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Anyone have a dump of that Final Fantasy Adventure rom from the new Collection of Mana on Switch? It would be very nice to have a version with SRAM saving.

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It has sram? I heard it was just a regular rom.

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No idea, but I'm hoping so. Anyone with a dump know??

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imagine having only 4 shades of puke to work with. No wonder games were cheaper, you didnt need artists, just pull some student out of liberal arts drawing painting to design costumes and at the end of the day some programmer pumps them in in 8x8 pixel puke colored units

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links are in the other thread: >>5653372

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>you didnt need artists
Where's your pixel art bro?

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Awesome! Thank you, sir!

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But the original game had SRAM...?

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Yeah, I don't get it either. Just tested the regular old rom on an emulator and it saves fine.

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Fucking zoomers, man.

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They actually advertised this game as Mystic Quest. Imagine, there are people working at Square Enix that don't know the difference between Mystic Quest and FFA, what a wasteful hire.

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That was the European name, right?

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Ok, I looked it up. Final Fantasy Adventure was released in EU as Mystic Quest. Not to be confused with Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest which is an entirely different game on a different system. How confusing.

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This. Europeans got royally fucked in that era from Square.
>SD1 is released in Europe as Mystic Quest
>Then the game with Japanese name thats literally "Final Fantasy USA: Mystic Quest" is released as Mystic Quest Legends in Europe
>The game that is literally a tutorial JRPG, and EU didn't even get a mainline FF until VII

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No Final Fantasy had been released in Europe at that point, so there was no reason to slap FF marketing on it.

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There was also no reason not to slap FF on it.

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Probably because Final Fantasy Adventure make no grammatical sense to anyone unaware of the brand.

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I'm sorry, I mean there was no reason not to slap FF on Mystic Quest Legends. Honestly the European names are stupid and confusing.

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I suppose "Legend of the Holy Sword" was out of the question for Europe because...?

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Here's the (You) you wanted so badly.

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I first played it as a rom called Mystic Quest. I just grabbed it off a geocities rom site back in the day that had a handful of roms.

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Why is this game so depressing?

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Rom taken from /v/, but I haven't tried it.


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Kudos friend, you good.

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Becuase it has more sad moments than happy ones. I think it is comparable to FF4, a game that has some of the charming characters you would expect for a FF game without the otherwise common comic relief moments.

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