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Is it worth getting one now? I've heard that the hacking/modding community has pretty much "fixed" the PS Classic. How does it perform when hacked?

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Why bother when you can emulate at higher res?

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it performs well when hacked but still 20ms behind a pi and more than 40ms than a powerful pc lagwise

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if you can connect your PC to your TV then just play that way. Otherwise just buy a small emulation PC and use it as a console

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The controllers are all right but make sure they show up as Xinput devices
Or I guess do the 8Bitdo DIY PCB mod and make them wireless

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Novelty is novel

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You're comparing full PCs to a $30 emulation box.

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Now compare power usage, condition and accessories. I'm not saying you are wrong, just saying it's not bad for the price.

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I agree that the controllers might actually be worth the price of admission if a person doesn't have access to OEM Playstation controllers (USB adapters are like $2). As far as power consumption... Uh, I honestly don't know. Laptops are pretty low draw especially Celerons but it's not something I actually put enough of a priority on to figure out. Are you that poor, some kinda hippy or both?

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So, barely noticeable input lag is the new thing now? We're over frame rates and resolution, so latency is the new "muh rig is better than urs!" Thing?

Jesus fucking christ. Get a fucking life, faggot.

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Just like efficiency. I personally own 2 Classics. Also, have access to a rPi, MacBook Pro, Vita, PSP, ASUS laptop, PS4, etc. so just putting in my $0.02.

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>3 frames of input delay
>barely noticeable

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>power usage
so how's the battery life on the PSX classic? also how good is its screen? i can't find any particular mention of these in reviews i've read for some reason.

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He's some kinda hippy

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There is a difference between power usage and battery life.

Perhaps. A hippy with more tech than I need.

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He's being facetious. Maybe you just have a mild spectrum condition.

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Either way, don’t care.

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Speaking of emulation, what's the recommended usb adapter for the dualshock 2 and the raspberry?

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I don't see how people can't get it through their heads that maybe not everybody wants to emulate on a fucking computer. Not everybody wants to carry a Pi with a bunch of cables and controllers to a friend's house, disconnect everything that's already hooked up, and then spend 20 minutes configuring RetroPie when you can get the Classic that actually works and a carrying case with it. Not everybody shares your autism. The person you hang out with who has a job and probably studies isn't going to be impressed with your "retro" lingo. Nobody outside of here cares. If you had a decent job then $40 for a Classic wouldn't be a problem.

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>configure pi with your selection of games
>you're in the same predicament as having a PS Classic except it's more powerful

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What site is that?

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>come to a forum for retro game enthusiests
>is this casual emubox worth the money?
>no, do this instead
okay retard. if you want to continue being a retard then waste 30 bucks on a shitty emubox.

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>come to a forum for retro game enthusiasts
>is this casual emubox worth the money?
>no, do this instead
okay retard. if you want to continue being a retard then waste 30 bucks on a shitty emubox.

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I like my ps classic. Found this weird Chinese USB thing you just plug in and it adds a decent range of titles without hacking. Emulation is decent, only thing off I've noticed so far is some sound issues.

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Just got one of these from the store, and I might get some more for friends. It seems like a really cool unit, what should I do?

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I'm seeing those pop up on Amazon. It looks like there's 2-3 different sets, kind of cool. What's funny is that Sony probably doesn't even give a hoot since they'll actually help move the fucking PS Classic units from sellers LOL.

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It's worth being for the novelty if you owned one as a kid like me, bringing it along on holiday was an insensitive for me finish a bunch of PS1 games that I was never going to finish. I even had it on me on a family trip and my nephew was so intrigued by it he wants to come along to a retro con next time.

For anyone else the Pi in a PS1 case is better, but you'll miss out on the novelty of owning real PS1 controllers, a pretty close resemblance to a real PS1, and maybe some nostalgia when you boot it up.

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You can buy a real PS1 with all sorts of things at that price

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>without hacking
This post gave me cancer.

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That does sound easy, I guess this thing is pretty cool after all, I think I’m going to buy one

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T. mister Sony

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Friend of mine bought it so excited about the lower price and being able to hack it, couldn't play 3 or 4 of his favorite games. What's the point of this and not buying a PSP instead?

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Get a PSTV.

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Ps1 classic has more power and less lag than a pi

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Eh at 30 bucks I'd say it's worth it. The controllers feel great and the hacking process is as simple as plugging in a USB.

If you've already got a PI or equivalent, it's really not necessary but still pretty cool.

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This obscure buying and selling site called ebay

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Just don't expect to play Brave Fencer Musashi. It won't load cutscenes and freezes. Same with Disruptor. Kinda scared to start any of the large RPGs cuz I would rather not run into any game breaking shit.

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Any way to hook a PS Classic to a CRT?

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Buy a HDMI to RCA converter?

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It's got pretty much the same compatibility as the Pi, good, but not great. JRPGs in particular have lots of weird bugs.

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Fuck man, there are tons of bidding sites. There was no clear indication it was ebay.

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OP here. I just wanted to know how a hacked PS Classic would run PS1 games. I know a computer can run anything better, but sometimes it's convenient to have something like a mini console.

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Don't even fucking bother.
Not only you can print out and assemble your own emulation station for less money, you will also be able to use any PS controllers with it, including DualShock, customize whatever you want, AND you won't be giving money to Sony's hack frauds for their overpriced novelty trash.

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Of course it will run PSX games. It's not some kind of propritetary emulation software they're using.

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I wanted to know how well. If there's any lag and sound issues (after hacked, of course).

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PSTV is ass in that it's impossible with the scaling options to get a decent integer scaled image in the PS1 emulator on a HDTV.

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Better to hack a PSP, I think.

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>community has pretty much "fixed"
>weird Chinese USB thing
>excited about ... being able to hack it
Would anyone buy this (aka give Sony money) if it couldn't be hacked/modded?

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A hacked unit with Adrenaline should do it, it has the options at least.

Most people didn't and because of that it become a flop that you can find for 30 bucks today.

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I have a hacked pstv and it’s pretty decent. Castlevania chronicles looks pretty great along with ps1 games like final fantasy tactics

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Hmm this does seem awesome, going to pick one of these up later.

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Even with the scaling options it's impossible to get an integer scale for a HDTV display:


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Can we flash new games to it and overwrite the shitty ones yet? I don't wanna deal with USB storage and just replace all the crap on there with my own. I think someone managed to do it but some of the slots still run at 50hz somehow.

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when did people become so afraid of computers that hacking some failed mini console is seen as the hassle free approach?

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I bought a PSTV long ago and I could've told you that from day 1. All it does is take scale Vita resolution to 720x480, 1280x720, or 1920x1080 interlaced. This is bad because the PS1 game is being scaled multiple times, no wonder the input lag is so shitty in some cases.
>320x240 scaled to 480x272
>480x272 scaled to 960x544
>960x544 scaled to 720x480 or 1280x720 or 1920x1080 interlaced'
Plus any applicable lag from HDTV and wireless controllers

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>I don't see how people can't get it through their heads that maybe not everybody wants to emulate on a fucking computer.
But that's what this thing is, it's a computer.
>Not everybody wants to carry a Pi with a bunch of cables and controllers to a friend's house, disconnect everything that's already hooked up, and then spend 20 minutes configuring RetroPie when you can get the Classic that actually works and a carrying case with it.
Just buy a dedicated retropie purely for the PS then. Noone makes you take it apart. Less hassle than trying to hack a ps classic.
> The person you hang out with who has a job and probably studies isn't going to be impressed with your "retro" lingo.
Most people don't study kid.
>If you had a decent job then $40 for a Classic wouldn't be a problem.
If you were a millionaire it wouldn't be a problem at all but it would still be a stupid purchase.

Also $40 seems incredibly low, it must have bombed really hard if it's really going for that little.

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30 now

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>Is it worth paying for another machine to do something any PC or laptop made in the last decade is already capable of doing, and doing better?

No. No it isn't.

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that's what you get for trusting nu/vr/

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It would be like buying a special console to view pdf files and taking it around and thinking it's so cool you can view pdf files now. And for any arguments against it's be like "oh well I COULD use another device, but man it's so clunky, I'd have to install software and shit and then I'd have to set it all up". Everything else in retro gaming makes sense except this nonsense, well and repros, repros are for dumb fucks as well.

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Is there anything from the PSX which cannot be faithfully emulated, for the sake of argument?
I'm asking sincerely because I assumed with emulation there were many additions which have taken it above the console, for example PGXP surely means that emulation has in realistic terms outstripped the console - it was only an undesirable hardware limitation which made those textures wobbly.

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My computer is shitty, can I just use a PS Classic?
Also what is the best method, I hear RetroArch helps a lot but I'm not sure

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I just wanted to know how the emulation was after being hacked with BleemSync or something. You know, if it runs OK and if has any sound issues.

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there's no way it's shittier than a ps classic unless it's a pentium 4

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I guess, but it's a laptop and I'd feel better cramming roms into a separate device than my own limited space, along with battery life concerns. It's just a thought, honestly, if there really are no benefits then I can try it.

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then put all your roms in a central location or a flash drive

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I was just looking at SD cards at Walmart and you can get like a 120gb one for under $30

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>30 now

I bought one for $29.99 and it's not bad for that price. Especially if you soft mod it. Also, the two classic PS1 style controllers are a nice addition.

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Looks good... Seriously considering purchasing one. What do you guys think, should I do it?

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Had to get one of these so I could play my PS4 at my buddies cottage which still only has an old crt lol, it works.

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The real question is, do I buy the meth pack, the crakchead pack or the fight pack?

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Personally, I’m going to pull the trigger on ordering one of these!

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>supporting the stealing chinks
why would you do this?
you can use any usb 1.0/2.0 stick or sd reader that uses less than 2ma of current (nearly all of them)

for $30 its worth it for two usb controllers it comes with and the hdmi

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they're only worth it on sale. I bought one for $40 last week. "Hacking" them takes a matter of seconds. Don't buy those pre-loaded Chinese sticks. You can download the software and ISOs yourself. It runs games off of the USB about the same as the pre-loaded games.

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I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but my Thinkpad T430 tends to stutter in a good amount of PSX games, especially the audio. I've spent a lot of time trying to optimize everything as much as I can, but I think there's just something about laptop GPUs that's a major bottleneck for games

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nu/vr/ holy fuck leave now

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my shit ass acer c720 chromebook can run mednafen psx

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Friend of mine did his a day or two ago and says it runs fine after autobleem, if not better than before. Anectdotal of course, I haven't tested it out yet but since no one answered your question (for what, 2 days?) Id give you an answer. Goddamn consolewar faggots. Even over shit like the minis and raspberries. Jesus fuck.

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It isn't "console wars" to point out that the PS Classic emulates _the same exact games_ worse than many other devices do, the point which the other anon was getting unreasonably upset over, you absolute fuckwit.

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OP basically just wanted people to tell him to buy it, he wasn't asking seriously for people to counter that, no, the hardware limitations have not been magically and entirely surpassed
Mind you can install other emulations etc. which are better than the native one

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Can can buy a Pi 3+, generic case, ac adapter, sd card and 2 chingchong controllers for under $40? You sure know how to shop.
Just visited GS to fuck with you and seen they dropped the price AGAIN. At that price I really gotta get around to buying one.

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Ok I'm probably just retarded then, or maybe it's Retroarch's fault

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OP. Thanks for the info. I wanted to know if the emulation had been improved, since it was pretty shitty at launch. My biggest concern was with sound. Are there any sound issues? Graphic glitches? Can you use filters/scanlines?
No, I just wanted info from someone who owns a hacked PS Classic. I know a PC emulator can do better.

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The sad thing is that Sony is probably still making money at that price.

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Name of that?

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