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What's so bad about this company again?

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According to people who like video games, nothing, other than the fact they never released Bangai-O Missile Fury outside of Xbox 360.
According to australia-kun, something something muh nintendo trauma they betrayed sega, etc.

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Almost all their games are too boss rush-y. And ironically, their least boss rush-y game, Bangai-O, has mostly garbage boss fights.

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>treasure will never make awesome games again

how could such an industry legend just suddenly stop getting projects? even nintendo has to know people loved s&P 2

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collectors crashing the market, probably

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but that game is good anon

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muh Saki in Smash
piss off smashniggers, not every single shitty literal who needs to be playable

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Im responding to OP as to why people hate Treasure so much
Smashfags have no shame

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Yeah, sorry, I like it too. By replying to OP it looks like I don't.

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Never capitalized on their successes. There should be 20+ Guardian Heroes games out there but Treasure never bothered.

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>there should be 20 cheap cash ins of a great game so that the by the fifth or sixth installment the ip becomes as big a joke as modern day sonic or Tomb Raider
I'm supposed to be mad about this? I'm thankful they had the common sense to let it die with honor.

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Nothing. Treasure being trashure is just a /vr/ meme like the Super Castlevania IV hate.

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They thought they were too good to stay at Konami. Turns out they were just trash and made very few actually good games.

Also like >>5694040 said, their fans are annoying loud hipsters. "Muh Ikaruga is the holy grail of shmups", "muh S&P is the holy grail of rail shooters", "muh Gunstar is the best run 'n gun", overrating Mischief Makers because N64 barely had any sidescrollers that weren't shit like Yoshi Story, etc.

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anti treasure fags are more annoying and most of the time have no arguments

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For years I mixed up Treasure and Rare, and just now reading your post realize that Treasure didn't make Banjo Kazuki.

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Contrarians should be publicly executed. Thats the only way to stop these falseflagging threads.

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phoneposters who can't capitalize and punctuate their posts need to be gassed

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>boss rush

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>stop disliking what I like!
Piss off, Treasuretard.

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>/vr/ meme
It's one shitposter who shits up the board on a variety of topics

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cope treasure is good.

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The ironing

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you have to go back phonecuck

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imagine seething at the mention of treasure. unironically get help.

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^ worthless wanker

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get a job seething treasure fanboy

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treasure haters are mentally ill trannies

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>trying to make it about console wars
Classic anti-treasurefag. Never a solid argument, always something related to not having been an idort back in childhod.
I pity you.

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They had a pretty consistent output of good somewhat unique games that people actually enjoyed. Thus you get seething contrarians who think shitting on treasure makes them look like they got taste.

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>If Treasure had made Banjo Kazooie
>There are 12 different kinds of eggs and you can equip two at once
>player can choose between stopping to fire Kazooie's eggs or free firing while moving
>enemies are color coded for certain eggs/attacks
>every level has a giant ridiculous boss fight
I actually kinda want this

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Nothing, it just got popular in recent years because of ecelebs, and now a few vocal autists in this board seem to hate it.

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It's just falseflagging PSX-only peasants who are still upset they never got any good Treasure games in the '90s while Sega and Nintendo did.

Oh, and shmup elitists who hate Ikaruga because it's "normie's first danmaku" or whatever.

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I heard many of the devs left Treasure, but I could be wrong.

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Sugar coated excrement. Mostly.

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go back

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>can't come up with ANY argument
>resorts to calling it "shit"
I'll give you credit for using a synonymous of "shit", at the very least. You excrement-poster.

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Their only good game unfortunately isn't retro.

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*does Treasure's style better than they do*

Pssh nothing personnel

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so wrong

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They're not a bad company, but they're B-tier compared to Konami and Capcom.

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Depends. I'd rather play any 5th gen Treasure game than Konami and Capcom's 5th gen stuff.

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Not much. Some people just don't like how much they get their dick sucked so they complain incessantly as a counter-reaction.

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Still no real argument,

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Treasure was ex-Konami

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Shadow Over Mystara > Guardian Heroes
Goemon's Great Adventure > Mischief Makers
Strider 2 > Silhouette Mirage
Salamander 2 > Radiant Silvergun

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Then why are Joker and Marth's Clone Army in?

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They grew up

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two series have futures prior to their inclusion
one didn't
see: Takamaru

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More like Trashure.

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>Why bother designing good levels? Just make quantity-over-quality bosses instead!
>The retarded masses will love it!

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keep seething

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>Why bother designing good levels? Just make quantity-over-quality bosses instead!
>The retarded masses will love it!

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>shit like Yoshi Story
Whenever you have the chance, go back and play it like a score attack platformer. I think YS is a misunderstood game.

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Nice faseflag thread faggot. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong?

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Can't tell if you're just the anti-treasure shitposter, or a zoomer who has a really distorted idea of how popular Treasure actually are.

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Fair enough, Konami and Capcom being big publishers they did still have some good stuff in 5th gen, but I was thinking more about their games that were actually huge at the time, like the survival horror shit or metal gear solid.
Also, Strider 2 kinda sucks. SM isn't one of Treasure's best, but at least it looks pretty.

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Can't tell if you're just the anti-treasure shitposter, or a zoomer who has a really distorted idea of how popular Treasure actually are.

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they attract tumblr trannies and resetera pedophiles like flies on shit

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says the discord tranny

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Tell me 1 developer that wasn't covered by HG101.

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cmon retards give one good argument or fuck off.

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>all of this mental illness just because Treasure "dared" to make games for Nintendo
I hate nintendo fanboys, but anti-nintendo fanboys are actually more annoying.

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you'll just seethe and ignore the argument anyways, treasuretard

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not him.
I'll engage in actual discussion with you. come on.
hard mode: try to actually elaborate your ideas. Saying something is "shitty" or similar adjective words isn't having arguments.

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Those people probably love one of your favorite things, too. You could always kill yourself if other people existing makes you that uncomfortable.

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>You could always kill yourself if other people existing makes you that uncomfortable.
found the triggered LGBBQT freak

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still waiting for someone to answer this btw.

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trans rights

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Could /shmupg/ please leave the premises? Thank you.

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