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Reminder to all newfriends who are just getting into Evangelion for the first time through Netflix to play Mana's game.

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i dont get why folks are talking about eva on netflix, who the fuck is going to watch evangelion in 2019 who hasnt already seen it already

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Zoomers, slowpokes, ultra-normies, etc.

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they will get two episodes in and say "this is dumb and gay" and go back to attack on titan and aggretsuko or whatever the fuck

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mahjong game rip when?

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best eva mahjong game was dumped

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>go back to attack on titan and aggretsuko or whatever the fuck
Why is this so god damn accurate. Especially Aggretsuko, normalfags who hate anime or don't watch it at all will still watch Aggretsuko.

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they made a new dub. Asuka is black now. s'cool

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but normalfags love eva even if they don't know anything about it besides "get in the robot shinji xdd" or "cartoon intros with cruel angel thesis"

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Shingeki no kyojin at least is good. Not so kino as eva, but it's slowly becoming a modern classic.

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what is he saying in the first panel?
for us it's sufficient that mother exists?
For us who are mother (it) exists?
Why is japanese so trash

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It's his line in the series when he sees Lilith for the first time, thinking it's Adam.
I think it's something like "you who exist are a mother to us". I guess it sounds more poetic in Japanese, in english it'd be more like "You're like a mother to us"

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Makes perfect sense, appreciated

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Because you don't know that usage of たる and thus are incorrectly translating it as "sufficient". Correctly, in this case it's the following.

And you both didn't parse line correctly in relation to what's the main noun and what's its modifier.

As you can see from the ・・・, the sentence is incomplete. 存在 is a noun there and everything before it modifies it. So "an existence" that "我等の母たる". "Existence that is our mother".

Of course in English, you'd phrase if differently, not make it sound more natural, but the point is that 存在 isn't a verb, so nothing like "you who exist". And as you can confirm in the たるdictionary entry about, neither there's anything to translate as "like a mother", it's simply an existence that is their mother. That's what he says. Oh course if he's wrong in the show universe, he's wrong, but you have to translate what the characters say, not what you know to be true after seeing the entire series.

In closing, Japanese isn't trash. You're still trash at it. Back to the books.

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Thanks for the heads up.

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I'm rewatching it after years, but a lot of new people are gonna get into it. Like FF7 it got a huge legacy and a cult follow, but at the same time it wasn't too easy to find it nowdays (for normies). Now that Netflix gave it to masses it will gain new audience for sure.

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>Shingeki no kyojin at least is good

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netflix isn't the reason I'm watching it but It's been on my plan to watch list for a good year now, so seemed like as good a time as any.

I didn't think Sword Art Online was all that bad. I couldn't get past the first episode of Attack on Titan though.

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>I wanted to watch this 20 year old cartoon for over a year but never did.
>Since now that everyone's doing it I guess I wil too

Fuck you.

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>I didn't think Sword Art Online was all that bad

Get out. Now.

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well, there's 62 different anime in my plan to watch list. This just put the thought into my head.

it's no worse than hundreds of other shit anime (and better than a lot of them e.g. Isekai wa smartphone tomo ni)

retards with no opinion just enjoy a hate mob to tell them how to think

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it's no worse than hundreds of other shit anime (and better than a lot of them e.g. Isekai wa smartphone tomo ni)

Nigga I don't have 7 fucking spin offs of Isekai wa smartphone tomo ni clogging up every streaming service I use.

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So what are the good EVA games? Girlfriend of Steel 1 and 2, N64 and Evangelion 2 only? I don't want mahjong games.

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Most of the PlayStation 2 and Saturn games. Other than the weird promo screensaver disc for the PS1 version of Girlfriend of Steel, I wouldn't recommend that version. A thing to keep in mind is that Girlfriend of Steel 2 is a lot different to 1 though.
Also 1st and 2nd Impressions.
There's some raising project games but I don't know what those play like so I don't know whether they are worth it or not.

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Nice, but... then how would you translate it?

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the spinoffs are different shows.

I'm talking specifically about the first season of the original.

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I'm to scared I won't be emotionally prepared to watch it

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Blow it out your ass fucking nip

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duke nukem?

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I don't think anyone is.
Evangelion never leaves people indifferent. Hate it or love it, it will make an impact on you.
Just watch it dude.

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Some natural way to say "a being that is our mother", but more fancy.

I'm not Japanese. You don't have to be Japanese to know Japanese. This usage of たる is not common in modern Japanese, fair enough, but being able to recognize modifiers is a basic skill. I believe Genki first teaches modifiers at like lesson 9 or something relatively early like that.

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I'm grateful and all but none of this matters much

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>I'm not Japanese
Ever worse

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Good luck learning Japanese.

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you thought he'd be japanese? an actual japanese wouldn't bother replying on 4chan.
thanks, I was doing a complete guess work with "you who exist".

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Soul orchestra it's the best one and it's still painfully mediocre and 3nd impact is good but it's a rythm game, and neither of those are retro, eva crop of games is really bad, 64 having a slightly different ending was nice tho

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>Battle orchestra is the best one
Eh, it's a nice goofy smash clone. Maybe you're right that it's the "best" one in terms of gameplay alone, but in terms of presentation, Evangelion 64 is fucking phenomenal. I actually like the battle missions (they aren't bad once you get how it works), and some of the mini game missions are alright, while others suck, but they're very short anyway.
All in all, it's the game that feels the most like "Evangelion: The video game" due to how faithful the game is to the series. The first mission alone is amazing, it recreates the first battle against the angel with great atmosphere.
It's something I couldn't find in the other Eva games. Not to mention you can actually control the Eva in a semi-realistic way in real time, instead of it being turn-based like the PS2 game.

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>a modern classic

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What are some other anime franchises with good retro games? EVA is always discussed here, but I don't see much of any other anime. Maybe Dragon Ball or Yu Yu Hakusho?

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Because it has become easily available it's giving everyone who's already seen it an excuse to rewatch it.

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Dragon Ball has some good games, either RPGs or fighting games. Super Saiya Densetsu and Super Butoden 2 are classics.
Yuu Yuu Hakusho has some good games too, most famously the Mega Drive game made by Treasure that supports 4-player brawl like Smash Bros.
Sailor Moon also got good fighting games, beat 'em ups, as well as Another Story, an RPG, and some nice puzzle games. SM really got a lot of variety in the games and they're all pretty good save for the PS1 fighting game.
Magic Knight Rayearth also got good games.
Gundam has a bunch of games, Endless Duel on SNES being one of the best, and generally considered one of the best original console (not on arcade) fighting games.
Macross has some good ones too, especially Scrambled Valkyrie.
Mitsume ga tooru got a great game on the Famicom.
Mazinger Z on SNES was neat, rather simple but serviceable, and has a kickass soundtrack.
Zillion on Master System was originally based on a series of the same name, it's a fairly elaborated game that warranted being brought over to the west despite the anime not being a selling point.
Hi no tori (Phoenix/Firebird) got 2 games by Konami based on the Karma chapter of the manga series, which also got a OVA. The Famicom game is a fairly standard side-scroller, nothing to write home about but worth a play, nice music. The MSX2 game was actually pretty cool and original, a sort of shmup/overhead platforming-action hybrid.
Ghost in the Shell for PS1 is a must-play, really original gameplay and a 10/10 techno OST.
Those are just some, there's many more. Gundam alone has a bunch of really good games of varying genres.

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My case, although I'm currently more interested in the spin-off mangas

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>there are people who shit on Mari but not on Mana

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Thanks for the giggle m8.

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>no naked gendo
"best" my ass

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because mana a best girl

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Why does Mana get a free pass when she's almost the same as Mari?

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>almost the same as Mari
Mana isn't an Eva pilot, and we know who she is. We're 3 movies into Rebuild, it's been 12 years, and we still don't know who the fuck Mari is.
Have you played Girlfriend of Steel? Mana's really not similar to Mari at all. If anything, Mayumi from Evangelion 2nd Impression would be more of a parallel since at least she also had glasses.

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Mana rode Shinji though.

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Mana Kirishima is a great girl, unlike Mari.

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Whoa, thanks anon. I'll definitively check it.

I wonder why are NGE /vr/ games always discussed here while other anime aren't.

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I think Dragon Ball games are more often discussed than Eva ones.
Sailor Moon got a few threads, sometimes.
Some of the other games are mentioned semi-regularly like MKR, GITS, Endless Duel.
I especially recommend playing Mitsume ga tooru and Hi no tori on MSX though. They are almost never mentioned and they're amazing.

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It's weird to me that there was never a good Evangelion game (aside from the visual novel, but I don't really count that). There's been so fucking much merchandise for that series, I would think there would at least be a decent beat'em up or a fighting game or something. Usually retro anime that have a ton of merch wind up having a few good titles just by sheer dumb luck.

Honestly I think Evangelion is the sort of series that can have an effect on anyone who watches it with an open mind. Even if you can't wrap your head around what it's trying to say, the show just has this sense of foreboding and eeriness that pervades it. Plus, given how depressed zoomers and younger millennials seem to be, I can actually see it resonating with them quite a bit.

>it will make an impact on you
u cheeky cunt

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All things considered, Evangelion 64 is decent and has top tier presentation.

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