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Honestly I think this is the debate for the ages, not MK64 vs. CTR. DKR did way more than MK64 did and is more on CTR's level, if anything.

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The fact none of you want to argue with me makes me want to scream in your face.

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I'd rather play Sonic R. The fact that it merges scotforming with racing makes it fairly unique. Just wish it had a few more courses.

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I really enjoyed Diddy Kong Racing for the single player experience. It had so much more charm than the others. The adventure mode was a lot of fun.

Mario Kart 64 is the best local 4 player kart racer though.

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Diddy Kong Racing's shit. The physics could not be more bland, and it's ugly. MK64 is much better than both DKR and CTR.

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your conjecture founded belligerence is rude, appalling, gross, gay , and worse of all WRONG.

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I see. I'd insult you but nothing anyone says about you could ever be more slanderous to your character than the fact that you like DKR.

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ALL of you are WRONG.
CTR is clearly the best kart racer of the 5th gen

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You probably think that Aliens is better than Alien.

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>Sonic R
GTFO with that weak shit

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