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Is emulation style over substance?

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I wish emulation was more accessible. I could never figure out how it works, so I just ended up re-buying all my childhood games + the consoles on eBay. Maybe they'll make the emulators more user-friendly in the future? But then again, it's literally piracy and illegal (and punishable by law!), so maybe not.

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based retardposter

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yes, I only emulate for the hackerman aesthetics.

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Go back to /v/

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emulation is poorfaggotry uber alles

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please go, reddit

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Reddit knows how to emulate you dolt.

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real hardware or fuck off and die. it's that simple.
>it's literally piracy and illegal
lmao. imagine giving a fuck? oh yes, let's support e-bay gougers charging 20x more for a nintendo cart they bought for nearly nothing! I would rather pirate than support bottom feeders and neckbearded retards. they all need to be gassed.
> reddit
> knowing things
in what dimension did this happen? i've never seen a bigger bunch of clueless losers in my entire fucking life. reddit makes this entire site look respectable and intelligent in comparison.

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based retard

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No, if anything it'd be the opposite since you're getting the game at the expense of superficial details being slightly off.

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>I would rather pirate
Cherish the days you can still say this openly. This is already a bannable offense on practically every other forum.

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newfag detected

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the same thing happened to me.
I just hunkered down, grabbed the mouse and started doing the clicking. It's not easy because sometimes you have to read the menus and options, but if you do the work it all pays off in the end and you save yourself a lot of headaches at the flea-markets.

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I’m 5655172 why did you quote me

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/vr/ in a nutshell.

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>emulating N64

Good bait.

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What the fuck are you even talking about

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Real hardware is style over substance. You can enjoy old games on any emulator you want, but spending large amounts of money just to get ONLY TRVE EXPERIENCE is just pretentious as fuck.

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Based on how many people use ZSNES despite it being an inferior emulator just because of the snowy, pixelated, stylized menu, I'd have to say yes.

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emulation is convenience over anything else really. it's much easier to boot up your computer and have access to hundreds of retro games than having to track down those old games at flea markets, on ebay, etc, and that's not even considering the hardware you need to play the games.

however, there will never be anything quite like playing a game on the original hardware. in my experience, emulation is always glitchy, has graphical issues, is prone to crashes, and just overall doesn't deliver the same impact that you felt when you first played a game as a kid or teen. gba and earlier emulators tend to work just fine but anything newer seems to have major issues. even the wii virtual console is prone to crashes and other issues and it's official nintendo software.

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I emulate because retro games are usually not readily available. So its way more convenient to just download them. Im also not some autistic faggot about getting the "original feeling", if it runs smoothly without too many graphical glitches, thats fine by me.

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Isn't emulation still a bit clunky? Some games aren't compatible with emulators due to Major graphical issues. Anyone know why that is? Apologize for my ignorance, but shouldn't it be easy to graphically emulate these old ass games with no issue?

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1 The N64 gpu is nonstandard, it's actually closer to old voodoo cards that current tech and 2 some devs like factor 5 actually made custom microcodes which are low level cpu optmizations to get a bit more of performance out of that piece of trash.

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What's sad is there are real people out there who are this stupid.

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You're either poor, dumb, or both.

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Hmmmm, so I have two options.

First is to play old games on an emulator with ability to use different controllers, various modifications, and, of course, patches, having fun all the way through.

Second is to brush dust off of my old [CONSOLE NAME HERE], hunt down some games overpriced thanks to hoggers, play them on an incredibly eye-straining screen, and masturbate myself to sleep to the thought of how much internet karma I've got for posting my huge mess of wires into a battlestation thread.

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Keep rationalizing your inability to get the real games, poorfag.

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People like this actually exist, mind you.

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Emulation is for people who care first and foremost about the games, retro shittery is for mentally ill söy retard luddites pretending there was ever some sort of unified "true" experience.

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t. underage who has never heard or seen an arcade and doesn't know what that funny word I just used means.

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Quite the opposite.

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> reddit
> knowing things
> in what dimension
/r/emulation is the only place most of the emu devs post. None of them like any of the brainlets on this site.

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Emulation is a good last resort or lazy go-to, but often you need a real machine owing to special controls and screens; e.g., vector graphics monitors.

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>it's literally piracy and illegal
That's part of why it's great. Even though emulation doesn't imply piracy.

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t. buttblown retro retard

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Pull together some cash and play for real, bud.

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Arcades are for morons lmao, emulation is far superior.

>any screen I want
>any controller I want
>any control scheme I want
>play any time I want
>leave and pick up where I left any time I want
>etc etc literally endless advantages over muh orijinal hardware

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>Arcades are for morons lmao
Yeah lolz making money while doing what you love for a living is so cringe and bluepilled. LOLZ

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Emulation is just trying to play a fucking game

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"trying" that's the key because not all games are emulated, and yeah there's some great ones that aren't. Not even talking about undumped games.

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>style over substance?
The worst part of the video game boards is that they misunderstand the meaning of words, then spam them everywhere. It really shows how young you all are

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This pants on head retarded post is going to last a week isn't it?

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>It really shows how young you all are
You're 27, wow so old.

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>Keep rationalizing your inability to get hardcopy books, poorfag

What difference does it make if I'm reading an original print copy or a digital copy of a book? It's the same story.

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>B-but please dont share my pdf. Please drive to the bookstore and pay 60 dollars for muh print media. Absolutely not overpriced.

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How is using an emulator style you absolute faggot? Maybe refrain from sayings that you don't know what they actually mean. I've seen you using it incorrectly on here before and told you stop shithead. Why you so fuckin stupid?

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Is the opposite. Hardware purism is style over substance.

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>it's literally piracy and illegal
bitch I ain't scared of a fuckin' cop

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>I can't google things
This is sad.

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Name some of those greats

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It's bait you retard

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it's good bait, don't tell them it's bait.
i gonna save this bait, this has to become a copypasta

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Zaku for the Atari Lynx

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>actually threatening others with self afflicted harm

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Wrong. If not for the custom microcode they would not be able to achieve their desired draw distance and some effects

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Is OP a faggot?

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yeah the arcades were great dude but the screens all went to shit after a couple years

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>oh no this game's screen has some burn-in
>my pussy hurts from the burn-in

^that is what you sound like

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Whenever a friend says to me they really liked a game, but I find out they played it on an emulator, you know what I say?

I say "how do you know you liked it? You haven't played it."

And they haven't. They've played some artificial code which tries to replicate what the game is.

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you must have a lot of friends

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What the fuck is an artificial code
Is there an all-natural country-grown code?

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sometimes it's hard to be nice to people with autism on this board.
but you know what i would answer if i were that friend?
i would say "i actually have, i have played the game on an emulated console"

and i would have. i would have played it on some code trying to replicate and emulate the console, the actual ROM stays the same

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When game designers work their art, they are acutely aware of every aspect of the game experience. The feel of the physical game, the sounds, the smell. When you emulate a game you are trashing all of that, and ignoring what the developer intended.

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>sometimes it's hard to be nice to people with autism on this board
Why even try? It's not like they'll ever give a fuck what you think immersed in their make-believe bubble, you'll just get shit like >>5665547 back, like clockwork. Call them out for the autismos they are if you want but pay them no heed otherwise, this board is too niche and slow already to spend every thread in it bickering with stubborn folks that are completely hopeless at discussing these things.

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I don't know. I play on original hardware or something close to it if possible. If not, then I guess I'll emulate.

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Emulation with the default TV mode filter and hacks >>>>>> Your shitty CRT

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Is this a serious topic, pure autism or some weak attempt at shitposting?

Anyway, there's no particular style in emulating. Collecting physical games is just a way for faggots to fill their meager living spaces with thoudands of dollars worth of plastic toys, so they can feel special and attempt to brag. They drive up prices because they're fags. They hoard, because they're fags. Most of them don't even play games. They just hoard and lord their elitism over everyone.

People who emulate just emulate and whatever.

So what do you think?

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>Collecting physical games is just a way for faggots to fill their meager living spaces with thoudands of dollars worth of plastic toys
you're talking about collector fags. almost every worthwhile system has a way to play "backups"

>People who emulate just emulate and whatever.
not really. that's like saying every nigger only drinks grape soda

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I'm surprised you made a food reference and a casual racist quip in a single analogy. Well done, I see this site has melted your brain.

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There is objectively nothing toy-like about videogames. They're electronic games, a toy is something you can hold.

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If emu was 100% accurate with no flubs, collecting retro would only be because you are old enough to remember the system and want memories.

Even then, id grab that retro box and use that. I love my games, but as a collector, my collection is small even though its probably 800 games. Its all stuff i grew up with, stuff i kept or picked back up that I lost.

In the end, that emulation will keep it alive longer than the carts will work.

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>i hate toys that require 3 hands to play because I don't even have one to hold them with

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Buying second hand is just another form of piracy, you might be legally in the right but morally you're still a thief

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>being an underage faggot is just another form of being an underage faggot

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>hiding butthurt as a green text deflection

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There is a certain charm to playing a cartridge on a real CRT, but it gets to a point where you can end up paying a lot of money and getting an overall worse experience for it. I rented Twilight Princess for Gamecube, played it on my Wii, and holy fuck did it look bad. Just a brown, blurry, muddled experience that was so convoluted and unpleasant to look at that I quit the game 4 hours in.

I tried to emu it recently, upscaled to over 1080p it is gorgeous, honestly. It looks at least on par with how the new Trials of Mana remake will look. I had a lot of fun going through it and didn't utterly hate it unlike when I played the real disc version. You can say graphics don't matter, but they kind of do to a point. When they are so bad it totally turns you off the game that's not a good thing, no matter how authentic they are.

So you can either pay a lot of money for the classic experience or emu for free with the very real possibility of getting a much more enjoyable experience. It's the point I don't know if I should buy a Switch to play BotW or just work to emu it, knowing I can play it at a better resolution, at 60 fps, and have a lot more fun with it even though that's the "wrong" thing to do, but versus paying $300+ to get a worse looking and running version, what sense does that make? Of course it leads into the issue of the Switch's quality. It costs the same as a base PS4 but with much lower specs. Nintendo really should be stepping up their game at this point if they expect to compete with the other two consoles at that price point. They were always the budget option and you understood you got a little less in power in the trade off of a cheaper console, but when they're all $300 now it's a lot harder sell when emulation gives you a more definitive HD experience.

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>has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like

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This will become an excellent copy pasta.

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>their art
which remains on unchanged in emulation
>The feel of the physical game
literally a disc or rectangular piece of plastic
>the sounds
which can be played on any set of speakers
>the smell
That's just you
>ignoring what the developer intended
>Developer intends for you to have fun
>Have fun playing developer's game on emulator

Yep, that's a hard yikes from me.

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>artificial code
Ah, yes, that dirty artificial code, as opposed to the grass-fed code of the original. This is the most retarded thing I've ever head.

>Is there an all-natural country-grown code?
I only play games made by free-range coders, which are milked or butchered humanely.

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Muh pappy used to run real grass fed code. From here in Texas all the way up the the states of northern aggression. Best gosh darn code you dun ever laid yer eyes on. He was a simple minded folk who consumed fish lure that was frequently nuttin out of some really big number. You remind me of him.

>> No.5670389

*former friend

>> No.5670409

>Dumb II
is still funny

>> No.5671254

>I could never figure out how it works

so you're just a retard. it's so easy that you'd literally crap yourself if only you knew.

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Not funny.
More than likely a woman.

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Is it still impossible to emulate Banjo-Tooie on a toaster with a stable framerate and no missing textures? I don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars to get an XBOX and rom, an N64 and a cartridge all set up, or a gaming PC, all just for the one N64 game I want to play.

>> No.5673004

literally impossible

>> No.5673008

/v/-tier thread
Why is this still being bumped

>> No.5673042

Have you tried running it through Dolphin?

>> No.5673046

Dolphin doesn't emulate N64, it emulates the VC emulators. You can inject games into a wad but compatibility for N64 is low.

>> No.5673047

If it was released on Virtual Console or if the Wii was capable of handling it, I would just inject the wad into my Wii.

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How to emulate mario tennis 64? N64 emulators just do not seem up to the task on this.

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Works fine on GlideN64 plugin (not the same as ordinary glide)

>> No.5673169

holy shit. The ball tail glimmer seemed to make it crash on everything. That's looking great though.

>> No.5673175

unfunny tripfag, please die desu

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>Windows XP
lol poor countries

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retard bait

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Get Project 64 1.6.
Get 3D Analyzer.
Run 3D Analyzer and select the Project 64 exe with it.
Check the "force 24 bit zbuffer (without stencil)" checkbox to take care of missing textures.
Launch Project 64 through the 3D Analyzer.
Lower the fullscreen resolution until it runs decently for your toaster, and make sure your monitor is set to aspect ratio if it's not a 4:3 monitor.
Easy Tooie.
There will be minor graphical glitches here and there, like in Jiggywiggy's puzzles, but for the most part it works fine.

>> No.5674175

Should've got it when it was still affordable, like I should've gotten that copy of Project Justice over a decade ago when it was 30 bucks or so...

Just go find yourself a 360 or whatever in a thrift shop. Got one for 35 bucks to replace my old one that died the way all others died... And thinking about it now I should've also gotten that Vita for 35 bucks.

>> No.5674591

>Lower the fullscreen resolution until it runs decently for your toaster, and make sure your monitor is set to aspect ratio if it's not a 4:3 monitor.
The game has a 16:9 mode in the settings.

>> No.5674717

emulators are a good way to demo games
>early 2000's
>got a playstation
>wonder if i missed anything with the N64
>run SM64 in Corn
>oh shit this is bretty gud
>buy a second hand n64 and sm64 because of it
i honestly don't think i would have bothered if i hadn't emulated it first

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*sensible chuckle

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I've seen little shits have emulators playing pokemon and shit on their phones before. Seemed pretty based to me.

>> No.5675445

Emulation is for convenience of playing everything on one system.

>> No.5675559

>Project 64
Isn't this proprietary?

>> No.5675562

Not anymore. It's open source now.

>> No.5675563

when did that happened?

>> No.5675565

Which licence?

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nice, kek

>> No.5675906

>the refrigerator is seconds away
Americans I swear

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