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Why are Brits & Euros not getting a mini version of the only officially released PC-Engine variant there, the "TurboGrafx"?

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We don't fall for the mini meme

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Because nobody bought it the first time round. Yes, it did actually receive a release in Bongland - not that anyone knew about it. No ads. Nothing. It wasn't until a few years ago that I knew about it.

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Cause EU got a PCE release from Sodipeng (France).

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Was the CoreGrafx just highly imported at the time and thus has been well-remembered as "THE European PC-Engine" (Konami having had someone do some market research to discover this)?

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Oh, I see. Was the French version very popular, though?

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I was surprised by Konami's choice for that region and think that's likely the case. Interesting to see acknowledgment of what was never really an official launch; but we're so far removed from NEC / Hudson who knows.

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bonk serie the only thing I interested but those are available in many classic game pack port

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Sorry 'muriturds, suck your TurboGrafx shit up and watch everyone else getting the superior PC Engine sku.

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What bothers me the most is that they're giving us "TurboGrafx-16 Mini" which sounds way too long and shitty, rather than the far more appropriate (since it has Ys I&II) "TurboDuo Mini".

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Even "TurboGrafx Mini" would be way better.

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I honestly think they don't have enough disposable income to be specifically targeted by any consumer products at all. The income disparity is so high that the "haves" can be expected to pay the premiums to get what they want from the east or the west.

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It bothers me more that they're calling it "mini" when it's the same size as the original console.

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>tell the everybody the game cards are called "TurboChips"
>the cards still have "HuCard" printed on them
They really half-assed this system outside Japan

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It already cost the Earth to bring the thing to this neck of the woods (prices were as high as £300), so most gray importers just bought the standard model, from what I remember. That, and the first revision of the CD-ROM.

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