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REmake is objectively better than Resident Evil 1 and its various versions. What are some other examples of remakes that are better than the original?

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that includes REmake too

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I think REmake it the only one

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REmake is objectively better than RE1.

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Don’t upset the collectorfags. The mere thought of having obsolete software on their shelf sends them into a rage.

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Well, if you consider MGS a reboot/remake of MG2 it's probably the only example I can tell.

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This is true, but I can't think of anything else like this. REmake is pretty unique in that regard.

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I'm the same of the MGS and I also agree with that REmake is better than the original, as much as I love the psx title, the REmake plays better you can still use tank controls and play on 4:3 if you're that nostalgic, has better graphics and improves in the horror aspect of the game, so, yes, it's better.

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Although I think the color palettes work better with the undetailed polygons, the Spyro remakes are great.

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It is not though.

RE1 > REmake

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why? the voice acting is terrible, controls are terrible, the visuals are worse and the mansion has less juice to it, REmake is better

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Lol nice try kid

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Remake is a brown turd.
The color palette of RE1 is miles above the shit that REmake turned out to be.
I've never understood the whole shilling for the REmake, it's the definition of Souless.

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Way to let everyone know that you're a retard. Not surprised considering you think re1 is better than remake

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Not retro and objectively kill yourself for your shit opinions and shitty bait threads

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>better color palette
aaah yes, that one with the saturated colors yes yes, just like any good horror title
I see that /vr/ is a circlejerk as big as Reddit, congrats on being stupid faggot

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>I'm not from here let me tell you all about you, yes I'm just here to stir shit and start baiting for cheap you's as soon as I'm called on it
Speaking of reddit, go back

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This: >>5678895, back to /r/eddit

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>remakefag calling anybody else reddit
peak irony

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This tells you all you need to know about re1fags

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You don’t know a thing about Reddit. The retro subs are just as much opposed to remakes as this shithole.

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cope and keep swimming on shit

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Remake is brown and grey nonsense that shouldn't ahve existed. Its only accomplishment was that Mikami decided to completely rethink the formula instead of tyring to perfect it, because the first three games did pretty much every variation right and were never in need of any sort of updates.

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>I've never understood the whole shilling for the REmake
Kids were impressed by the backgrounds, is all. They're simple people.

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REmake isn't a 1:1 remake and adds a ton of new shit, so it doesn't belong on this board.

Reported, also you have to go back

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RE1 is green, brown and grey nonsense that should never have existed.

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>objectively better
Brainlet detected, the word you're looking for is subjective. Personal preference cannot be objectively better by definition.

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Oh, you haven't even played it then?

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OP has been busted. Eternally BTFO

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We all know you just wanted to post a game that's on a not-retro console because you're SEETHING that sixth-gen besides Dreamcast isn't allowed on here, OP.

Now kys.

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We already know that you haven't played the damn thing, you don't need to prove it further via googled screenshots holy shit lol.

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I've finished RE1 for ps1 about 10 times.

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>REmake is objectively better than Resident Evil Not really when you consider the flow of game is altered and it's much slower as a result. I say the same thing about RE2's remake, it's cool that it was expanded but the pacing is damaged in places like the sewers.

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>REmake is objectively better than Resident Evil

Not really when you consider the flow of game is altered and it's much slower as a result. I say the same thing about RE2's remake, it's cool that it was expanded but the pacing is damaged in places like the sewers.

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This. Fuck that part in REmake where you can only walk because running will blow you up.

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is there a port to pc

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>What are some other examples of remakes that are better than the original?

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Play it in Dolphin. Don't bother with the HD version, it sucks.

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Super Mario All-Stars. Much needed save functions and vastly improved graphics.

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Takes no more than 1.5 minutes to complete.

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Shut up poorfag/nigger, they're both great.

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Lol you can easily pirate REmake HD to play it, retard.

And no, that version is trash.

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>muh lighting

wow big deal

hd still plays good

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>that version is trash
Really? I loved it. The music was pretty shitty though.

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uppity boomers

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Autism. Do you also complain about the shadows in the FF7 PC port?

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>pointing out obvious flaws is autism now
Stay butthurt Gamecube version is still the best way to play RE1.

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Why did they feel the need to make the mansion so abandoned looking and add stuff like the first crimson head boss and Lisa Trevor? The first game was more grounded, these things feel more supernatural than the result of scientific experiments. Remember that the scientists and guards lived in the mansion/guardhouse. I'll accept that people working for Umbrella are likely at least somewhat mentally ill, but I doubt they'd let the place get covered in cobwebs.

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Or the coffin in chains, etc. etc. The REmake wasn't a bad game, but it was all around unnecessary. OP may not be able to understand it, but Shinji Mikami was, and understand he did.

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>Or the coffin in chains
That's what I meant by the first crimson head. Stuff like that and the Lisa Trevor "boss fight" room are just so out of place.

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>The REmake wasn't a bad game, but it was all around unnecessary
The ps1 version was a crude "first attempt" at the game because of primitive technology. By the GC era, tech had improved enough to allow them to bring their true vision to life.

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You idiots do not belong on /vr/ if you're going to shit on the very game that started a franchise as successful as RE. RE1 was an amazing game when it released and nobody was ever shitting on it back then besides really the voice acting which was seen as funny anyways. It wasn't until REmake being re-released (that is right re-released) in 2015 that idiots started to finally perpetuate this meme of REmake being the best RE and so much better than RE1 that RE1 is shit now.

Fuck off with that shit cucks.

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>true version
you have to wait for the 4K ultra HD Super Hyper Turbo version for that.

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Resident Evil and Resident Evil Remake are both excellent games in different ways. Why is this even a issue? The only gripe you can have is how the HD versions have a lot of ambient lighting / shadows missing and muddy textures.. I am still mad about that.

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There was nothing crude about it, from the start the Resident Evil games were masterfully designed and an absolutely amazing experience.

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RE1 is a genre-defining, seminal game of its generation. REmake is a tired rehash of an established formula that really needn't have existed.

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I do not agree and love both equally. To each their own I guess

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No, you're wrong and a faggot without taste or perspective.
>To each their own I guess
Bitch, you want a piece of this? Meet me outside, cunt.

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>RE1 is a genre-defining

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Yea its the best

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>REmake is a tired rehash of an established formula that really needn't have existed
>RE1 isn't

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The difference is that AitD was a pretty bad game, whereas RE was Mikami's first true tour de fucking force.

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REmake is fantastic, but I like it less on replays. Knowing about the crimson heads makes you avoid killing the zombies you know you'll run into again, they were supposed to be a tougher challenge but end up making the game easier. And the added exterior areas/Lisa path are kind of a drag, once surprise to discover a new path is gone, you realize it is so artificially connected to the rest of the game and it kinda fucks with the flow. Otherwise it's really perfect. I love alternating between the two whenever I replay, that way the subtle changes still fuck with my expectations.

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>it's bad so it doesn't count
that's not how it works you fucking numbskull

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It's bad so it wasn't influential compared to RE. It counts as one of the first games in the genre, but not as the game that defined the genre.

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Well, the Wii version runs at 480p and has a few minor additions. So no, the GameCube version isn’t the best way to play REmake.

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Added hipster points for being on cube
Nintendo bonus

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>quality doesn't factor
hello, kiddo

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I don't consider MGS to be better than MG2. I still aesthetics of MG2 have aged much better, and the few additions MGS has, first person sniping & wall hugging, aren't too impressive. The story is why people have a soft spot for MGS1, which is why the gamecube remake got shat on so hard

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Lighting looks better in HD version.

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It's like saying Apple invented GUI and not Xerox because they made it popular, or Hydlide is not genre defining because Zelda made it popular

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You sure about that sweetie?

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Yes, quite sure. Bottom panel looks orders of magnitude better.

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>m'color palette

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Anon, Capcom lost a lot of the source code and lighting / shadow effects for the game. I have played them side by side and many scenes are a night and day difference. It sucks. RE Remake HD could of the been the best port ever, but sadly it really falls short. The models do look great though.

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What the fuck is wrong with you? HD looks WAY better than the fuzzy garbage in the top picture.

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Lol ur a bitch

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>capable of making an argument
pick 1

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You're blind and retarded. Its literally spoonfed to you in text and you still can't see it

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Autistically picking apart an image makes no sense when the image being picked apart looks better.

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>calling anyone who disagrees with you a zoomer
Real life must be very challenging for you.

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AITDfag still seething i see

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Hit too close to home, hmm?

Kys worthless zoomie.

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I turn 31 in August lol

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Not him, but this is my post >>5679996 >>5679407 There really are some major atmospheric effects that have been taken out, because they were lost to time. If you don't believe us, take a look yourself side by side. it's several rooms. Over all it's just a shame

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I've finished REmake on GC on hard about 20 times so I'm an expert on this topic. The only glaringly shitty thing about REmake HD is the "zombie crash through windows" sound effects/music and the kitchen stairs zombie music. The dope graphics make up for this.

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I would bet $100 that if the GC version was initially released with HDs lighting and then HD was released with GCs original lighting you retards would still be crying about the lighting.

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This is my first post in this thread and I'd take you up on that impossible-to-prove, crazy bet. I didn't know about the lighting differences but the anons pointing it out (along with the reason they exist) make it seem obvious that the flaws in the HD version make it clearly inferior to me, as the shadows have a heavy impact on object depth and clarity all throughout the image, and in some areas the HD textures make the image look unnaturally clear. Are you guys just trolling them on purpose?

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>its only my first post in the thread but im just rehashing whats already been said and putting obviously and clearly infront of everything

do you have eyes in your brain? the textures are better therefore the lighting is better. the lighting is better because in the gc its fucking 360p retard. look at the cage you can hardly see through it fucking

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Prove it by posting your timestamped driver's license.

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Calm down and collect your thoughts anon, you seem mad

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>whoa there buddy did you just prove me wrong? uuuh i think you're getting hot under the collar there

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Huh? Do you really want everyone to break down what you said?

>the textures are better therefore the lighting is better.

>the lighting is better because in the gc its fucking 360p

>look at the cage you can hardly see through it fucking

All things considered there's nothing to be mad at here but you're going off the deep end

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thats such a shitty response it speaks ofr itself why are you even posting anon? do you just feel like you have to reply even if you dont have anything to say?

>> No.5680196

Well I that confirms the troll theory on the HD side, this board is such shit

>> No.5680204

There is at least two people defending HD. I'm dead serious.

>> No.5680371


>gc its fucking 360p retard

Lol, wat? Not him BTW


It's 480i/p you dumb dumb

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Where? I'll trivago some plane tickets right now.

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Am I the only one that never really cared much for Resident Evil Remake?

I've always loved RE 1, it's in my top 3 games of all time, but I only finished RE Remake once and never wanted to touch it again.

>> No.5681410

Half the thread never cared for it, obviously. Moreso, Shinji fucking Mikami was so dissatisfied with it that he had to craft a completely different genre for RE4.

>> No.5681412

Imagine making a picture like this

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I think it was a great, modern interpretation of the original game, but it doesn't take its place. I didn't like the pacing of the game. It was like a bad extended director's cut. The extra stuff is neat, but fucks with the flow of something that's already perfectly well designed.

>> No.5681427

It's okay anon, I can see the top one looks a lot better. Glad I picked up the GC version to play on a CRT.

>> No.5681441

First of all, REmake was a cool game with cool visuals and fine gameplay. BUT.
RE4, stellar game that it was, was made by a guy who at that point in his life wanted to make God Hand and Vanquish rather than slow horror games, so maybe comedy action was not necessarily the best turn for the series, but what most definitely was THE WORST turn for the series was getting stuck in the year fucking 1996. RE1 established the formula, RE2 was a perfect cinematic action on it, RE3 pretty much perfected it, C:V took it to 3d. REmake added pretty much nothing: merely new, higher-res pre-rendered backgrounds. It wans't a bad game, but it was a step backwards, and that's never, EVER good.

>> No.5681458

He wasn't dissatisfied with it. They decided to make RE4 because of poor REmake sales on account of releasing a scary zombie game on a console for children.

>> No.5681464

That is incorrect. RE4 also came out exclusively for GC and stayed exclusive for quite a while.

>> No.5681469

SRW F is better than SRW4
SoM is better than Mystic Quest
Castlevania 68k is better than Castlevania

>> No.5681493

Yes. But poor sales of REmake is why they decided to make RE4.

>> No.5681512

Not really. He went through several prototypes (as you well know) and strongly gravitated towards action. RE0 sold veryw ell and even exceeded projections, but Mikami didn't want that. In hindsight, we all know that kind of games he actually wanted to make,a nd shift from RE1 to RE4 (let alone from the prototype of RE4 to Kamiya's DMC) was steadily on that path.

>> No.5681625

It's fascinating to me that RE4's development spawned RE4, DMC and Haunting Ground. They truly didn't knew what the fuck to do with RE and Silent Hill was reaching it's Zenith of success & popularity that Capcom clearly was getting nervous. Anyhow, REmake is trash, it was novelty because you didn't get remakes that often back in the day, that's why it got so popular, no one was willing to play the Original PS1 when you had RE2 & 3 that are tons of fun compared to 1. On hindsight it might have needed a remake to bring newfags to the Spencer Mansion, but it didn't even sold well. REmake is a meme.

>> No.5681697

Lol sure kid

>> No.5681715

The first 3 Resident Evils have a lot of 90s Capcom flavour in them. The games are a mix of realism and also typical 2D Capcom designs. It's a very unique artstyle that has been completely erased probably since Resident Evil Remake was released, although I believe the Devil May Cry trilogy on PS2 still retained some of that spirit. A lot of the PS1 Resident Evil trilogy pieces of artwork are colorful and even kind of uplifting. This is impossible to see in a modern RE game because they are concentrated now in the western market and so changing the games to be more gritty, realist, and gory.

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>This is impossible to see in a modern RE game because they are concentrated now in the western market and so changing the games to be more gritty, realist, and gory.
The style is still plenty present in Street Fighter games, for example. And even in pseudorealistic games people are very obviously Capcom characters. You can jsut tell how aesthetically pleasing these characters are despite being seemingly very generic handsome men and women.
For example, look at this Sherry. She seems completely nondescript, but she's extremely competently and tastefully designed. The artists are required to keep to the realistic style, but they still know how to do their damn jobs just as well as back in the 90s.

>> No.5681794

There are none. I'm not even being hyperbolic. REmake is literally the only one. It's an anomaly. Videogame remakes, hd remasters, and even ports are always somehow worse. Whether it's technical issues, translation and censorship changes, soulless new art direction, remixed or completely changed music. Whatever it is, it's somehow always worse. Always.

>> No.5681838

Just wondering why do you think REmake is better?

>> No.5681847

REmake really is the true version of Resident Evil 1, the first game on the PlayStation was just too rough around the edges, and no I don't mean the translation, everything. With REmake they managed to do the concept justice. You have to play 1 first to really appreciate REmake though.

>> No.5681851

RE1 Saturn is the only way to play RE1.

REmake zoomers and Sony scum can fuck off.

>> No.5681859

>PC port of REmake sucks.
>PC port of RE ZERO is perfect.
Fucking japs.

>> No.5681871

Not retro

>> No.5681876

I prefer the original Resident Evil 1. It still is such a treat with all the lovely 90's tackiness attached to a marvelous game.
Remake was very interesting as in how some of the locations where re-imagined and the re-animated corpses were frightening. Overall a great addition but some new parts felt extremely out of place.

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>> No.5681990

I kind of agree in some ways. Capcom still has some of the top designers of the industry, even If I think some of their later examples are not precisely the best of the company (SF5, DMCV...). Resident Evil 7 or Remake 2 are a bit too dark, gory and serious for my taste. They have lost a lot of the Capcom's touch, with for me it's a great mix of realism with 2D animation stylization, among other things.

In fact, very few people knows that Capcom released another Design Works book a few years ago.


Its lack of popularity says a lot of the loss of certain quality and charm in their designs (also, no Bengus, Akiman or Nishimura anymore).

>> No.5682042

This will incite the mob to violence

>> No.5682051


>> No.5682058

>inb4 someone brings up the totally optional first-person shooting to disregard the superior MGS version

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>be autistic
>hate remakes
>original still exists in unaltered form

>> No.5682182

>"anon TTS exists for the sole purpose of remaking MGS1 with first person aiming like MGS2"

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I've been wanting to replay REmake on the wii, but it has black bars on both sides, every other game runs fine. Am I retardedly using the wrong iso? RE0 works fine. Its the only game I have that does that. I use a CRT.

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>> No.5682245


>RE4 also came out exclusively for GC and stayed exclusive for quite a while.

Uhh, you mean a few months?

>GC January 11, 2005

>PS2 October 25, 2005

>> No.5682293

That's almost a year

>> No.5682298

That's far from a "few" months, especially for the target audience that got the game.

>> No.5682332

Miyamoto can't do anything right

>> No.5682363


Well, it sure wasn't an excuse for "quite awhile ". Half a year

>> No.5682376

I always thought Jill was lifting that zombie up like Batman
"What are you?"
"I'm the master of unlocking"

>> No.5682392
File: 191 KB, 649x707, 1550223004128.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


That sounds pretty cute and wholesome

>> No.5682563

9 months is closer to "quite a while" than "half a year"
What a stupid thing to nitpick about, you dummies.

>> No.5682703

kek this jill art

>> No.5683002


>> No.5683016

REmake has too much shitty filler content that kills the tight pacing of the original.
You will never pass.

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Is this image from the HD remake?

I thought that Capcom had lost the assets and it was only upscaled...

I remember that the PC version looked so bad.

>> No.5683019

Also, what kind of curve is that?
where did you get it from?

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File: 2.66 MB, 340x231, becca_scold.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remake is supposed to be played 4:3

>> No.5683623

Awful post.

>> No.5683775

But true

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File: 1.70 MB, 1920x1080, walking simulator.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Final Fantasy VII

>> No.5683783



>> No.5683790

Compared to RE1 REmake's color palette is dull as fuck. it doesn't do anything to outdo the original except remix an already godly game with some extra mechanics that arent completely necessary and honestly make the game even easier.
theyre both great games but honestly having grown up playing RE1 REmake just didnt tickle me the same way.

>> No.5683792

Not at all, that's why it's awful, brain dead.

>> No.5683807

No RE1 is braindead easy

>> No.5683828

How the fuck can they make a worse product in today's age and technological advancement. This is a new level of laziness.

>> No.5683852

>Compared to RE1 REmake's color palette is dull as fuck
Who gives a fuck? RE1 looked unnatural anyway. You know, for a zombie infested mansion in the middle of the woods, someone coincidentally left all the lights on. Crying about the REmakes colors is one of the more retarded complaints you can make.

>> No.5683912

I disagree, because it would have been a pain in the ass if the player had to manually switch lights in every fucking room of the Spencer mansion. Thanks Capcom for letting all lights on

>> No.5683916


>> No.5684053

Oh so you admit RE1 at least has one more color than REmake? So therefore it is better.

>> No.5684058

That's not how any of this works.

>> No.5684131

I want to see an FPS game with this exact type of bazooka as the rocket launcher weapon.

>> No.5684446

There are none

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I got a classic RE3 outfit mod for Remake HD but I've just noticed that I've overwritten my outfit unlock savegames with my Real Survival savegames. Is there any way to edit savegames to have two completions so I'd have the costumes unlocked? After searching I've concluded that there isn't actually a mod to permanently disable One Dangerous Zombie so that one savegame could have all outfits for both characters as well as a non-FUCK-YOU gameplay mode available. And every downloadable savegame is 100% completion as if that shit would help anyone with anything whatsoever. I really don't want to just speedrun the game twice for Jill just to be able to play as Jill normally.

>> No.5685424


Anon, they lost the source code, effects and lighting and just went with what they had. Sucks, but it is what it is

>> No.5685593

The remake makes the mansion look haunted, in the original it doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary is happening til you read the diaries and run into monsters. Original had more of a 70s horror movie vibe because of that, remake is like gritty, overdesigned 2000s horror movies that miss the point of horror. Filthy looking sets completely removes and potential for actual horror.

>> No.5685632

Itchy, tasty

>> No.5686009

Perfect Dark on 360, though that's more of a remaster that just corrects all the bullshit due to N64 limitations.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2

>> No.5686172

Someone defending something on the grounds that its remake is "overdesigned" should first make sure that what they're defending isn't so underdesigned that most of the areas of the house don't have any windows. Even 70's horror movies still made sense. And no, leaving out basic architecture does not somehow add to the creep factor. It couldn't even have been a technical limitation because pre-rendered backgrounds existed precisely because they can avoid technical limitations. It's just lazy design. The original Resident Evil looks like a videogame level. Remake looks like an actual residence. If you feel more terrified looking at blocky lego figurines wandering around a windowless fullbright wallpaper tunnel network than looking at people wandering around a real looking place with actual lighting, you are actually just full of shit and nobody believes you. Old game good. New game bad.

>> No.5686206

The original and remake have the same ratio of windows. Why do you need to make things up? It's mostly filled with more decorations with gloomier colors in the remake.
And what actual residence is a cemetery in the courtyard, and a collapsing ceiling trap? It's meant to be structured like a dungeon; it's all a front for a secret lab. The point is that they made the place look like a spooky obvious horror setting and designed to look like a horror setting while the original everything looked plain but feels off.
And why are you getting verbose and touchy about this?

>> No.5686221

>The original and remake have the same ratio of windows. Why do you need to make things up?
Your blatant shameless lying regarding something everyone on this thread is intimately familiar with isn't helping your case.

>> No.5686226

Get a life, internet tough guy.

>> No.5686246
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>gets called out on talking out of his ass
>immediately projects being unreasonable

>> No.5686327

this is the first time i've even heard of a saturn version
what makes it better than the psx version?

>> No.5686339

dang, the top does look far better, with the exception of resolution
it's like looking at an original vs. a fan remake

>> No.5686349
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200% based, redpilled, probably has sex daily

>> No.5686414

If you're completely blind.

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