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Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Shadow Warrior, Redneck Rampage, Powerslave, etc

Which is the best and why?

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The original Ken Build test map (nsnoal.map) is the best. I had so much fun goofing around, it's like a playground.

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Now that the dust has settled I think we can all agree that World Tour > Sigil

WT has new textures, new one liners, a new enemy, a new weapon, a new boss, new easter eggs, new mini-bosses out of the old bosses.
The new boss might be shit but at least they didn't re-use the same boss for the 10th time in the episode as the final one.

Sigil is more consistent but it has no masterpiece, while WT has two.
Sigil being by a single mapper also lacks diversity and has the same flaws throughout the entire ep, while WT has more diversity in layouts, sizes and map themes. Sigil is all hell theme which was done before, WT has a lot of new themes.

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Still the best game ever made.

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Okay, Randy.

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Powerslave is genuinely interesting, despite all the jank, as this Quake1-like "Mapping for the sake of Mapping" kind of a thing. I may not like all the levels equally, but I must admit that in terms of intricacy, they go places and dial it to 11 without any second thoughts. Among classical 90s shooters this game is a phenomenon.

Duke plays better, Duke has a metric shitton of userlevels, half of Duke is one giant protracted level-designing monologue by Blum - but it's precisely that, a monologue. Levelord simply didn't seem to be capable of challenging Blum out of his comfort zone. The one who was, Boffin, from PS1's exclusive episode, Plug'n'Pray - let's be frank, hardly anyone seems to have played it at the time, before the TC appeared ouple years ago, and it had shit framerate too. It's hardly even canon. Regardless, even if Blum did playtest it, which, well, maybe it happened, maybe not, anyway, we never heard back from him, any sort of "take that!" levels or anything, these might've been interesting.

What I mean is that in Powerslave people were sort of duking it out between themselves a bit, in Duke, Blum was sort of not, just doing his genuinely interesting and insightful R&Ds, but, you know. There is less conceptual progression between levels than there could be if Blum was genuinely constantly challenged by someone else on the staff. I think. Sorry for rambling. Both games are great.

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So I just heard Ion Maiden with the lawsuits is going to be renamed to Ion Mayhem

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Honestly, I'll settle for that if it just gets released already.

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sounds like bs

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Duke Nukem > Spook Nukem > Gook Nukem

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fuck iron maiden, they used to be my favorite band when I was in 7th grade but theyre just a bunch of greedy old cunts trying to relive the glory days

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wow, you would think they would call it bombshell 2 before going with something that cheesy

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Ion Bombshell?

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Episode 4 bump, m1 is superb

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M8, it's just a bunch of suits who run a record label being petty wankers. I'd bet you that Steve and the boys don't even know about this game and would call off the stupid lawsuit if they could. There's no way they're that petty.

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Which episode?

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>Which episode?
Probably the one commonly known as "UW0T".

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28-y-o zoomie who complained about Blood's difficulty last thread. I'm playing episode 4 on Well Done and having a blast. Not sure if episode 1 is fucktardedly hard or I've just gotten better.
Easily one of my top 5 vidyas. How does Duke compare? Wasn't allowed to play it back in the day because of the strippers (thank gawd they didn't notice Redneck Rampage's titty machine guns).

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the game starts off really hard cause its chincy with the resources it actually gets easier once you get your arsenal built up

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E1 puts hair on your chest.
You're a millennial, not a zoomer.

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M2 Duke-Burger is not bad, I enjoyed chasing flying pigs outside. But the shrinker part (small vent hole in the toilet), is it mandatory? Really? I missed the shrinker somehow on m1 and was unable to find one here. How am I supposed to pass it without dnclip then?

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Hint about shrinker in the mirror is well done.

Also, placing of a blue card on the wall outside is super-dumb. It has zero logic behind that.

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don't go you sunofabitch

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why not Atomic Maiden?

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did some shitty dadrock band really manage to monopolise the name of a famous torture device?

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Blood starts great but goes to shit halfway through. I'm super conflicted on that game because I really thought it was going to be my favorite shooter furing the first 2 episodes but by the end I was sick of it. Duke is good all of the way through but I don't really like the enemy design at all. You can't manipulate hitscanners like you can in Blood so you have to take a fuck ton of damage if you decide to do anything but play like a bitch. Also the kamikaze drones can go fuck off. Haven't played Shadow Warrior yet. So far I still like Doom the best overrall.

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I remember finding Ken's Labyrinth in a shareware compilation disc as a kid and being utterly blown away at what he managed to accomplish, only to find out he was responsible for the Build Engine a few years later

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Anyone else tried this absolute clusterfuck? Jankiest game using the Build engine I can think of.

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Have you tried the expansions?

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I haven't played it, but Civvie's video makes it look pretty dire.
How's the jank really like?

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The Matrix level has button that when used, will occasionally light up but fail to activate, in a confusing maze of flashing/epileptic lights and no clear indicators of what buttons open what. That's the level of jank. It has to be experienced to be understood.

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I don't think I'm epileptic, but this seems like the kind of game which would make you find out if you were.

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No and I probably won't for a while. Honestly its not just the levels that pissed me off. It was also the enemy design. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I really believe the cultists are one of the most brilliantly designed enemies in any game I've ever played. They are really deadly and at first the game seems quite unfair, but after some experimenting I came to realize how you could absolutely DESTROY entire rooms of them while taking minimal damage with skillful and aggressive play. They are great for a few different reasons
>can stunlock them with gunfire, tommy gun can lock down enemies from far away while you approach and its alt-fire can be used to reduce attacks from large groups of enemies
>they have to take the time to turn around so if you jump behind them you can easily dispatch 1-3 of them before they even have a chance to shoot at you
>jumping reduces their accuracy so if you are constantly jumping around and generally going as fast as possible they are less likely to hit you
>they die in 1-2 shots so if your aim is good you can kill a lot of them really quickly
Every other enemy type in the game is a joke designed to waste your time and add nothing to the game mechanics-wise. They generally are too bullet spongy and don't pose any sort of threat. Its not like Doom where every enemy type kind of jive together. Rooms with cultists are basically like puzzles that can be solved in a number of ways. Whereas fights with monsters are the same fucking thing every time.
>Ghost enemy
Wait for it to attack, shotgun blast, repeat 3 times
Hold S and use Fire or dynamite
>Fat guys
Crouch and use fire
Hold S and use literally anything besides fire
Jump over them while blasting with Tesla
>spider, hands
Hold S while shooting at them with literally anything
Hold S and use literally anything besides fire

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None of these enemies added to Bloods combat in any meaningful way. They're all just a bunch of fluff enemies that pose little to no threat and just aren't engaging to fight. When I fight anything besides Cultists in Blood I feel like my patience is being tested as opposed to my skill. Blood was such a missed opportunity in my opinion. They solved the problem of hitscan enemies being unfun bullshit but completely botched every other enemy type.

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Interesting take. A lot of people who don't quite like Blood (but also don't hate it), seem to really dislike the cultists and find them hugely unfair.

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Honestly im tempted to make a video tutorial on youtube or something that shows that isnt the case. Once you get decent at the game and learn how the cultists work you can clear entire rooms of them while taking minimal to no damage consistently even when playing as aggressivly as possible.

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The zombies kinda strike me like the pinkies from Doom; advance and try to enter melee (but also can be knocked over).
I don't think there's anything inherently bad about them.

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>looks up
>looks down
>turns 360 degrees and walks away

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try Death Wish, it has beautiful detailed levels and really good encounter design that makes the most of all enemy types in groups

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July 11th

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I hope the news isn't that the game is coming at a later date, I hope they give us a concrete actual date this time. Even if it is in august or september, just give a real date.

Fuck I wanna play the game.

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how is Blood Fresh Supply looking these days? Wondering if I should buy it on the sale, or just not worry and play BloodGDX or nBlood whenever mood strikes.

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Please GOD, let it be a launch trailer. JUST GIVE US A RELEASE DATE

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Which version of Blood should I play? Nblood or what?

Can I play that version with Fresh Supply?

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Just play Blood. Dunno why you people think you need a modern port for everything. What have you got against Dosbox?

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>mods fix it
Fuck off.

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NBlood or BloodGDX are both fine, though GDX has weird colors.

>Can I play that version with Fresh Supply?
I think so, but they re-encoded the FMV cutscenes, so they won't be supported by open source ports.

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Let's be real though, is the loss of those ugly CG cutscenes really that big?

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Isn't "giving a date" the same as "coming at a later date"?

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Where can I get?

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how do you cheese out the hell hounds on the hard difficulties.

>> No.5705920

and also does BuildGDX support just Redneck or all the spin-offs and add ons?

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Am I the only one that enjoyed Duke It Out in DC? Level design isn’t tight but they are still fun to explore

>> No.5706539

Some people did, some people didn't, opinions are divided on that episode.

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I already own One Unit Whole Blood and would rather not rebuy it, so NBlood or BloodGDX? I tried DOSBox and usually I would have no issue playing it that way but the mouse controls feel somewhat laggy and overly smoothed for some reason. I don't know if that's the game, DOSBox, or my mouse.

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Flip of a coin IMO.

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Zoomer is a state of mind

>> No.5706653

>I am a huge fucking faggot and I explicitly avoid good games because they're free
Too bad for you I guess, it must suck being retarded.

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You could try it with bMouse, GDX for accurate movement and NBlood for accurate colors

>> No.5706664

Tesla Canon, otherwise shotgun and at some point you'll be able to understand their timing and just strafe at the right time to avoid getting burned, the diameter of their fire breath is quite small.
Otherwise, the best way to cheese them is to lead them in water if there's any around, they die instantly.

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It isn't.

>> No.5706696

bMouse seems to be just what I needed, thanks

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It is, generations are a bullshit concept

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Rednukem>standalone Redneck GDX.
Eduke32>Chocolate Duke.

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But why though?

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Retoasting from the Doom thread
Hey Duke heads, I'm looking for a Smooth Doom/light graphical refinement, how is Cosmetic Duke? I'm not too well-versed in Duke modding

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Why won't xDuke's creator revive development on the project?

>> No.5707732

I liked ninjas then so shadow warrior

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Ok, WHY THE FUCK are Shadow Warrior's and RN Rampage Rides again's source codes missing still? System Shock 1 got its source code re-located, as did both Thief games. In addition, why haven't the GB Megaman games had their source codes re-located yet?

>> No.5707870

Have a feeling you might like SW that much either.

>> No.5707872

*might not holy shit i'm stupid

>> No.5707881

Shadow Warrior's source was released back in 2005 and it got some sort of new release recently.

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I like both but price is a big factor you are overlooking

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Is Lightly Broiled not a good idea for a first playthrough? I'm not well-versed in Build but coming from Doom UV and Quake's Nightmare mode this is absolutely destroying me.

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Guncaster but its been ported from scratch to Build for Duke3D, Blood, and RN Rampage complete with new lines.

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Fresh supply is better than playing it on Dosbox and CM. On par with NBlood.
Also, why is Leonard sucking Grits on Route 66 instead of moonshine or chomping moonpies?

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Hot take: Blood 2 is still better than DNF, and maybe the follow-up to Shadow Warrior.

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I did play DNF, and I thought it was one of the worst games I've ever played.
It's very vaguely like Duke 3D, but by someone who didn't actually understand that game and put in shit like two weapon limits, and awful linear levels. Messing around with the environment (pool tables, putting rats in microwaves, etc) is kinda funny, and a bit like how you could interact with stuff in DN3D, but it's janky, and it doesn't make up for the shit combat and shit level design.

Blood 2 I haven't played, but everything I see about it makes it look extremely fucking bad on every level, I dislike what I see even conceptually, as someone who really likes the first game.
I liked the 2013 Shadow Warrior game, but I found Shadow Warrior 2 to be massive disappointment.

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What would you think of a reboot that includes Blood 2 being redone?

>> No.5709204

Maybe that could be cool. I hated basically everything I saw in Blood 2, so I would say create a new sequel from scratch.

>> No.5709583

Will this work with Eduke32, Chocolate Duke, and Rednukem?

>> No.5709612

I never tried it, I only ever used it with Ken's original Game.exe

>> No.5709640

Maybe it will work on DOSBOX and 86box?

>> No.5710731

What is the difference between GDX and nBlood
>inb4 java
Explain how this subtracts from the experience compared to nBood

>> No.5711917

Playing Blood on modern computers and consoles tiers:
BuildGDX>>NXblood>Standalone BloodGDX>Nblood>>FreshSupply>DOSBOX/PCem>CM

>> No.5711938

redpill me on coding/deving for build engine

>> No.5711979

Its more difficult and risky than Working with Idtech 1, on par with Xngine, but not as murky in documentation as the CRY Engine.

>> No.5711982

how is buildgdx different than bloodgdx?

>> No.5711987

Nblood means nigger blood

>> No.5711995

BloodGDX is standalone and came before the multi-loading BuildGDX.

>> No.5712004

how does that make it better or worse at running blood than buildgdx

>> No.5712023

You don't need to switch sourceports for the games using the same engine. and both have their advantages over DOSBOX and Fresh Supply.

>> No.5712226

I actually agree about Boffin. Plug n Pray got a shit reputation, despite the maps being actually interesting. I'm in the minority, but I LOVE Nightmare Zone. It's a fun adventure level, much like Sigil's Nightmare Underworld level.

>> No.5713472

I think Allen Blum and John Romero were the guys who made Duke and Doom outstanding compared to the contemporary shooters. With Hall, Petersen, McGee etc. as prime designers, Doom would have been just a satanic sequel to Wolf3D, nothing more. Without Blum, Duke 3D would have been an average FPS with dated one liners and interactivity. These two are the absolute greatest FPS designers of all time.

>> No.5713627

Yahtzee, is that you?

>> No.5713661

I don't think so, he remarked about the reaction times on cultists like they were almost unfair, and didn't seem to be aware of how crouching throws off their aim.

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Have they fixed the AI problems in Fresh Supply? Last time I tried playing through E1 I had problems at the carnival with Cultists strafing off the pier the moment they were alarmed, then had a gargoyle stay as high as he could that the top of a roof where I couldnt aim at him.

>> No.5716019

So, as someone who considers the Turok 2 Remaster superior in every way to the original (which, for the record, I played at release and loved) and doesn't care about "accuracy", should I get Fresh Supply? I just want to play Blood without having to fumble around with Java and DOSBox and shit.

>> No.5716106

Are there other AI problems?

>> No.5716184

I tried loading the build test program but it keeps getting the same error before it boots.

>> No.5716216

Is Fresh Supply worth getting over BloodGDX or is it still crap?

>> No.5716283

From What I've seen its better than CM and running it on Dosbox without a Frontend but less good than Nblood and BuildGDX.

>> No.5716307


>> No.5716320

God I have this game, my mom got it for me from a dollar bin in a supermarket back in the day, grabbed it right away as soon as she noticed it was a shooty shooty game and had the "old star trek guy" somewhere.
Still fucking mad she paid as much as a dollar for it, too bad because it looked really promising.
Did someone ever patch/mod it so it's an actual, functioning game?

>> No.5716334

Still better than NAM, Extreme Paintbrawl, Witchraven 2, and Shadow warrior 2. Still would prefer both RN Rampage games and Blood.

>> No.5716354

Is there a mod that forces a pistol start for all maps in Duke Nukem 3D without dying first? I know there was idclever-starter for Doom and Heretic, but I don't know too much about modding Build games.

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File: 490 KB, 256x256, 1562185725432 (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if there were a version of Guncaster for Build Engine games Duke 3D, SW, Blood, and Witchraven 1 complete with the option to choose the sex of the character?

>> No.5716924

Just type DNSKILL4 at the start of the level (DNSKILL3 if you play on Let's Rock)

>> No.5718760

>then had a gargoyle stay as high as he could that the top of a roof where I couldnt aim at him
That was actually a problem in the original game, I wouldn't mind one of the sourceports adding an option to fix this and make them act a bit less retarded.

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Someone start a petition to retcon Duke Nukem Forever and Shadow Warrior 2 out of their respective canons.

>> No.5720309

As much as I'd love to see that, petitions don't actually do anything.

>> No.5720315

>Petitions don't have impact
Try www.change.org

>> No.5720320

>the trump white house officially condones Duke nukem forever and labels all lovers not true fans

>> No.5720323

I stand by what I said.

>> No.5720328


>> No.5720346

There's also saveourfandom.com and petition.org.

>> No.5720428

That doesn't really change anything.

>> No.5720437

lol so? Petitions don't do shit

>> No.5720462

Nostalgic for Shadow Warrior, as that's the game where I learned the ends and outs of build engine, and built a shit ton of levels for it.
Blood is my personal favorite of the bunch though.

>> No.5720512

Yeah it did when I tried that years ago.

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I'd like to revisit some of the BUILD games, as I haven't played any since they came out.

What do you guys recommend for mod and settings to make it a nice experience with a mouse and kb, on a modern PC?

If like to play Duke, Blood, and Redneck Rampage to start.

>> No.5721424

Duke is a really good game but I personally see it as inferior to Blood due to the theme and the artwork. I would also say the maps in Duke are less interesting but some were better "built" in a way of condensing a certain theme with little resources. Blood is in general more giddy on resources and loose on its map design.

>> No.5721483

Hope you have not.

>> No.5721505

There's having hope, then there's putting faith in a method that historically has proven to be of precious little use.

>> No.5722449

>has proven to be historically of little use overall
What makes you so sure?

>> No.5722463

Because there's literally nothing that stops anyone from ignoring a petition, and it's generally what happens.

>> No.5722479

I'm gonna replay it on the saturn

>> No.5722860

Absolutely based. I can beat each episode of blood without dying once on lightly broiled, and clear it dying once or twice on well-done. It's one of the fastest-paced game I've ever played. In doom, some of the enemies are really bullet spongey and you're limited to circle-strafing, but blood feels like Dusk movement, and when you're bhopping, the cultists miss 75% of their shots. It's so fun. Even when you're insanely low on health, you can easily kill them without taking damage by popping into their line of sight and making them follow you around a corner.

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>There is Chocolate Duke but no Chocolate Blood or Chocolate SW

>> No.5723606

Duke had it's sourcecode released, is why.

>> No.5723653

SW is also open source.

And Chocolate Strife was reverse-engineered btw, the original source is lost.

>> No.5723665

Maybe someday, the original Strife Source Code as well as the one for Terra Nova and the Megaman Gameboy games.
>INB4 not gonna ever happen
they said the same thing about the respective souce code for Blood, SS1, SS2, Thief 1 and Thief 2.

>> No.5724103

Where are the webms of the guy that plays Blood by constantly bunnyhopping?

>> No.5724124
File: 2.98 MB, 640x480, blood 1997.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one?

>> No.5724278

Steve is a "person of significant control" of Iron Maiden holdings limited and an owner of Iron Maiden llp, who sued 3DR
the lawsuit claims Shelly Harrison is a ripoff of his name lol. Steve Harris IS that petty. They literally want 2 million dollars from 3DR lol

>> No.5724281


>> No.5724287

Read the actual lawsuit. Iron Maiden's case is based on the fact that they're the biggest sellouts in the world detailing just how much shit they're selling

>> No.5724290

Just release the 2001-2002 build that 3DR has and have it replace the "original" 2011 version

>> No.5724309

Play blood 2.

>> No.5724378
File: 277 KB, 500x672, spiderskeleton.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5724418

No, but thanks, I was missing this one.

>> No.5724471
File: 2.94 MB, 640x360, blood jump around.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think I might know which one you mean, but here's another jumpy one.

>> No.5724508

Yeah, I'm thinking about that one in dark carnival

>> No.5724515
File: 2.87 MB, 640x480, blood.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think I have that one actually. This one is pretty jumpy too though.

>> No.5724990

Is it fair to conclude that Shadow Warrior may have been a rushed game? Playing through the solo levels it definitely has a weird and rough quality at times. Judging on the success of Duke 3D and the fact that Build was getting older, I think it's probably likely that Shadow Warrior was nerfed somewhat to make way for Duke Nukem Forever, which is a sad irony.

>> No.5725031

Maybe the eventual build they decided to finish was a bit rushed, but the oldest Alpha of Shadow Warrior dates all the way back to like 1992 I think.
Obviously, many things changed dramatically.

>> No.5725037

Is that BloodGDX?

>> No.5725143

Yes, probably. It has the weird desaturation.

>> No.5725875

I wish he'd fix that.

>> No.5726028

Any chance, anyone with a good handle on history of Duke usermapping around 2002-2004 could point me to the possible sources of inspiration behind William Gee's WGCity (released in May, 2005)?

Keywords, sort of. Sprawling, in all directions, ravaged city map, gazillion of secrets up the behind, jumping puzzle galore, from basic single-step ones up to ridiculous chains of jumps you don't even initially recognize as "wha? you can jump like THAT to THERE as well?", generally very openworld-y with the emphasis strictly on fucking around and sticking your nose whenever it probably doesn't belong to.

Rings any bells?

>> No.5726451

Anybody excited for the Ion Maiden announcement tomorrow?

>> No.5727018

Hopefully it will be fixed so that its not only better, but also thus has even less bugs than both playing on DOSBOX and via Fresh Supply.

>> No.5727023
File: 22 KB, 347x343, 213ss9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TFW Waiting to Chocolate SW Sourceport and possible major update to Rednukem

>> No.5727325

Yes. Hopefully it doesn't get pushed back too hard.

>> No.5727369

WG did his own thing so he was never really that inspired by anyone else, but check out OGBB and also Roch Island which he worked on as well.

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