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Is it any good?

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its fine, but dcss is probably what you want to play

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>not playing the vastly superior nethack

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It's fun to waste time with but I've never come close to beating it.

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Nah. A lot of the older true roguelikes embodied a lot of bad elements from RPGs: heavy RNG-dependency and, as a consequence, potential for a game to be lost as soon as you start because the things you need won't spawn when you need them. It's part of the reason human wins in those games (Rogue, Moria, Hack) were pretty rare.

Modern, non-retro true roguelikes are a lot fairer (even without spoilers), while still being hard.

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I beat it and enjoyed it, but only by deactivating the darkness effect of the lower levels. The game is already bullshit hard without every room being a pitch black death trap. I don't even know how it's supposed to be possible to deal with levels full of jabberwocks, dragons, and griffins that you can't even see coming.

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I heard there are a lot of games like this

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You don't say

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You're just supposed to be lucky enough to have powerful enough equipment to blast through everything without giving a single fuck.

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This but unironically. >>5672329
Rogue was my favorite cgane growing up abd is still pretty intetesting in it's way, but ultimately it's a little simple and kind of a slot machine. Amazing for having spawned one of the greatest genres ever, but like the original Mario Bros more something to appreciate more than play a ton.

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Yeah it actually is.

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For some unclear reason I've always preferred Mystery Dungeon over Roguelikes even though they're just washed out weeb copies and don't reach the depth of the originals.

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it is not only good, it is great. So great that so many it is not only good, it is great. So great that so many other fucking games copied is so fucking much that they spawn an entire fucking genre based around copying this fucking game and if the aspects of it were put into copying other games in a more casual way to spawn another fucking genre that tube literally has nothing to do with the first jonra aside from the fact that it has permanent death and tomato me generators bulshit

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Because MD games are easy and you want to win.

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I have it on an ancient "portable" Toshiba laptop with a red-black screen that gives you a headache if you look at it for more than 15 minutes.
It's pretty fun and for me it's just intriguing that it inspired Diablo. When you think about it Diablo is very similar to Rogue, but in real time.

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That was exactly Diablo's design goal, to make a roguelike in real time. It's an interesting thing with genres too, sometimes just one change can completely alter something enough that it becomes a whole new genre.

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Are you having a stroke, anon?

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give Moria a shot and you will feel diablo's inspiration even more

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its one of the better roguelikes
modern ones suffer from LUL RANDOMZ and feature creep out the ass. At least we have better and more comfy colors now.

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> calling Rogue a roguelike
> implying it's not random

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did you heal already

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How does Angband compare to other Roguelikes? It's the only one I've played

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ya nigga u wuz drunk

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"Roguelike" is a descriptor for the genre to which Rogue belongs. We're all very impressed by your high octane autism but nobody cares.

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Ohh. I might have been a little. I rarely check spelling when posting here.

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Not him but technically it's not a Roguelike. You could call it the rougemother though lol

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"Technically" sure, but there's no point in insisting it isn't a roguelike. What genre would you say it belongs to otherwise? "It's an RPG with permadeath where you travel through procedurally-generated dungeons acquiring loot and leveling up." At that point you might as well just say roguelike.

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the actual point is make guys like you write essays about it
plz, rlg, not again. go back before the thread dies

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It's alright.
I wouldn't get too invested in it though, it's so simple. A few plays is enough in my opinion.
Play NetHack! It's much more in-depth, and hence gives you more solutions to problems :>

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is there a good app to play this on my phone?

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>I beat it and enjoyed it, but only by cheating

imagine telling on yourself like this

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Imagine believing that you can become a woman when you'll never have a uterus.

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Imagine believing that women even have uterus's.
Have you ever even seen one?

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I put on an Amulet of Change.

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Cheaters always try to tell themselves It's not their fault they ruined the game fir themselves and it wouldhave been too hard otherwise.

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The game ruined itself by being an RNG fest

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Learning to adapt to and conquer the random situations the game throws at you is exactly why they're so much fun. Anyone can replay a linear game until they memorize how to beat it.

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I also recommend Nethack, it's one of my all-time favourite games. Not saying that it doesn't have it's downsides, but overall it's very impressive that a 30 year old game is still so much fun today.

>How does Angband compare to other Roguelikes?
I played Nethack and Angband, though I never played Angband to the end, since I got bored eventually. In Nethack you'll die all the time if you're a beginner, that's nothing to worry about, so don't get too attached to your character. You'll even die a lot as an average player until you manage to gather a decent equipment, from there on you are much harder to defeat. In fact, I'd say that one of the main challenges of Nethack is to deal with your own frustration when things go wrong - again. Angband is a lot easier, at least in the beginning. You can just run off and explore the dungeon without getting raped at the first opportunity. Things like hunger and curses are also a minor issue, and item identification is somewhat easier. Another huge difference: In both Angband and Nethack the dungeons are randomly generated, but in Nethack it stays the same during the entire game, while in Angband every floor is newly generated when you enter it, so you have no need to build stashes and you can't leave stuff lying around. I think that's a considerable limitation.

For the comparision to other roguelikes I suggest having a look at this page for further information: http://roguebasin.com/index.php?title=Personalities_of_different_roguelikes

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Too many tedious degenerate strategies. DCSS is the only major roguelike that tries hard to eliminate all boring parts.

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>complaining about RNG
>in a roguelike

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it's a pretty good game but very basic. i don't think it'd be a bad choice for your first roguelike to play, but don't expect to beat it anytime soon. here's a manual i found helpful to explain some less obvious stuff: https://userpages.monmouth.com/~colonel/rvm.html

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>tries hard to eliminate all boring parts
And yet the #1 advice for improving win rate is still the same as every roguelike: "kite more". This is why meme build NaTm^Chei is so much fun: kiting is impossible. You wreck everything 1v1 but things go bad real fast if you're caught out in the open, so you actually have to plan ahead.

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Yeah, it's good but you probably want to play the games inspired by it.

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ToME is the best roguelike, followed by Qud because it actually makes skills and classes matter

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