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How come no strategy game has surpassed this one?

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I don't know op but I'm curious to try it. How is the ps version?

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Garbage even compared to the DOS version. OpenXCOM is the only version worth playing (and play Ironman difficulty option, but don't install any mods for your first playthrough). The game becomes very boring if you can reload saves. Recovering from the inevitable fuckups is half the fun. Build some backup bases.

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I wouldn't say do ironman, just don't save during missions, only save at the start of every month. This way if you just completely whiff the shit out of everything, you can start back a few battles and try to salvage it. It's not out of the realm of possibility to write yourself into a corner you can't escape from, this will let you analyze and correct the mistake without having to start from scratch.

UFO was pretty much a bunch of things going right, the game itself is cruel but well balanced which makes investing the time to learn it very worth its while, you've got the standard tactical gameplay that most had in the genre, but on top of it, a strategic layer that actually affects how well you're able to carry things out. Even the vaunted FFT only really boasts the tactical layer for difficulty, there's nothing to really manage out of combat, nor any penalty for grinding new jobs. On top of all this, the very basic music and graphics really nail the atmosphere of spooky aliens, kinda like the X-Files. Night missions are genuinely terrifying.

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Because graphics overtook gameplay i terms of selling factor.

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>kinda like the X-Files
using the motion scanner reminds me of the motion scanner scene in alien & aliens

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>Kinda like X-Files
This. I feel no other game really captures that atmosphere that I enjoy from X-Files. Going into a UFO landing area or hunting down UFOs and finding these deadly aliens reminds me of all of the Syndicate episodes from X-Files. It just has that tension and spookiness I enjoy form the show.

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>UFO was pretty much a bunch of things going right, the game itself is cruel but well balanced
Not really, it's a very forgiving game compared with TFTD.

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and both XCOM 1 & 2 original have bug with difficulty level. It always reset to the easiest after 1st battle, so you never get the though superhuman lobsterman. OpenXcom fixes that though and superhuman lobsterman commanders are super strong.

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TFTD does not have the difficulty bug, it was only the DOS original of UFO and fixed with XComUtil.

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Gollop himself has stated that the X-Files were a big inspiration for the game.

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i've been playing openxcom (both ufo defense & tftd) for months now, and i feel both have stronger superhuman enemies. i didn't patch the games when i was playing them in dos.

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Once you get drills though, Lobstermen will fall down like Aunt Sallies.

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Also if you don't patch TFTD, the maps for the small and medium scout are reversed.

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use tazer before getting the drill
thermal shock launchers are good too before getting the drill

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On UFO, night missions are annoying but beatable. On TFTD they're almost suicide so you'll want to use the Geoscape timer bug to get out of them.

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>How come no strategy game has surpassed this one?

I remember this op. Did a focus group determine this line was good bait?

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The X-Com Files is pretty dang good.


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>I don't play strategy games at all, this is my only one
Thanks for informing us, OP

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Pretty much, if you want something else that captures that same vibe, you've got to look to tabletop games like Delta Green or WoD Hunter.

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Because what other game has it where you can touch down on a landing site in the dead of the night and have a Blaster Bomb come arcing in from the darkness and obliterate your entire squad.

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uuu ii haaa ruuuu

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don't even try to go out in the first turn.
aliens have full TU and will obliterate anyone dare to step outside of your craft.
drop some smoke bombs outside of the entrance of your craft.

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People always say this, but I feel like every time I don't immediately spread, I get aliens throwing grenades in my skyranger. It's lose-lose.

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TFTD at least gives you a door on the Triton so you have some cover, with the caveat being that the Triton has destructible walls while the Skyranger doesn't.

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what even is on that cover

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>repeated questions meant to stimulate discussion are automatically 'bait'

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What a constructive reply that really saved the dubious onset created by the OP. You really accomplished something today, anon. :-)

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recs for good strategy games?

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TFTD is better.

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TFTD does feel more refined that the original game and there's more variation in mission and terrain types. The aliens also feel slightly more balanced unlike in UFO where Ethereals are horribly overpowered compared to everything else. Of course it can also be very brutally hard and it's kind of disappointing that alien colonies are fixed race.

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>it's not bait
We might as well truncate half the board with a Versus general. Nintendo versus Sega, Mario versus Sonic, NES versus SNES, most of /vr/ is just people obviously starting obvious arguments.

I mean, I know, it's 4chan but still, we could organize this a lot better by just keeping these threads into a general of their own since most of them are the same thing: needless arguments, 'what should I know about this game?' and replies with other title cards or box arts saying ' nuh-uh, my game.'

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dude, I came to this site originally for the lolis but stayed for the needless arguments

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Have you played it for a while - what's your general impression?
I downloaded it yesterday and have yet to give it a try.

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I guess it's this one.
But it's from mods.

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I never used to be like this on /vr/, here was an escape from /v/ where people actually like and play video games. Then newfags like >>5685918 came along and started flooding the board with their based shitflinging culture and the board has gone straight to shit. The difference between this year and last year on /vr/is stunning.

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Anon, pls.

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tfw your favorite game in the series is the unfinished bastard dark horse

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Is it too autistic to purchase one of these?

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Probably a bad idea if you wish not to be a social outcast.

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my nigga

how about this, it's less cringeworthy though still not totally in the clear

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>cartoony aliens
why not just the xcom logo
pretty sure normalfags won't realized what it is

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>not at least picking the patrician design if you're going to be an autist

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Langrisser 2 and Military Madness.

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None of these are better than UFO or TFTD. Langrisser is really good though.

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I should look into that unless you have threads on hand to supplement that, but it's also true on every board I visit. Even shit like /k/ is just shitflinging.

The internet purged shitflinging. Whether by upvote systems or other mechanics, they found ways to push these people out because they were no longer welcome. They kill discussion, they kill standards, they kill reason-- they're just the opposite of why most people go anywhere at anytime, on or offline. That's why they're here; literally anywhere with an ounce of standards has completely fucked them off, and God willing hiroshimoot will Jew 4chan to its own death and we'll take these faggots with it

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>The internet purged shitflinging.
imagine being this faggot

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Why are Japanese covers ALWAYS better?

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It did. Now it's all flavoured bullshit, usually to the effect of ass kissing or virtue signalling. Anyone who just wants to stir shit and call people fags has come to 4chan.

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What I want to know is why every clome/knockoff of the game always managed to be absolute garbage.

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It definitely had some interesting potential.

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any specific reason you think so?

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baby duckling syndrome, its barely even a strategy game, if you want to talk about unsurpassed classic strategies then its HOMM3

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Were the waspite a scrapped race?

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>its barely even a strategy game
This is per definition untrue.

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Should i play Langrisser 2 on Mega Drive or Der Langrisser on SNES?

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The remake is better

Seethe more /vr/

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Of X-COM? Why?

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>retarded bait
>main line of argument is "seethe"
Yep, classic /v/ pollution

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I wouldn't be surprised. Plenty of 90s and early 2000s games were inspired by X-Files. IIRC so was Deus Ex. The X-Files inspiration is definitely visible the most in X-Com, that's why I love it so much
Yeah, it's amazing. I've played it a few times. It's great. Quite difficult though, moreso than vanilla.
I was thinking of getting into Tabletop, I just never quite know how to get into a group because of my country or if it's even possible to play online. As for Vidya that captures the same vibe, Deus Ex was quite close in terms of the conspiracy vibe, and then there's the PS2 X-Files game, but both of those aren't retro, so I'll avoid discussing them.

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I like the remake, but even I can tell you it's not better than the original dude. A ton of the cooler stuff from the original are either absent or were recycled for the sequel.

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Thee cover lies there, those aliens never appear in the game. They seem to be insectoid though.

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>A ton of the cooler stuff from the original are either absent or were recycled for the sequel.
What? Nu Enemy Unknown/Within are okay and playable, Xcom 2 is absolute SHIT. It went full retarded anime and war of the chosen is the worst expansion i ever had the displeasure of touching

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I didn't say the sequel was good Anon, I was just saying that a lot of the cooler stuff from the original X-Com were either absent in EU/EW or were recycled into the sequel. It doesn't mean that the sequel is actually good. Just saying that EU/EW doesn't have everything that made the original X-Com great and therefore is not superior to original X-Com is what I am trying to say. EU/EW is a good game on it's own but it isn't superior to the original X-Com. I have yet to play XCOM2 so I can't tell you if it's actually good, I am just saying a few elements from the original X-Com were implemented into XCOM2 rather than EU/EW.

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XCOM 2 isn't a bad game.>>5689945

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Ethereals are scarier than Chryssalids.

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XCOM2 is dumb as hell and i thought Terror from the Deep would never be topped

It`s not the fun cool dumb stuff from old days, its ~this shit is literally anime~ dumb

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L2 for Genesis. If you can into nihonese, then the PSX version,L1 & 2 collection , which supposedly had similar graphics & mechanics of L2 plus the multiple endings of Der.

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TFTD is good, though.

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The they really nailed the theme of the "unknown enemy." The high degree of randomness isn't used for artificially inflating the amount of content or for skinner boxing, but to always keep things fresh and unpredictable.
>there's no obvious main plot or named characters or cutscenes to tell what you're supposed to do next, player has to investigate the habbening himself to figure out what's going on and how to stop it
>dark and mysterious athmosphere
>randomized maps so you never fully know what you're walking into, except when you're on your own home turf which you logically do know
>enemies have no visible stats (without using special equipment to scan them) and there's no visible damage numbers when you hit something
>shots and grenades have random scatter and do highly random damage, the AI behaves in unpredictable ways and the strategic layer never plays out the same way, you can never be sure what happens next and have to account for something going horribly wrong in your plans
>the game has no mercy, but you can meme on the enemies too in numerous ways so it never feels unfair
>never simplifies down to a puzzle game with an implicit set of possible moves, always stays as a strategy game with more nebulous actions and consequences

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I live way out in the country, to play tabletop, I have to drive literally 100 miles to get to a shop. The other closest town to me, 40 miles away, doesn't have a playerbase for non-D&D.

The only real option for internet play is to try and join people you'd find on tabletop related sites like Roll20 or what have you and join their IRC or nowadays Discord. You'll probably go through a half dozen groups before you find one you fit in well with.

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>The only real option for internet play is to try and join people you'd find on tabletop related sites like Roll20 or what have you and join their IRC or nowadays Discord. You'll probably go through a half dozen groups before you find one you fit in well with.

I'd rather join an IRC than Discord, my experiences with Discord servers have been terrible. Hopefully I find the right one. Does Roll20 have groups for stuff like Delta Green, Cyberpunk, etc?

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>TFTD is good, though.
I know, which is why i said its the fun type of dumb

Mr Anime Hero Swordsman cutting out the Alien Skeletor in "cool ass fights with lots of zombies man" is the stupid kind of dumb

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>Night missions are genuinely terrifying.
Hell yeah! Nothing beats investigating a crash site in a dark forest.
Except a night terror mission. With Chrysalids.

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>The X-Files inspiration
Have you guys seen the 1969-73 british tv show Gerry Anderson's U.F.O., or just UFO? They based a lot of the game off of this show. It is pretty good and surprisingly dark in that horrible things happen and instead of Star Treking their way out of it somehow they are just like "we will have to redouble our efforts" and then roll credits.

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amazon prime video has some or all of it available for free for members


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X-Files started airing in the second half of 1993 and development on UFO Defense began in 92 so >>5693094 is more probably correct.

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I don't remember this from original game.

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Encouraging people to suscribe to a scam like amazon prime should warrant a permaban.

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teehee, anon why do you have a midget with a guitar on your shirt?

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Clever post.

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I watched the whole thing (mostly because of the X-COM and Evangelion connections), and with the exception of a few good character-focused moments, it's garbage. I can forgive technobabble, but the UFO writers go far beyond just ignoring science. There is no internal consistency, every character is retarded, and the world is made from pure concentrated plot holes. I'd honestly rather watch Star Trek.

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Roll20 is primarily D&D because the site is built around that system, but others do spring up from time to time. I've seen WoD, Warhammer FRP, and Pathfinder, lesser used systems like Delta Green are very uncommon. You'd probably be better off looking on /tg/ directly for that sort of thing, they play a variety of systems and would likely form a group.

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we keep our whores close but our instrument closer.

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final modpack is great

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I dig it but I think it escalates too quickly (or maybe I powergamed way too hard and didn't get to savour the early Mulder & Scully phase). By the end of my first year I was running SAS teams decked out in skunk works gear, doing insertions in Generic Evil Cabal's bases.
Took a hiatus before getting to the alien invasion though.
Pic unrelated.

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Thanks mate. I'll try /tg/ and Roll20 then. I've heard /tg/'s community is quite comfy so I should have no problems there.

Well shit. Looks like I was mistaken, that's a shame because X-Com really did feel like X-Files. I might watch UFO.
That's a shame. I'll still try to watch it, but if it's true what >>5693229 says, then I probably won't enjoy it as much as X-Files.

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They were replaced by floaters

>> No.5694964

Both X-Com and X-Files draw from the same American UFO folklore, that's why they feel similar.

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Post your top tier strategy tactical retro lists now and make mean comments

XCOM Ufo defense
XCOM Terror from the deep
XCOM Apocalypse
HoMM 3
Master of Magic
Dungeon Keeper
Red Alert
Lords of Magic

>> No.5696064

>no jagged alliance

you deserve the mean comments

>> No.5696471

Age of Wonders
Panzer General
Fantasy General
Master of Monsters

>> No.5696582

Military Madness
World at War: Stalingrad
Panzer General
Langrisser 2
North & South
Centurion: Defender of Rome
Laser Squad
Counter Action
Super Daisenryaku

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>I was thinking of getting into Tabletop, I just never quite know how to get into a group because of my country or if it's even possible to play online

Playing TTRPGs online is possible and easy as balls. You just need to find a group online, Roll20 and /tg/ are your friends for that.

Delta Green games can be easily found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/NightAtTheOpera/

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>my favourite game is UFO defense
>my favourite game is apocalypse
>my favourite game is bureau

>> No.5697036

>final modpack

>> No.5697116

bureau is for zoomers

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Gotcha thanks, I'd rather not interact with reddit, I have a very poor experience with those communities and would rather not experience them again.

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Shit I made my reply too short, I meant I'll try Roll20 and /tg/ instead, just not reddit, sorry if I sounded condescending there, I typed my reply too quickly without making my intentions clear.

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Not that guy, but there's a bunch of scrapped designs (the artist did up a ton of front poses and had the rest of the crew pick out their favourites).

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