honest about it, and that's ultimately the point where it crosses into fraud with Patreon

>> No.5721798

There's a sign spelling it as Cooger.

>> No.5721806

He did 0 translations.

>> No.5721810
File: 156 KB, 835x264, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So the Japs don't know how to spell English words properly. Shocking.

>> No.5721815

It's a name. Neither Cooger nor Cougar appear to be actual last names.

>> No.5721816

The Nana guy was also pretty fishy.

>> No.5721823

The characters in the game are supposed to be American, hence why they have names like Cole, Catherine, Terry, Cougar, etc... Are you being stupid on purpose?

>> No.5721831

Cougar is an animal, not an actual name in America, at least not a family name you put on your door.

>> No.5721840

The game is also fictional and written by Japanese people who probably don't actually know American last names. His name is Cougar and is spelled as such in Japanese. They just didn't know how to spell it in English.

>> No.5721846

His name is spelled クーガー in Japanese. There is no reason why it should be Cougar and not Cooger if both names are fictional.

>> No.5721849

Occams Razors tells me it's probably the existing word and not the misspelled version of it that doesn't exist in any language.

>> No.5721865

Then it's Kuger, which is an actual name.

>> No.5721875

Then the arseclown that made up the translation is wrong and so is the article.

>> No.5721892

It's perfectly normal to use the spelling shown on the screen instead of trying to reason why it's wrong.
If you want to complain about names, in Night Slave he translated ラーニャ as Lana and ノッティー as Noti.

>> No.5721894

Then why isn't it クーゲー then?

>> No.5721902

What's wrong with Lana tho? I get Naughty, but Lana?

>> No.5721915

How is Lana even close to ラーニャ? ラナ is what's normally used for Lana.

>> No.5721919

Because that's not how Katakana transcription works. You can't slur an R into ゲー. The alternative would be クーゲル.

>> No.5721968

That wasn’t me? Lol what the fuck

>> No.5721990

Try to ignore her, it's literally a schizophrenic person always shitting up the board trying to hunt down the boogeyman. She goes apeshit like this at least once a week.

>> No.5722000
File: 68 KB, 564x717, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look at these idiots.

>> No.5722016

Someone below that posted a comment linking to this thread saying you shouldn't give him any money. Let's see how long it takes before he deletes those comments.

>> No.5722019

How do you know it's a girl? lol

>> No.5722040

Just guessing from how she acts.

>> No.5722440

Is this Yuri?

>> No.5722698
File: 6 KB, 576x112, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suddenly noone is this guy, lol.

I guess the gig was up, now he has to deny everything. It's probably disconcerning people noticed his patterns. No wonder he deleted his post in this thread.

Better luck with your next persona, bucko.

>> No.5722729

Yuri, Futa

>> No.5722735

You are literally mentally ill, my friend. I hope you get the help you need.

>> No.5722782

Well it’s nice knowing only schizophrenics are shitting up this thread with their obsessive-compulsive translation annotations.

>> No.5722817

I'm very confused by your attitude. If translation accuracy doesn't matter to you, why even wait for the game to be translated in the first place? Why not just play it in Japanese and make up your own dialogue?

>> No.5722829

I was referring to your rambling about "patterns" and "denial" and obsession with boogeyman

>> No.5722856

You reverted to apologism again?

At this point I feel sorry for you and other apologists like you.

>> No.5722913

Yet again, you're confusing multiple people as being one. You are literally paranoid and crazy.

>> No.5723125
File: 1.06 MB, 1128x651, brain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cole: Compared to the others, this guy's bleeding a lot. Killing people in such a cruel way... these monsters are heartless.

That'll be $1000 a month on Patreon, thanks.

>> No.5723205

What are you talking about.
I'm not all those posts

>> No.5723238

To be fair he didn't make that much money.

>> No.5723267

The translation is bad and you all need to face that fact.

>> No.5723295

Thanks. Pls work with patreon guy to make quality patches!

>> No.5723317

The Patreon guy would be nothing but a hinderance.

>> No.5723931
File: 1.01 MB, 1127x655, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: Even if I talk to him, he can't answer without a brain.

Maybe add a little humour. "He doesn't look like he has much to say" "I don't think he'll be doing much talking without a brain" "I don't think he can talk without a brain. Then again a lot of people manage."

>> No.5723971
File: 67 KB, 550x372, crying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>(Erika) I grew up. I looked around.
Holy motherfucking jesus, how can you defend this translation?

>> No.5723978

By far closer than the actual translation, but basically yeah

>> No.5723979

Sounds good to me

>> No.5724008
File: 455 KB, 1129x652, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: Something smells like gunpowder. This must be the weapons storage room. It's so dark I can't see anything.

I'm really curious to read this game in Japanese and then compare it to the "translation" to see what sort of weird shit the guy made up.

>> No.5724017

What's wrong with Jambo?

>> No.5724019
File: 9 KB, 688x193, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's supposed to be Jumbo. You know because the dog's big?

>> No.5724020

Jambo is Swahili for Hello.

>> No.5724027


>> No.5724029

Jumbo is American for big.

>> No.5724030

Jumbo was an elephant.
Dogs and elephants are only remotely related.

>> No.5724040


>> No.5724142

It's silly to bicker about how a name should be in English. You need to understand how the Japanese mash a foreign name into their writing system, and then try to reverse it. This task always needs some artistic discretion.

As long as it roughly matches the pronunciation, and doesn't look stupid, it's good.

Cooger is fine. Cougar is fine but is a tad stupid.
Kuger could work too.
Also, Lanya and Nottie would be my choices.

I mean, we're not talking about Belldandy here. These names are not references to Norse deities, are they?

>> No.5724160

When I said it should probably be spelled Cougar, I didn't know it wwas actually written out as Cooger in the actual graphics somewhere. If there's an established spelling in the actual game, of course that's the one you should use.

>> No.5724168
File: 270 KB, 771x1200, 060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think that was how they intended it to be spelled or did they just not know how to spell Cougar correctly? Because I can show you plenty of examples of Japs butchering English spelling.

>> No.5724172

Cooger sounds enough like a real name I don't see any reason to assume it wouldn't be the one they intended.

>> No.5724175

Holy shit someone please give me tools to work on this game. Night Slave does not deserve to be butchered like this. I'll do it for free and release it here, anonymously. I can't stand this anymore.

>> No.5724179

That only encourages such reckless behavior.

>> No.5724185

You guys can look at it and make fun of it if it's shitty. I have nothing to gain or lose, there's no ego or money involved. I am only volunteering because I've been watching dumbasses butcher visual novels I like for 5 straight years. I'm fed up with this.

>> No.5724187
File: 918 KB, 1125x653, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They also wrote "President" on the police chief's desk. Do you think that's what they meant? Or did they not know the proper English word?

>> No.5724205

And that will lead to even more butchering because they think somebody is going to clean up after them.

>> No.5724219

Names of positions and titles are notoriously difficult to get right in translations because different languages use different systems and you can't just look up in a dictionary what English speakers call "that guy who's the big boss of the police". It's easier today because you can google shit and see which combinations you actually get hits for.

>> No.5724240

Only if the material is actually hard to translate. PC 98 games really aren't.

>> No.5724263

So you are willing to translate thousands of PC98 games just because some kid released a rewrite?
You aren't even get the shit out of the world that way. People keep sharing terrible, broken patches years after fixes have been made.
Best we can do is try to get it taken down before it spreads too far.

>> No.5724294

Why do people post Japanese text with an English translation but without clarifying whether that's the unofficial translation or their own translation, and if so add a second translation to use as a comparison?

>> No.5724319

"He took the magic sword, and went on the adventure."
NOOOO! It's supposed to be
"The sword he took could do magic, and so then he went adventuring"
Who fucking cares, these games all have the most basic, boring, generic, retarded writing anyways. And yes, I mean ALL. I've played a lot of these old Japanese games, even with a butchered translation no one is missing anything of substance. Sorry hipsters.

>> No.5724356
File: 1.07 MB, 1123x653, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

「コール」こ、これも死霊達の仕業だって言うのか? ドック!!

Cole: D-do you think the zombies did this as well, Doc?

That's my translation and it's 100% correct. I dare anyone to correct me.

>> No.5724362

how so?

>> No.5724369
File: 26 KB, 640x480, 121237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how does giving money to a scam artist make someone an idiot.

>> No.5724372

The point is that your post is pretty much pointless. The people who are able to translate it already read the language, thus rendering any translation pointless.

What people are interested in is knowing what the "good" translation would be like when compared to the machine translated translation.

>> No.5724376

>Cole: A-Are you saying the zombies did this as well, Doc?
In the absence of any other context, this is more accurate.

>> No.5724384

Luckily we have context. Doc doesn't say anything in that scene.


>> No.5724397

Unfortunately for your falseflagging ass, this "translation" would've rendered it as "He found a sword on the ground and thought it might be worth money, so he decided to take it back home and sell it."

>> No.5724401
File: 31 KB, 640x400, night-slave-cutscene.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well shit, I was excited to play the game in English finally but I'm not dealing with a literal machine translation. Back to waiting.
To be fair, the SC-88 Pro isn't the intended device to listen to it on. I actually don't know what is, the soundtrack is just "Roland GS" compatible. An SC-55 mkII is the most likely, but it could have been made on an SC-88, or some GS compatible keyboard. I just used what I had on hand to record the soundtrack, though I've expanded my setup a lot since then.
If anyone's interested, I could give the soundtrack another record but use a more professional synth with GS support like the Fantom XR. It won't be studio quality per se but it's as close as you can get with GS music - definitely better than a Sound Canvas since those have their samples compressed and chopped up to fit into a minuscule amount of ROM.

>> No.5724405


>> No.5724410

It's not a "literal machine translation", it's completely made-up bullshit with the occasional line here and there somewhat resembling something that was said in Japanese.

>> No.5724497
File: 894 KB, 1123x658, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: This looks like the chief's office. (It hasn't been broken into?) I guess the zombies didn't come in here.

I'm not sure about 荒らされた様子もなく.

>> No.5724538

Also no sign of invasion.

>> No.5724552
File: 28 KB, 666x446, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd still go with "broken into" since it sounds more natural in English. I guess the literal English translation would be "Not in a broken into state"

>> No.5724598

>This looks like the chief's office. And it's in a pristine state, so I guess the zombies never entered it.

荒らされた様子 is fairly broad and can mean anything from "completely destroyed" to "just had some chairs knocked over".

>> No.5724634

Or better,
>This looks like the chief's office. And it's in a pristine state, so it doesn't look like the zombies ever entered it.

It's not so much that he thinks so than that it's the logical conclusion of the earlier statement.

>> No.5724669

i'd be interested. already liked the sound of the one linked in the other thread.
some feedback on that one, assuming it was yours, is that there was slight stuttering every so often. an example is in the track "night slave" at 0:28. didn't say anything in the other thread because i didn't want to be a shitter and also didn't want to point out something that folks might not be able to unhear (and maybe it's somehow just on my end), but if you're giving it another pass then maybe this would be useful info now.

>> No.5724679

Pls make translation patches for all my fav PC98 eroges for free, japanese teachers of this thread!

>> No.5724890

This is already free. Even if they're mediocre y'all don't need to pay shit to Patreon.

>> No.5724892
File: 889 KB, 1124x657, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: When I look at that flag, I feel glad I was born in America.


>> No.5724906

I've tried several of the sets in Hoot and it just kind of seems to me that they sometimes chose weird instruments to use for the tunes - the OPN version of Chiho is the only one that doesn't kill it using fart trumpets

>> No.5725028

That other dude is somebody else, he got around to uploading the MIDI soundtrack on an SC-55 before I even got to buy one for myself. I only did the SC-88 Pro upload.
I'll report back with a new upload soon as I can figure out how to get my Fantom XR into GM/GS mode - if it works then it should hopefully be the best sounding version of the music, assuming Roland didn't royally fuck up mixing on it like the did with a few other synths.

>> No.5725162

Futa isn't yuri.

>> No.5725181

/vr/ needs to set up a nippon moonrunes school for us all

>> No.5725198

The Patreon translation is made-up shit and everyone knows. Seek mental help to help you deal with it.

>> No.5725201

There are posts in this thread doing just that. For example the Makyouden comparison ones.

>> No.5725286

I see no experts here, just "this is what I think it says" and rarely any reason on why or how. Bunch of hacks everywhere.

>> No.5725303

A really pathetic attempt. Why and how? Because that's what the words mean. Your beloved Patreon dude doesn't know any though.

>> No.5725315
File: 871 KB, 1126x656, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one in this thread is claiming to be an expert. Nor would they need to be. I'm N3 at best and can read 90% of Dead of the Brain. You want me to break down sentences and explain them word by word?

>> No.5725319

Don't bother replying to that idiot.

>> No.5725331

Any reason to assume it's not him?
I've seen people defend shit translations but they normally don't doubt that the translations are shit.

>> No.5725342

I hope it's not him. He himself has to know his own translations are made-up and based on misunderstood machine translations. Knowing that and still coming here to defend himself.

C'mon, no one can be that delusional.

>> No.5725347
File: 112 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no one can be that delusional.

Maybe he's mentally ill. It could be like a Terry Davis thing where God/the voices in his head are telling him how to translate games.

>> No.5725348

And he released them that way without informing anybody, not even his patrons.
You know how far people are willing to go for $70 a month.

>> No.5725357

Terry was /ourguy/ though. This guy not so much.

>> No.5725475

2 of the antagonist characters are Futa, the rest aren't.

>> No.5725516

>No one in this thread is claiming to be an expert.
except the retard claiming HIS translation is obviously better, while not making a rom for it.

>> No.5725524

Literally anyone can tell it's better by just tossing the nip into Google Translate. Go back to your Patreon and damage control there.

>> No.5725529

>Literally anyone can tell it's better by just tossing the nip into Google Translate.
you should run a patreon then, if you're so clever

>> No.5725530

Dilate, you entitled fuck.

>> No.5725531


>> No.5725543
File: 1.14 MB, 1128x655, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As I've already said, I'd be happy to break down my translations and explain them word by word if you don't trust me. There are also other people in this thread who understand a lot more Japanese than me who can vouch for my accuracy or point out inaccuracy.


Police officer: Huh? Wait a minute. Did you hear that voice coming from over by the refrigerator just now?

>> No.5725554

If he was making mistakes, people would jump on it as an opportunity to brag about their N2 Japanese. I know I would.

The wording might not be perfect, because it never is and people have different opinions on that kind of shit, but I don't think he's made a mistake worth noting yet. These games have very simple Japanese in the first place, which is what makes it even funnier that the guy who actually worked on them managed to fuck the whole thing up.

>> No.5725558

and yet, he did translate the game and the only thing you did is to complain on the internet.

>> No.5725567

Buddy, you have to put translate in quotes or something. He didn't "translate" shit, he rewrote a work he couldn't understand. If you want to play some random dude's reimagining of these games because you're an EOP, go nuts.

>> No.5725574

EOP here, is the original text some kind of special or will the writing be bland either way?

>> No.5725582

Your translation's good.

Noone owes you anything.

>> No.5725586
File: 110 KB, 480x480, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.5725589

No, every example I've seen in this thread is just normal Japanese.

>> No.5725591

Translations done by most people will be bland, because what is interesting in Japanese isn't interesting in English, and when you stick with fairly literal interpretations like >>5725543, the meaning is retained but not the tone. You have to add your own flavor to approximate the original.

I haven't played these games so I don't know how good the writing actually is, but I'd rate DotB about a 5, Makyoden about a 7, and NS about a 4/10, just on the basis of the random posts I've been reading. They could all be well above these scores, that's just the impression I get from a few lines here and there.

>> No.5725595

Does other people really knowing Japanese really bother you so much? You were worshipping this Patreon scammer, but now you're acting like the games he translated are crap that doesn't deserve accurate translations.

>> No.5725601

>the meaning is retained but not the tone. You have to add your own flavor to approximate the original.

True. I can translate but I'm not a good writer.

>> No.5725608

litteral translation doesn't always work. You often have to readapt some expressions because all language are differents.

>> No.5725610

Being a good writer newer was the point of the translations in this thread. The point is that the Patreon dude's translations are terrible.

Don't get dragged in the EOP tranny's spiral of "why didn't you make a patch for me" and other similar cries.

Of course if for some reason you decided to actually make a patch, you'd need to put it million times more effort to make it both correct and sound good.

>> No.5725613

The Patreon scammer completely rewrote or cut pretty much every line. Don't act like he's doing any sort of adaptation.

>> No.5725615

>>Being a good writer newer was the point of the translations in this thread.
Oh, for sure, I'm just making that clear for the EOP. It's easy to assume writing is bland just because a translation is too literal, because you can't read the original and have no point of comparison.

>> No.5725625

>The Patreon scammer completely rewrote or cut pretty much every line
how would that even work?

>> No.5725634

His translations are made-up crap based on machine translations.

That was already showcased in this thread. For example, he traslated the word 魔壊 as "Demoncracy". 魔壊 is a neologism made from 魔 (devil, demon) and 破壊 (destruction). Except Google Translate, for some reason, translates it as "democracy" (see here >>5721020) in the sentence it appears in the game. In reality, it has nothing to do with any form of goverment, just demons and destructions. Yet the Patreon dude went with demons and democracy.

There's also a comparison of three scenes from Makyouden in this thread. All three are full of rewrites and cut lines.

I dunno what the Patreon dude was thinking. He probably didn't do any self-reflection at all.

>> No.5725665
File: 149 KB, 1601x193, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: He couldn't hear anything because he was using headphones. The zombies attacked suddenly from behind and he never stood a chance. If I'm not careful...

And the right is the Patreon guy's translation. I got it from the trailer he released.


>> No.5725671

His translation of that line is better than yours, even if it doesn't mention the zombies explicitly. 僕も気をつけないと is not a fragment.

>> No.5725673

Is $77 a month on Patreon really worth the complete loss of your dignity?

>> No.5725678

>He couldn't hear anything because he was using headphones
だろう is important here, man. He PROBABLY couldn't hear anything.

>> No.5725680

No. The translation is utter trash overall. But that particular line, and that one alone, was better the way the Patreon scammer worded it.

>> No.5725684
File: 25 KB, 1303x355, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A line so simple even machine translation gets it.

And what do you mean 僕も気をつけないと is not a fragment? It is a commonly used shortening.
>しないと。[省略形]: 主おもに話はなしことばで使つかわれる。
I'd say it's completely fine to end the English line with ... cause both in Japanese and in English there's something obvious left unsaid.

>> No.5725686

Based on examples you yourself have provided that’s not true lol

>> No.5725687


Yet here you are making a fool of yourself.

>> No.5725691

>both in Japanese and in English there's something obvious left unsaid.
There's nothing left unsaid in the Japanese version. That's a very standard, natural way to end that clause. It's not trailing off like the English is. I understand why you think it is, but that's simply due to your inexperience with the language.

>> No.5725692

Is this how you rationalize the money you gave him?

And why didn't you reply to this >>5725634
Because his usage of machine translation is way too obvious in that case?

>> No.5725697

>There's nothing left unsaid in the Japanese version.

Clearly these is when it's a 省略形. And don't tell me
>If I'm not careful...
doesn't end a clause in the same way. It's not like anyone in that situation would be confused by what the speaker means.

>> No.5725728

Listen to how actual Japanese people sound when they say it. 気をつけないと is just the end of the sentence, no one expects it to continue after that. Japanese doesn't work the same way as English in that regard. Something like "I need to be careful..." would be closer to how the text reads in Japanese.

Anyway, I'm not trying to tear you down here. Just treat this as a learning experience.

>> No.5725731

>Something like "I need to be careful..." would be closer to how the text reads in Japanese.

And that's not trailing off?

>> No.5725735
File: 849 KB, 1129x656, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

「コール」ハアハア... やはり脳が要点だったか。この事をドク達にも知らせてないと

Cole: *panting* Just as I though, the brain is their weak point. I have to let doc and the others know too.

>> No.5725740

You're talking to multiple different people and I doubt any of them are going to take your incorrect advice.

>> No.5725742

No, because the sentence is complete in that case, not stopping in the middle. It would also be fine (better, probably) to simply omit the ellipsis altogether.

>> No.5725745

The xないと phrasing is usually just translated as "I have to x" or "I must x". It's not trailing off.

>> No.5725750

Not any more than the "that's" you used in your post is slurred speech. It's just common shortform.

>> No.5725751

Here the ... wouldn't fit even if it's the same grammar point しないと. But I'm okay with it here >>5725665

No shit, that's what the site I initially linked explains. But the first example really gives the "I have to do x (be careful)... or I'm toast" vibe.

>> No.5725852

>based mecha gameplay

Sounds fucking awesome. If only there were more companies this enlightened.

>> No.5725857

>You may not know, but mecha and porn are deeply related.

Tell me more.

>> No.5726084

>while not making a rom for it.

>> No.5726694

Well PatreAnon has lost about 15-20 dollars since people caught on to what was going on, and still no word from him since someone commented about it being a scam...

I think the dream is over boys

>> No.5726703

Clearly he's preparing his next masterpiece.

>> No.5726727

tbf I really did enjoy Dead of The Brain, even if some of it was just made up translations. But after some of the shit people have posted side by side where in some cases its complete nonsense and even character motivations are different like in Night Slave its just a fucking shame.

But, even though alot of people wont agree with this, Ill take a it over completely nothing

But I wont be throwing money myself at it

>> No.5726739

>Ill take a it over completely nothing
That's a false dichotomy. You have more options than to play the game with the fake translation or not playing it at all.

>> No.5726786
File: 72 KB, 696x1148, dekinai_chan_by_unzipstaco_dczyh4n-pre.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Ill take a it over completely nothing

Most untranslated games will never even get a made up translation. Just learn.

>> No.5726935

Now that's a shame. PC-98 is already pretty damn obscure as it is. There are tons of translations for many other system, but this one seems to have gotten a short end of the stick. I just hope that, in spite of their low quality, these translations will manage to inspire someone with technical know-how and good Japanese command to do a better job.

>> No.5726939

Can't somebody make a tool that automatically inserts fake translations? Make it randomized to increase the replay value.

>> No.5726954

PC98 is the end of the rabbit hole. Once you get there, learning Japanese is the only practical choice.
Most translations are for surface level stuff like Famicom and SuFami, even Saturn or PCE don't have much.

>> No.5726985

This one is fine, some of the other examples where much worse

>> No.5726989
File: 892 KB, 1133x656, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Cole: That logo on the covers belongs to a major construction company.

Is it just me or is this game very easy by visual novel standards?

>> No.5727296

Am I the only one to absolutely not care if the translation is accurate, or even partially made-up, as long as I can understand what's going on?

Working Designs have been fucking up the boring original dialogues for the best, so I'm not blaming this guy.

>> No.5727314

>Am I the only one to absolutely not care if the translation is accurate, or even partially made-up, as long as I can understand what's going on?

I can read it in the original language so it doesn't bother me that the English translation is shit. I just want to spread awareness and make sure people know this guy's trying to scam them. After that if they're still fine with shit that's their choice.

>> No.5727315

>Am I the only one to absolutely not care if the translation is accurate, or even partially made-up, as long as I can understand what's going on?
I care some, although there's certainly different levels of quality I'm willing to accept for different games. But ultimately when I play a game I want to experience the game itself, not a fan's bad re-interpretation of it, so I want the translation to at least be decent.

>> No.5727468

>But, even though alot of people wont agree with this, Ill take a it over completely nothing
Nigger it IS a complete nothing. You can literally just play it in Japanese and make up a story as you go, it's the same as what this guy did.

>> No.5727473

>One of the many great things about languages worldwide is the sizeable number of words for which there is no real English translation. Often they tell us about concepts and ideas that we are missing out on in the anglophone world.

This is true, but I don't see what it has to do with this game.

>> No.5727496
File: 31 KB, 562x269, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.5727506
File: 17 KB, 300x400, as-jpg--qasd-jpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not knowing a lick of Japanese there was nothing that struck me as odd in the Dead of The Brain translation, but just 3 missions into this it immediately feels very fucking off. Like each sentence doesn't connect with the previous. I mean the story does seem fucking silly and meaningless to begin with but, what a bizarre fucking read

>> No.5727531

Turns out it's more difficult than you'd think to bullshit up a coherent set of text to go with the gameplay.

>> No.5727582

I wish all these limp dick losers here would band together and just translate and hack this shit so there's something not worth complaining about.

>> No.5727619 [DELETED] 
File: 418 KB, 1130x654, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

「シーラ] きっとこのホテルに避難した人達も殺られてしまったんだわ。

Sheila: The people who took refuge in this hotel were probably killed as well.

>> No.5727624
File: 418 KB, 1130x654, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

「シーラ] きっとこのホテルに避難した人達も殺られてしまったんだわ。

Sheila: The people who took refuge in this hotel must have been killed as well.

>> No.5727845

Don't be entitled.

>> No.5727851

Lol, why not make up your own story then? It'll be the same experience as playing with this guy's patches.

>> No.5728105
File: 438 KB, 1130x655, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


The other 3 floors will be exactly the same. It's like Sheila said, everyone who took refuge here was eaten by zombies.

>> No.5728141

3階 is "the third floor" not "three floors".

>> No.5728153


>> No.5728190

Yeah, it's mostly Nintendo's consoles that have been covered well so far. Everything else - not so much, maybe except for the Mega Drive and GG. When there's VA involved, dubbing is the usual go-to method also, because adding subtitles to PCE games is a massive PITA, apparently. Still, all of this doesn't excuse making up script, since anyone could do that. Doing so could obscure the message and some hints completely.

>> No.5728213

How about you take the effort and actually learn Japanese instead?

>> No.5728807

How many Patrons has he lost?

>> No.5728985

me like 1 third into this thread.
also if anyone is curious why this thread is argumentative/shitty, i linked him to this thread specifically as the reason why I dropped support.

>> No.5729836

I think it was obvious to anyone that there were literal shills here.

>> No.5730013

Unsubscribed today. Those Night Slave comparisons are especially damning. Damn shame.

>> No.5730089

I feel like no one in this thread understands what a localization is. Or has analyzed an actual official industry translation compared to belittling this one

>> No.5730124

You're free to eat shit. Just stop trying to convince other people that it tastes good.

>> No.5730342

Man, he must have really regretted doing this game now - no one would have learned his deception if it wasn't for Night Slave

>> No.5730420

I feel like you're a shit-eater defending a machine translation-based rewrite by someone who doesn't know Japanese.

>> No.5730457

Name a single official release that was "localized" in this manner. One.

>> No.5730471

digimon cyber sleuth

>> No.5730519
File: 624 KB, 1371x1348, 1523051560162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because people that claim that translations need to have liberties taken with them or else they end up stiff and boring are just making excuses to cover for their own lack of ability. While it's definitely true that some things just don't translate and some changes are needed to make it understandable for people who aren't fluent, those moments usually aren't THAT common and it's no excuse to use it to take a hacksaw to a script either.

>> No.5730542

When I started learning Japanese I thought it was a good idea to read manga in Japanese and English side by side. I quickly gave up on that because there were omissions, additions and errors obvious to even basic beginners. It didn't matter if it was old or new, commercial or fan-made, all translations I tried sucked.

>> No.5731054

Well it's nice someone in this thread has actually done this comparison thing before this thread.

>> No.5731065

Wow so this dude is actually a hack?

Dang, who would've thought weekly game releases were fishy

>> No.5731071

3 translations in 2 months. What do you think?

>> No.5731136

The first translation is absolutely terrible, you have to localize your shit, otherwise it's weeb shit.

>> No.5731186

It feels like (you) don't know what localizations are either. Localizations are a translation of the sentiment behind the Japanese sentence without losing any important details and making sure culturally relevant terms are changed to those the target audience will recognize and respond to in a similar fashion to the original language's target audience.

That's not what happened here. These "translations/localizations" or whatever you call them, are mostly made up sentences that don't even relay the base sentiment behind the original Japanese sentences, much less the relevant details. There's really no defending the translation part of these releases, and calling them localizations is also disingenuous.

>> No.5731392

vid related


>> No.5732589

Not as related as you think.

>> No.5732691

I don't think speed is the issue here. Coming up with an original story takes as much time as translating.

>> No.5733067
File: 895 KB, 1124x655, dead.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cole: One (something) is waiting for the zombies in the box to come out. But Sheila's waiting so I better deal with them (preemptively) and get back to the room.

What does 一つの手 mean in this context?

>> No.5733078

One option

>> No.5733109

That's 'one way of doing it', the quote he posted is 'on the one hand.... on the other hand...'
I wonder if whoever posted that question understands the context though? Like what the dude is even talking about?

>> No.5733123

No I don't think it is. It sounds like you don't know what you're talking about.

"I could wait for the zombies in the box to come out (waiting would be one option/thing I could do) but Sheila's waiting so I better deal with them (go and kill them instead of waiting for them to come to me) and get back to the room."

>> No.5733149

Or better, "on one hand, I could wait for the zombies in the box to come out, but..."

>> No.5733162 [DELETED] 

手 here is meaning 9 from here.
>9 事を行うための手段・方法。「きたない手を使う」「その手は食わない」「打つ手」

Sorry bro, you're not right.

>> No.5733164

手 here is meaning 9 from here.
>9 事を行うための手段・方法。「きたない手を使う」「その手は食わない」「打つ手

>> No.5734845