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Legend of Mana remake is probably on SE's to-do list, only problem is how to retain it's amazing art style in 3D and tweak the combat?

Difficulty setting would be nice too, for adults.

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LoM already has difficulty settings. There is zero chance of them remaking it and keeping the same graphic style.

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>There is zero chance of them remaking it and keeping the same graphic style.
Why? too detailed and charming?

That's often the problem with 3D graphics, inherently unable to capture SOUL.

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I really don't want to see them remake this. First they'd scrap the graphics and make it 3d, because it's apparently impossible to sell a video-game nowadays without doing that. Secondly, 100% they'll streamline the forging system, there is no way in oblivion that they'd not only keep such an intricate system but also keep it in undocumented.

In a perfect world they'd release it with the following changes:

1. Make magic more useful
2. Significantly lessen hitstun
3. Make multiplayer more convenient, either picking a partner from a menu or allowing a second player to gain exp and equip just like player 1.
4. Improve enemy AI a little bit.

Then the entire rest of development time would be to making new content, as best they can considering they can't make more art assets.

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Can't remake the perfection.

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Too much work to make it look good in HD. It would cost exponentially more than doing a 3D remake so they would never make that cost decision.

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>how to retain it's amazing art style in 3D
they can't, especially with the limited resources given to the Mana series

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I unironically like how the SoM remake looks, but the amount of work to make Legend look comparatively good would be far more work so probably will never happen. That game sorely needs an updated combat system and have the difficulty settings actually work.

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No thanks, the board for this weak shit is that way >>>/reddit/

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knowing them they would want to make it a 3D mobile game.

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SoM remake looks very faithful.

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You can't make graphics that good with polygons unless you are just complete aping Sprites with flat objects.

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>LoM already has difficulty settings.

Can someone explain, i'm a brainlet

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The game has great sprite work, but it's a snoozefest.

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This. Legend of Mana was never held to the same regards as the earlier ones because its a boring game. Square might re-release it, but they will never remake it.

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When you finish the game go into your house, the room on the right? There should be a book, you get to pick 3 difficulty modes I think.

They're all garbage, they just inflate the enemies HP, I'm not even sure they increase damage, considering that whole game is about you hitstunning the enemy it just makes fights last longer, not hard.

There is a mod somebody made called nightmare mode or something, It's ok but is too stringent, it changes tons of stuff and ends up making things too hard.

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Slightly unrelated but is SoM actually worth playing? I have tried to play it a few times but could never get into it. When does it get good?

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>Difficulty setting would be nice too, for adults.
The game already had difficulty settings and it was a game for kids, like the rest of the series, pretending Mana games will ever be even remotely challenging for anyone but the intended audience is wishful thinking, just play Ys.
>there is no way in oblivion that they'd not only keep such an intricate system but also keep it in undocumented.
Depends, if Kawazu ends up overseeing it, chances are he'll keep it the way it is, but he himself said LoM had a very rushed development cycle, so even if he does end up working on a remake who knows what he'll keep and what he'll change.
He's already made the SaGa remasters a bit less brutal in that sense, I can see him adding a few tips for the crafting system, as well as Golem making, safe to say he'd rework the battle system entirely too so that it's not a broken mess this time around.

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Jump off a cliff in real life and die.

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The combat makes a lot of bad choices
>have to wait for a 100% or else your attack is useless
>charging slows you down
>lots of high level charge attacks won't even connect all the hits because of how hit stun works
>have to level every weapon per character
>have to grind magic and level it up, as well
>bosses turn into magic spam
>stupid AI
It's best played with some bros without focusing too much on magic.

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Nightmare mode is one of the extra difficulties unlocked but it's broken. No enemy actually has much more HP. I killed everything including the end boss i. 1-2 hits from a flail I made that wasn't even maxed out.

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It might get a mobile port like Valkyrie Profile. The game is perfect for mobile with all the life sim elements.

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