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4 days until the next fiesta

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what is this exactly?

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You get assigned 4 random jobs and you have to complete the game using only those 4 jobs. There's a few options for flavor you can pick too. It works by you tweeting option codes to their bot account on twitter, and it assigns you your jobs at random and you complete the game that way.

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Oh shit, it's that time of year. I want to join but don't know if I have it in me. I've played FFV to death at this point.

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what if i don't get the jobs till later? im confused. am i expected to play as bare until i get the crystal needed?

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this sounded fun sorta but after checking out how all of it works its just way too confusing. pass.

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Get 1 job = all 4 characters as that job
Get 2 jobs = Any combination as long as you use both jobs at least once.
Get 3 jobs = Any combination of jobs as long as you use all 3 jobs once
Get 4 jobs = each job must be represented on the team

You only get one job per crystal and can switch jobs for characters as long as you follow the above rules.

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Squeenix really should just implement this feature in the base game. It's fun af. Getting all geomancers to clear was harder run than all berserkers oddly enough.

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>Getting all geomancers to clear was harder run than all berserkers oddly enough.
wut? All geomancers can make it by spamming elixirs and such, meanwhile 4zerkers is RNG hell. The only clears I've seen is when people got lucky enough to get about 20 earthquake procs.

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uh I meant 11 quakes, still insane without copious grinding and praying

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I heard blowjob fiesta and came as fast as I cou--

Four job fiesta. Well. Fuck you, nigger.

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I'll give this a try, registered for an advanced run. I just played FFV recently and really enjoyed it so I wouldn't mind running it again. Do people usually pop in here and post updates?

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>Do people usually pop in here and post updates?
I encourage it. Reading run logs is fun.

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I'll definitely do that then, I enjoyed posting updates when I was doing funmon runs in /vp/. I might get a headstart and run to the wind crystal while I'm waiting for my roll.

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>having to tweet just to get the 4 job options

what if I don't like social media altogether?

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the Fiesta site has a few pluses though, e. g. your previous runs and accomplishments are saved on the website with the pictures - so you can reminisce and show off to others.

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You can use this picture I just made and roll with your post time,
unless you want to do a random or chaos run.

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Looking at this again, I put way too much text on there.

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>https://www.twitch dot tv/rpglimitbreak

The Run is now live. Everyone else will be able to start shortly after they finish.

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Don't worry anon, I'll made something similar for my vr fan page and post it here.

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this still doesn't explain it well. it sucks that there are no comprehensive rules or guides laid. everytime someone describes it just sounds like a pain to get going. i have no problem with the challenge but just setting it up sounds like a massive pain in the ass so im gonna hard pass on this one. also tweeting? just to get it going? no generator? kind of absurd.

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1) Get to Wind Crystal, roll a random wind crystal job and only use that job
2) Get to Water Crystal, roll a water crystal job and only use both jobs you rolled
3) Get to Fire Crystal, roll a fire crystal job and only use all three jobs you rolled
4) Get to Earth Crystal, roll an earth crystal job and use all four jobs you rolled

If you don't want to tweet, just use random.org to pick a job at random at each crystal. You don't have to play if you don't want to but it's really not complicated.

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>use only that job
Gathering correctly, from wind on, that includes not using freelancer so all 4 characters have to be that first rolled class?

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I agree that the website is not well structured. With all the different run types and extra restrictions being explained all over the place
>pic related
this paragraph from the website contains almost everything you need to know for a bare bones normal run.

To answer this >>5661518 question:
>what if i don't get the jobs till later? im confused. am i expected to play as bare until i get the crystal needed?
yes, But that only can happen if you pick chaos runs, where you always roll from all jobs in the game.
In normal/random runs, you only get jobs that are available at the point you roll them.


Easiest way to understand is to watch runs on Youtube, just skip to the points after they get a crystal and see what their parties look like.

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I'm excited bros, first job is blue mage. Any tips for where to get good early blue magic? Also, sorry for being a phonefag

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Two important spells can be learned instantly: Aero (wind attack) and Blood Suck (HP drain attack)
You can learn Aero in the wind shrine from those ugly snake-like things with wings and with the big head. (there are also Black Goblins in there that give you Goblin Punch, but that's a gimmicky move that only does good damage if you're at the same level as the enemy)
Back in the Pirate Cave there are bats that have blood suck, you can learn that too
You might as well learn
I'm used to the fan translation of the SNES version. So the names may differ.

Oh? Just checked the page: I got Blue Mage too, even though I registered for a Pure Chaos run and could have gotten any job from later crystals as well.

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Good luck anon. I already wandered away to the ship graveyard so I'll have to go back for those abilities later, thanks for the tip.

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>You might as well learn
whoops, forgot to delete that, wanted to write about the goblin Punch but then decided to put it into brackets above.

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Here's a list of Blue Mage spells ordered by how early you can learn them

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Thanks and good luck to you too.

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Thanks, that'll be a big help. Once I get the wind drake I'll double back for some spells, I'll be entering that dungeon after some grinding for supplies.

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Damn, Magissa and Forza were tough. Potions are simply not adequate healing during battle even now, so early in the run. Hi-potions can't come soon enough. Luckily I can go back for blood-suck, and I've already learned aero from Magissa.

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get status effects! blind, frog song etc
iirc Garula is weak to the latter

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it reminds me of \vr\ threads we had in the past about gaming Gauntlet. FFV is my second favourite Final Fantasy, just after FF3nes

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Vampire is awesome, managed to beat this brute without too trouble and thanks to lucky blocking I only got hit with Rush once so there was minimal sap. I'll update shortly with the new job formation.

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Pretty pleased with red mage. I moved galuf back with a flail and lenna back with the healing staff. I've gotta go shopping for some magic now.

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Is there any reason to play the GBA version over the SFC?

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SFC has a bigger field of view and imo the best music

GBA has some changes that make it faster to navigate through the menus.
For example, in the GBA version you can just press L and R to switch between characters while you're in the equipment menu, while on SFC you need to go back to the main menu select equip again and select each character individually.
and you can change you battle menu for the selections to be left, right, up, down instead of a list, if you prefer that.

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I just got the fire crystal, narrowly managed to get both aera and death claw. Taking a break for now, that twitter bot mother fucker assigned me the earth job Samurai for completing the fire crystal even though I'm not running chaos so I might be stuck waiting until the next crystal to use it which is a huge bummer.

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fire ship next.

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I got "CAN NOW USE THE WIND JOB 'THIEF' BECAUSE THEY ARE DASHING" and that was it so I have to use four thieves and never use any other job than thief?

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Oh I see, I have to let the bot know when I get to the other crystals

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You are doing an Advance run, right?
The advance run is new this year and they didn't reveal details on how exactly it works.
I just looked through the player list, here's what I gathered:
In an Advance run Time Mage is part of the 1st roll
Ninja, Geomancer and Beastmaster are part of the 2nd roll
All earth jobs are part of the 3rd roll
The 4th roll only gives Gameboy Advance's extra jobs.

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got blue mage, gg ez

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Is the RPGe translation still the best way to play the SNES version of FFV? Never done a Fiesta before (though I have played FFV to completion), hoping I don't get Berserker.

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Best way is to play in Japanese.

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Anon you and I both know that what I meant was "best way to play Final Fantasy V SNES in the English language." You do this every single thread, please stop.

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I thought it said footjobfestiva.

>> No.5668993

afaik there is no better translation for SFC.

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Should I try doing this if I have never completed FFV normally?

>> No.5669024

FFV is harder than average FF game, I wouldn't recommend it. You should definitely play the game though, and maybe do the Fiesta next year as a replay.

>> No.5669070

This seems pretty cool, I'm a old hand at FF and I've beaten 5 a few times.

Any recommendations how to go about this, anons?

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All-thief run is pretty rough, huh. Super squishy, and I can't seem to steal shit. Using guides like "this is what you can steal from each enemy" is fair game in Four-Job Fiesta, right?

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>"a few times"
totally bro.

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take a peek as much as you need. It lessens the challenge, but it's still your choice how hard you make it for yourself. Personally I look up guides on replays rather frequently

>> No.5669431

We could make our own rules, "/vr/ ruleset".

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What's the challenge missing in your opinion?

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I think I'm walled unless I grind. I already stole four Mythril Daggers but it's still outdamaging me and I can't outheal its damage either, since I'm limited to potions. Any advice before I grind?

>> No.5669748

Thieves don't have any special attacks so there's not much you can do. One character in the front row as an attacker, three in the back row who do nothing but use potions. And pray he doesn't use his damage over time attack too much.

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>grind four levels
>daggers aren't doing any more damage than they were before
Oh god
I'll try that strategy, anon. Maybe with the HP buff it will be enough.

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File: 9 KB, 256x224, Final Fantasy V (J) [T+Eng1.1_RPGe]000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Literally only HP and MP are affected by levels, everything else is determined by equipment

>> No.5669894

levels affect quite a few things, monk damage increases dramatically going from level 4 to 5

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Silly question maybe, but does back row still work as back row if you don't have someone in the front row? I've never tested this, but I know back row enemies lose their defense boost when you kill the front row so I'm wondering if I need a front row or not.

Congrats anon, summoner is awesome, I'm glad to see everyone is having fun

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Alright, made it to Galuf's World. Been struggling pretty hard even after I've wholly accepted cheesing parts of the game by breaking rods (but that's slowly starting to get less effective anyway). Thief is still not pulling its weight and I imagine it's going to just be Potion Bitch for the rest of the game unless giving it dual wielding radically changes anything when I start maxing out jobs. Have not used Dragoon yet since I haven't reunited with Galuf yet.

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One in which you can be proud of being a virgin.

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back row is back row, no matter how many people are in front.

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well RIP

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getting blue is just ez mode isnt it

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so be it.
does anybody have a link to the already sound/visual patched GBA version?

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well once you have big guard/white wind it is, but until then you have to use them in a clever way since very few of their spells are straightforward damage like blackmage's nukes

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how do you get your job to show up like that? the bot gave me a reply with my assigned job but it doesnt show anywhere on the site.

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3 classes that can carry a run is pretty good.

>> No.5672334

found the twitter signin.

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give berserkermonks hermes shoes and turn them into Kenshiro

>> No.5672446

first of all I have to get past that fire asshole.
guess I gotta kill my berserker for this.
I love this run already.

>> No.5672453

killing off the berserker is a standard tactic. Don't tell me you never ran zerker fiestas before? I also had to deal with thief, beast master and dragoon in the same run

>> No.5672476

I never did a proper fiesta before.
>thief and BM

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Any tips for canoneer? Never used it, it's gonna be a while before I get access but I wouldn't mind some tips to prepare in advance.

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How do I get hit by this, I want to get it before I leave for Galuf's world

>> No.5672580

your level must be dividable by 5.

also jesus christ that mobile UI is cancer.

>> No.5672645

Do FF4 or FF6 have that GBA type menu in any versions?

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>tfw never get dragoon

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>some shitty mobile port for an ipad or something

>> No.5672742

>get bard

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Man, fuck Atmos. Had to use all my shurikens and break all my rods. I should have stocked up on Fire/Thunder/Ice Rods before going to Galuf's World, I think I can't get any more for now and only have like 12 total between them. I know you can get Venom Rods but it seems weaker than the others. Dragoon hasn't been doing much but I don't have Lance yet so maybe that'll change things but I don't know if I want to give up the Summon command for it, it has a higher DPS.

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I hate this run.

>> No.5673254

how long does it take to get to the fourth crystal after the third? its been years.

I also dont remember getting the first three so fast back then.

>> No.5673281

A little longer than the other 3 together. I guess they were supposed to be the ultimate classes in the original game.

>> No.5673641

Ninjas are great, what are you complaining about?

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>get to library
>everybody just hit lv 15

>> No.5674976

So my party was:

>Blue Mage

Any sugestions on how to deal with my party?

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Samurai and Blue mage can easily solo this game, the other two may as well be corpses
what kind of tips do you need, where in the game are you now?

>> No.5676001

do you instantly go to world 2 after getting the earth jobs or is there some time to catch up with some stuff?

>> No.5676030

you have time but you'll be down a party member

>> No.5676368

alright I'm at the point.
any important missables? I dont have a bard , summoner, blue mage.

>> No.5676476

I really want to run FFV with these rules but which version should I get? SNES, GBA or Steam
Are there any other differences besides the music and QoL changes to the menu?

>> No.5676568

pianos and thief gloves are missable I think, though not sure if you can get the latter in world 3

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File: 1.30 MB, 1644x686, ff5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the biggest advantages of the GBA version is, that you can hold down B and walk fast by default.
Oh, and of course bonus dungeons and 4 additional jobs.
Don't know anything about the steam version

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File: 11 KB, 480x320, 64-1zea1yv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also, the translation can be unfit for a medieval themed fantasy game at times.

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Alright, got my last job as well. In acquisition order:
Blue Mage (Not pictured),
Mystic Knight,
Beast Master

The Beastmaster is great to have with the Blue Mage, cause it gives me the ability to learn all blue spells. Although it would have been nice to get that one sooner (I could have learned White Wind in the floating ruins)

>> No.5676802

Thank you! I will go for the steam version, I tried listening to the gba music and it was terrible, I'd rather look at not so great sprites

>> No.5676839

Haven't played FF5 in about 5 or 6 years, usually I'd do it every year. Think i'll take part in this.

>> No.5676923

mobile/steam version has a few other changes

- diagonal running
- when just changing abilities, your items aren't always unequipped (my favorite change, it was so annoying when you had to put back on the elf mantle each time you swapped in a healing ability)
- berserkers always attack the rightmost target, a significant buff to their usefulness
- auto battle, you can fast forward through battles with the last commands given
- status ailments are visible, e.g. blinded enemies become darker, slowed enemies are flashing white and so on
The last two make the game quite a bit easier.

>> No.5677582

Just general tips, I'm actually busy right now playing pokémon black, but will play a run with this party next month.

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File: 1.06 MB, 675x986, satori learns constrict.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Blue Mage
basically what I said here, >>5672284 , blues are gimmicky but very mighty once you manipulate someone's level and then kill him with LV5 Death, even Exdeath is vulnerable to it
in world 1 he's sort of alright as an early nuke, and his Death Sickle can be really nice for example against the guardian crystals (which are also vulnerable to Blue's deathclaw, by the way), but most of the run you're better off knocking him out
he can paralyze beasts (the top part of Neo Exdeath is a beast!), his Zu/Golden Dragon summon deals 1/4 damage to all and he can procure Blue spells. Other than that meh
literally pay to win, his zeninage is broken when you have the cash, use it as a joker

>> No.5681068

Is FFV the fastest and biggest damage FF?
I mean relatively speaking.
Bosses hit like a truck but so does your party. Most encounters are over really fast because of that.

>> No.5682330

I think there's a romhack to put the SNES music in the GBA version of you'd rather

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