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Just getting into it all, played some DOOM, played some Quake, played some Thief. Looking for more good shit. About to start HoM&M3

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Fallout 1&2
Blood and Duke3D
System Shock 2 (haven't played the first one myself - need to fix that)

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first system shock is pretty fun. It's a lot like doom in various aspects.

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Civilization II
Dagerfall (for all its faults)

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You should share your thoughts on those games you claim to have played OP. I would like to hear them.

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Half-life sucks, but it was a significant game. Might wanna try it out.

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I loved it back in the day, but its a boring slog.

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And also a doombaby. Worst combination.

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Here are the all-time classics, based primarily on consensus with a couple of my own personal favorites thrown in.

Doom II
Final Doom
Quake II
Quake III Arena
Unreal Tournament
Duke Nukem 3D
Shadow Warrior
Ultima VI (with Nuvie source port)
The Complete Ultima VII (with Exult source port and music pack)
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld II
Diablo II
Deus Ex
System Shock
System Shock II
Thief Gold
Thief II
Baldur's Gate
Baldur's Gate II
Icewind Dale
Icewind Dale II
Planescape: Torment
Might and Magic VI
Might and Magic VII
Might and Magic VIII
Heroes of Might and Magic III
The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
Descent II
Raptor: Call of the Shadows
The Last Eichhof
Wizardry 8

There are plenty of others, but that should cover most of the more frequently recommended stuff.

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My personal favourited:
Thief Gold, System Shock 2, Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Ultima Underworld

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wow fucking perfect thanks man. Played / finished Diablo 1 last week and started Fallout 1 but didn't love it. I'm trying to play a bunch of isometric RPGs to start cause I feel like it'll be a bit harder to try and get into them if I start with something like Deus Ex or System Shock. Baldur's Gate looks like a good choice for now

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Harvest moon back to nature is still my favorite sandbox-rpg of all time with its simplicity

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as a game should try runescape /vg/ has a pirate server so everything is free

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lmao at this post

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>M&M 6-8 all time classics, not 3-5

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