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Pathetic, grudge-holding aussies desperately (but miserably failing at) trying to ruin our fun Edition


Please READ this FAQ before posting, some stuff here is very important!
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/AfQkPem3
Also please READ this special message from Impse for all /vr/ to see regarding our threads

Doom setup tutorial for newfriends:
Steam Group:

What's new?
BURL TUMD got an update
We discuss fun things related to Doom

Discuss wads, stories, projects, servers, ask for recommendations, suggest ideas, etc; don't be shy, we're here to help!

We have many projects going, and if you want to share your maps or join in whatever thing you may want feel free to do it.

Remember, to join the /vr/ servers, you should get Zandronum
Standard passwords for /vr/ servers: vidya, vidyagaems, videojuegos
If these do not work, ctrl+f the server name.

We have an IRC channel too

irc.zandronum.com #vr
password: vrtroopers

For singleplayer, use GZDoom SVN builds. vid_renderer can switch between software and OpenGL so you don't have to install zdoom as well.

This is a begginer's pack someone kindly put up for everyone
IWAD Pack (40 MB) (Contains Doom/Doom2/Plutonia/TNT/Strife/HeXen/Heretic/etc)
Doom Pack (200 MB)
MEGA PACK (1 GB) (w/mirrors)

Let's get Dooming!

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reposting from previous thread

So, I'm finally working on Burl Tumd again. I still don't have any ideas for the BFG, but I'm not really sure if I could out-do its badassery. Anyway, I've got a couple of updates lined up, figured I'd post here for some feedback.

>Archvile fire now does a tiny amount of damage as it burns, preparing you for the main blast. If you take the full duration of the fire and the explosion, it'll kill you from 100 HP.

>Cacodemon lightning balls now blind the player momentarily but only do 5-10 damage. Caco painchance is also reduced, and on death they start deflating like a balloon, flying all over the place while making a silly noise.

>Both Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon have no painchance and 75% resistance to explosions.

>Finally got around to nerfing plasma rifle's altfire, the explosions now do damage according to the size of their explosions. Also added trails to the primary balls and fixed their animation.

>Brought the chainsaw back, primary "fires" 150% faster than vanilla and uses short-ranged ripping projectiles alongside the melee attack. Altfire gives it a hefty toss, but only if the button is held and then released. The chainsaw can be retrieved once it lands (provided you can reach it, of course) and won't vanish if it hits the sky.

>WHY I'M SO GREAT moved to the background for the casting call sequence

Download here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48332341/BURL_TUMD_test.pk3

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So I'm guessing no addban list?

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And for those who are catching up in these threads, we have a grudge-holder who has been shitting up our threads on purpose

So whenever you want to create a server, add this



There's no need for a list, he's so dumb he can't change his password

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>he can't change his password

*He can't change his IP

sage for doublepost

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Well there's the possibility that he can't.

Then again I learned I could by changing my MAC address.

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Well even if you ban him from the servers what will stop him from leaking passwords again?

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I can't decide if the murderer is deeply underpowered or way too overpowered.

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If he's banned, he can't even see the servers, so he won't know what the password is.

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With a little help, there is now a wolf3d Server up!

Server: :: [BE] New York :: /vr/ kills some nazis

pass: stopplayingsamsara

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That may mean he's actually balanced.

>my sides

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He can come here.

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i'm in, then

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It's possible for the Zandronum admins to blacklist his IP from the master server list, but they won't do anything if it's never brought up to them.

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>that tripcode

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Because how else is he going to get attention?
Sorry for late reply, I was playing TNT and Plutonia with Russian Overkill on 3rd setting.

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Because I want to. I make mods for myself and share them with others, if they're interested. If they're not, well, that's their loss. I'll stop working on this when it's feature-complete and I feel like I have nothing more to add to it.

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I don't even get it, how much demand is there to enter the servers? Passwords are public anyway, as long as you look in the thread. Is he just some Zandronum drama faggot who discovered /vr/ a week ago and got all flustered when someone called him out on being a loser?

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What the fuck happened last thread

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Some dude thought liking Samsara meant we were sucking Terminus' epeen or something and got super-mad about how it occupied all one of the /vr/ servers.

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And it's been the exact same guy each time that's been railing against Terminus.
We think that it's the same guy that's bitching about Samsara ripping off his shitty bugged piece of shit.

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Not that guy, but how do you know?
I mean, anonymous could be anyone.
It could be that more than one person don't like it for reasons.

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I think it's two different people

Zygo's grammar isn't as good as the guy in the previous thread' grammar

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They can label anyone that has an opinion they don't like a name that no one likes so they feel better when trying to "call them out."

Notice how when Brutal Doom was shat on no one said much, but Samsara suddenly had to be protected.

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>when Brutal Doom was shat on no one said much
That's not true at all. There's a reason it had to be included in the FAQ.

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What makes it special

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By elevator, do you mean 'box where people enter, push buttons, and then are impaled to death by spikes'?

Because it looks like you meant 'box where people enter, push buttons, and then are impaled to death by spikes'.

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I mean last thread.

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Fuck the Grenade Fists. I'll just leave it without an altfire. Now, damagetypes!

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You're still here? Maybe you should go get a hobby or something.

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Nothing really. Just wanted to take a break from mapping for a moment, so I decided to post that tidbit.

Don't give me bad ideas, anon.

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My hobby is doom. Simple enough, no?

If you don't like my opinion, maybe you should take your own medicine and stop being a hypocrite.

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Is it 3D? Because you could totally do that and it'd be pretty sweet.

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It is.

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Finally beat this damn stage.

I don't understand why archies appear past the blue door. You don't need to go back there as far as I can tell.

There are so many cacodemons and pain elementals it is obnoxious. Not just hard, but obnoxious. If you removed every cacodemon that appeared on the map, I bet the flow would be a hell of a lot better. There are just too many monsters half the time and it's getting to not be fun anymore; just kind of tedious. Sure it's hard, but it's a grinding, tedious kind of hard.

This is compounded by the fact that every area is cluttered, tiny, and not made for firefighting in. This removes one of doomguy's best strengths (his speed) and also encourages peek around the corner/bars sniping, which is effective, but also boring and.... tedious (there's that word again!) especially when you have to suddenly deal with two... no three... no four... no five... SIX fucking cacodemons. Why not just make a script that removes 60 bullets from my inventory every time I open that door. Jesus.

I think part of the problem is that you aren't able to explore to find fresh ammo and supplies; you're always backtracking into rooms that suddenly have monsters again. This is fine if you're doing well, but if you take a bad hit just once then you might need to use up most of the supplies, which you might need again later (but they aren't there because they've been used), hurting the explore/fight/restock rhythm.

Speaking of supplies, the backpack probably should not be a secret item. Backtracking is not always possible in the map due to monster teleports and having to double back to collect a box of shells or worse yet, wasting a good amount of bullets is awful on a map like this..

The last room is extremely annoying, but once you know the 'trick' you can move in, punch the pain elemental, chaingun the revenents and body block the archvile and suddenly is it not so bad.

tdlrl: tough, cramped, kind of annoying, died like 5 times. 6/10

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Nobody cares about your opinion, it's your inability to shut the fuck up about it that is getting pretty tiring.

>> No.569070

>people shit on brutal doom for not being vanilla enough
>people shit on samsara for being too vanilla and nostalgic

Are you serious?
Can we add a "Samsara isn't fancy enough it's for nostalgiafags and purists!!!!" addendum to the "DON'T FUCKING REPLY TO THIS" section in the FAQ?

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These fucking doors.

>> No.569091

I think I can go ahead and scale back some of the Cacodemon and Pain Elemental spawn in, especially after you throw the final switch in that spawn in the main hub and the boxed room.

>> No.569093

>people enter, push buttons, and then are impaled to death by spikes
>sign outside says In case of emergency, take stairs

>> No.569095

I haven't been talking about it. You're the one who decided I was one person in this thread who was clearly shitposting.

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Fuck you GZdoomBuilder, my control sectors are beautiful.

>> No.569113

What's the difference between DB2 and GZDoombuilder, anyway?

>> No.569118

DB2 is not being worked on.
GZDB is.

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File: 186 KB, 1438x785, gzdb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A lot of additional features for UDMF maps. A list of differences would be quite large. To put it simply, if you're editing in the UDMF format, you're doing yourself a disservice by not switching over, even if you're working within software restrictions.

>> No.569161

If ProjectILE guy is here: I've been having trouble loading anything with it.

"Script error, "ProjectILE.pk3:decorate.txt" line 156:
"DOHARMSPECIES" is an unknown flag"

wat do; using Zandronum btw

>> No.569163

Zandronum is behind ZDoom, not all the flags on the ZDoom wiki are going to work on Zandronum.

>> No.569174

>3D floors in the visual editor

Holy shit fukken sold.

>> No.569176

That's because of Zandronum. It's far, far behind Zdoom when it comes to flags and such, I'm afraid.

I might just rename the file to ProjectILE_ZDoom.pk3.

>> No.569183

In case I wasn't clear, my problem is that the game is not loading. I would not have pointed out an error unless it was preventing my play or directly affecting its behavior in way I could perceive.

Ah, so that means I should get ZDoom, then? Thanks. I was under the impression by this thread that zandronum was the way to go.

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File: 59 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_023306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck yeah.

>> No.569191

Zandronum has *vastly* better netcode. That's... all it has going for it, but it does it well. You'll want both, really, though. Zandronum for playing online, and (G)Zdoom for playing singleplayer.

>> No.569192

>In case I wasn't clear, my problem is that the game is not loading.

That's the reason why it's not loading. Zandro is getting hung up on Decorate flags that it doesn't recognize, and spits out errors. Hence why it should be pointed out that the file is (G)Zdoom-only for the time being.

>> No.569193

Zandronum is where you go for Multiplayer.

>> No.569198

I'm having a blast with you guys.

>> No.569209

How can I make it so that a monster's attack will wake up other monsters in earshot?

>> No.569215


>> No.569217

Put this in your monster's attack state.

>> No.569247

Taking map theme suggestions so long as they fit something I can do with default textures and enemies or CC4-tex.

>> No.569253

Admittedly, I hadn't realized until the other post that ZDoom was its own thing and that I should get it, and in my absentmindedness I still left the chiding message in my post. My bad.

>> No.569265


The Absolution from Doom64

Replace the Mother Demon with 4 cybers

>> No.569275

Try an ancient forgotten temple.

I don't mean like a hellish cult temple, I mean a beautiful scenic outdoors-in-the-abandoned-sections-of-the-world temple, aged wonderfully and with a peaceful song.
Very few enemies. Mainly about exploring and taking in the view.

>> No.569290

And also something other than "Copy another map". Basically I want to go and abuse a lot of GZDoom features.

Might work, but every time I've tried for any natural looking scenery with CC4/Default textures it's been a bit of a mess.

>> No.569292

>Very few enemies. Mainly about exploring and taking in the view.

Actually, this brings up an interesting idea.
How difficult would it be to make a first-person adventure in the vein of Myst in the Doom engine? Not a lot of enemies, mostly about solving puzzles, exploring an ancient world, and learning about a story.

>> No.569294 [DELETED] 

Hey guys check out Zandronum, Skulltag's successor,That Source Port is awesome, OpenGL and D3D Support, Bloom (Optional and to be included on version 1.1), Glowing items, Offline Bots, More gamemodes and etc, You guys gotta check it.


>> No.569302

It's kinda been sorta done I guess.
Phocas Island 2.

>> No.569303

Wee bit late.

>> No.569305

you know we ALL actively use zandronum, right? you dont need to actively plug your shit, dev

>> No.569306

Are you for realsies or are we getting meta up in here?

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I've got some bad news for you, anon.

>> No.569315


The last update for the night! Wherein I make changes, and revert them almost instantly! Chainsaw has an alt-fire, and the normal shotgun's been revamped!

Get the DECORATE flags from the latest Zdoom and we'll talk.

>> No.569316

every last one of us uses zandronum for multiplayer to play together

that said, none of us want you fagging up our board with advertisement

>> No.569317

What makes you guys like Doom so much? I see all the hype for it and it makes me want to get involved, even though I'm not a big fan of FPSes.

tl;dr What makes Doom good?

>> No.569319

You run fast and shoot monsters

>> No.569321

Being a fast-paced and to the point shooter and being really easy to mod for + having a bajillion modifications, basically.

>> No.569324

Near-infinite moddability, solid gameplay, fun story.

Be more specific, because doom is flawless.

>> No.569325

Speaking generally, Doom is balls to the wall action, no bullshit attached. It's pure gameplay, and while there's definitely elements of a decent story, interesting setting, etc, the core of the matter is that A: Jump in and start playing right away, and B: Nothing holds you back.

Oh, and there's the mod community that's generated literal terabytes worth of content, meaning I never have to buy another game again.

>> No.569326

infinite playability (custom mods, levels, etc) really fun multiplayer. running around at 50km/h and shooting the fuck out of everything in sight

>> No.569328

It's fun, you shoot monsters, and most of us grew up with it. It's a balance of hectic fighting, charging in with a chainsaw, tactical target-choosing, and you get to punch giant pink demons into piles of flesh.

>> No.569330

The sheer amount of mods (and how easy it is to make your own) give the game nearly endless content.

>> No.569332

Play it and find out.


>> No.569334

Is there a wad for normal Doom with Doom64 maps? I'd play Doom64, but its graphics and sounds are killing me, stock ones are far better.

>> No.569338

The Blake Stone wad:


>> No.569350

Oh wow, thanks for all the responses. I'll get on it tomorrow and see what I'm missing.

>> No.569458

I'm taking a bit of a break from my level to work on some DECORATE stuff. I had never bothered working with it much in the past, just simple stuff like porting in a new static decoration - never for something as complicated as a monster. And I must say, once you get over the hurtles of starting out, HO-LEE SHIT what a genius system!

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File: 115 KB, 850x719, 1337136995803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this wolf3d shit is funky

>> No.569659

I just wish it wasnt for Legacy
and that it was actually finished

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File: 502 KB, 690x690, 1366919303695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stouffer leaving us for dead

>> No.569902

>I still don't have any ideas for the BFG, but I'm not really sure if I could out-do its badassery.
Have it be a gigantic full on hitscan laser that arcs about 35-45 degrees that you can fire in a continuous stream pushes you backwards considerably as long as you fire it. Have it stun enemies as it's hitting them, have it buffer damage and anyone who takes 100% more than their total life, explode with a volley of a dozen plasma particles ejecting from them spread in a 180 degree arc in the same direction as the BFG was pointing. If you nail a bunch of little guys with a blast, and they're close enough, it could wipe out bigger guys.

Does that suffice for an idea. I haven't really seen enough of the BURL TUMD to get a feel for exactly what you're going for, but at first glance that might fit.

>> No.569928

Did they improve it from skulltag? Or is it still as awful?

>> No.569936

Still as awful, but it's all we got.

>> No.569942

What's awful about it?

>> No.569946

Link to what appears to be a wolf3D multiplayer mod?

>> No.569951

the link is right there!

>> No.569954

It's running on an old ass fuck version of GZDoom.
It's wolfendoom.

>> No.569972

>It's wolfendoom.

>> No.570007

I'm mostly going for Doom weapons with their strengths and weaknesses exaggerated. For instance, the shotgun is extremely accurate while the super shotgun is almost useless at anything other than point-blank range. The chaingun is great for stunlocking enemies while the pistol excels at sniping. The rocket launcher does a ton of damage against large groups of smaller enemies but is less effective against bosses. Your idea is intriguing but I'm not really sure if that would go along with the rest of the mod.

>> No.570021

Maybe have a single BFG blast use up 100 cells, and each enemy that's affected by tracer rays is hit with the same damage as a direct hit?

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File: 103 KB, 640x480, vanguard01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm more of a Duke3D guy but I've played quite a few Doom wads anyway.

I just played those two episodes made by the same people:



The first one is good and but the sequel is great.

In any case both feel like classic Doom and that's all I asked for. Apparently they were released in 1994.

If you're looking for classic style maps try Serenity and Eternity too.

However my favourite mapper for Doom is Skillsaw, he's made some of best wads in the recent years like
Vanguard (pic related) http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=16463
or Lunatic http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/56593-lunatic-wad-finalized/1/

>> No.570032
File: 366 KB, 1280x960, Screenshot_Doom_20110811_102320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've also played Zpack(pic related), which I consider to be a masterpiece. It's a megawad of 30levels.

>> No.570045
File: 210 KB, 1280x1024, 2013-04-16_00003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice to see Doom's found a home on /vr/.

>> No.570050

Somebody remade Duke's Life A Beach in Doom?


>> No.570062


>> No.570080

But some of those aren't the strengths and weaknesses of those weapons.
The shotgun wasn't really accurate, it just spread on a level plane. It excelled at medium-close distance.
The chaingun is the pistol with zero cons and faster fire rate, it does everything the pistol did and then some. Once you get the chaingun, there's no reason to ever touch the pistol again. They do the same damage, the shoot the same way with one exception that the chaingun cycles two shots per press and has a faster fire rate where the pistol shoots one shot per press.
The Rocket Launcher was still very useful against large bosses especially with it's rapid fire. It does slightly less damage than a super shotgun, but you can eject pain 3x quicker. It takes no more than 6 shots to kill everything except for the two largest enemies. And those six shots can be dealt in 10.5 seconds. The only real 'con' is that you can fuck yourself up HUGE if you get hit by it.
The only thing that takes out those two bosses quick is the BFG, which at most needs two shots up close and personal.
It already requires doing a dance and risking your life for the two shots on a cyberdemon. You can take three shots and not take the risk though.

>> No.570086



>This is a conversion of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on "Duke Caribbean - Life's a Beach" by Wizard Works that is no longer being sold.

Yes it's still being sold

>The Win-Duke3Ds have no client/server support and I always wanted to play this online.

Yes it's possible to play it online


>> No.570130

Neither of these were true in 2011 (when this was made)

>> No.570136

it has never stopped being possible to play duke3D online

>> No.570273

Some artistic liberties were taken.

The shotgun was really accurate due to the lack of vertical spread, though. If you fired at something, regardless of distance, chances were good that you would hit it. It also had quite the risk factor in DM play, which is even further exaggerated here. If you land all the hitscans, you can oneshot enemies, but if you're even just a little bit off, you might only do 10 or 20 damage.

The vanilla chaingun was just a direct upgrade over the pistol, but I didn't want that to be the case here, so I gave its sniping capabilities to the pistol and exaggerated the chaingun's stunlocking tendencies.

The rocket launcher wasn't as good as the plasma rifle or the
BFG for bosses, since they don't take any splash damage, only the 20-160 from the impact.

>> No.570373

I sadly don't have enough time to read all of these fast moving threads but where did the picture pack go? I wanted to download that but it's not in the OP pasta anymore. What happened? Drama again?

>> No.570387
File: 66 KB, 640x480, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_131243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know that something is wrong when you see shit like this...

>> No.570394

>90% of doom 2 user maps.png

>> No.570398

I'm having some problems updating the OP paste and the versions impse and I actually post.
You can get it here

>> No.570406

>Brutal Doom
Yeah, something is wrong here. I don't know which one is worse than the other, though. You'll have to figure it out on your own.

>> No.570423


Violence + action + speed + modability.

You never know what to expect, while getting into Zandronum server - each mod makes the game totally different, to the point that players can love one mod and totally hate other. '

Want a demonstration? The following is my personal opinion, reflecting in 100% my views on Zandronum:


>> No.570430

I've fully updated the OP.

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File: 266 KB, 1600x1800, moonbaseescapeerrorsandexitstats.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope guy who made that "Darkside of the Moon.wad" will read this...
1)Flip linedefs 996, 975 and 979 to fix that sector bleed.
2)You have 1px line that have different texture than neighboring lines (number is #4072), change it to COMPSPAN.
3)I really wonder what you can do with this... try to mess around with lines' facing.
4)What the hell, that shit happens when you look back in start area from that yellow pre-last room.
5)There's some blocky area for no reason plus texture bleed. I think it's all DB's fault that could delete some sectors and stuff.
6)Level stats. Died once because I've cornered myself like a retard. Exited with like 260 cells because I've punched spectres and some cacos with pain elementals 1v1 because I can. Played with v1, though, but still nice level to play.
I'm lazy to fix pic's name, duh

>> No.570516


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File: 251 KB, 600x600, 1366917112285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the problem?

>> No.570528

Why do you continually avatarfag up threads? You're not contributing anything, you're just making us hit the image-limit faster. Please stop.

>> No.570530


>> No.570540

Ghouls vs Humans is an unbalanced mess that makes tf2 look good. I like it, but there are maps where humans can't win, and maps where ghouls can't win.

I fukken love Who Dun It and Zombie Horde. Diabeetus of Retsupruae played this like all the time last summer.

>> No.570543

>that makes tf2 look good
Be careful, you're exuding waves of hipster

>> No.570572


Who dun can be decent in shoirt term, but boring during longer games. I guess it would be the best, if you had some friends to play it or if there were some random events to be done for innocents, so they would be able to do anything else than walking arround and waiting for the murd (or tking each otehr)

>> No.570587

I agree, WDI can get real boring real quick. The maps all start to be the same 'ugh, not this map', and the flaws inherent in the gameplay start to become more and more annoying

>> No.570606
File: 441 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130428_151920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I finished the Gargoyle monster I was working on yesterday. Dunno if anyone was really interested, but here's a file containing the monster if anyone wants to use it on a map.


Similar to the Imp in overall strength, basically fills the same role in flying form. Has slightly less health than the Imp (50 versus 60). Has a weaker projectile, but throws three of them in rapid succession. Will also rush its target sometimes to quickly get into melee range. (basically the Lost Soul attack, sans direct damage; it'll slightly follow its target, and stop the charge if the target leaves its LOS) Attacks much more rapidly as well. Good for shotgun target practice, or for massing up in large quantities.

>> No.570607

>having opinions on popular games makes you a hipster

>> No.570629

He probably means that someone will run over and start loudly arguing if tf2 is balanced, effectively derailing the thread. While I could do it, I'd much rather argue about tf2 in tf2 general on vg.

>> No.570641

Is there any reason to play the original DOOM release over Ultimate DOOM?

>> No.570645


>> No.570671

Why would you EVER want to go to TF2 general? They don't hardly discuss the game, just shitpost and talk about their favorite hats.

>> No.570673

Definitely not. The only difference is Episode 4. Why rid yourself of extra content?

>> No.570684
File: 7 KB, 64x64, SOLBA0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.570713

I like how this mod doesn't exactly replicate EyE, it's more of an actual doom version.
Keep goin on this shit. It's cool.

>> No.571021
File: 310 KB, 1920x1080, 2013-04-29_00002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.571047

tfw the cybie will almost always win unless you have your chaingun up his ass

>> No.571080
File: 428 KB, 1920x1080, 2013-04-30_00001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone remember this map?

>> No.571081

>help the spider mastermind so it wins the fight
>tfw it turns on you after it wins and you have to kill it
I just wanted to be friends...

>> No.571139

Nope. What is it?

>> No.571174


UV is a bitch

>> No.571459
File: 13 KB, 500x274, SamuelLJackson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks like a bitch.

>> No.571528

:: [BE] New York :: /vr/ gets messy
Brutal doom survival
pass: purist

Cmon lads, lets get messy

>> No.571568
File: 271 KB, 404x600, 1366686799572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.571625 [DELETED] 

>your position in line is: 1
>wait a few minutes
>finally get to play
>everyone's gone

>> No.571632

ProjectILE here. I'm here for an exceedingly short amount of time, but how should I tweak the arachnotrons, hell barons, or hellknight?

>> No.571651


That's not Samuel L. Jackson. It's obviously Steve Buscemi.

>> No.571654

yea z& crahsed. ill be back soon

>> No.571676 [DELETED] 

The brutal doom server exploded....

i dont know why....
sage for double post

>> No.571691

arachnotrons should have the vanilla plasma rifle speed as well as the vanilla plasma rifle damage

>> No.571970

bsd sperg pls go

>> No.571987

Another update for now, and the last!

Zombiemen now have a chance of spawning with armor, which means that normal bullets are less effective, while the shotgun slug is more effective. Also, they drop their armor, giving you 25% resist (as opposed to the 33 or 50% of the other armors).

Shotgunners have more chance of spawning with armor, and a small chance of spawning with...

A supershotgun.


>> No.572060

In case I haven't said it before. These threads make me insanely happy

>> No.572081


>> No.572105

I haven't got much attention in the Dark Forces thread so I'll post it here:


How do you guys feel about this? I think he nailed it, it's not about the better genre, it's about different experiences, for different people.

>> No.572108

HAHA, time to post historical content


This site contains the exclusive maps that were included in the XBox release of Doom (E1M10: Sewers and Map33: Betray). The zip file contains both bugged and fixed versions of said maps

Needless to say, both of them are meh

>> No.572169

Sure I will go and change those as well. I didn't really know what to do with 3 because I ran into that in ZDoom but when I used GZDoom it didn't happen. I'll flip it around.

I'll look for that odd door because I didn't catch it before.

>> No.572386


I think he had good points in his DF article, but after that I read his piece on Oblivion (I game I hated) and he still managed to make me mad as fuck.

>You might say that Oblivion, as a third sequel to a game from 1994, is lumbered with a half-assed piece of world-building from the bad old days of computer gaming, and indeed that's partly true. But it's no excuse to keep serving up this trash and not to reimagine the world from scratch. Only a handful of nerds could possibly care if they ditched it wholesale.

Sage for off-topic.

>> No.572423

Why aren't you calling it /vr/utal Doom?

>> No.572503
File: 7 KB, 300x120, YOUR+MOTHER+WHAT+_767bbda41cbab6117e38b42c908d70ca.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.572809

Yeah that too.

>> No.572820

Just sayin.

>> No.573318

You're not the only one crashing, for the record. I died and crashed, and so did the guy spectating me.

>> No.573332

Anyone knows a good wad to play with Brutal Doom?

>> No.573338

Can someone give me a link for quake2?

I really wanna fucking play q2 right now and i don't even know why

>> No.573343



>> No.573354



Yeah, that. And don't forget to mix it with Russian Overkill for better results

Shit's so cash

>> No.573356

Doom 1 was alright with it.

The thing about Brutal Doom is that it quickens the gameplay, but slows down the pace.

If that makes any sense.

>> No.573359

Anyone up for shotgun frenzy?
:: [BE] New York :: Shotgun /Vr/enzy!
password: vidya

>> No.573360


>> No.573365


Don't forget to add >>568714

>> No.573383

I'm not the server admin

>> No.573386

close, but i want the old graphics too

I swear, last year i downloaded the entire thing free

>> No.573387

i tried nuts

im not sure i can call that playing when i only get like 0.5 fps

>> No.573392

I don't know if you're the guy to bother about this, but someone should make civvies.

Easily scared people who can run fast. Usually armed with a double barrelled shotgun, because out of the entire Doom arsenal, that is what a civilian would most likely have. That or the shotgun, or pistol.

The civvies wouldn't make a huge difference combat wise. They scare and die easy. But they could be an interesting little element in there.

>> No.573402

Well, if I ever do the 'you're a demon in a marine-armed UAC base' wad like people were talking about, I will.

>> No.573407

I dunno about nuts, but holyhell.wad is literally unplayable with Brutal Doom.

>> No.573417

ooh, that sounds interesting.

Would you be able to use guns? Or are you just a fast-moving minotaur with unlimited fireballs?

>> No.573436

I assume you'd be a hell knight, eat people for souls/health, and then gain magical abilities with which to use the souls on. All of the weapons save the melee and the weak-fireball would cost either souls or health.

>> No.573441

Sounds like doom rampage edition.

>> No.573471


Get over it. I'm not too big of a fan of Samsara but I'm not in every fucking thread talking about how bad it is.

>> No.573479

Stop replying to old b8

>> No.573504

but guys Samsara is A ripoff of classic Rivalry all the hate is totally deserved for ripping off such quality moddery by such a fasCinating person such AS Master zygo our lord MUCH

>> No.573507

Community Chest 4
Epic 2

to name a few

>> No.573575

I fully suspect Samsara will become the next shitpost subject of choice, like how Brutal Doom was before it was put in the FAQ.

>> No.573592

So we need to put it in the FAQ

>> No.573594
File: 321 KB, 885x784, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

seconding Epic 2 and Lunatic. Both very interesting and enjoyable .wads

also here's a top-down view of my map: Hell's Circle [working title]

>> No.573601

>my maps never look that gorgeous

>> No.573615 [DELETED] 

"I noticed!" You say. "He can be a little impulsive with her changes, both to himself and to others."
"He always turns us back eventually, though." Robin said.
"And if you think a slab of hull steel is cool, wait until you see what I actually have in mind!"
"What is it?"
"It's a kinetic barrier! You should ask Omni."
"A.. a what?" She asked, and ran to Omni's dock, where he was topping off his energy cells. "Can I see this kinetic barrier thing?"
"Very well." Omnissiah said. You focused on the suit, and got to work.
"Woah, that's so cool!"

"Thanks for letting me watch!" Robin said, almost an hour later. You were at about 85% done with the suit. You'd need to spend another hour on the helmet, the rest of the plating, and wiring up the pistons, but all of the important circuits were done. Robin bamfed into smoke again, and you stretched, closing your eyes for a moment.
"Well, I think I'm going to go talk to summer." You tell Omni.
"Very well." He said again. "I'll change your plans for the shields."
"Alright." You say, and make your way into your room. There Summer was, laying down and watching a show on her personacom, giggling to herself about whatever was happening.
"Hey, Heather." She said, turning it off.

>> No.573636

Speaking of Samsara, are there any wads or maps that have enemies from multiple games?

Like demons from Doom and those slime guys from Chex quest and monsters from Hexen?

Or the LAPD from Duke Nukem 3D?
I must know.

>> No.573649

AEons of Death springs to mind but that's a clusterfuck of bad.

I dunno why but I honestly don't like monster randomizer mods which add monsters from several different 90s fps'.

>> No.573652

Probably wouldn't be too hard. Aren't Chex Quest enemies all just reskinned Doom enemies?

>> No.573656

yep, for the most part

>> No.573669

I fully suspect you are mad

>> No.573683


>> No.573702
File: 116 KB, 300x225, freedoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reskinned Doom enemies
You made me remember about Freedoom.
Doggamn you.

>> No.573715

Thanks again for posting that archive of the D!Zone and huge collection in general, got those wads working.

Never realized how useful that website could be.

Wonder if they got the duke map packs

>> No.573735

I've never actually played it.
Is it worth it whatsoever?

>> No.573746

Not really. the maps are meh and the sprites are pretty fucking bad.

>> No.573756


Most of the enemies look weird (they seem to be like screencaps of 3D models), the tunes are even more weird too, since they resemble the Doom 2 ones.

And fuck, that project is dead as hell, is it actually being developed?

>> No.573786

Moonbase Alpha/Dark side of the Moon bro:

Are you planning on going back and working more on moonbase alpha?

If you aren't, would you mind if I did?

>> No.573806

Recommend me good wads to play with Hard Doom.

>> No.573819


Hordes of Chaos is a favorite of mine.

>> No.573827


I'd say any vanilla pwad, it melds pretty well with any of them, slaughterwads might get even hairier though.

>> No.573830


>> No.573860


>> No.573870


Seems nice. Thx, might use it. Credit?

>> No.573875

Deus Vult.

>> No.573986

So I just stumbled upon this


LOADS of skyboxes. I picked up some pics and messed the fuck out of them in SLADE. Some of them turned out fine for Doom, some others went awful.

>> No.574023

It's just an IWAD for people who can't afford Doom; if you aren't disgusted by a view of cobra people, you can play every Doom 2 mod with it.

>> No.574040

>Active Worlds
Shit, is that game still alive? I'm actually interested since I might get into it.

>> No.574054

hosting deus vult with brutal doom

/vr Brutal doom with deus vult

password: vidya

>> No.574074

Hmm, now that's an idea I should take into consideration whenever I decide to work on the mod again...

>> No.574120

Is there anything that adds in Brutal Doom style s00per shiny particles/texture effects minus the gameplay changes?

>> No.574128


And this is what I would call jackpot


>> No.574129

Or you can just sail the seven seas and snatch the booty.

>> No.574141

You worked on whodunit originally? Or just modding a mod? I think the murd should have just a little more health. Someone figured out that since the murd takes more damage (despite his extra health) they could just run around pipe-whacking people until they accidentally beat the murd to death.

>> No.574168 [SPOILER] 
File: 290 KB, 480x480, tumblr_mlzmsqSVYH1r2to8go1_500[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>and snatch the booty.


>> No.574187

>I'm the guy who created the official versions past r236

I'll keep that in mind. The original author suggested at one point that all FF immunities be removed entirely so everyone takes the same damage. With the current 2 penalty system in place, griefing shouldn't be a serious concern if I did this.

>> No.574216

Why do people have to use such outdated versions of Zdoom for multiplayer clients? All I want is to make a server with Russian Overkill, and commit a cyber jihad by placing several Hindenburg II beacons.

>> No.574228

I'd go with that, along with giving the allies more incentive to travel around the maps instead of just hunkering down somewhere. Not sure how I'd do that though.

>> No.574250
File: 21 KB, 63x69, CacohatSpin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.574262

Hunger for food and drink? Slows and lowers the effectiveness of non-murd attacks when they're hungry?

>> No.574306

How do I set a password in RCON?
I knew how to do it, and I forgot.

>> No.574314

rcon sv_forcepassword 1
rcon sv_password ifaggotpass

>> No.574332

is there any doom mods out there of evil dead/army of darkness or anything similar?

>> No.574347

Something not necessary, but nice to have maybe. Incentive.

>> No.574350

There's an Army of Darkness TC

>> No.574354

There's an Army of Darkness TC but it's crap. You'd get a better AoD vibe from Shooting Monsters With Guns on Heretic maps.

>> No.574362

:: [BE] New York :: /vr/ goes Mega
Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch
Because why not.
Password: vidya

>> No.574382

I personally thought that Oblivion was the best of the entire series. Interesting quests, great gameplay, REPLAYABILITY, amazing graphics, and so many more things.

sage because late, offtopic fag

>> No.574445

Hunger for more stimpacks is enough to keep me rolling. I'm afraid to sit around when I only have one left.

>> No.574462

Give the player the ability to reanimate corpses into zombiemen and shotgun zombies.

>> No.574490

Are there any WADs that take you, INTO THE COMPUTER!!!

Fighting program icons, windows, viruses, spam, things like that?

If not, who's dick do I have to suck to create such a masterpiece?

>> No.574504

Mandrill Ass Project has several computer-themed maps, but you just fight demons in them. Still a really fun WAD.

>> No.574560

Can I play heavily modded Doom with my crappy computer and on board graphics (serious question).

>> No.574585

Depends how heavy you mean by "Heavily"

>> No.574605
File: 20 KB, 282x216, your prize.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not exactly what I wanted, but
>pic related

>> No.574615


Some mods will work and others wont. On an old computer with really bad integrated that I have, it choked hard with slideshow framerates trying to run Real Guns Advanced. Not even sure I wnat to try running OpenGL on that machine, it would probably explode.

>> No.574630

i thought he was smoking a boot for a minute there

>> No.574635

he is

>> No.574691

I'd do that except then it would be far too much like "The Ship" which I'd prefer to avoid. I'll talk it over with a few people and see if we can come up with something. In the end, though, camping might just end up being a legitimate tactic...

>> No.574692

New changes incoming! Hellknights and hellbarons will eventually go berserk when they take enough health! The former start slinging fire, while the latter charge in and attack ruthlessly!
Imps will run away when hurt!
And finally... hehehehe.
Archvile flames will heal demons.

>> No.574723

Do they heal themselves

>> No.574738

The flames don't bounce off walls, so no.
But... if there were two of them...

>> No.574739

That's kinda what I was getting at. I don't think camping shouldn't be a viable option, but I feel there should be some reason to move about. Otherwise what's the point in even having these large mansions to roam around in?

>> No.574753

yeah nah you're a shit cunt

>> No.574831

no u

>> No.574904

As an aside to this good discussion, I'd like to suggest that the M1 carbine not be so jam crazy. It can jam, but maybe put some algorithm on it (I have no idea how to mod doom, so ignore this if its not possible) so that if it jams, it won't jam for another X firing attempts.

More in line with the conversation, I don't think camping is that bad of a tactic because the bertholite makes sure it can only happen so often.

In fact, bertholite is a great gameplay mechanic, if you look at it. It doesn't work that great when you have fewer people, because one use of bertholite is only likely to get you maybe one kill, if that. The more people there are to stuff up rooms and corridors, the better the gas gets.

>> No.574964
File: 18 KB, 504x426, 345652576342.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.575037

The M1 should have should have been like this from the start. But I was struggling with Zandronum bugs just to get the jamming working properly in the first place. Some kind of minimum shots before jamming would be nice, and implementing it would be easy enough now that I know how to circumvent said bugs.

>> No.575073

If it helps, and I'm not sure if zandronum has it, but there's a A_CheckForReload action code for weapons.

>> No.575113

Reelism is a massive clusterfuck of stuff from different games, in a good way.

>> No.575159

Thanks. I just couldn't resist that suggestion because the M1 can jam continuously shot after shot, which makes it pretty useless at times.

>> No.575204


I think the best way to describe it is like someone took aeons of death and smashed it together with smash TV

>> No.575223

how do i fight agitating skeletons from a distance?

>> No.575230



>> No.575252

Rockets and sprinting until you find cover to force the heat seekers into.

>> No.575324

Those fucking heat seeking hackrockets agitate me so much especially in Shotgun Frenzy

>> No.575545
File: 36 KB, 166x128, 1366424422656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well they're not called the "agitating skeletons" for nothing.

>> No.575551

How do you change the frag limit with RCON?

>> No.575597


Try Particle Fire Enhancer v.0.8 or Doom Expanded.

PFE is nicer visually in my opinion but it changes a lot of sounds and much to my dismay I can't figure out how to change them

>> No.575612


fraglimit X

>> No.575649
File: 359 KB, 1152x720, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_191742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alrighty! The archvile healing is a lot harder to get down than I thought, so instead, it just doesn't hurt any monsters with hellfire.

However, Hellbarons and Hellknights get Angry when they're hurt! They each have their own effect, and they're both terrifying in brand new ways.

Also, there's a new type of chaingunner out there- the plasma chaingunner, who always drops a small energy cell, and may drop a few goodies!

And finally, the arachnotron fires the plasma rifle's new altfire. Because it can.


Well, guys... This seems like this is it. Everything (save the fists) has an altfire, all of the monsters have been tweaked, some monsters are weaker to bullets, others weaker to plasma/BFGs...

I think this might be it for ProjectILE, for now, but at the very least, I should ask.

If you could change any one monster, how would you change them? What would you do?

>> No.575698

It doesn't seem to be working.

>> No.575725

Archviles revive everything into Revenants

>> No.575749
File: 79 KB, 1135x883, skeletons-without-cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


this should come in handy

>> No.575774

But a projectile can't even touch the thing that spawned it. Why do you think you can run through your own rockets and plasma without being killed?

>> No.575787



I do this all the time

>> No.575841

Try it. Projectiles can't hit their shooters. They go right through the revenant and into your face.

>> No.575849


You could run them into a different Revenant and it'll work, but not the Revenant that fired the rocket. By virtue of the way Doom works, projectiles will never come in contact with the monster that spawned it.

Part of the reason why it was a bitch for me to get the Vore's projectiles to blow up on themselves, since it required a goofy work-around for the projectile to simply detect when it was within the radius of the monster that spawned it, then cause an area of explosive damage to simulate the effect.

>> No.575884

I've never seen this in vanilla or any port ever.

>> No.575891
File: 1.72 MB, 350x266, 1356594239383.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well fuck now I just feel silly. How haven't I noticed this all of these years?

>> No.575909

Its much easier to notice with plasma balls.

Otherwise you'd kill yourself on them all the time.

>> No.575917

Hell, for extra shits and giggles, you can out-run your own rockets by straferunning, and you'll run right through your own rocket when you catch up to it. 'Course, if you run into the same wall as the rocket does, the situation changes quite quickly...

>> No.575959


Well sure, I've outrun my own rockets and plasma balls all the time. I just figured that only applied to the player, not all entities.

>> No.575964

It's not common that you manage to get a homing projectile to go right through the same revenant that fired it.

In any case, here's video proof of it in GZDoom. It happens in PRBoom+ as well, but I couldn't be assed to record that. You'll just have to take my word for it. Or try it and see for yourself.


>> No.575996

>RoTT-like movebob
how do?

>> No.576015

Eh? It's the same movement as standard Doom, I just turned it down to 0.01 from the default 0.25.

>> No.576020

Yeah, how?

>> No.576021

What? But I've done it several times

>> No.576029


Just a guess, movebob 0.01 in console?

>> No.576037

movebob 0.01 in the console.

I dunno what to tell you, man. It just doesn't happen in GZDoom or PRBoom. Maybe it did in vanilla, but I doubt that a port as dedicated to preserving the vanilla feel as PRBoom would leave that out.

>> No.576038


movebob 0.01

>> No.576042



>> No.576051

> I doubt that a port as dedicated to preserving the vanilla feel as PRBoom would leave that out
PRBoom is demo-compatible, so it couldn't possibly leave it out.

>> No.576062

Must've been an inaccurate port then. It certainly doesn't happen in vanilla, nor in PrBoom nor Zdoom.

>> No.576065

Passing through, or hitting?

I'm pretty sure I've got them to hit in Doom95

>> No.576102

Doomwiki doesn't mention it. Then again, it also doesn't mention the TV static spectres.

>> No.576120

Projectiles pass through their shooters in vanilla Doom. Hence why you see that behavior replicated in PrBoom & ZDoom.

>> No.576146


Could the wad version possibly have something to do with it????
God damn it, I'm going insane.

>> No.576216

Nope. There's a check in the game engine to see if the projectile's owner and the other object are the same. However, in theory, if you saved the game and then loaded it, you could get this effect. Projectile owner and monster target information isn't stored in the save files.

>> No.576703
File: 169 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_004458.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey there Doom thread, you seem kinda dead. Here, have some screenshots from my map to put some life back in ya.

>> No.576707
File: 74 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_004519.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Granted, dark sections aren't terribly photogenic, but it's somethin'.

>> No.576710
File: 121 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_004608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.576714
File: 139 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_004700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.576718
File: 296 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_004319.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And that's it for now.

>> No.576763


tv static spectres are the original spectres though

>> No.576863

No, Doom95 managed to fuck up how spectres looked, hilariously making them easier to spot than normal demons.


>> No.577009

I've never had that issue in Doom95. Might be a compatibility issue if you're running XP or some shit.

>> No.577018

It's been 24 whole hours! Where's the Blake Stone server?

>> No.577087
File: 277 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_231014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any idea what's going on here? The floor texture is supposed to be the skybox, but underneath that it renders the texture of a nearby floor... What gives?

>> No.577095

There isn't one, nor will there be.
We're not your hosting service.

>> No.577103
File: 858 KB, 1024x768, dewm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to do Doom64 style wall shading without making a bunch of custom textures or doing the sector brightness trick?

I've got a feeling the answer is no.

>> No.577132
File: 491 KB, 1680x1050, 1367192478166231423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dame told me the murderer was in the UAC labs. Damn shame she didn't tell me there were demons there.

>> No.577159


Huh. I played Doom95 and never saw a spectre like that.

Was it a glitch, or only in some versions?

>> No.577205

Easy, tiger. I suggested it in the Wolf3d server last night and there was a lot of interest and a couple "I'll see about hosting one later"s.

>> No.577228

Hmm... You could make a single gradient black to transparent texture, and then overlay it using a 3D sector? It would be dumb and a waste of time to use it for anything but levels with extremely tall/varying texture lengths, though. What you said is probably the least amount of work required.

>> No.577304
File: 409 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_235948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess what? When I said I was done with ProjectILE for now, I lied!

Imps are now even more of assholes. When hurt, they actually retreat, throwing out as many illusions as they can as they do so! They have only a 1 in 32 chance every few ticks to stop being cowards, or a 1 in 8 chance to spawn a new illusion! The newer illusions are worse quality, though, and are much more obvious than the 'normal' illusions.

Guess which one *isn't* an illusion!?
It's the one running away.

>> No.577391
File: 550 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot_Hexen_20130430_023130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've implemented a better solution to necromancy that takes a bit more effort but allows me to change enemy behavior and stats as well. Any suggestions? Should your spectral companions be weaker than their corporeal brethren?

Also, interestingly enough, in a 1v1 manmode fight the centaur almost lost to a fucking ettin. What the hell? I really thought they were stronger than that.

>> No.577395

Is there a maximum number of fake imps a imp can create?

>> No.577408

Also, what's Doomguy's field of vision?
I need to know this. For... Reasons.

Reasons involving spectres.

Not really, no, but they'll likely lose their Frightened tag before they make a ridiculous amount, and the moment you kill the master, the rest die. Not to mention, the weak illusions have only one health and die to any attack.

>> No.577416

90 degrees is default.

>> No.577467

Very low/no mana cost = weaker
full mana cost (alt fire, perhaps) = same
amped up (like, heretic scroll power thingy) = double power/speed?

>> No.577474

That's a good idea, but I don't think I can do it using inventory items. It'd be possible if the spell was a weapon and not a pickup.

>> No.577487

I love the idea (I'm biased, 'cuz it's mine), but that could lead to item-inflation like mad, which leads to clunktastic play, so... Hm.

>> No.577504

Also, on an unrelated note, going through the various enemies I have seen 3 ettins fight and gang bang every enemy in the game except for an Afrit. Ettins 2 strong, stunlock forever, pls nerf

>> No.577531

If anyone is interested in playing some fun fucking FPS/RTS hybrid shit where you can play as the Doomguy, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Chex, etc. join us on the Lithium Gaming Zdoom Wars Server. We also have custom factions like Nazi (wolfenstein hybrid), Realm, Tormentor, etc. It's fun shit!

>> No.577543
File: 5 KB, 93x121, adventure ho.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I really hope you see this post - there is a monster mixer wad that adds random enemies from the various games. Check out the Samsara addon wads - https://github.com/SamsaraDevs/samsaraJunk/wiki/Addons

>> No.577592

I probably haven't tested it as much as I should have, but I'm done fucking with it, yay!
This was a doozie. Spectres now teleport away into another dimension or whatever, and reappear sometime/place later! Usually behind corners, or when your back is turned away from them.

>> No.577758

Latest /pol/ wad that I know of.. because reasons:

>> No.577782
File: 318 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_041605.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.577804

u wot

>> No.577820
File: 69 KB, 520x400, uwom8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.577826

Server is up, i'll know if you are in.

/vr/ studies other cultures


>> No.577827
File: 314 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_052628.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One more for posterity!

>> No.577838

>Hexen lever texture
You dirty fucking race... I mean game mixer.

>> No.577870
File: 3 KB, 164x292, POL2A1 resized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dirty fucking race...

You wasn't gonna say sum'n racis', was ya?

>> No.577881

I would ni... Never. I would never.

>> No.577882

>anon got culturally enriched

>> No.577890 [DELETED] 
File: 59 KB, 642x322, switches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a castle map, so Hexen/Heretic textures work nicely... Hell, I'm even using some monsters that are alterations of Heretic ones. I blame Mordeth for making those giant Serpent demons click as Doom monsters in my head.

That said, I am using that chain switch quite a bit in my map. So pick a switch, any switch.

>> No.577894

Gotta be the skull switch, or the red diamond switch.

>> No.577896

Choose the one that's one down, and four from the left. The square with the curved corners.

>> No.577897
File: 59 KB, 642x322, switches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a castle map, so Hexen/Heretic textures work nicely... Hell, I'm even using some monsters that are alterations of Heretic ones. I blame Mordeth for making those giant Serpent demons click as Doom monsters in my head.

That said, I am using that chain switch quite a bit in my map. So pick a switch, any switch.

>> No.577907
File: 236 KB, 1409x656, red diamond.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red diamond it is.

>> No.577989
File: 24 KB, 352x220, Shatgan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gotta watch'em all

>> No.577990
File: 608 KB, 1440x900, Screenshot_Hexen_20130430_050529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we 2hu now

I need an idea for the 9th spell, to round out the currently 3 spells for each class.

Right now this is how it is
Fire: Vile Flame (Small flame that explodes into many additional, seeking flames)
Ice: Magic Missile (Because Baratus is too much of a fucking retard to know any better spells)
Dark: ???
Fire: Fireball (Is delayed, then speeds up immensely. Explodes.)
Ice: Seekers (Think "Cerebral Bore")
Dark: Necromancy (Can only resurrect enemies that leave behind remains, and doesn't work on bosses)
Fire: Fire Trail (Creates a long line of fire that burns enemies for damage over time)
Ice: Ice Wall (Creates 3 destroyable ice pillars that block enemies and fire magic missiles at nearby foes)
Dark: Black Sword (Fires off a slow moving ball that pierces through enemies and also discharges smaller balls that do not pierce, what you see here.)

>> No.578036

Baratus should have defensive/offensive weapon/armor/shield enchants he can cycle. Maybe a spell reflect from a shield? (think Hexercise's shield parry, but for spells).

More of an aura, of sorts? And then yeah, a shitty magic-missile equivalent or something.

Daedolon needs to feel like a master fucking magus, a scary ass magic nigga. Like, absorb enemy projectiles, store and redirect them, force manipulation, mana leech/steal, some shit. Lazer beamz!!!!!

Parias... Some kind of Divine Intervention time freeze? Love the Metal Cleric necromancy shit, elemental magic doesn't seem "right" for him, but I know you're working within the limits of the engine and the time you can devote to it.

>> No.578052

Some buff, I'd call it "Dark warrior" or something. It'd make him spawn some black, smoke-like particles and greatly increase his aatac and speed for a period of time. Something berserk-like.

>> No.578063

That's a good idea, weapon enchants... His third spell could give you powered up weapons while draining your mana until it's all gone. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I'm going to bed today, and tomorrow I will return with a playable version so you guys can try out the few spells that are in-game. In the future I'd like to make this a general Hexen combat improvement mod, but for now I'd just like to get each class maybe 5 different consumable spells, one for each element. (the remainder being Light and Earth, if the FX in the game will allow it.)

>> No.578070
File: 439 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_195129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.578224

Projectiles always pass through the actor that fired them. This is so they don't explode in the actor the moment it's fired. This is standard behaviour.

>> No.578395

I think you're mixing up posts. That was my point.

>> No.578431

I would post screenshots of my map but at the moment my internet is utter shit and 4chan always cuts out after about 15% of uploading the photo.

>> No.578552


Use puu.sh

Or alternatively, cut down the resolution.

>> No.578627
File: 1.06 MB, 960x540, Screenshot_Doom_20130429_203807.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't think of resizing the image, hurrrrrrrrrr

>> No.578675

or apparently of just using a jpg, either.

>> No.578681

Holy shit, that looks nice!

>> No.578705

Do Archvile flames heal demons if the archvile is trying to kill said demon?


>> No.578836

Are you developing custom spells? Aw, and I'm almost through with Hexen.

>> No.578856

They shouldn't. But I couldn't be arsed to pull off the healing, so all they do is that the flames don't do *anything* to the monsters. I should probably make sure the vile doesn't even target them.

>> No.578889

Yeah, that's what I thought. An archvile was trying to kill a Baron, and nothing was happening.

>> No.578959

Alright I've fixed it so that archviles never change who they're targeting at (you), and tweaked their fire a little.

>> No.578967

>Play through Inferno with Brutal Doom, on Black Metal difficulty
>do fine up until Unholy Cathedral, which is a bit annoying, but beatable
>get to Mt. Erebus
>die fifty times
I mean I never liked Erebus to begin with, but fucking christ.

>> No.578992

The teleport sprite seems to always render halfway into the ground. Is that intentional?

>> No.578998
File: 42 KB, 1021x256, alien.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mind if I post this, guys?


I messed around with some pics yesterday and this is what I got. Some of them need just a little tweak to look decent, others need some cropping here and there, but it's up to you to make the necessary adjustments in order to make them look as good as you want.

Pic related is the one I liked the most.

>> No.579001


Have fun with thy flesh consumed if you have it.

>> No.579023

I'm not even bothering with it.

>> No.579038

/vg/ style threads are what kills any basic form of discussion and turns it into neogaf shit. You cunts killed STALKER threads, and now you've taken doom, I hope you're happy.

>> No.579057

Some of these look amazing, where did you get them?

>> No.579060

what the actual fuck are you talking about?

>> No.579065
File: 18 KB, 350x300, cacodemon computer.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>giving him attention
Don't even.

>> No.579076

Anyone working on any maps :3~?

I'm making my first map ever, I've taken the
almost easy route of deathmatch
because the only thing you can fuck up is weapon
placement, I'm not as brave as the /pol/ guy, sadly.

Does anyone remember that short dm map challenge
some anon posted? I'd like to start collecting
/vg/ deathmatch maps to compile in a wad so
we can all have some fun.

Useful stuff man, I love it.

>> No.579080


From the links I posted before in this very thread. Some others are from deviantArt and the like

>> No.579090

>Anyone working on any maps :3~?
I've been thinking of doing something for ProjectILE, but I've never really made a map before so I doubt starting with that would be a good idea.

Ah, I must need to lurk more.

>> No.579093

I'm working on a map, it's pretty much 99% marble & metal. I love working with those two types of texture groups.

Unfortunately I can't post any screens due to huge screenshots and shitty internet.

>> No.579101

No, not quite. I just got too lazy to mess with it any more. I'll mess with it and get it working.

>> No.579273

Alrighty! Spectres have been modified! Now they're much less useless, and actively stalk you while incorpreal/invisible. Also, the teleport sprite doesn't render into the ground or anything.

>> No.579303

If there's a project to tweak Doom enemies, what do you think about something that makes Chex Quest 3 enemies harder?

>> No.579323

Hate to be a scrub but is there any way to make three dimensional floors also slant?

>> No.579324

Samsara does that.

Lord Snotfolus is fucking horrifying.

>> No.579334


The tops of the marble columns where the player should be walking make no sense since the sides make it appear as if the top is one solid piece but the top texture doesn't agree

>> No.579341

Oh my god don't you even fucking think about criticizing my map you little shit.

Nah, I'm just kidding, no need to spoiler criticisms! Now that I think about it, it does look rather odd, doesn't it?

>> No.579362


If you want to keep the solid pieces below the ones on top I would just go create a custom edit real quick.

Also I think it would look cool if you made the metal beam as wide and tall as the tile on the top texture, and then replaced the tile closest to the beam with a metal texture so it looks like you can see how the beam is set into the marble.

>> No.579836
File: 283 KB, 1001x1001, 744808main_pia14944-full_full[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, after watching pic related I felt like hosting this thing

Name: /vr/ goes Back to Saturn X
Pass: autisticspiral

>> No.579882

I've never fought flemoids in Samsara

>> No.580017

There's a samsara mixer mod or something that, well, mixes up the monsters with equivalents from other games, as you could probably expect.

>> No.580023
File: 270 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Chex_20130430_142357.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're pretty easy for the most part

I only played the first few levels though, they might be tougher later on

>> No.580034

They do, in the later levels they introduce these two legged tall flemoids that run a lot faster than a regular demon. Seem to be a bit tougher too.

>> No.580052

What do you all think about a /vr/ Doom Center server?

>> No.580140

That sounds clanfaggy

>> No.580150

The stridicus were already like that though.

>> No.580158


I just dawned on me, I didn't play it back then, Chex dude is the biggest badass in entire Doom engine game. Why?

He scrapes off his enemies off his foot inbetween mission. AND EATS THEM WITH A SPOON DURING MISSIONS.

>> No.580464

Finished EP1 of Chex Quest as BJ in samsara, it was pretty easy. 2 shots kills easier enemies even on UV, and I got through it within about a half hour.

>> No.580483 [DELETED] 

Does anyone know the password for "/vr/ Goes back to Saturn X"? I've been trying to get into it all day.

>> No.580491

Literally scroll up a bit.

>> No.580532 [DELETED] 
File: 1.64 MB, 2732x3072, preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Anyone working on any maps :3~?

Late response, but I just woke up. Refreshed and ready to get back to work on my project.

>Does anyone remember that short dm map challenge
some anon posted? I'd like to start collecting
/vg/ deathmatch maps to compile in a wad so
we can all have some fun.

I don't think anything came of that short DM challenge, though I do recall an anon posted a DM level some time ago. No idea if it's in the /vr/ map list though.

>I've been thinking of doing something for ProjectILE, but I've never really made a map before so I doubt starting with that would be a good idea.

The fun of Doom mapping is how easy it is to get into, and how just about everything has been documented so that it's easy to figure out how to do what. Just dive into it and see where you get.

>> No.580573

Head to E3M5.
Fight Lord Snotfolus.

Biggest motherfucker around.

>> No.580590
File: 1.64 MB, 2732x3072, preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Apparently I suck at quoting posts today...

>Anyone working on any maps :3~?

Late response, but I just woke up. Refreshed and ready to get back to work on my project.

>Does anyone remember that short dm map challenge
some anon posted? I'd like to start collecting
/vg/ deathmatch maps to compile in a wad so
we can all have some fun.

I don't think anything came of that short DM challenge, though I do recall an anon posted a DM level some time ago. No idea if it's in the /vr/ map list though.

>I've been thinking of doing something for ProjectILE, but I've never really made a map before so I doubt starting with that would be a good idea.

The fun of Doom mapping is how easy it is to get into, and how just about everything has been documented so that it's easy to figure out how to do what. Just dive into it and see where you get.

>> No.580678
File: 253 KB, 640x480, enginegl 2013-01-08 17-31-06-42.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y'know, the Half-Life Alpha was leaked a few months ago, it still has a Multiplayer co-op function built into it. I've seen videos of it in action.

If anyone here knows how to set up a Quakeworld server, we could all play co-op on it just like with Doom!

>> No.580779

I don't mind if you want to make maps for ProjectILE. I never actually intended to make it anything more than a gameplay mod, but if you want to add in some more maps, go ahead.

>> No.580892

Is anyone good at making techbase maps? Because I'm fucking awful. I can't ever seem to find decent textures and I can't seem to get realistic layouts to work.

>> No.580905
File: 19 KB, 290x705, Allow me to introduce myself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright so I'm terrible at geometry and need help. How would I go about making a perfect pentagon that doesn't exceed 1024 vertexes or whatever in width?

>> No.580992

use circle tool, set vertices to 5

>> No.581040


I remember reading about speedmapping contests in DW, and one of them was to build a tech base


Try to take some inspiration from this one

>> No.581267

I got to E2M5 and died to the two Bruiser Brother Flemoids in the sewers, fucking assholes

>> No.581276

Jesus some of those maps were fucking bad. One was just a slanted square room with 3 imps. How the fuck is that techbase?

Then again, there were some great looking maps. Thanks for that!

>> No.581317


I know! Some of those speedmapping contest were atrocius.

I remember playing one which theme was that id software did everything for Doom 2 except MAP30, and you had X amount of time to make it; as expected, some of them were impressive, but some others were cringe-worthy.

Here's all of them

>> No.581358

I played about 17 of those levels. Each one was complete shit. I know they were made in an hour and 40 minutes, but they're terrible.

>> No.581362

They're not as bad as my map.

>> No.581374

Shame the download links don't work

>> No.581384

/r/ing the screencap of the guy who wrote about how badass Doomguy is

>> No.581390


You can try googling the filenames of the WADS included in the readmes and looking for "Doomworld Speedmapping Compilation" in the /idgames archive

>> No.581393

BRB. Gonna make a map in 100 minutes...

>> No.581401

Thanks, I'll give them a go

Don't suppose you remember the ones worth playing?

>> No.581412


Ehhh...I'd recommend you to play the factory, MAP30 and the flooded city ones, but be careful since they're SPEEDMAPPING contest, the quality may vary

>> No.581420
File: 66 KB, 1109x355, Screenshot - 04302013 - 07:04:16 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.581445

the point of this is?

>> No.581565

Okay, so do you think this is a good length for the maze, or should it be longer?
Maybe have more random shit in it?

>> No.581568

It's perfect.

>> No.581570

forgot the link

>> No.581617

New to the general, how do you guys feel about Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch?

>> No.581628

i think its boring

>> No.581634

Some people are apparently sick of it, because it used to be one of the only things people played.
But, seeing as how Samsara and WDI are wearing thin on some people, we've decided to try something different each day.

It really depends on the map

>> No.581693
File: 1.17 MB, 953x953, DOOMVO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.581701
File: 43 KB, 180x168, wDrne.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>saxton hale all day erry day
I just want a regular ass deathmatch for once...

>> No.581702

I think it is amazing, played about an hour on it yesterday. Although, that may be because it was my first ever experience with the WAD, or the game. By the way, I tried out Megaman 2 and Megaman XI for the first time, not too shabby, but the shit is horrible on a touch screen phone.

>> No.581708

We do that occasionally.
We've been mixing it up alot recently.

>> No.581718

we have a vanilla dm server running permanently

>> No.581720

Do we still like OBLIGE?

>> No.581727

>Do we still like OBLIGE?
that implies that we liked it in the first place

>> No.581734

Did the shotgun server just die?

>> No.581736

I love it, but admittedly part of that is bias; I mean this is a marriage of Mega Man and Doom, both of which I love.

>> No.581750

Nevermind, just my shitty internet.

>> No.581828

Well, I like it. The feel of creating a full megawad in less than a minute makes me feel empowering. Sure the levels are pretty shit, but it makes you realize how far technology has come. Its also interesting to see what tricky shit that autobuilding fucker has up its sleeve, and hilarious to see some of the mistakes it makes. 10/10 portable software.

>> No.581862

>Sure the levels are pretty shit

You just never got a good seed.

>> No.581883


If we were bound to love a certain level generator, that would be ObHack, or maybe OBLIGE 3.57 (Because 4.28 is BIG ASS ROOMS generator)

But still, they still have plenty of room to improve their stuff

>> No.581945

Link seems to be dead.

>> No.582027
File: 58 KB, 960x720, eOmvb8J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright... Done enough. With 3 minutes to spare...


>> No.582082

Just finished this.
Pretty good, though it's pretty short and easy. Nice detailing and such, very good for 100 minutes.

>> No.582086


>> No.582098

Yeah, I considered taking out the health... I'm thinking I will. I still have 3 minutes after all...

>> No.582117

The deed is done...

>> No.582239


New download. In case anyone was curious. Erased some and threw in some more shit. Outta time though. No more changes.

>> No.582243

Well... Same download really. Since I replaced it... WHATEVER. Sage for doublepost

>> No.582297

Very nice

>> No.582401

RIP IRC, invaded by zandronerds.

It's over.

>> No.582420

If people are being shit-stirring faggots, kick their asses out.

>> No.582430

ok. Speed of Doom map 32. How the fuck do I get the invuln sphere? I just get wasted by the Arch Viles every tiem.

>> No.582492

Holy shit, those afrits.

Dear god.

>> No.582503

Whats everyones favourite megawad?

Me, probably Scythe 2. The episode system makes it all the more fun, IMO.

>> No.582515

there's an irc?

>> No.582529

Yep, read the OP:

>We have an IRC channel too
>irc.zandronum.com #vr
>password: vrtroopers

>> No.582557

make the alt fire for the fist an uppercut that takes a while to charge up but when you unleash it, it gibs the enemy and sends them flying

>> No.582565

what's ProjectLE? and what does it do?

>> No.582572

So random question, is there much of a difference at all between Zandronum and GZDoom? I've been playing a lot of Brutal Doom with GZDoom, but I read on some forums from the creator of the mod that it runs better with Zandronum, so I was thinking of switching over.

>> No.582583

GZDoom is better in general, it's newer, and more advanced, Zandronum is really only needed for multiplayer

>> No.582601

Zandronum has multiplayer. Use this if you want to play online.
GZDoom has more functions. Use this if you want more modding power.

>> No.582640

Trying to join irc through mibbit, can't seem to find the channel though.

>> No.582648

"I hate gravity. It's always keeping me down."

-Zharkov, 2007

>> No.582652

/join #vr vrtroopers

>> No.582656

Its basically a project to make Doom more difficult in a bunch of sinister and wacky ways.

Also, I noticed after his last mediafire upload, he said he created more updates? Is there a new link, or same one?

>> No.582670

That is an excellent wad. Great music all around, and each episode is distinct and memorable. I personally love the Egypt one.

And to answer the question, it'd be Scythe 1. It was the first megawad that really pulled me in, and I just loved how fast paced each level was.

The only thing I hate is the map "Run From It".

Fuck that map, I've only ever beaten it on UV once, and can't replicate that moment again.

>> No.582671

Why in the hell am I getting "incorrect channel key"?

>> No.582676

Try this

>> No.582698 [DELETED] 

Doesn't work for me.

>> No.582707


Try removing the hashtag

>join vr vrtroopers

>> No.582710

You're mispelling the key (vrtroopers). or the channel name (#vr) Retype it.

>> No.582712

Truly a man of wisdom.

>> No.582719

I was trying it on mibbit. It doesn't work there.

It works in the Zandro client, though.

>> No.582724

I love the 3rd episode of Scythe 1. But for some reason, I enjoyed 2's earlier episodes more than 1's.

>> No.582728
File: 8 KB, 710x189, 2013-04-30 21_43_15-BaronDeath - Paint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope I'm doing this right...

>> No.582734

Ah okay. Apparently there's something about the AI in brutal doom that doesn't work quite right in GZDoom, but whatever, I never touch multiplayer.

>> No.582774

Project ILE is a (G)Zdoom based mod that started up when someone suggested that someone made a mod that removed hitscan attacks, replacing them with projectile-based ones. So I decided to learn DECORATE and do it myself. Then I made an archvile flamethrower for the hell of it. And then made mancubi stronger... and I basically got entirely carried away, and I pretty much take any suggestions that sound good, provided I don't have to make or find any new resources.

And yes, it's usually the same link.

Yeah, I'll see if I can get that to work

>> No.582801

"Hullo thur."

-Sir Hell Junior

>> No.582803

Looks great.
What wad will this be for, Doomtra?

>> No.582815


Zharkov is such a great wad. Someone ought to host a server with it.

>> No.582824


Yeah, but most of the stuff you may see is just for an addon for Doomtra actually, I do this just for fun and not expecting it to be in the main mod (being honest, most of my content looks like crap, heh)

I'm planning on releasing the next update in a couple of hours actually

>> No.582849
File: 5 KB, 215x385, HLGDA1 resized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright Doom thread dudes, give it to me straight: Does this look stupid, or is it actually any good?

In my quest to have new monsters that don't look like direct copies of existing Doom monsters, I got the idea to fusion-ha the Hell Warrior and the Cyberbruiser into a new sprite to distance their obvious ties to the Hell Knight/BoH. The result so far is this. I'll be coming up with my own behavior for the monster when the sprites are done, but before I go doing a ton of work I wanna know if this looks good or if it's just laughable.

>> No.582851

What is Zharkov about? Let me guess, another wad glorifying Russians?

If that is crap, then anything I have ever made is shit-a-la mode served with a tall glass of piping hot highlighter yellow piss.

>> No.582859

You might want to make the shield more futuristic or something.

>> No.582861

That looks stupid.

>> No.582873

Nope. It's just crazy. And only 1 weapon kills you all the time.

>> No.582884

It's not really that it looks stupid or bad, but it's a bit too -weird-, like
why is he holding a shield?
why is a robot growing hair what???
why is it wearing a loincloth even though its a robot ??????

>> No.582887

It depends what feel you are going for, and how the others will look. If you are expecting players to experience anxiety attacks from seeing that mammoth rapist charging at you, look no further.

Will the shield be used to deflect attacks and/or negate damage? If so, fuck fighting it if its supposed to be a Cyberbruiser! That may be a lengthy battle!

>> No.582894


>Cyber Hell Warrior





But seriously, that thing would be unstoppable. Taking into account the power-level of both fuckers (Cybruiser and Hell Warrior) that thing would tear apart any level from Sunder with the fingernail

Go fucking for it, champ. That thing would be worthy of a final boss fight

>> No.582916
File: 7 KB, 228x221, Do ya punk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok guys, I set-up a QuickShot CTF server on Velocity.
>What's that mean?
You look like cowboys, use revolvers, and try to take other people's shwag in some well designed levels.

Hostname: /vr/ Cowboy CTF
Password: vidya

>> No.582927

That's out of my capabilities. Most I can do is shove sprites together and swap palettes, and do minor touch-ups on top of that. Crafting entire sprites is beyond my skills.

One for the stupid camp...

The shield is to deflect damage after entering the pain state (will happen about 50% of the time), as well as launch an alternate attack.

He's growing hair because he's uh, a lion-demon. I'd think that he already had the hair when he got turned into a cyborg.

He's not wearing a loincloth? I'd wager it just looks like that 'cause of the sprite. Might need to touch up his nether regions then.

Bear in mind his attack will resemble neither the Cyberbruiser nor the Hell Warrior. He'll launch a much weaker projectile from his launcher that'll cause some splash, but not nearly as much as a rocket launcher. His shield will fire a volley of weaker projectiles that have very light homing capabilities. Overall I'm going for something roughly between a Hell Knight and Revenant in strength, just with some new tricks.

If I can pull it off with decorate code and make a convincing sprite edit, I might also give him a shield-check melee that doesn't do much damage but pushes the player back, and have him follow it up with an immediate projectile attack if he successfully creates distance between himself and the target.

>> No.582936
File: 11 KB, 679x159, 3645486597684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.582951

Gracias. I'm working on a much better wad too... I think I'm going to make a custom boss for it, which should be interesting since I've never done any scripting for doom what-so-ever.

Captcha: necromantic gethitem - might be his name...

>> No.582954

It's over. Doom64 is over. Hexen got a 6/5 by darkPL.

>> No.582959

Feels more like it would fit with heretic than doom in my opinion. Or strife. Art wise anyway. It looks cool, but not really doom-y in my opinion.

>> No.582990

>grab flag

>lag out

Frontier Internet, ladies and gents.

>> No.583009
File: 5 KB, 210x420, DKNTA1 resized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even so, I still feel it's more Doom-y than the monster I'm currently using in my map, which is basically and edit of a Heretic monster. (Pic related; it's what the new monster would replace) Which I personally like, since it's got a very unique feel compared to Doom monsters... Except for, you know, feeling entirely out of place when standing next to said Doom monsters. At least the monster I'm working on fills in that sort of cyborg monstrosities theme of a chunk of the Doom bestiary.

But even so, as I said earlier, I don't wanna dedicate hours and hours of work to something that folks are just gonna find wierd in the first place. Judging by reactions so far, it seems that's what's gonna happen anyway.

>> No.583021

i thought >>582849 looked kinda neat

>> No.583032

Done! You hold it, and it 'pulses' red five times, one time a second. Each pulse doubles your damage again until you're doing a teensy bit more than a berserked fist would. And if you're berserked... you can do up to 650 damage if you're fully charged up.

Upload's still the same, but I'll repost it regardless!

>> No.583039

And one more for the good camp.

Guess I'll just ponder on it some more. Maybe I can erase that eye on the shield... Wouldn't be futuristic, but at least make it more generic so it doesn't clash with the futuristic cyborg aspect of the rest of its body.

>> No.583043

Put a chaingun in its shield instead of the eye. Might as well, and makes it look more futuristic cyborg.

>> No.583045

So now I can one-hit Hell Knights with a single punch?
Shit nigga

>> No.583054


i lold

>> No.583069

why can't I stop laughing
the guy made it strange, the magic starts on level 25.

>> No.583076

Because of the way the punching damage works, you'll only actually onehit hellknights about a third of the time, since you'll be doing 65 * (random number between 1 and 10) damage when fully charged and berserked. Non-berserked only does 11 * random.

>> No.583087

Ahaha... Definitely beyond my abilities, and somehow I'd imagine that'd look even more silly.

Actually, I think I'll turn it into a red orb. Kinda fits with the red on his body & eye, and would still look fitting for something chucking projectiles at the player.

>> No.583095

Well, you could definitely rip it from the chaingunner, at the least. But I don't know anything about spriting, so...

>> No.583104
File: 138 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_Doom_20130430_234715.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.583112

That's what I mean though, I don't think the chaingunner or any chaingun edits really have the right size/angle for the shield, and it's certainly beyond me to get geometry like that to look fitting on the shield in a serious manner. You'd need an actual sprite artist like that Bloax dude or Eriance to make magic like that happen.

>> No.583117

Imps are assholes!

Wait... did the illusions damage you? Because they're not supposed to and that's definitely a bug if they are.
Here's a few good hints- illusions are very slightly more transparent, and their fireballs 'pulse' in the air. Also, you can walk right through them.

>> No.583124
File: 650 KB, 1000x1524, 1366746891149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

daily reminder doom 64 is the best doom

>muh brightness

>> No.583127
File: 159 KB, 568x401, 1336021775026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.583135

Yeah, but you can't shoot through em, which makes it really, really hard to fight imps in close quarters.

>> No.583140


>> No.583143


Dat shield...

You could call it Fallen angel and it should have the most fearsome scream , even worse than the hell knight´s.

>> No.583148

but shes a female

it is supposed to be difficult silly
it also makes it scary as fuck now, because its difficult to determine where the bastard ran to!

>> No.583150

Are they invincible?

>> No.583152

Why are you saging? You're on-topic.
Not at all, they're actually quite weak.

>> No.583156

I've been looking for a workaround for them to take damage when they're hit, but not stop the projectiles. It's been slow going.

There are two types of illusions- strong ones which can take a bit of damage, buying time for the imp to escape, and weak ones that tend to die if you sneeze too hard.
Also, they flicker out when they die. Which is cool.

>> No.583157

So why does it matter if there's a bunch of imps?
SSG the fuckers away

>> No.583161

Why not just give it Archviles, Revenants, Cyber Demons, Spider Masterminds, and Hell Knights soundclips in a random order.

>> No.583164
File: 5 KB, 215x385, HLGDA1 resized.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Alright, gave him the red orb shield, dig it, yeah.

>> No.583169

because my replies rarely if ever actually contribute to conversation, thus I do not actually feel the need to waste a perfectly good bump slot

>> No.583171

I'm on map01.

You're still wasting bumps by saging, it just doesn't actually bump the thread up.

>> No.583175

that one red pixel in the eye
gets me evrytim

>> No.583189

its fun though
besides, it shouldn't matter since its over bump limit anyways.
stop trying to ruin my valiant deeds, anon

i don't think its necessary to create a new thread. we should wait a little longer. it takes awhile for a non bumped thread on /vr/ to get pruned

>> No.583194


>> No.583196


>> No.583435

way the fuck late responding to this - but I'd love to, sounds retarded/awesome.

>> No.583452

Nice name, nice concept, I don't like it for that model/idea though.

>> No.583563

It shits me when i see reviews for 90's wads complain about the level designs not being pretty enough compared to todays offerings.

I mean, fair enough if it genuinely looks shit (nearly everything from 1994, for example), but I think people need to remember that back in the 90's, the editing tools available were nowhere near as easy and convenient to use as what we've got nowadays, along with vanilla compatible wads being the norm back then, so they had to keep the design within the limits of the engine.

>> No.583597

It's kinda amazing then how some of the 1994 wads are actually really good.

>> No.583635

There are some good wads from 94, but there was a massive influx of shit. mostly due to 1994 being the first year people could mod for it, so nearly everyone was giving it a shot.

>> No.583643

Plus people didnt exactly know what they were doing for the most part.

>> No.583653

Not him, I like the imp change (even though it makes melee a pain in the ass), but is it just me, or is the Slug (alt fire, shotgun) totally gutless?

The rest seem anywhere from silly to fun to OP, but none stupidly so, so it's pretty cool. Just the shotgun slug seems... I don't get it. 3 shell cost for way less damage to 1 target than a normal shotgun round would do?

I think a better solution would be something like alt fire chambers a slug, costs +1 shell, and your next shot hits like 115% of 1 center mass shotgun blast, but penetrates physically, and bypasses armor (or 100% bypasses armor, additional 15% to armor, or whatever. I don't know how damage scripting in DECORATE works).

Speaking of - considering a conversation I was having with you and a few others pretty much spawned ProjectILE, I feel somewhat involved... Are you really new to DECORATE? How did you learn how to mod shit that fast? Point me to some websites, 'cuz it's been impressive.

Also, while it's absurdly high in ammo cost (by design, I presume), the chaingun alt fire is... oh my... haha... oooooh my

>> No.584672


If it shoots regular 100 damage rockets, then;


God all those Cyber-whatever rocket shooting monsters with thousand HitPoints are driving me insane.

>> No.584746

Nah, the projectiles will be way weaker. They'll likely have some splash damage, but I'm aiming for something about as damaging as the Revenant's rocket total, maybe slightly more.

>> No.584987

Isn't that from A Nightmare On Elm Street 2?

>> No.585627
File: 28 KB, 80x80, Arrange.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't belivie I'm spent time on this..

>> No.585687


And that was time that nobody else is going to have, so feel proud of having spent it yourself.

>> No.586252

new thread

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