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What's your favourite turn-based RPG? For me it's FF3, both the remake and the original are so comfy and fun. I love me a job system even if it's simple.

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Suikoden II. I run through it every few years. I love having a big castle full of friends and a bathtub and a kitchen. FF1 would be a close second - pure RPG gameplay and tons of ways to play it.

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Any other recommendations? I really like FF1 for that reason as well, looking for something new that is light on story

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Remake based on a retro game? Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song.
Pure retro?
SaGa Frontier is pretty excellent.

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Not specifically remakes but thanks for the recommendations

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I guess the only games of this type still being made are mecha SRPGs

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Final Fantasy V. I even do some FF Four Job Fiesta eventually

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A friend and I are actually playing through FF3 right now. It's my first time, and he is a big fan of it. The job system is fun, and the moment when we got off the small island to the world at large was great.

After this I would like to play FF5.

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FF5 is really damn good but I rather play the GBA remake, it's just has a few things added in like a added superboss and what not. The music is worse but I heard there's a sound restoration of the game.

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it does, there's a color restoration patch too

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Not a big fan of turn based rpgs but I enjoyed and finished the FF3 psp remake last year; good game. I think I used one or two geomancers for rng fun.

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This, it was my first jrpg, played it on borrowed PSX. I liked Star Ocean, too.
This makes me think why I've never seen any jrpgs on pegasus (Chinese clone of NES very popular in Poland back then).

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Mine isn't retro, but still have fond memories of Lunar 2.

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SaGa Frontier, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy Tactics, Jagged Alliance 2, all Goldbox games and Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

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Ogre Battle has unique gameplay and is light on story. One of my personal favorites

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