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This a copy of Wario Land 3, it appears to have water (or seemingly, milk) damage that’s caused some definite rust. Is it irreparable? I don’t know shit about repairing hardware, but it doesn’t boot up and I couldn’t find anything specific through google

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Clean it with white vinegar, check if the traces aren't broken.

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This. In my experience there's very little that's actually irreparable. Even if traces are broken you could retrace them. Just give it a good cleaning and see where you are. If it doesn't boot, pull out a multimeter and check all the traces.

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>white vinegar

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i dont use black vinegar because i have a father

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>In my experience there's very little that's actually irreparable.
This. If you know what you are doing, unless you have a fried proprietary chip somewhere, you can fix it without needing to harvest parts. You might need to replace some generic parts, you might need to fix traces or pads, you might even need to flow some solder on the edge connector traces just to give it a surface again if it's really corroded the hell out, but you can probably fix it. Only problem is
>I don’t know shit about repairing hardware
So I doubt OP has a soldering iron or multimeter. Or the right driver to open the cart to begin with.

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I should really take apart my copy of Link's Awakening that I found in a puddle and post pics of it. It's been sitting in my bathroom for years since then.

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I've always been meaning to ask, why is watermelon and fried chicken often associated with blacks? There's got to be a historical reason.

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Watermelon, or Citrullus lanatus, is a plant species in the family Cucurbitaceae, a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originating in West Africa. It was the Scottish who were the first Europeans to deep fry their chicken in fat (though without seasoning). Meanwhile, a number of West African peoples had traditions of seasoned fried chicken (though battering and cooking the chicken in palm oil). Scottish frying techniques and West African seasoning techniques were combined by enslaved Africans and African-Americans in the American South.

And now you know.

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This guy >>5655906 but also blacks were allowed to grow watermelons in slavery sometimes because they didn't sell well and required little tending some of them used watermelon to save up and earn their way out of slavery.

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Same reason grape soda and menthol cigarettes are often associated with blacks. They fucking love the shit.

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Pretty much every "black people staple" just stems from the fact that black people are/were poor and these things were cheap and accessible in their community at some point. Watermelon, fried chicken, basketball, off-brand flavored soda, martial arts movies, ect.

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the stereotypes have historic roots but persist because there are people that continue to reinforce them. the stereotype that all black people are obnoxious, criminal morons continues to exist because there are a disproportionate amount of blacks committing violent crime, getting into trouble in general, and literally acting like gorillas. obviously not all blacks are like this and the majority are normal people, but the small group that are assholes are usually in the spotlight.

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This is true, though if I just cleaning works I can probably get it done. Anyway I’ll just emulate or not even play it if it doesn’t

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nintendo cartridges never really die
cleaning it will probably fix it if the substance is shorting the traces
if it etched through the traces then it could still be fixed by swapping chips with a donor board from a shitty game

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wouldnt say its a small group looking at DOJ statistics lol

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>Small group

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Might be obvious, OP, but don't use something super abrasive when cleaning it or you will destroy it. Sorry for worrying if it is not needed.

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I worked at Electronics Boutique/EB Games circa 99-01. Can confirm this is what most of the pre-owned GB carts looked like that we had on the shelves for sale.

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