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The genesis by itself is an absolute dream of a console. The addon's are much more debated, it seems. You either love them or think they're shit. I like the addons but I hate the price they go for. The CD and 32X together cost like 5 times what you can buy a model 1 for. Opinions?

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Sega CD is hot garbage.

32X is okay if you want some good AM2 ports, oh, and Tempo. Also apparently it will make the color palette of your Genesis games look a bit better.

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No they're not worth it, no exceptions or thinking required. This applies to everyone.

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CD has great games as well:
>Afterburner 3
>Popful Mail
>Sonic CD
>Shining Force CD
Those are just the ones I know about, there are definitely more CD games worth your time if you look around.
Also check out Shadow Squadron if you get a 32X. The framerate is surprisingly solid and the game is fun.

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both have bad libraries, but the Sega CD actually fills some gaps in the Genesis library with jarpigs and japanese text-adventure games, the Core games aren't paricularly great, but very impressive. there's also some other stuff like Final Fight CD and some shmups (Lords of Thunder, Bari-Arm, Robo Aleste and Keio)

32X is downright terrible, After Burner (I don't like the series though), Blackthorne, Stellar Assault, Virtua Racing Deluxe, Virtua Fighter and Space Harrier are the worthwhile games, maybe some ports where the 32X is the superior to the base Genesis version like Mortal Kombat II (not as good as the SNES version though) and probably NBA Jam (never played this version). Pitfall is actually better on the Genesis

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>Sonic CD

>a game

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I have them both and I rarely use either of them. There's only a couple of worthwhile games for either add-on.

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Sonic CD has plenty of fun moments and amazing music despite level design flaws and Snatcher let's you shoot things sometimes so it's a game.

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CD is worth having for a few games like Popful Mail, Snatcher, and Lunar (Sonic CD fucking sucks so I'm not mentioning it), and also a few upgraded games like NHL '94
32X however is only good for Tempo

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Neither are really worth it, even if they've got some nice games.

There's a few things of note on the Sega CD.
Soul Star is very pretty and impressive.
Sonic CD is rough in a lot of ways, but it's pretty and has nice music (either region, but I like the JP soundtrack more).
I enjoyed playing Lords of Thunder a bunch.
Keio Flying Squadron is neat too.
Silpheed has a bunch of issues as a game, but it's very impressive and still very entertaining. Great music, cool visuals, maybe a bit awkward gameplay, and not just because of the tilted 3D view.
Starblade isn't bad, but it's better elsewhere.
Final Fight CD is well regarded, but I haven't played it.
There's a bunch of Genesis ports with CD music and load times.
Haven't touched any of the RPGs on the machine.

On the 32X side...
Virtua Racing Deluxe, Virtua Fighter, and Space Harrier are all great ports of great games. Virtua Racing Deluxe is probably the best thing on the machine by far.
After Burner Complete is a good port, but the more I play AB, the more I think it's not a great game.
Chaotix sucks in a lot of ways, but it's still pretty fun. Music and visuals are top notch too.
Doom is one of the better home ports, but it's still not worth playing except as a curiosity. Mute the music.
Shadow Squadron is pretty cool, very nice graphics, decent music. Not perfect, but a pretty good game.
I don't like Tempo at all, but it's pretty.

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If Hitler didn't like sonic CD then he can stfu because that's the best sonic

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I'm surprised that Sonic CD gets such a bad rap. Sure, it's got some problems(Long load times) but it really shows off the technical abilities of the console with the special stages. It would be arguably just as good as S3&K if it had more levels.

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SEGA CD is worth it. 32x, ehhhhhhh

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Sonic CD is definitely better than Knuckles Chaotix anyway. I like them both, but I've replayed CD way more.

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>Sega CD is hot garbage
There has never been a more wrong post on /vr/ and that's saying something

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The problem is the level design not the loading times, and it's still a good game anyway

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>as good as S3&K
CD has worse level design than Sonic 1. Sonic 2 and 3&K are better by far, not to say 1 and CD are particularly bad
This is true

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I want to buy both of them if only to get Sonic CD and Knuckles Chaotix to round out my classic Sonic collection, but I'm having a hard time justifying it considering the games aren't really the best and it doesn't look like there's much else on either one that catches my eye. I figured I'd grab Snatcher if I got a Sega CD, but that shit is $500 on ebay for some reason

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I came here to post the opposite. Sega CD has some good stuff but tge 32X mostly just has Kolibri.

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I have no opinion on the 32X since I don't own one and haven't played any of its games yet. The Sega CD is great and actually has some good stuff on it. The going price at game stores for one is around $100, but a friend gave his away to me because he was downsizing. If you plan on playing burned games, then in my opinion, the Sega CD is very much worth it.

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>Shining Force CD
great game, but it uses up almost all blocks in the Sega CD unit.

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Fuck yea they are worth it, especially the CD

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Super Scaler ports are not a good reason to bother with the 32x. Those games are not only better on the Saturn, with a higher framerate, but also support analog controls there.

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How feasible is it to play Japanese or European games on an American Sega CD? I want the better Sonic CD soundtrack

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The CD has a lot of my favorites for the console. Great news that you will not have to deal with the cost of getting a CD unit with the announcement of the MegaSD. I also like the 32X, probably due to the price to enjoyment ratio when I got them. The 32X games are pretty fun and nowhere even close to as bad as they have been portrayed. Sega systems were never really liked in US and Japan, but I actually like what they had on offer.

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No. All controllers that are "Add-Ons" are garbage. The only good ones are hardwired FC controllers.

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controllers? not sure you understand what this thread is about

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It’s effortless if you have a Mega Everdrive. You can just load a rom of the region bios you want to run. The Everdrive X5 is highly recommended especially because it can be used as a backup CD Memory cart

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It's about addons like the stuff in OPs picture sport. How hard is that to understand?

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OP here, if it's not about the Sega CD or 32X get out of this thread.

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lol hell no
most of those games are on PC engine, get that instead, there’s lot of good exclusives on PC engine too

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Only reason to have a 32X is Virtua Racing, and that has great ports on other systems. Keep in mind that some of the best Sega arcade ports are not on retro systems.

Sega CD is great.

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The Sega CD had some good games on it, also it has no copy protection so you can just put whatever game you want on a burned CD and be good to go.

I think you're wrong. The 32X has what, Kolibri and Tempo? Neat games, but do you want to spend all that money on a 32X for just two games?
Well, Afterburner had a pretty good port i guess, but you might as well MAME it.

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S3&K is bizarrely overrated. The level design is boring, the aesthetic is meh and the soundtrack is forgettable. SCD is much better.

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>Doom is one of the better home ports, but it's still not worth playing except as a curiosity.
It's decent for one of Doom's early console ports (good controls with a six button, good and consistent framerate, resolution isn't fucked and tiny, good audio quality), but the port cuts so much content it isn't even funny (cuts almost half of the levels, no rotations for sprites, and the game ends with E2M9 as the final map, with no cyberdemons or spidermasterminds to be seen, instead you fight just some cacos and barons in the weakest map of the original game).
The Playstation port blows it out of the water.

>Mute the music.
Oh yeah. I'd suggest putting on the soundtrack from the GBA version in the background instead, fits better.

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>confused yammering that's actually related to the topic
Sounds like it's time to put you in a home, you're probably one of /vr/'s oldest posters.

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I played Doom 32X a lot back in the days with only sfx, and honestly, I didn't miss the music anytime. I always prefered to play Doom or Quake without music either on pc or consoles. I believe the games are much more atmospheric, scary and enjoyable with only the sound effects.

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They weren't worth it when they were released, and they're definitely not worth it now.

I'm a hardwarefag for most things, but when it comes to genesis addons, I'd rather settle for emulation than have yet another piece of hardware for a very small selection of largely lackluster games.

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Nobody has mentioned it but the Sega CD has better versions of already good Genesis games like Earthworm Jim and Echo 1/2

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genesis sucks, the only good games are sonic and ecco
it has not held up at all

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if SCD had better dash abilities id like it more

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CD, yes if you avoid fmv. 32x, avoid, only about 3 games worth playing, counting arcade ports. Knuckles Chaotix isn't one of them.

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It does in the Taxman ports.

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It's definitely more than 3 good games:
>Virtua Racing Deluxe
>Shadow Squadron
>Virtua Fighter
>Space Harrier
Only Shadow Squadron is an original game out of these five, but there could be more worthwhile games I am forgetting to mention or haven't played.

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OK, but not trying to be argumentative but it's still not a great library. Koloribri is one of the better ones imo, but not counting ports or doom, there's just not much there. I wish it had been allowed to exist for a few more years as it did have potential. You can get a feel of where it was going but they killed it too soon.

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I'm a bit annoyed it even existed. All that dev effort really should have been heading towards the Saturn.

VF1 on Saturn is a rushed mess, VF1 on 32X is decently polished. Chaotix was supposed to be on the Saturn, it got rushed out the door for the 32X. There's a bunch of games that were targeting the 32X, and they got cancelled when the machine got killed instead of moving to the Saturn. Doom 32X really, really, really should have been on Saturn instead of the shitty PS1 port we got.
Virtua Racing got a kinda shitty outsourced port on Saturn, while the 32X had what was considered the best way to play the game at home until the recent Switch release.
Star Wars Arcade was a huge license that would have really made a difference on Saturn (because it really helped the 32X not be as much of a total loss for Sega). It keeps going.

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I agree, the 32X was certainly impressive but it existing gave the Saturn more competition than it needed and it definitely had an unimpressive library. But if OP really likes those few home ports and original titles, it could be a worthwhile investment to him.

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Mega CD has heaps of good games so yes.

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The 32x is only good for the AM2 ports.
The Sega CD has plenty of good games, like Snatcher, Sonic CD, the best version of Earthworm Jim, and Final Fight CD. Just get the Sega CD.

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>OP here
You should really lurk moar, until you're at least 18, before starting threads

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Thunderhawk and Battlecorps aren't that bad either, acquired taste.

Puggsy CD has extra levels IIRC

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Good to know. Thanks anon
The Streets of Rage trilogy, the Shinobi trilogy, and a few others like the exclusive Castlevania game and The Adventures of Batman and Robin are all really solid. Better than Ecco, even. Fighting games tend to be superior on the Genesis over the SNES, too, especially because of the controller. Other multiplats were typically better too like Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure and Earthworm Jim. I love the SNES but there are a lot of cases of good Genesis games aging well

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if you can find one for cheap then yeah it's a good find, all the games are free

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Curious, what's a good price for one?

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I wouldn't pay more than $34

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i have the segaCD and 32x
pretty expensive now so i would suggest making sure there are actually titles you WANT to play on the system before buying.

was lucky enough as a kid to have the systems and loved them along with Sega channel.

the 32x has a limited library but kolibri alone is worth the price of admission. segaCD is a better value as you can burn games quite easily and save thousands of dollars / i love the feel and look of the system

>every once in a while i turn it on and feel 8yrs old again & all of /vr/ knows you cant put a price on that.

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I wanna fuck TimeGal

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ok just one problem anon
its literally a cartoon character

have a cutie dress up as her & ur in business

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>Mega CD has heaps of good games

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Yeah, the system has plenty of good games. Sonic CD, Snatcher, Silpheed, Time Gal, etc.

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> t. only watched the AVGN episode
actually very sad

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You can start listing some any time now

failing this bad

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>All shit games
Go on
I can think of final fight CD and eternal champions cd

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Why are those games shit? Especially Sonic CD?
Better than Sonic 2.

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The Star Wars game for the 32X is pretty kino. Why has nobody mentioned it yet?

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Sega is shit. Sonic was never good.

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It's trash and the vehicle levels on super star Wars trilogy are objectively more fun

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Because they're shit.
Sonic is just another Sonic game made shittier by making half the shitty shit the machine couldn't do well
Snatcher is a shit port
Silpheed is just a shit game. At least on anything made after 1980
Time Gal. Well that's where anon truly demonstrates he's a retarded youtube parroting zoomer. It's literally the worst port of that game made for any platform. The MSX version was better. I shit you not. Look it up.

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>Better than Sonic 2

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