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Man, the idea of Deep Fear is WAY cooler than the final product.

Look at this design! But this bitch shows up for like 2 minutes right at the end.

Most diapointing game I've ever played. Had high hopes and i eat up these RE clones like nothing.

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Mohit j, and I will

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Deep Fear has always been shit-tier and I always hated RE clones. All of them just try to replicate RE/AitD without realizing what makes those games work.

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>All of them just try to replicate RE/AitD without realizing what makes those games work.

shit voice acting and janky combat?

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Deep Fear is good.

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One of REs biggest achivements is how it has no Hud diring gameplay. Deep Fear does amd ot sucks.

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Very impressive in theory but in practice all that means is that you need to press triangle every 3 minutes to enter the menu and check your ammunition and health

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Kinda why I'm glad that for all its similarities, Silent Hill tried to be its own thing, i.e. letting you move in combat albeit in a way jankier than Dark Souls' rolling.

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That design is similar to Parasite Eve's final enemy, and makes me wonder if they stole it from Deep Fear.

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most likely they all stole it from the same place

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Resident evil:
>Outbreak of a deady bio-weapon virus at a research facility

Silent Hill:
>Some psychic girl is being used to birth a demon god

Deep Fear:
>Some monkey from space was spreading Monkey Aids

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This. I suffer from banner blindness, I don care for the HUD until I need to look at it.

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