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>> No.5655156

Mega Man/Disney games-esque vintage NES-era Capcom sidescroller. More difficult than you would expect. Shapeshifting abilities based on drugging animals with gum and climbing into their bodies.

>> No.5655169

It's a video game. Play it and find out

>> No.5655292

Damn spacekat sweatin

>> No.5655301

Great platformer.

>> No.5656938

Still the best gum-throwing simulator out there.

>> No.5656950

If you've got a CRT and real hardware you're in for a delight.

>> No.5657005

With some cheap deaths and more than 2 frames of lag, you're going to want to use savestates and runahead on this one. Grab your favorite controller and throw on an upscaling filter if that's your thing. Most importantly, have fun!

>> No.5657007

I made it to Topsy Turvey when I was 4 but got no further. Checking Youtube, that is about 3/4 the way through.

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