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What are the best comfy retro games to play when you're feeling down?

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That's a good one.
I also recommend Paper Mario.

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Out of curiosity, what's the feeling you get from playing a comfy game at times like that? Is it a calmness that helps you deal with what's got you down, or is it total distraction that makes you forget about it for a while? When I'm feeling down, I mostly don't want to do anything.

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It depends on how really bad you feel. I guess there's certain times that you don't really feel like doing anything.
But you never know, and different people handle things differently.
I remember one day a friend called me telling me his mom passed away. I hurried to his house, thinking about holding him while he was sobbing, but you know what happened when I knocked the door? I gave him a hug, then he gave me a controller and we started playing Street Fighter. It was his way of dealing with it at that moment I guess.

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I've found listening to vaporwave and mallsoft give me comfy feels. Dead mall series is cathartic somehow.

As for games, usually something I grew up with like SMB2 or teen years Shining Force. Cutesy Nintendo stuff like Kirby, Yoshi's Island. Also stupidly hard games like Ghosts n' Goblins or such are nice. The harder games like shmups make you intently focus on the game in order to not die, so they act as a good distraction from whatever has you down.

Tetris is also decent if you just need sort of mindless thing to concentrate on.

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Sonic Shuffle

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Golden Axe

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Harvest Moon for me.
Just have no worries but caring for your crops and animals.

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Wonder Project

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Which one do you recommend?

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Harvest Moon: Back to nature (ps1)

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This cute motherfucker

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space channel 5 part 1 and 2

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the hamtaro games seem like they'd fit the bill
also like the breakdown >>5688197 gave, with racing and rhythm games also fitting in the hard/lose-yourself-in categories