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With Runahead you can get less round-trip latency than original hardware on a CRT.

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I miss All-Stars shitposting

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Literally all you need is the brick fix and All-Stars becomes definitive

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Fuck Retroarch, though.

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What's wrong with it?

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It's baby-tier emulation for people who don't like to fine-tune their emulators. It makes me angry.

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Did you know Retroarch sucks dick and I'd rather get kicked in the nuts repeatedly while playing in RF than use it?

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Did you know?
You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

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You can’t have less latency than original hardware. This is emufag fake news.

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Less latency is not the correct term but it does help with some games. Most SNES games are fine with it, just need some adjustment on specific games or it'll look like the character warps a little bit. Same with most other 8/16-bit platforms, except the Genesis where some games glitch up a lot. And I mean a fucking lot. You will have characters warping around the place like crazy even on a setting of 1 and it's nearly unplayable. Newer platforms are a bit of a lottery. PS1 can probably handle it at times but you have to make sure you enable using sound on a separate thread (or whatever the setting was). Forget about Saturn altogether.

In any case for games like them marios or castlevanias is so, so satisfying that I have a hard time going back. I feel like there's just no lag at all with this thing. I know it's fake, but still, playing on stuff like BizHawk or standalone emulators just feels like garbage now.

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>It has too many settings and it's overcomplicated and bloated
>It has no settings at all and it's for babbies

Which is it faggots?

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There's no such thing as "too many settings".

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problem is once you hit 5th gen consoles the requirements become absurd. SNES alone struggles to run well but it's already proving to be a fucking mess of performance, supported by the fact that everyone who parades it around as an "own" to the original hardwarefags doesn't even use it themselves.

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It does require a semi decent desktop processor (I use an i5 4460). I have no problems with SNES unless I'm running one of the most heavy accuracy focused cores (which to me seems dumb considering run ahead is not accurate). I currently have a PS1 with quite a few games plugged to a CRT TV. I play SOTN frequently on it, I notice how light or heavy alucard is (the game is too goddamn floaty compared to newer titles). I used to complain about emulators not dealing with it well and to be fair, now with run ahead at 1 I can barely tell the difference. Granted, I'm also using a 120hz LCD monitor instead of a 60hz one. Might have to do something with it. But without run-ahead it's noticeable, so I rest my case.

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every time i use run ahead it slows the game to a crawl, what im a doing wrong?

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Did you know that if you're looking for promising technologies to preemptively make people sick of you might as well just jump a whole decade ahead to neural network upscaling. Runahead may actually be truly usable in another year or two and you'll never get everyone to be parroting that it sucks before then.

Neural network upscaling makes for more eye catching shit posts too, see?

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My SNES hooked up to my trinitron gets 0 frames of input lag. Why do people try so hard to push for retroarch in the last 2 years? its literally just an emulator for babbys.

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this looks awful.

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>every time i use run ahead it slows the game to a crawl, what im a doing wrong?
using runahead. It doesn't even work.

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It's fine.
Great option for multiple emus-in-one.
Those who complain consists of people who
>hurr how do i configure retroarch why is it so complicated!
>durr retroarch doesn't cater to my perfect emulation experience!

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It doesn't work if you have a toaster

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>is so, so satisfying that I have a hard time going back
this, it feels great with shmups

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I played aria of sorrow with it recently. I felt like I was flying through the fucking castle.

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Dunno about that anon, but I wouldn't touch anything by squarepusher/twinaphex or whatever he's calling himself these days. His entire MO is to convince other emulator authors to create a "core" of their emulator for RA/libretro, then endlessly complain, whine, and bitch that they don't want to keep their "core" up to date compared to their own emulators.

He's also a massive sperg who's been going on rants for at least five years in the /emugen/ on /vg/ and elsewhere. He screams about how byuu is EVIL because he sold a license for BSNES to hyperkin because "Hyperkin stole retroarch and all these cores that people besides SP/TA made, and SP/TA should be getting that money." while taking about $1000 a month from patreon with zero accounting for where the money has gone, and stating that he would never give a dime of any of that money to any of the people who made the original emulators or cores. He also threatened to ban one guy from chat just for asking for where the money was going because he "didn't like where this line of questioning was going." You would think someone who regularly screams about other emudevs being greedy would be a bit more interested in not pulling shady shit like that, but that's SP/TA.

Ever visit the Retroarch official chat room? He constantly insults everyone else about their job, where they live, or just about anything really. He then turns around and demands that everyone treat him like a god and kicks/bans people for "disrespecting" him. He shits on the MAME devs for "hoarding improved versions of MAME" despite those "improved versions" being hackjobs that wouldn't ever meet the MAME project's coding standards or demands for accuracy. He screams that byuu and the mame team are hoarders despite all evidence to the contrary. He screams about the dev of Reicast being some "greedy russian" because the guy made a core for RA/libretro and hasn't bothered to update it. And he's stolen code as well.

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I would pay hundreds of dollars to see Squarepusher and Byuu go three rounds in the octagon

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yes i fucking knew that you stupid shit. anyone who uses ra knows that.

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Dev drama doesn't influence my choice of an emulator.

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All that is nice but it's free, why shouldn't I use it?

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Hey, relax fella! You need a rest, guy!

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If you use a shitty modern display you can't get around the display lag though.

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Now tell us all about that audio lag.

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If you use a shitty old display you can't get around display lag either. Some CRTs have >30ms lag.

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Nothing, in most cases it's better to use a standalone emulator but it's convenient to have everything integrated with run ahead and shaders. If you're put off by dev drama stick with mednafen.

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Only HD ones or ones using fancy "3D" filters if using composhit

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>240hz g sync monitor
>2.4ms lag.
Oh no, it's nothing

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you know you dun goofed when you manage to out smerg byuu

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Ok don’t use a shitty modern display when there’s tons of good inexpensive ones

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Interface is a mess and doesn't really work on desktop.

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>Interface is a mess
>NOT using a game launcher with retroarch like every normal person.

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Only a sperg could consider it a good thing to have an "emulation architecture" that basically cuts the code in half arbitrarily and distributes its functions between two different programs just because some peoples' OCD brains don't like having more than one emulator icon on their desktop. They're solving a problem nobody had. The worst part is that some emulators like genesis plus gx are only available as retroarch cores.

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Why not just turn off vsync? That fixes the lag for me.

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False. Not only.

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Outdated talking points. He donates to byuu's patreon monthly and other emudevs as well, MAMEdevs other than Haze don't have an issue with him.

Talking points are getting old and obsolete. Next. Get a life.

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I'd like to see them work on a version compatible with dolphin.

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What others then. Cite sources.

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google melee crt lag test, fucking newfag

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link it newfeg

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>i spent a whole day looking for anything to back up my bullshit and ended up with bupkis

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hold on, you need me to find you sources that show how some non-HD CRTs have lag? how new are you, exactly? i know it's summer, but damn.

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>Use old 120hz monitor
>Enable vsync swap interval at 2 so it's not jerky at 120hz
>Less "motion blur" already than your average shitty monitor
>Use the vulkan driver
>Disable fullscreen optimizations
>Enable run-ahead with a setting of 1 or 2

I can't give enough of a shit about anything else

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I don't need anything. You need to back up your claims or STFU.

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I just assume that everyone who created everything is an asshole and ignore where what I'm using came from at this point. It helps.

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You can use an external launcher, or the desktop mode, or swap out the menu driver. There are several options beyond the XMB default.

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Enjoy configuring your gamepad for every platform.

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[citation needed]

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source is my oscilloscope, try lurking more before arguing with an engineer

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Which CRTs?
My big widescreen CRT wasn't technically HD, as it just accepted good old SCART and composite, but it was clearly in the same league when it came to digital enhancement crap.
What I have yet to see is a small black 4:3 CRT with lag.

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Lots of Samsungs.

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If you guys need adjustments to play retro games then why bother playing at all?

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>Outdated talking points. He donates to byuu's patreon monthly and other emudevs as well, MAMEdevs other than Haze don't have an issue with him.
So after everyone called out his hypocracy in screaming about how they were making money off of emulators while he was pocketing over half the patreon money for retroarch without any accountability of where the money went, he suddenly decides the other emudevs should get some money? Shit, I guess we should forget all about the 5+ years of ranting about how everyone else is the problem. THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! He's a good boy who din du nuffin...oh, wait, it just looks like SP/TA trying to cover his ass after realizing he made a fool of himself. Again.
>Talking points are getting old and obsolete. Next. Get a life.
>defending SP/TA
>after all the ranting shitposting he's done in /emugen/ on /vg/ and also here for five years straight
Why are you defending a serial shitposter anon?

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It has to calculate the resulting game state from every possible combination of inputs in less than 1/60th of a second, you need a good computer for it
On most games there won't even be a difference, in the ones that there is a difference you'd only be able to tell by running it next to one without the runahead, and in games that depend on timing it could make it worse cause the game was programmed with the lag in mind

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>in games that depend on timing it could make it worse cause the game was programmed with the lag in mind
Source: the center of my anus.
Name ONE game which this is true for. One game.

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Not the anon you are having an argument with, but doesn't Fatal Fury have a certain way to input commands, where if you go too fast it doesn't recognize combos? If so, then something like this could fuck with that.

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Two autists care about this and that's it. One of those two is you I suppose. The rest just wants to play games.

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No normal traditional non-fancy CRTs have input lag period.

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Runahead on analog inputs will be a whole order of magnitude more complex for similar reasons to why it won't make light guns work either

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That's not true. I thought that might have been it when I was drunk and stupid. It just waits for your input like normal then when it gets it, it plays the next couple frames at 120x or whatever it can do to catch up

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actually try retroarch before making posts like this, it makes you look retarded

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>find four crts by the dumpsters
>line them up and boardslide them

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Epic LARP kiddo

The kind of precise accurate response an engineer would give amirite

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There's literally dozens of small black Samsung CRTs that have a little bit of lag. Do you need a serial number? How will you move the goalposts next, after being provided one? Will you need a 360 degree virtual reality tour of the CRT and oscilloscope? Notarized by a federal court judge? Then what?

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If there's dozens and you've tested them with your scope then you can you could easily provide a model number. That's different than a serial number. You'd know that if you weren't a LARPing little zoomer. There's no goalpost moving going on here kiddo. You made a claim now back it up or fuck off back to facebook.

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How do you fix the music using runahead?

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Nevermind, figured it out. The bsnes core doesn't like it. Worked fine with snes9x

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cxj1352 btfo

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You’re both faggots. Play some games.

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It doesn't work with all cores.

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>loses argument astronomically and needs faggot friend to divert
stfu dumbass

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Longer than 5 years, 6 years ago on /vr/ he constantly attacked anyone who tried to teach others how to use lag-free 15.7 KHz CRT emulation through MAME. Now it's the big thing. Motherfucker shit all over me for trying to school you. Tried to say that DoDonPachi doesn't run 3 fps too fast on his mighty Retroarch. Pathetic.

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Fuck off you weight-lifting Netherlands nerd. Suck more Muslim assholes.

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Squarepusher always linebreaks after the quote numbers. Strange that you and your odd posts defending him also do.

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SP dindu nuffin

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>He donates to byuu's patreon monthly and other emudevs as well,

Please show us some proof as I don't believe it.

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Great, now all we have left to identify him by is his posts being ten paragraph long rants.

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Someone said it was $5, someone else said it was $10 each, I don't care enough to figure out how you tell.

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Takes literally five seconds in most cases.

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>Anon: Only HD ones or ones using fancy "3D" filters if using composhit
>Tard: False. Not only.
>Anon: which one
>2 days of desperate googling
>Tard: One that has that filtering you were talking about
>Me: Holy fuck Tard, you're fucking retarded. Also, did you know you can turn that off and get rid of that delay?
>Tard: No. I pretend I know how to use a scope but I don't even know how to use a remote
>Me: I figured as much. You really are a dumb fuck aren't you
btfo indeed

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u sound autistic bruh

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