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What retro system hold the most appeal to you?

Which one holds the least appeal?

For me the Sega Saturn is most appealing most because it seems to have a lot of exclusives that I haven't heard of before.

Least appealing to me is the N64, there are some gems for that system but they all seem to be Nintendo games that either have superior sequels or have been re-released for later systems.

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sega saturn

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>having any 5th gen system as your favorite
Anyway, mine is a tie between MD and SNES, can't decide between these 2 beasts.
Least appealing (of the non-obvious choices like Jaguar, CD-i, etc) is probably Master System. I like a few games on it but out of all the systems I own, it's the one I go back to the least. Don't hate it though.

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Sega Genesis
Eurojank computers

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PS2 and SNES

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I like: NES, Mega Drive, US 8-bit computers (not Euro ones), and from time to time PS1

I don't have much use for: Atari ST, non-Nintendo handhelds, post-MD Sega consoles, or N64

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NES is the best. So many fucking great games and so many different experiences to be had.
Too bad Nintendo then shit out the fucking N64 and its mediocre library of garbage that they had to viral market and pay off reviewers to make it appeal to new gamers to make it a "success", which is why it doesn't appeal to me at all.

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Famicom; I always had a thing for the NES, but the Famicom is more appealing now for the larger, weirder library, and the various different hardware iterations. There's always something to play, whether I'm playing for a few minutes or a few hours.

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Still, the Famicom had an ocean of shovelware garbage that we were spared.

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>What retro system hold the most appeal to you?
PlayStation, PlayStation 2.
>Which one holds the least appeal?
NES, Nintendo 64, Sega consoles.

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>US 8-bit computers
wait those existed?

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A lot of the shovelware garbage we were spared is fun kusoge. Obviously I don't want to play 15 different mahjong games, but shit like the licensed shonen bandai games are fun, for example, despite being 'bad games'. We also missed things like Dig Dug, which is a great port and tons of fun, we just got the weird sequel.

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PS2 and Xbox are not retro. They do not belong on this board. This thread is bait and mods should recognize it as such.

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Basically exactly what you said OP. Sega Saturn is one of those consoles you get with like 2 games and figure that's it but the more you look into it the more you realize the Saturn library is surprisingly high quantity and quality. It does have an overload of shitty dating sim games but that's nothing compared to the shovelware on ps1. Also my favorite genesis game is ported on the Saturn (Pic related, Castle of Illusion) so it nerfs the appeal of the mega drive significantly for me. I wouldn't say the n64 is my least favorite, but its definitely one of the most overrated systems. As are most retro Nintendo consoles.

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Dude calm down, it's just a picture of some consoles I found, I didn't even look at it that hard before posting.

Autism must be tough to live with.

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Yes you stupid Europoor.

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>We also missed things like Dig Dug, which is a great port and tons of fun, we just got the weird sequel.

Bandai skipped over Dig Dug and Galaxian because there were already plenty of home conversions of those while there weren't ones of Dig Dug II and Galaga.

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Yeah, the Atari 800 kicks ass.

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>Most appeal
>Least Appeal
Anything by Atari

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1st gen: lol
2nd gen: 2600 > the rest
3rd gen: Famicom > Master System > Atari 7800
4th gen: Genesis > SNES > PC Engine
5th gen: Saturn > N64 > PSX
6th gen: Dreamcast > PS2 > Xbox > Gamecube

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Well you can't play them on NES; Galaxian is the real shame.

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I only disagree on a few points, great taste anon.

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Switch ps1 and n64 and its perfect.

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Galaxian is the only Famicom game with an 8k PRG ROM. All other games are at least 16k.

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It's plays like a dream too, pretty impressive

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Space Invaders in fact has only 4k of code which makes it the smallest commercially released game, although the cartridge uses a 16k ROM chip. Also another fun fact was that the US release of Galaga used a 32k ROM but the game itself is 16k (the Famicom version had a 16k ROM).

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They probably used whatever ROMs were available at the factory. I'm sure by the time Galaga got to the US, 32k chips were cheap enough that they could afford to waste half of one.

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Namco had the arcade source code and assets on hand so obviously that port of Galaxian is more accurate than the many shitty home computer ports made by playing the arcade game and trying to recreate it from memory.

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Super Nintendo
GBA (acklit versions only)

Least favorites:
n64 (toddler-friendly designed system with babby games)
game boy (nothing on that screen was ever enjoyable)

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NEC duo

>least favorites
all the lesser shit like:
- Phillips CDi
- Panasonic 3DO
- FM Towns Marty
- Amiga CD32
- Virtual Boy
- NeoGeo CD
- Atari Jaguar

but the big ones I don’t care for:
- N64
- GameBoy

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>backlit versions only
Try the original under some natural sunlight

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The C64 port of Galaxian was total shit garbage. Someone should do a remake, perhaps using the Famicom version as a basis b/c shared CPU.

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everything u listed under least favorite doesn't even warrant discussion

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Disassembly of the ROM. Go nuts.

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Dig Dug gets points taken off for having a black sky.

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>What retro system hold the most appeal to you?
i really like many of them, the 16-bit systems, PS1, GBA (not retro by /vr/ rules, but still), etc, but i'm quite fond of the DC, it deserved better

>Which one holds the least appeal?
probably the N64

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1st gen is pong and the systems that used a dot with those lame overlays you put on your tv screen.
6th gen is not retro.
switch isn't retro either moron.
nor are the ps2 or gba, fucking zoomers.

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>all the N64 hate
Some of y'all never played perfect dark and it shows

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Zx spectrum

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PS2 is king for sheer number of good games
Xbox is a close second
Game Gear was a piece of shit desu senpai

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>PS2 is king for sheer number of good games
Not retro
Xbox is a close second
Also not retro
>Game Gear was a piece of shit desu senpai
Found the weeb.

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Most appeal: PC

Least appeal: Any console

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incel turbovirgin

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i find myself generally preferring PS1 versions of series on both

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THPS4 on PS1 is comfy

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How? The PS2 is old enough to vote and the Xbox will be old enough to vote this year.

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Go back to your containment board >>>>/v/

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Handhelds are mostly my goto for retro love. The Atari Lynx and Neo Geo Pocket are the two I primarily collect for because I love the games.

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Xbox and PS2 is not retro.

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>Saturn > PSX

Saturn fanboys are truly pathetic

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n64 is an incredible system for multiplayer (even in 2019), but if you don't have regular friends or siblings to hang with, it's almost pointless

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/v/ is console warrior central.

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Favorite: Dreamcast
Least Favorite: NES

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My favorite system is the 18+ one of keeping shitposters away. I like it a lot, even though it doesn't work perfectly. Especially this time of the year.

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Favorite: PC Engine, Dreamcast
Least: Atari Jaguar

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They all appeal to me almost equally except for the NES.

I don't think I've ever seen, played, or heard of any NES game that actually looks interesting.

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Favorite: NES
Least Favorite: PC Engine

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>I don't think I've ever seen, played, or heard of any NES game that actually looks interesting.
What specific games did you not find interesting?

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In the case of Transformers, not fun kusoge.

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Fair point

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He meant switch those two around. Why so hostile?

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Favorites: NES, SNES, PS1
Least favorites: N64
Still mad about the lack of RPGs on N64 after all these years.

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I genuinely think the dreamcast is the most overrated console of all time.

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eat shit PS1(PSX) and NES are better

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f: MD and dreamcast
lf: SMS

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It is. And the Xbox 360 is the most overrated modern console.

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It is literally THE 3D arcade home console to have. If you're a fan of story driven or even longer gameplay experiences in general, the dreamcast obviously isn't for you. But if you want a 3D arcade experience, the dreamcast and unironically the Wii are the best consoles for that. The only difference is the dreamcast had much less shovelware and a generally higher quality of games. When you look at its library, it's actually pretty impressive just how many great games it got in the span of only 2 to 3 years. Plus the general dreamcast shader-lacking aesthetic of its games were very appealing to the eye. Very bright and colorful with a distinct Y2K feel. It still has my favorite graphics from any console ever.

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Best: NES/Famicom

Worst: Xbox

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Playstation 4 (which is now considered retro since the release of the PS4 Pro)

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