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I just got one of these and I have to say, this is now my preferred way to play retro games. It's a quick setup to my PC or Mac via Bluetooth, and is good for anything from old classics on the NES to 3D games from the N64 library.

So far I haven't seen any downsides with my controller. I'm wondering if other people have had the same good experience with this company? Playstation fans, how well do you feel this works for your games? I have to admit I wasn't old enough to appreciate retro consoles when they came out so I thought some of the older folks might have a different perspective.

Also, does anyone know if it's true that there's a Genesis version of this controller?

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People shit on 8bitdo because the pretend to hate emulation.
I have same controller but famicom edition and it's great! My only slight problem is the dpad.. bleed? I dont know if there is term for that, but it happens when you press dpad down and you are able to move left/right if you shift your finger. Slighty annoying, but not deal breaker.

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they* pretend

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That shit is annoying and pisses me off. Their d-pads make Tetris unplayable.

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Honestly, it takes bit of getting used to, there are FAR WORSE dpad bleed gamepads on the market, Hori Mini PS4 for example.

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I have. They were all complete shit. I've seen people claim they've improved but none of those people seem to have actually used the older ones so I don't understand how they reached that conclusion.

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I tried to get over it, but couldn’t. For casual games that don’t rely on twitch controls it’s fine though.

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not gonna mess with analog mushrooms sprouting out of a snes controller sorry

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i never use the ones with analog sticks but im sure theyre fine

i have the one pictured & the rainbow snes one

people who use them seem to love them
ive given away / sold more than 5 of these

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I have the M30 and I really like it. The low latency surprised me. There is weirdness around setting it up, i.e. it defaults the D-pad to a left analog for Switch compatibility, but you can change it to a standard D-pad by holding down some buttons for 5 seconds.
Would readily recommend it for anyone after a Mega Drive six button or Saturn controller.

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Faggot shill thread. Imagine thinking a knockoff third party controller is better than an OEM.

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Just got pic related recently, It's pretty comfy. controls thing nicely and seems well put together.

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I have an M30 I bought as soon as I could find the bluetooth version, so a while ago. My experience has been pretty decent. Not a solid 10, but decent.

-The d-pad is comfortable enough and accurate, no oversensitive diagonals
-The L and R buttons are.... eh. Ok at best. I have many gamepads that fuck that up that are not 8bitdo, so I'm used to that stupid shit.
-The face buttons are as good as they need to be, only I change bindings because it's uncomfortable to play some games on the genesis 6 button layout without changing a few bindings
-The switch mode allows you to use the turbo button as a generic button and Steam supports switch pro controllers, so it's kinda dumb to pair it as a xinput controller but hey, you do you
-No problems updating the firmware to 1.11 and 1.13
-Battery life is appropriate, I forget about charging it so it's definitely not bad

-The d-pad was creaky at first, after using some silicone lubricant that got fixed and I no longer had any issues. Still they should fix this.
-Not difficult to disassemble either but the first time you fear breaking the god damned thing
-Not that easy to clean between the face buttons? I mean that's a shitty complaint
-It's comfortable but I have smaller hands, so bear that in mind
-Input lag on PC through bluetooth = Can't really tell the difference between this and other pads. I have however heard of many people complaining about connecting it to the Switch. I can only talk from my own experience.

That's all I can say about it. I think I made a decent purchase.

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Got m30 2.4Ghz. Better than the retrobit saturn pad because at least the d-pad doesn't break after 2 days. Still, i wish it had the japanese saturn shape as i prefer it over the gen 6-buttons. I'll have to try the silicone lubricant thing, because it's true that the d-pad creaks when you press it firmly.

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Remember to remove and put back the two pieces of the d-pad together after putting the lubricant, then pressing as firmly as you can (without bending the thing of course). Curiously enough that cross shaped piece is thicker and less likely to break, it's sturdy. I know because I'm a dumbass and tried hard.

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There was zero reason for you to make this fucking thread. They're a decent brand, they make some of the best Switch controllers, and we all already know about them. Your post reads like a sales pitch. That's creepy. It invalidates whatever positive things you had to say. Never make a thread again.

t. owner of two 8Bitdo gadgets

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>The d-pad was creaky at first, after using some silicone lubricant that got fixed and I no longer had any issues
I've seen others say just simply loosening the screws behind the D-pad has the same effect. I'm unsure whether that's true or not though, yours is a solid general suggestion all the same.

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Nah, that actually doesn't make much of a difference. Maybe someone got an unit where it was screwed in pretty hard but it's not tight enough for it to affect how creaky it is.

The d-pad is two pieces that you have to put together. If they're not held together completely and they're slightly loose it will creak quite a bit. You can press really hard on the d-pad but it won't put both pieces together any further. It's hard to explain. All you need to know is that a good bit of lubricant will make the plastic pieces rub together without making much noise at all.

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shills should all be send to death camps

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Fair enough, I'm going to be getting an M30 and I know they all creak so I'll follow your tip. Cheers.

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Oh and another tip: Don't use plain WD-40. That one's generally not good with these things.

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I've got the specialist silicone WD-40 so I'll use that. Cheers again.

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I have an SN30 pro. Possibly my biggest gaming purchase regret ever. D pad was absolute garbage, constant diagonal inputs when pushing cardinal directions. Playing LoZ on my Switch was impossible. I had to take it apart and adjust stickers over the d pad contacts a dozen times to fine tune how they block the erroneous diagonal inputs til I finally got something close to acceptable. It's still not perfect, but ok.

I recommend just buying a Mayflash USB dongle and using something like a Wii U pro controller. So much better.

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Why talking about 8bitdo is automatically shill?

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Are they ever going to put out the one with the analog triggers?

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Is trash, laggy, with a lot o delay and shilled on 4chan, reddit and youtube by paid shills.


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Because you have to buy the original controllers from my ebay page instead!!!

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They are good controllers, but not perfect. N30s are really flimsy, early batch SF30 Pros have an oversensitive dpad (but at least that can be fixed).

Also pic related, emailed them asking if genesis mini support would be added natively in the firmware since it uses USB ports, but from their response it looks like they are forcing you to buy another adapter. I want to love 8bitdo so much but then they do stuff like this.
Because remember when the SF30 Pro came out and every gaming youtube channel was shilling their review copy? People remember that

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This word has lost all meaning.

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Just got an FC30 Pro. Love it for my PC but I was told it would work well with my Retro Freak but it doesn't recognize either the select/start buttons or the L2/R2 buttons depending on what you press after pairing. And there is nothing in the manual or online (except for a couple of Youtube videos) that let you know how to start using it on some systems with the retro adapter (left + shift or right + shift for a few seconds after pairing to make it work). Otherwise the controller itself is top notch though and I got mine on ebay for only $25 so...

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I have a NES30 pro.
The dpad (and buttons in general) is noticeably more stiff, though I wouldn't say it's a bad thing, but left thumb tends to get a little sore if I'm crimping it to push with my fingertip. Actually pressing the bumpers is kinda awkward, maybe it's just my hands but neither of the two sets feel particularly comfortable or natural to hold, but you get over it quickly. I've practically never used to sticks, and have no reason to.
You also have to launch some software every time you use it so it can fake being an xInput controller.
Either than those gripes, it's an alright mockup of (S)NES controllers, considering a lot of the USB repros of (S)NES are often bombarded with reviews of all the tactile feedback giving out after an hour of use. If you have a PS4 controller I wouldn't waste your money though.

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I got a snes30 pro. I fucking love it. It's an older batch so the d pad is much better. It's fantastic. It's a shame the newest ones don't look like super fami/snes controllers anymore with the colors and shit, but whatever. I like em.

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Just did it. Even as a repair babby such as myself, it was easy enough and it worked perfectly. Thanks again.
Anyone else intending to do this - the crunching is ignorable yet it can be annoying - you'll need a Torx T6 screwdriver, (optionally) a triangle paddle pry tool which you get in those cheap-yet-handy phone repair kits, and some silicone lubricant (I used the WD-40 specialist one which I had knocking around, has the added bonus of the straw which really helped). Took me 3 minutes and I'm far from handy.

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>I play retro games on pc

Whew lad, get an iPhone for emulation and quit acting like a third world poorfag.

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For me? It's touch screen controls on poorly-supported mobile emulators.

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My experience with 8bitdo controllers has been so bad I honestly find it hard to believe any non-shill could have something good to say about them.

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How bad was it?

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>I want to love 8bitdo so much but then they do stuff like this.
well, they also said you can use more than one receiver on a snes with multitap-adapter.

you can't, they draw too much current.

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I have had the SF30 (Non pro version. The 1 to 1 SFC / EU SNES clone) for about 3 years now.

I can't use it for long because the face buttons are so fucking clicky. They are even more clicky when you hold one button while pressing another...

Are the newer controllers from them also this bad?

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OP here.

Thanks I think I'm going to pick up the Genesis one too.

Everyone, I want to keep the thread positive-only, so if you have good experiences with these products please share them but otherwise please don't post.

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>Everyone, I want to keep the thread positive-only, so if you have good experiences with these products please share them but otherwise please don't post.

This proves without a doubt that OP is shilling.

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You fucking mongoloid cunt shill can't tell me what to do on my /vr/, go suck corporate cock and let us play on 30 year old peripherals.

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I bought one of these piece of shit controllers and all I use it for now is to change pages when readings comic books and manga on my phone.

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They're bad controllers from a bad company. Nothing more.

And then admitted they didn't even test them with a multitap. Typical chinkshit. Anyone who falls for this shit deserves what they get.

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