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More like Mr. DrillHer
get it?

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Love all three versions of the game I've played, GBC, PSX and arcade. Are there others? Or a sequel?

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There are a couple of games for the DS.

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>Are there others?
Dreamcast, but i think it's same game as the PS1 one, but in higher res

>Or a sequel?
i know there's one on the GBA and another one on the GC

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GBC version is okay. Seems a bit slow compared to the others, and not just because of the actual slowdown.

There's a bunch of sequels. I've been playing the GBA Mr. Driller 2 lately.

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can i get redpilled on these

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Tetris+platformer, sort-off.

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I know it's confusing but bear with me:
The continuity goes Mr.Driller, Mr.Driller G and Drill Land (GCN).
The original introdues the tone and arcade mode, G expands both the character roster and game modes while boasting a fun romp of a story mode with full voice acting.
Finally, Drill Land puts a bow on the series by putting the polish up to eleven.
It's basically a duology. G is a must-play and Land is the definitive version.

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I like the GBA one

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I get it but crude humor is unpleasant

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Very hard games, very anger

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I love the Mr. Driller series

I guess the best are the arcade games, but I played the DS game legends the most.
Pissed me off that they cut random unlockable characters for the US release for seemingly no reason.

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