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Why is /VR/ so obsessed with JRPG's?

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They're low-stress

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their the defacto genre for every console pre 6th gen. if you disagree you have a small brain.

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JRPG's are the video game equivalent of comfort food. They're usually very long, low challenge (sometimes you can even set things to auto) and take your mind off things. Ideal for a depressed NEET.

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This is an imageboard. If you're not going to post an image with your response then fuck off.

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>looks at Genesis library

Are you retarded or trolling?

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RPGs a contentious topic because of the radical shifting in the general perception of them

>late 70s to early 80s - for only the most intensely hardcore
>late 80s to early 90s - hidden genre separating the aficionados from the casuals
>late 90s - the greatest thing ever conceived by man unless you're into fighting games
>00s - For nerds who don't play first person shooters
>10s - A genre of video games

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