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What does /vr/ think of the Mana series? I'm playing Trials of Mana right now and it's pretty kino.

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You mean the holy sword legend series? Eh, it's pretty cool.

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the fuck is a kino

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it's a common 4chan slang which means "this is a shitpost thread, do not post here"

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>not picking both characters for your MC's route



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Trials > Legend > Secret > Sword > Adventures > SecretR > FFA > Children > Heroes > Dawn
Honestly looking forward to the Trials remake. Looks a bit like recent Ys games, and those were fun.

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I picked Hawk as MC and Kevin/Carlie as my partners, anon.

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/tv/ slang for "[subject] that is of exceptionally high quality that only patricians can appreciate"

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It's German for cinema. I don't get why the game is a cinema...

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shit spell casting, shit hitboxes and no scripts.

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Riesz is the second character for Hawk's route. RESTART.

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Just play the game the way you want to

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they're pretty games with terrible combat

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>missing the scene where Hawk kisses Reisz
No, anon, it is you who needs to restart--restart your life.

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Is the official translation for Trials substantially better than the fan translation? I tried it but Charlotte/Carlie's baby talk dialogue was killing me, is the rest of the text better?

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"Kino" is a German and Russian word for "movie" (as "cinema", from kinetic, Greek for "to move").
The word is used to refer to excessively artsy films.
/v/ uses the word as a metaphor for scenes in games (be it a cutscene or a gameplay sequence) that make an artistic point or just elicit a strong aesthetic reaction.
See attached screenshot for a kino-ass example.

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that's kino alright.

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what game is that? twilight syndrome?

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That scene won't make Riesz any less of a cuckqueen you know.

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The official SD3 translation switches between 240p and 480i continually in order to display the high resolution font. It's really fucking annoying if you try to emulate it with filters. I didn't even know the SNES could do 480i

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Can it do that?

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It isn't actually displaying 480 lines, for the snes it's actually 448 because of the overscan, but it's outputted as 480i

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how is the official translation compared to the fanmade one?

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SNES has a high resolution mode. You just never see it in games because the system does not have the processing power to do it in a playable fashion.

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Only played and beat the first 3. SoM > FFA > SD3

SoM was amazing, and is still fun today and offers a unique experience that no game has matched since. The GB FFA is also very good for a gameboy game, but is a little slow and hard to play through now. SD3 is just waaaay to slow and grindy. It's hard going from SoM to SD3 when you have to watch every magic spell instead of fighting through them, and you move around so slow because of combat.

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Best girl

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>not available in remake

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this game seems quite kino indeed

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Garbage forced meme that doesn't belong on /vr/

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Duran, Kevin, Hawk for brute force team.

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This. Melee >>>>>>>>> Magic in this game.

The single most overpowered team is Kevin, Hawk (Nightblade), Duran. Duran > Riesz because black market items make her just another damage dealer but Duran deals more damage.

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Great music in the SNES games. Everything else about them is garbage.
Kino means cinema in russian.

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The original does that. So do a few other squaresoft SNES games including the original secret of mana in menus.
And it's not 480i, it switches horizontal resolution from 256 to 512. The vertical resolution stays the same.

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I played through Secret of Mana last year and loved it. I am getting more Mana games and look forward to Trials of Mana.

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>Kino means cinema in russian.

in german

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Theres no such thing as canon character groups. The producer himself stated so in a japanese interview with famitsu in '96

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Riesz is better than Duran. She reduces the time spent dicking around in menus using items/having to buy them and basically every physical fighter deals 999 damage by the end of the game when buffed anyway.

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Found the overlevelling retard. the time spent "dicking around" in the menus is about 0.0005% of the time spent on overlevelling yourself to do 999 damage.

Duran > Riesz.

the strength stat is ultimately all that matters, when Kevin and Hawk will outdamage them no matter what and black market items and Hawk's debuffs will do everything Riesz can do.

If you're going for the most optimal team it will absolutely require Kevin and Hawk. And Hawk nightblade is absolutely his most optimal class due to damage and secret weapon. The remaining character has to be Duran or Riesz. and of those two, the only thing they can contribute is extra damage, and Duran does more damage. Period.

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In Russian as well, because Russian borrowed a lot of words from German in the past.
But in relation to this meme /tv/ derived it from German.

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Shit series for autists.

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>Duran does more damage. Period.
Not if Lise casts defense down / attack up

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>defense down
THat's what Hawk is for. Hawk is mandatory for an optimal party.

>attack up
you only do that on boss fights. and you have black market items for that.

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What's the worst parties in the game?
Autism is what makes it fun though.

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I remember beating this game with a team of waifus
Is the playstation emulator(android/windows) good? I want to try Legend of Mana

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Just finished Sword of Mana and it is fucking underrated. Combines Legend of Mana’s artstyle with SD3’s gameplay and SD1’s world.

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>Autism is what makes it fun though.
Good answer.

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It always bothered me how busted kevin is, I know you can just not use him but he is so fucking versatile, he can be your main healer and your main damage dealer with that stupid ass glitch. The best party I played was Hawk/Riesz/Kevin, but really fucking anything with kevin in it will stomp the game.

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>"Kino" is a German and Russian word for "movie"
Kino is the German word for cinema.

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Let him play as he wants, that's the point of the game. Though, I think everyone should enjoy all 3 storylines I think it's best to start out with what you want.

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it's a Japanese word since we are on a Japanese website. look it up

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Were not exactly on a Japanese website, we are speaking English you fucking nigger

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>Needing to over level in SD3
Anon, the game is easy as shit and going from point A to B will make you more than ready to destroy everything. I gather that you like Duran but kit wise, Riesz has him beat even if he has more attack. She's just way more versatile and having her along means that I don't need to use the black market period in a run.

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>pretending that hitting the damage cap in this game is hard
Literally just cast your buffs in the right order and hit weaknesses when applicable. It's even easier if you decide to cheat the game and use the Kevin bug.

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SD3/Trials is one of my least favorite. Railroad story, meh characterization, everything is a cutscene with spell effects, and there's virtually no reason to play a caster if you intend to clear the game without going insane because the game has to stop every time you want to cast.

I don't know. The game felt so lacking compared to SoM which is sad because SoM isn't somehow better storywise. The general flow and aesthetic always appealed more to me.

That said, 3-player Mana is some true fucking couch glory.

Lise/Hawk/Duran, Light/Dark/Dark, will absolute wreck everything in the game and every single boss fight. Debuffs, buffs, saber magic on hard hitters 2, 3 and 4 (only missing Kevin).

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I very much prefer Legend of Mana not gonna lie. Something about SD3/Trials didn't feel right to me, but can't quite tell what.

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Isn't it like the same root as "kinematic", though?

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>that I don't need to use the black market period in a run.

what you personally decide not to do in the game has absolutely no relevance in terms of game mechanics. In terms of the game itself (not what you arbitrarily decide to do or not do), Duran is a more optimal character than Riesz. Period. It's science.

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Can't you get stat downers too? Wouldn't you want to boot Hawk over Lise?

Not that it matters a lot, this isn't a hard game, since the black market will sell you any and all amenities of party members you don't already have.

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>Wouldn't you want to boot Hawk over Lise?

For an optimal party, Hawk is absolutely necessary. way more damage than Riesz thx to his 2-hit attack, double the number of power attacks (2 hits per attack = half the time to fill up the bar), double the number of hits from lvl 1 power attacks (lvl1 hawk/kevin power attacks are the best in the game and better than the lvl 3s of all other characters). also he has secret weapon (as a nightblade) to reduce boss max hp by 1/5.

anyway, my last post in this thread. removing this thread from my Thread Watcher after I post htis. I don't even know why i'm posting here. I hate this stupid game.

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>mfw when the glorious synths kick in
wonder what the remake soundtrack is like

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Is SD3 possibly the best looking 16-bit game?

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I'd agree. The boss fights in particular really push the hardware.

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No critical hits, evasion is weird and works sometimes, sometimes enemies can just pull their tech out of their ass and annihilate your party in an instant if you aren't ready for it

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Duran's the one who needs overleveling, not Riesz. Optimal is Kevin/Riesz/Hawkeye because convenience and utility. Duran offers nothing outside Moon Saber, which Kevin can provide anyways. Riesz provides a fullscreen silence which actually is useful for Knights/Ninjas/Wolves and guess what? Menu times do add up which she reduces, not to mention saving on trips going back to the market over and over because bosses will debuff you. Buuuuh muh power doesnt actually beat the small time that adds up riesz cancels out, and makes sure you dont get gibbed by FST's, Duran isnt even that much more powerful than Riesz is anyways, the difference is miniscule. Whoopie 15 more fucking damage at levels 20-30 what a fucking difference. Riesz is even the better Poto mule since she has higher spirit and yeah, small points in spirit are actually meaningful for it.

if you're being a strawman and go "Starlancer muh leveling, duran still unga even if no moon saber", then you forgo Hawkeye entirely for Charlotte and just smash shit with Kevin while debuffing and facetanking with Riesz since you'll probably finish mid to late 20's, before Hawkeye even learns his most important debuffs. Speedruns are literally Kevin and Riesz dragging a dead loli around.

so no, Riesz beats out Duran almost every case. Muh slightly more power doesnt stop you from getting shitstomped by FST's and still technically going slower.

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a lot of enemies later on counter tech usage, that may be what you were experiencing, its why people have so much trouble with the ninjas for instance.

>> No.5696236

I turned off all my techs and would still get those black knights at the end game in the Dragonsmaw bending over my team and fucking them all at the same time with their full screen tech.

>> No.5696440

Some of them counter techs and others just do it randomly. It's why Marduk and those two spells that RM Angela get are excellent for crowd control.

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Yes, and the Japanese admin also speaks English.

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My first one was Legend of Mana when me and my sister were kids and we'd play it co-op the few times we rented it, and while I thought it was a weird game I really loved the way the stories all played out in episodic fashion, some of which even continued later on, so it felt like a cartoon show that you were playing the starring role in and that really appealed to me since the only other game I played that did something like that was Paper Mario.
When I got older and discovered emulation/piracy I finally got to finish the game. One thing I noticed during that time was how sad the stories actually are and how many of the characters seem depressed or have some looming fear that's always present with them, I never noticed that as a kid and it sorta bums me out now that I look back at it. The Jumi stories are the best ones but also the worst ones because they make you really sad and feel bad for what happened to them, but finishing their story more than made up for the sorrow the game puts you through. And fuck that steven universe show for just ripping it off wholesale, even the magic healing tears like what the fuck. I don't even care that the show itself is bad, this is what really turned me off from that shit hard.
I haven't really gone out of my way to beat any of the other games though, I guess maybe it's because Legend is super different in gameplay from the others, but I've been working my way through Secret of Mana right now since Nintendo made a big show of the series at E3 and Secret seems to be the big dick gotta-play game to start with. Worst shit that's happened to me so far those chess pieces that buff themselves and then kill everybody by walking forward repeatedly, but I've since found it's a lot better to run past the minions and skip to the boss fights, which are pretty action-y and need you to figure out when to hit them or what weapon to use. It's a bit unrefined, but I can definitely see the appeal in these games now.

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>What's the worst parties in the game?
sadly if pick and focus on spellcasters.
so basically any party with Angela and Charlotte. it doesn't even matter what sort of warrior/tank you have then. it's gonna be shit no matter what.

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They're total shit that people only like because of nostalgia. Only because of gameplay though. everything else about them is great, and I still love them a lot.

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Light Duran, Any Angela, Light Charlotte. Little/conflicting and redundant synergy, Angela/Duran kinda suck with each other. Kevin is Kevin so it will work easily no matter what and Riesz makes the 2 casters into capable fighters at the least no matter which route. Light Hawkeye might be worse than Duran though in actual practice, not 100% sure.

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Trials of Mana is like the closest thing to a decent game in that series. The rest are pretty shit.

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You mean Seiken Densetsu 3

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Agreed, I got it as a birthday gift as a kid not knowing it was a remake or even part of a franchise and loved it. I only recently played the original FFA for the first time, and while they're both worth playing I think Sword is one of the best remakes I've ever played.

>> No.5698920

I'm not bothering with this version since I played the fuck out of the fan translation, but I will be fucking diving in head first into that remake. Shame it's not multiplayer though.

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Best team:

- Angela for black rabite and ass
- Liese for flat justice and stat fuckery
- Kevin for doing all the work

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Yeah shes defiantly my fave cause her sexy sluty body. ass to die for.
>inb4 banned by faggot mods

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Wow that's one hell of a pose. Must have a spine made of god damn metal: mercury.

>> No.5701932

cute asshole!

>> No.5702027

t. fanpic of Princess Sevenleaf.

>> No.5702029

I love being blind to bad anatomy. I look at the pic and it seems fine to me. I'm not arguing the anatomy is perfect, I'm pretty sure it's not, I'm saying I can't see it.

>> No.5702128

I am fapping hard

>> No.5704810

Try it at home and post pics.

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I've only played the first 3. I just found out there's like 10 games in this series. SoM was one of my absolute favorite games as a kid. Trails is good so far too, but the bugs that made it into this game are absurd. Dex does nothing? Shields do nothing? There are no crits when there should be? Kevin gets a massive damage multiplier when he gets hit or you use certain items on him? How did basic shit like this get past playtesting? Did they even playtest this game at all? Movement being so limited and meaningless in combat makes it way less engaging than SoM's combat too, IMO. The music and characters are great though. I'm playing it with my niece and it's a trip down memory lane for me and a blast for her (She's playing as Angela and loves her magic.). I think these games are simple, but fun little adventures that are better and more enjoyable if you're a kid. (Like most shit in life.)

>> No.5705032

Kevin's flammie drum bug is fine, you cannot run into it during normal gameplay. It only really benefits speedrunners

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>tfw this will never, ever get translated
just fucking die in my sleep already

>> No.5705074

I wasn't talking about that. I read that things like Medical Herbs and enemy damage give him a damage multiplier. Convoluted bugs like that drum thing are fine, IMO. But when your game has dodge/crit stats you can raise every level or shields you can equip and they all do absolutely nothing that's a bit absurd, IMO.

>> No.5705078

All I remember about this game is having a save point on the haunted ship and getting fucking murdered every time I tried to get through it, eventually giving up. I got stuck in an RPG and gave up for the first time ever. Great memory.

>> No.5705231

>more enjoyable if you're a kid.

true because you don't really care about the fucking lack of scripts, fucked up stats and the shit spellcasting then. but it's really cool to spend your time with you niece on that game and her liking it and Angela and stuff.

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your existence is kino indeed

>> No.5706037

I've been thinking about start playing the mana series... where do I start? is there a wiki where I can read about the order I should play?

>> No.5706048

Just play them in order, there's no reason not to. I'd go with the original over the remake for 1 anyways, bit if you're not burnt out by the time you get there give it a play. It's probably the last decent entry.

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>looking forward to the Trials remake
Why anon

>> No.5706386

the secret of mana remake is the best remake i've ever seen of a classic game

>> No.5706615

>Showing footage of the SoM remake instead of the ToM trailer footage

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This is a good and very faithful remake.

>> No.5707738

the current state of /vr/

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Anyone got a link to the official English version ROM for Trials of Mana?

>> No.5707886


Is it an actual rom? Is Collection of Mana just an emulator with a bunch of roms preloaded?

>> No.5707893

Remember reading that apparently the ROM get extracted from the collection, but haven't seen a proper dump of it.

>> No.5708294

you must be fucking retarded because obviously it is. use your fucking brain

>> No.5708614

the game has all the characters represented in their original designs fucking exactly, the environments are almost entirely the same and even the battle mechanics have been faithfully reproduced with all the weirdness in tact.

And then they had every line from the original script voice acted and added a ton of conversations between your characters that flesh them out as individuals.

>> No.5709089

yes and yes.

>> No.5710420

All the roms were dumped a long time ago

>> No.5711368

since when does one need to login to download from google drive?

>> No.5712245

>he doesn't know you can 2nd class change as soon as you kill the 2nd Benevodon/God Beast

>> No.5712982

how the FUCK do you make Kevin not use his shitty throws? It's driving me fucking MAD


>> No.5713594

Because not everyone is a joyless crab like you.

>> No.5713595

Don't respond to purist garbage, they don't deserve attention.

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I've been playing Secret of Mana with the Relocalized patch.
I like how it's paced. Yeah there's grinding but you get some story missions and then you go back to Gaia's Navel to grind your weapons on Green Slimes in that one spot. Then you can go to the Water Temple to level your magic.

After that you can put the game down and come back to it later. Feels like a handheld game.

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File: 88 KB, 640x464, Ss3rimururu1bgalt.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>the game has all the characters represented in their original designs fucking exactly
Lol no.
Have you even seen the original designs?
Primm in the remake especially looks very different from her original counterpart, as does Randi who they've made look extremely kiddy in the remake.

>> No.5715838

I think you're confusing design with artstyle

of course randi looks like a kid he's like 13

>> No.5715853


>> No.5715854


>> No.5716353

yes. its widely regarded as the most visually impressive snes game out of the entire library. runner ups in certain contexts are bahamut lagoon and rudra no hihou.
samurai shodown 3 isn't 16 bit you retard. stop trolling.

>> No.5716420

>best remake
>filled with bugs
>crashes every few hours because of auto save
>awful music

>> No.5718264

Trials or fan translation?

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>> No.5719143

Yeah fuck off, SoM had the level of detail you see in the remake.

>> No.5719816

Delusional. You can't recreate the level of details of good sprites with 3d models.

>> No.5719896

Those aren't bugs, it's supposed to be like that. You can change the music back whenever you want and if you play for more than an hour or two you're doing it wrong.

>> No.5720925

>samurai shodown 3 isn't 16 bit
Uhh yeah it is. Neo Geo was a 16 bit machine, that whole 24 bit shtick was marketing jargon much like the Atari Jaguar claiming it was 64 bit.

>> No.5720928

He's 16 years old you dumbass.

>> No.5720934

>Those aren't bugs, it's supposed to be like that.
Neck yourself shill.

>> No.5720956

it's hilarious when you say this because I know it's what you want to do to yourself, thats why you think it's an insult

>> No.5721697
File: 935 KB, 1075x1350, __primm_seiken_densetsu_2_and_etc_drawn_by_raochuu__571e33b2c4a1f0a297ad85f9e7a7b01c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish there were more porn of Primm.
Riesz is like the only girl who seems to get art.

Pic related gets me hard in seconds. Primm is so underrated.

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