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So who's gonna rip the official English rom of this game for us like that kind Anon did with Kid Dracula for the Castlevania Collection?

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>Trials of Mana
>Not Heroes of Mana

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>evidently enjoys the series
>waits 25 years for an official western release
>muh roms

Just buy the damn game you parasite. The least you could do is show this series some support so they do more releases like this.

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Oh, I'll buy it. But I also want the rom of dumped so people can play it on original hardware. I would do myself if I knew how.

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Ok I'm sorry then for calling you a parasite.

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>not secret of mana 2

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I will buy the collection in physical release if everything is on the cartridge without a download otherwise I won't buy it.

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Anybody buy it yet? i want to know what names they went with for all the characters.

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>not seiken densetsu 3

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I just hope it comes to Steam. Trials already is.

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>someone actually apologized in 4channel
It's nice that sometimes people are nice.

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The collection was dumped and analyzed already. Apparently it's a recpmpiled version of the game running natively on switch. There's no emulation happening and thus no ROM to dump.

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>single player

still better off with a translated rom, fix patch and 3 player patch

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Heroes of Mana is the DS prequel to SD3.
Its dumb and kind of bad, and does some really questionable decisions regarding SD3.

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Hawkeye was already confirmed in Heroes of Mana. Uses it here.
Riesz was already confirmed with Million Arthur Arcana Blood. Uses it here.
Charlotte is confirmed here.
Other main's remain the same. Other Characters and places changed to match Heroes names.

Scripts pretty good. Characters personalities remain more or less the same but with more flavor.
Charlotte may have gone overboard with the Elmer Fudd though. YMMV.

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I didn't even like SD3 the one time I played it but I'm pretty excited for this. Great style they chose on the remake's graphics, not realistic, but not super low les poly it looks cheap. Would honestly love a CT remake in this exact style. Kind of reminds me of how DQ8 looked. So far this news was the only good thing to come out of E3 for me so I'm excited.

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Imagine being this jaded.

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It's not an SNES ROM as evident by what should be the Mode 5 text. No dump for you, this is a native Switch game.

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How? I'm being optimistic here. Jaded would be "this remake will be shit, calling it now".

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I meant your comment about this being the only thing at E3 to make you excited.

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Well what else is there? Should I honestly be excited for the two dozen AAA games releasing in 1-2 years away most of whom didn't even show any actual gameplay? I don't care about Smash, Animal Crossing, or Avengers so that eliminates 90% of what most people are hyped about this E3.

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I want to rape charlotte ;_;

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why in metroid's name would you buy this?

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The new translation probably.

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Why do you care what others like to buy? And what you are doing here if this isn't you kind of thread?

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New Translation. Switch portability.

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shoutouts to the nigga who translated this game like 20 years ago

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It had three translators.

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Just FYI, it seems the new translation has contracted Dragon Quest Accent Disease.

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is a new translation that interesting? the fan translation seemed just fine. All I can imagine different would be a handful of name changes (i.e Hawk being Hawkeye, Jinn being Sylphid as in OPs image) and dropping some jokes. The story isn't complicated.

Also, portability doesn't' really do anything for me when 1) devices I already have can play it and 2) it's a game best played in a dark room on a comfy couch.

This is one of my favorite games on the system. That being said, buying it now when one has been able to download it for free for 15+ years makes no sense. It's not like your money is supporting the original developers or the creation of similar games, just the creation of unoriginal rereleases and remakes.

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the font looks like ass

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Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose an wose, where the swenetence stwucture and gwammer rewerts to a pwoint of uttew non swence, an u jus dont wanna wead it anymwore (o´ω`o) awd twa wol owdewl iws jus awfwul (´・ω・`);. bwt tw powost iwswnwt obwer nyet, it gwos own an own an own an own. uwu wanyaa stwop weadwing bwut uwu cwant stop wewding, uwu stwartd thwis awnd ur gwoing two fwinibsh it nowo mwattew wat! uwu hab mwoxie kwiddowo, bwut uwu wibl gwib ub sowon. i cwan wite wike dis fwor owors, swo dwont cwalengbe mii...

...wbats dis??? uwu awe stwill weedinb mwie powost?? uwu habe awot ob detewemwinyanyatiom!! 。。! u habve comopweedid tha pwost, good job!

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Great no more ips patching.

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It certainly does work

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Post a DL link friendo

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Welp, they ruined Charlotte.

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Give me a few minutes.

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Alright, here it is. I didn't dump this and this isn't my link. The person who did would rather anonymous for obvious reasons.


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looks like rabbite's back on the menu, boys!

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mana series fucking blows who cares

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cheers but is this exactly the same game but with an official translation?

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Yes. It breaks my heart a little bit that people instantly dismiss the fan translation for an "official" release as if being official automatically makes it better.

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>doing up the bottom button on his suit

Duran was a knight, no way he'd so some stupid autist bullshit like that.

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Thank you very much.

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the fan translation is great

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actually can anyone confirm if they fixed some bugs like some stats that didnt anything, think it was spirit or luck

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Cheers. They obviously didn't change it much it still has the menu lag.

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I’m sure there were a great amount of thanks for the efforts for the fan translations but an official product is always welcome.

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sasuga squeenix

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begone /v/

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Yeah it sucks, you hear it every year with the Mother 3 stuff too. Boggles the fucking mind, 9/10 times you're getting an inferior version due to Nintendo censorship policies anyway but it's "official" so you should immediately disregard the fan translation for...some reason? People should play both, dissect both and document their conclusions, not choose one based on who put their name on it.

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Is it really? None of the official devs work on Square anymore, they formed a company called 1-Up Studio and now they work for Nintendo.

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Don't think that way, we sure are grateful for fan translations, we don't even deserve the guys who does these things for free. It's just nice to finally have an official alternative.

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not a big fan of the tiny font

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I'm excited for plenty of those games that are coming in multiple years time, I don't need them right now, I've got enough games to play to last me a lifetime already, so I can wait patiently for new things.

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I imagine people who are familiar with the bytecode could figure out if anything changed but it's not going to be an overnight thing if this is a recompile

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i was answering his question you absolute retard, the type of people that care about official translations are nintendos loyal army of bugmen

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You say that, but everyone's going to be using the official translation's names from now.

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are there dumps for the other games, or are they based on already existing roms? Which version of the first game did they include?

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those names were floating around before this release

>> No.5654024

I believe there's only one English version of the first game so it can be only that one, they don't even changed the Final Fantasy name.

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I'm not quite as enthusiastic about the Mana series as a whole, but I love Legend of Mana. Am I weird?

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they did remake it as Sword of Mana for GBA

>> No.5654036

the included copy of secret of mana is still the original version and not a new version with the updated hd translation, right?

>> No.5654037

But that was a remake, this collection is the original GB game.

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im wondering if I should buy this

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Her Japanese text is just as obnoxious. They're only being faithful to the source material.

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running both versions next to each other is a trip.
new version can fit more text so it cuts down on the number of textboxes.(the games desync fast)
however only the fan translation uses colored names. not even the jap version does.

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I've always liked colored names, kind of fucks with me when a colon is the only thing separating name and dialogue.

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That's literally how she talks. It was the fan translators that ruined her.

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I don't play fanfiction versions of games. They are not canon.

>multiplayer jrpg
Who cares

>> No.5654135

Thank you, sir.

>> No.5654136

All those names were written out in the Japanese manual and have been known for ages, why would anyone expect them to use anything else?

>> No.5654138

Imagine investing time in fanfiction versions full of memes and extra additions. Never again will /vr/ fall for the fan translation meme.

>> No.5654140

is sk3_sound_mode.sfc.m decrypted anywhere

>> No.5654141

Anyone tested this on real hardware yet?

>> No.5654159

>"it's just nice to disregard hours upon hours of honest, good quality work because MUH FAV'RITE CUMPUHNEE shit out a one week translation hackjob, it's OFEESHUL y'know"

Tell me all about your favorite brand of onions milk.

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I tested on a SuperNT no issues

>> No.5654181

Working on my SNES + chink Super Everdrive.

>> No.5654183

Can someone rio the german Rom of trials of mana of it?

>> No.5654184

>disregarding the work of very capable translators just because a company paid them to do the job
Tell me more about your socialism and voluntary work.

>> No.5654189

Because Square Enix is notorious for changing names for no reason.

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>I prefer the fan-fiction version

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I heard they also have a spanish version, im still waiting for someone to dump that version

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socialism my ass, anon. I have proof of the hard work gone into the fan translation. now show me proof of the same regarding the official stuff.

Your choice of brand is S O Y L E N T, isn't it?

>> No.5654203


according to the ROMFS there are french german and spanish copies of all 3 games in there, even tho eshop says they dont have them all

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Let's see proof that the "official" version, made more than 20 years after the original game, has been proofread and verified by the writers of the original japanese text. THEN I'll agree with you.

>> No.5654224

Do you speak fluent japanese?

>let's wait and see
Yes, lets' wait, because this translation is the only one that actually counts. Your fan-fiction version is not canon and not even SD3, it's something else.

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I don't know if translator credits were added somewhere in this collection but even if there isn't, SE is a big enough company to know lots of capable professional translators, anyone who follows FFXIV developments can see that. Also there's a screenshot comparison on this thread already.

You are just badmouthing them because they were paid to do it, while the ones you have proof of hard work did it for free.

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Amusingly unless I set SNES9x's hires mode to Merge, the screen shifts ever so slightly with every single text box opening/closing, but in Merge the text becomes almost illegible from the blur.

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I'm not badmouthing your favorite company. I actually like and paid for this game. I'm badmouthing stupid fucking anons like you, disregarding quality work just because it's not "official".

>> No.5654249

I think Secret of Mana had something like that in some Snes9x versions too. In games like Kirby 3 or Jurassic Park needs to be merge, but in Secret of Mana and now Trials, off seems to be fine in current builds.

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Can anyone tell yet if the actual gameplay is altered in any way for SD3?

>> No.5654260

Good question. Are there any other places where they might have changed things? Like, with Duran in the party, he won't let the party go back to his house. If Angela is in the party too, she'll say something like he doesn't want them to see his porn collection.

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We played a non official translation for years, why not see how the finally released official one goes? You are just mad. Isn't a fan translator thing to bring more unknow games to the public? They succeed in making SK3 well know, now tell your friends to translate another game with no official version in sight.

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Alright I'm back. Since people have been asking for different versions, here's all the roms from the collection. Some may have issues in emulators (the sk3_e rom for example has some issues according to the dumper), but again, it's not my dump.


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It's also the first game i've seen mess with retroarch shaders, it literally disables the blur of some of the CRT filters when a text box is active.

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holy shit


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>> No.5654287


Think I'm going to play that instead of playing the old one again.

>> No.5654291

OK i Start the german roms and they seems to work perfekct.
But i test it more after get up

>> No.5654292

Wasn't the reason because in rom hacks, if you didn't replace the text with the same exact amount of new text, the rom would become corrupt? I'm sure this was overcome in some way these days, but I remember reading something like that a long time ago.

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No notable glitches with anon's rom release so far.

>> No.5654312

More importantly, does Duran still call the Beastman a stupid animal if he's your third party breaking out of the jail cell? That line sold me on Duran, if it's not in he's dead to me.

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I was looking at the remake on Switch and it says singleplayer only? are they going to edit it later? Cause if I can't multiplayer this game then I'm not gonna get it. That's so fucked that the retro collection has multiplayer but the remake doesn't.

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File: 411 KB, 1440x1080, Seiken Densetsu 3-190611-210030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And right after I say that I notice text glitches in equipment.

>> No.5654323


>> No.5654325

Which emulator are you using? And where's the glitch? Sorry, haven't played in over a decade.

>> No.5654328

nevermind, see the glitch. Going blind.

>> No.5654330

Secret of Mana has a Single Player campaign but 2 other can controller the other Chars. In trials of mana only a Second Player can command it.
But it is not a full multiplayer and Because that singleplayer is correct

>> No.5654331


I'd be curious to see the roms from the JP collection converted, wonder if theres any more debug oddities in there, never saw them decoded and couldn't find any app that can decode them

>> No.5654335

Using the normal Snes9X core in Retroarch.

>> No.5654339


>> No.5654345

Maybe try bsnes. I remember that fixing issues using "real hardware" versions of rom hacks. Worth a shot.

>> No.5654348

Holy shit Final Fantasy Adventure is shit. Why would anyone willingly play this thrash

>> No.5654349


which rom are you using, the one with japanese text at startup or the proper english one?

>> No.5654352

Not surprised. Last dynasty warriors was single player. Games have become such a scam.

>> No.5654353

There's already a game called Heroes of Mana, it's on the DS and it's a weird RTS.

>> No.5654356

Best zelda clone I've played.

>> No.5654357


>> No.5654364

The Remake of seiken densetsu 1 aka mystic quest is sword of mana for gba.

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File: 404 KB, 1440x1080, Seiken Densetsu 3-190611-211508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Proper english one from >>5653852
Used bsnes balanced, same issue.

>> No.5654368

It's the SNES version.

>> No.5654369

The german Rom has no debug Message.
But i test it after get up

>> No.5654370


I'm using SNES9X atm to test, no issues on proper english rom (sk3_a.smc), debug rom shows issues you showed

>> No.5654371

That's super gay. I hope Crystal Chronicles is multiplayer.

>> No.5654372

Not actually mad. I pointed out the stupidity of disregarding the quality of a work just because it's not official.

>> No.5654376


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File: 410 KB, 1914x1038, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

have sex
oh sweetie

4th playthrough of this game, gonna finally use carlie, ahem sorry, charlotte.

>> No.5654396

No? Look at Dragon Quest 3's romhack

>> No.5654409

Now We need a New snes Box art

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File: 20 KB, 500x401, e650bac2609ef50acdce6294273753b5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5654417


>> No.5654424

The Secret of Mana remake changed a couple names BACK to their original ones instead of using the old SNES ones.

>> No.5654436

The Remake change in german the Translation Because they take some freedom on the snes version

>> No.5654440

I say pogopuschel and Lindenstraße

>> No.5654448

just buy candies nigga

>> No.5654449

Once again, thanks.

>> No.5654470


>> No.5654490

I had the opening english text crawl and no debug info, so i'm not using the debug rom. You have to finangle with the inventory a little, select and deselect. Some text on the bottom also botches a little when the item names aren't.

>> No.5654495

I thought the game was alright, it's the only SeiDen game I've played though, my main issue is how you have to unlock the doors you already unlocked(same for breakable walls) and you can screw up your save if you skip the morning star.

>> No.5654514

You aren't in the right mindset. It's the only film-noir adventure game.

>> No.5654559

So SD3 got a new translation, for better or for worse (only time will tell).

How about SD1 and SD2/SoM?

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File: 168 KB, 1600x900, adventures-of-mana.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, the original versions are still the same. New scripts only in the 3D remakes.

>> No.5654572

If you beat all three games will you unlock Sword of Mana?

>> No.5654575


>> No.5654578

Same Translation as virtual console Version or original release

>> No.5654579

She was the worst character in the fan translation anyway, no loss

>> No.5654580

>How about SD1
Adventures of Mana (vita) has a fine translation, it's a good modern remake too.

>> No.5654586

Sd1 3d Remake? Is that in the collection or extra?

>> No.5654593

That's available now on vita

>> No.5654597

Mobile and Vita. No word on release on other platforms yet, but since 2 and 3 came, I think still has chances.

>> No.5654602

So let's do this, original is beyond trash, which is the best script now? FuSoYa's VWF version, that "relocalized" edition that came out a few months ago, or the 3D remake?

>> No.5654605
File: 318 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_inline_psy4ajQNVh1snz1fk_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you see the gameplay video? The remake now uses an over-the-shoulder view instead of overhead, how do you think multiplayer is going to work with that setup?

>> No.5654615

Ah ok i forgott the vita Version. But this Was only in english

>> No.5654618

Based, thanks

>> No.5654628

Well there are games like that such as the Tales of series where Player 1 controls what goes on in the field but during battles all the players join in. So I imagined it was like that.

>> No.5654629

Honestly it's not that hard to imagine the camera sort of pulling out to try to include both players, though that could get clunky real fucking fast. It is interesting to see that the field areas seem continuous thanks to the DQ11 work on UE4, though, which would make a theoretical multiplayer less jarring by transitions all the time.

>> No.5654668


>> No.5654701

Don't worry, the older translation will always live on in Sin of Mana.

>> No.5654702

Crystal Chronicles was confirmed to have online multiplayer support, anon. Hope that gives you SOME hope in the games industry. I'm looking forward to it, too.

>> No.5654759

Does the 3 player hack even work with Trials? Since they made the absolutely stupid idea of having the remake be singleplayer, I want to bro-op with this one.

>> No.5654767

shit i'd buy it if it meant i could throw the rom on my sd2snes.

>> No.5654774
File: 113 KB, 616x561, we did it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm in.

>> No.5654779

My thoughts exactly. I'm going to rip it out of my own copy if I can, being able to play it on a real console is pretty damn awesome.

>> No.5654794

>takes 20 years to translate
>crit, agility, shields, luk, evade are all still broken


>> No.5654807

3D remake by far.

Fusoya's thing is literally just a fanfic hack that was never intended to be treated as an actual translation.

>> No.5654808

Honestly I think that crits were dummied out on purpose. The way they roll on Trials, it's fucking nuts. Remember that the monsters can crit too. Just putting in unchanged crits means in the endgame, a monster has an 18-20% chance of doing about +900% damage.

There's a reason why Sin of Mana got popular, simply fixing the game wasn't enough because there's no balance.

>> No.5654809


>> No.5654812

Relocalized uses enough of the 3D script that I'd use it over the remake. The remake was shit.

The next remake will also be shit because it dumps Co-Op completely. https://gematsu.com/2019/06/trials-of-mana-is-the-most-action-heavy-game-in-the-series-fully-voiced

>> No.5654817

Trials has it's bugs. Shields don't do shit for example. There's also crit and evade mechanics but they don't even work (some actually like that, plus crits are actually fucking nuts).

>> No.5654823

the original game has quite a number of bugs that affect different characters like hawk & durans light classes losing the bonuses they should have (crits, shields) and it makes them pretty useless. a fix patch was made a few years ago but they couldn't even bother copying it. i guess depending how much is changed from the original, it might still be able to be applied over the new translation.

>> No.5654832

I don't have friends or family that can co-op with me, so it's not that big a deal. I'm hoping Relocalized for SoM can come a long way, but I doubt they can reimplement the inn scenes from the remake.

>> No.5654837

They were still broke in the Japanese release too. Maybe the 3D remake is supposed to be making up for that.

>> No.5654840

I wonder whether or not any hacks are compatible? The script's in the ROM and I'm pretty sure they don't have the source code to this one, so the areas effected by the fix patch should still be all intact.

Someone would have to be the tester I guess. It's the same deal with the 3 player patch.

>> No.5654843

The way they're talking it's going to be more or less a completely different game, so it definitely has no old bugs to worry about.

>> No.5654846

Played through the fan translation of SD3 multiple times over the years and this is so far very very good in comparison.

Text is better, translation reads better and there's other improvements such as 12 letter character names.

Nice to be able to play this on my SNES, an official translation after all these years!

>> No.5654856
File: 189 KB, 1196x896, Seiken Densetsu 3-190611-220233.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly the biggest "problems" are that not everyone's going to agree on Charlotte's cutesy speak (though that's apparently faithful to the original), and the official terms like swapping out the God-Beasts for Benevodon. Besides these factors and how cheesily restrained the language can be (which is honestly perfectly fitting for the time the game came out in), it's about all you could ask for with such an otherwise jank game, and there doesn't seem to be any visual censorship. Though no one's commented about whether the Angela porn joke to Duran is still there.

It's somehow about as 90's as you can get without actually skimping out on context or dialogue, so it's the best of both worlds really.

>> No.5654858

just tried, no luck. but the original jap rom is 4mb whereas the new translation is 6mb. offsets may be different.

>> No.5654859

That sounds like a winner to me. To pull off an official thing in the collection, it had to go hand-in-hand with Woolsey's translation (which I'm willing to bet is unchanged here).

>> No.5654860

That explains a lot actually. Trials had a boatload of problems with memory in translation, if I remember correctly. I was wondering how they fit in more script without resorting to going outside of the ROM like some of Square's other ports.

>> No.5654861

Yeah Secret of Mana seems like it's just straight up the US rom.
I think it could have at least done with a bit of touching up if they were willing to completely translate SD3 from scratch, even Woolsey will admit it's not his best work.

>> No.5654864

RIP every hack. I heavily doubt Sin of Mana's going to be completely redone blind for this one. Maybe the 3 player, but beyond that forget it.

>> No.5654874

there isn't a ton for sd3 anyways but the fix patch was pretty important to me since it made it fun to play with characters you'd previously avoid knowing about the bugs. i don't know much about rom hacking but it probably wouldn't take to much to figure out the new offsets and make a new patch to someone who knows about that stuff.

i'm at the end of an sd3 playthrough now so i'll just keep using the fan translation, i like the bigger text and colored names better anyways.

>> No.5654875

does it still have that girl mage mooning sprite?

>> No.5654890

>$40 for 2 SNES and one Gameboy ROM

No thanks man.

>> No.5654929

Someone earlier said butt shaking is there.

>> No.5654949

so where can I dl this new rom people are ripping?

>> No.5654953

i get nothing but malware from the link

>> No.5654954
File: 60 KB, 553x524, 1560291650354.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5654956

is the buggy shit combat fixed?

>> No.5654963

Anyone have a link to the Kid Dracula rom? I missed out on that when they released the Castlevania Collection.

>> No.5654971

Actually this game deserves the money for the localization effort alone. This game is not as easy to translate as others and it's pretty fucking good.

>> No.5655006


>> No.5655030


>> No.5655047

is the dump so far only Trails of Mana or the whole collection?
I wanna try to play from the start and save Trails for next year.

>> No.5655051

You'd have to rebalance the game on a whole if you unfucked all of the bugs. That's the entire reason why Sin of Mana is more than just a bugfix patch (even if I don't like all of the changes that the hacker made)

>> No.5655052

There's nothing unique for Final Fantasy Adventure or Secret of Mana, they're straight up the original ROMs. So worry only about the Trials dump, which you can find in the reply chains.

>> No.5655054

>Trails of Mana

>> No.5655137

what emu?

>> No.5655182
File: 32 KB, 256x256, Sprite plans its next prank.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mana no Kiseki

>> No.5655189

Absolute baller, please make sure you and your friend are going to Heaven when you die

>> No.5655204

Is there a way to extract the script from this?
What compression does the text use? I only found enemy names and some location names + opening scroll as a graphic (because sprite text)

>> No.5655294

It's not like the "god beasts" weren't known as "mana beasts" before the fan translation came along anyway.

("God beast" is incorrect anyway, the word means divine or sacred beast. They're not gods, they're created by the gods)

>> No.5655302

Off-topic but I'm not going to waste a whole new thread on it: in a previous thread where people were posting dumps, someone put up the English version of the official NES Steins;Gate demake. Does anyone have the Japanese ROM?

>> No.5655460
File: 2.05 MB, 640x558, Pink Typhoon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So when will the Japanese learn who the real best girl of SD3 is and make more doujins of her?

>> No.5655484

Is this legit? If so I feel offended.

>> No.5655492

Seems fine to me. I didn't even get a false positive.

>> No.5655516

Thanks anon.
Figured they would use remastered versions of the games.

>> No.5655560

t. never played the game

>> No.5655563

That's even present in the collection on Switch.

>> No.5655584

eh it's coming to pc so it'll be modded in sooner or later

>> No.5655625

Now that we 2 versions of the same game, what version should be better
The fan-translation or the official one?

>> No.5655660

you da real mvp

>> No.5655672

Played through the fan translation of SD3 multiple times over the years and this is so far very very good in comparison.

Text is better, translation reads better and there's other improvements such as 12 letter character names.

Nice to be able to play this on my SNES, an official translation after all these years!
official >> meme fan-fiction version

>> No.5655675

The official is nice but not really worth the 20 year wait so I'm grateful for the fan translation

>> No.5655683

It's really personal taste. the fan translation gets the job done and has nice coloring on character names, but needs more text scrolling to convey some things or slims down sentences, while the official translation makes charlotte obnoxious in a new way and yet reads smoother and has more overall text fit into single boxes which keeps brevity without losing text like Secret did.

the biggest deciding factor is probably going to be if you prefer the big chunky text the fan translation used, or the high res text that is like a fourth of the size but doesn't play nice with some emulator options out there in handling that

>> No.5655687

all of these roms are shit tier compared to translations and hacks

>> No.5655714

I think you mean she was ruined to start off with, the fan translators fixed her, then they ruined her again.
Annoying children are the bane of JRPGs, even worse when they're party members like Carlie and Lymle from Star Ocean 4.

>> No.5655757

But they do know who is the best girl is being Riesz.

>> No.5655760

I prefer the official translation, but I'm really missing the speaker's name being colored and the font is a little hard on the eyes. To make matters worse, there now being more words in one dialog box makes it less digestible compared to the fan-translation.

Things feels especially amateurish when you have multiple speakers in one dialog box too. I mean >>5654856 just looks like something out of RPG Maker.

>> No.5655761

>Implying the fan fiction people didn't work their asses off translating the most literal Japanese to English. Nintendo adding their own stupid accents.

>> No.5655765

>not Final Fantasy Adventure 3.5: Pumbaa's Story

>> No.5655772

Honestly i'm used to multiple speakers in one box, because Secret of Mana does the same thing regardless of original or fanpatched. It's just the small ass font is kinda weird

>> No.5655783

I'm sure Chrischan works on his fan fiction real hard too....Who cares? It's not official, not Canon.

>> No.5655801

As if somehow a "official" translation suddenly makes it morally or arguably better? What's your point anon?

>> No.5655805

Not the poster you replied to but official and "canon" video games translation are irrelevant anon. As an example Chrono Trigger's english script was heavily edited but it turned out fine. It's all personal preference.

>> No.5655823


>> No.5655826

Lmao dude don't even try to pretend you know the original version when you don't even know that Charlotte spoke the same way in the Japanese version
Official translation is actually accurate in that regard

>> No.5655851

Actually fucking based. Thanks anon.

>> No.5655867

Nice joke, Squeenix never bother fixing combat in the remakes and you think they'll bugfix the classics?

>> No.5655870

Most of Woolsey's work did it when needed IIRC. Chrono Trigger did it, mostly with Masa/Mune. Probably due to space limitations.

I'm going to go with official. But in reality the fan translation isn't obselete because stuff like Sin of Mana isn't compatible. You want critical hits? You're using the older one.

>> No.5655914

best anon

>> No.5655920

Anyone tested this thoroughly on a flash cart yet? I appreciate all these emulator anons testing it but I'm just wondering if it's new translation was implemented in such a way that would cause real SNES hardware to crash. That new character limit worries me.

>> No.5655940

A couple anons have tested SD2SNES and Super NT, haven't heard problems yet. Besides the expanded ROM size, using the high res font requires no merging or blurring, it works best with that setting off on emulators. It's basically working out of the box, besides its own niggling little glitches that are there even on the Switch version.

>> No.5655991

You are an asshole

>> No.5655993

Youve got a shit AV anon file is fine

>> No.5655994

what the fuck anon

>> No.5656013

Absolutely based

Which is the correct rom to use out of these five?

>> No.5656025


>> No.5656034

playing these again I feel like the Mana series isn't very good, and the only one I kinda enjoyed was Legend which also was kinda crappy

>> No.5656040

Thank you!

>> No.5656045

The games are better on the ambition and artistic sense than they are the gameplay and sometimes even the plot. SD3 may be praised for its job system and replayability, but at the same time it's lacking in character interactions and is probably one of the buggiest main Square JRPGs ever released past the NES era. Maybe even buggier.

>> No.5656180


>> No.5656192

i heard they even patched the european versions of sk2 to run in 60hz. anyone got those?

>> No.5656294

Didn't I hear the news that Europe was getting the Collection of Mana via Limited Run Games or something?

>> No.5656426

if they didn't add several script choices for the other two party members and multiplayer mode to that release it's not very interesting. also I think 90% of /vr/ have been playing and discussing that game ad nauseum already.

>> No.5656567

Can you explain what you mean?

>> No.5656569

this is the first time i think i've seen someone apologize to someone else on 4chan. you're a good person anon

also don't know if it's illegal/against the rules to ask but how do i turn a physical copy of a game into a rom? i have dozens of games i want to play that i don't have the original hardware to play them on.

>> No.5656682

It's not illegal to make backup copies of games you own. Illegal is distributing them. And to turn physical copies into digital roms, you need a dedicated hardware accessory that does that.

>> No.5656774

Use a retropie 3b+ or the Mini snes!

>> No.5656793

The current ROM doesn't work on the SNES mini right now. I got a black screen when trying to play the game with it last night.

>> No.5656845


>> No.5656889

IT work with retroarch on the Mini snes. Only with canoe it doesnt work

>> No.5656894

Jepp i preorder it a hour ago

I preorder it a hour ago. ^^

>> No.5656942
File: 2.07 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190613_015308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5656981

Does that mean she's not as retarded in german?

>> No.5657097
File: 1.94 MB, 4032x822, 20190612_205026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5657105
File: 3.25 MB, 4032x1721, 20190612_205243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5657106 [DELETED] 

3D - relocalized is a cuckcentric soi release, cause wouldn't wanna offend little people

>> No.5657124

i checked the spanish localization and it has the retarded accent, i don't know if it has it in the deutsch version has also that issue

>> No.5657210

In german Charlotte has a funny sd peak error that was not in the Fan Translation.
But i think its better with the speak error

>> No.5657363
File: 51 KB, 500x316, tumblr_o050vdClZm1riuctjo1_r2_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trials of Mana is an expanded ROM (6MB versus the original 4MB), Canoe has problems trying to run those. Though it's possible to patch it to work (DQ3 fan translation, CT Crimson Echoes), most will probably just settle for running it via Retroarch.

>> No.5657375
File: 27 KB, 512x446, 12-SD3_13_8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can one of you bros doing a playthrough hook a brother up with a shot of Riesz getting cucked in the new translation?

>> No.5657421

First time player here, I'm only familiar with Secret, what should I know before starting Trials, any best group/strategies, etc?

>> No.5657427


>> No.5657429

I heard the new SD3 rom also fixes some bugs? Like agility and shit?

>> No.5657441
File: 41 KB, 105x140, niceeeeeeeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>t.bronze spear

>> No.5657451

When she turns 18.

>> No.5657454
File: 2.71 MB, 1411x1080, Seiken Densetsu 3-190612-223042.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In my testing only Riesz seems to cause this shit, or at least in a Duran/Kevin/Reisz playthrough the first two don't. Scrolling the equipment list has that glitch out as well as the name of her equipped item bugging over the word "out" at the bottom.

>> No.5657459



>> No.5657467
File: 1.04 MB, 3024x617, 20190612_234312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5657474

shit did you check the truck 256 times

>> No.5657485

If the fan translation "fixed" her, then they fucked up and translated her wrong.

>> No.5657556

yeah, i'll stick with da fan trans

>> No.5657665

Kevin is such an overpowered motherfucker any group that includes him will rape the game completely.

>> No.5657698

lol Reis and Hawkeye are canon, so are Kevin and Carly and Duran and Angela

>> No.5657742

if you have an snes mini with hackchi installed and youre still using canoe, you're doing it wrong. dl a core through retroarch and then right click the roms and set the new core as the default. canoe seems alright for most things but it has a lot of compatibility issues and none of the features you get from having literally any other emu as the default.

>> No.5657760


>> No.5658184

Be patient, it's just a matter of time.

>> No.5658185

Can anyone confirm this is legit and not malware?

>> No.5658203

nevermind it works fine >>5654265

>> No.5658223

And? You can Use retroarch on the Mini snes. And with that the Rom works on the Mini snes

>> No.5658224

can't believe we have a working, official translation of this game

and a remake on the way

>> No.5658238

Malware in a Rom that only can Read emulator?

>> No.5658243

Literally who cares sbout the rom? While its nice not having single width font, the font itself is ugly and the new localization is yuck as fuck, especially Charlotte.

Not to mention the rom has none of the bug fixes in game with some extremely game breaking bugs.

>> No.5658245

IT seems that the Rom has some changes.
German Magazin talk about some game mechanical

>> No.5658249

It was alway considered a bad mana game but with good visuals. I doubt they will ever touch it again.

>> No.5658250

The text is fine, maybe you need a better emulator? Some will make the text blurry and ugly.

>new localization is bad
Nah, it's much better than the fan-fiction meme version people were forced to play for years.
Text is better, translation reads better and there's other improvements such as 12 letter character names.

>> No.5658256

>t. tranny

>> No.5658273
File: 84 KB, 320x360, 1413985574114.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know you think that's the worst thing you can call somebody but you've got to work on your creativity.

>> No.5658307

>were forced to play for years.
Nobody has been forced to do anything. If somebody plays something other than the original Japanese version it's their own fault for being stupid.

>> No.5658312

I think He has in retroarch game options the Option Hires blendig on. This Make the Text crap and must be Set off

>> No.5658318

Well they translation ruined Carlie. I guess they want the MLP audience
Its just an ugly font style, really.

>> No.5658321

Ive played the original japanese version and this rendering is on point, as far as translations can go.

being called a demented gender freak is a big insult and I take offense at it.

>> No.5658325

The new meme translation aside, is there improvements for the new rom? Has someone at least seen if the bug fuxes work on the new rom?

>> No.5658334

translation is genuine and authentic this isn't a fan-fiction account made by weebs

>> No.5658341

So guessing that means theres no other pointbto it?

>> No.5658401

Its fine dude. Anon is a champ. How do you think we are testing it and talking about it?

>> No.5658440
File: 468 KB, 1448x1080, Screenshot_20190613_161818_com.retroarch~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is this ugly???

>> No.5658445

German is an ugly language.

>> No.5658457

that font already was in the original game, just wasnt used for main dialog

>> No.5658460

>Where is this ugly???
Right on your screenshot

>> No.5658464

I can say the Same over english! And We Have Many words that not exist in English *fg*

>> No.5658480

We Have no super New game with highend Grafik and Text.
Its a old game

>> No.5658529

looking forward to the inevitable font hack

>> No.5658591

this.l, plus some fixing charlotte’s wahwah speak and fixing all the bugs. in fact whats the point if this rom for someone ehose alredy played through the fixed version?

>> No.5658653

Let's try that again with English.

>> No.5658860

>fixing the wahwah speak
That's the most faithful to the jap script though. If you don't like it just play the old fan translation.

>> No.5658862

gib shader anon, looks sweet.

>> No.5658869


>> No.5658950

Legend of Mana is a Gaiden game. Would be weird to include it in the collection.

>> No.5658984

how is legend of mana a gaiden game? have you played it?

>> No.5658992

Too bad about the 3 Player patch, but iirc, enabling the 3 Player Mode is as simple as finding two bytes and changing them.

>> No.5659053

>doesn't keep any of the honorifics or anything else
>but decide to faithful with an annoying voice tick

>> No.5659068

Not him, but it's nip name doesn't have a mainline number
SD2 = Secret of Mana
SD3 = Trails of Mana officially (though was known as Secret of Mana 2 unofficially)
SD4 = Dawn of Mana
SD: Legend of Mana = Legend of Mana

It also takes place in a different world, I think. I am not sure the exact definition of a gaiden, but I would consider it a side game. I'd expect to see them revisit SD4 before Legend of Mana, Children of Mana, etc

>> No.5659070

You can keep your Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher.

>> No.5659080

>It also takes place in a different world, I think.
It had plenty of references to prior titles and everything. If anything, even as a side title, Legend is like a really distant epilogue. But now Square considers it an alternate universe, probably because if they kept it and firmly established it as the same world, it would've potentially implied that the world dies and there's not a damn thing you can do with no ability for future games to try to build upon that.

which is probably why every following Mana game afterwards was either in the far distant past or ambiguous on the timeline.

>> No.5659090

>But now
Considering it wasn't they didn't call it SD4 and then gave the mainline number to another game, I don't think they ever considered it apart of the same universe.

>> No.5659115

I would say you wrote SD 1 =FFA/Mystic Quest Because it has 2 names

>> No.5659154
File: 1.04 MB, 480x360, fmp-sagara-sweating.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OKAY WHICH TWO OF YOU FAGS wants to run a playthrough of this game on Parsec together?
I've been wanting two good buds to play this game with for ages and now's probably as good a time as any. I'm lonely and bored.

>> No.5659172

Where did it imply that the world dies? It seems more like the events of the game are on an endless loop.

>> No.5659176

some interpret it to be an endless loop because the world is at its end, given how you're reconstructing everything from nothing only for everything to collapse all over again

>> No.5659181

>Mystic Quest
Only to eurofags who were deprived of SNES Square

>> No.5659192

>Well the translation ruined Carlie.

>Not liking her going *notices ur head faerie* "OwO wuts this big bwothew?"
I'm kidding I absolutely hate it too.

>> No.5659210

Well it's not the first game that has that endless cycle thing, it's a common trope in a lot of Japanese RPGs and most of them eventually find a way to resolve it.

>> No.5659237

I think what makes Legend awkward in that sense is that there's no explanation, nor any resolution. Characters die, and more can die if you get involved with their shit without knowing what you're doing (or because of what you're knowingly doing, even), you finally work up to the Mana Goddess after all the other plot lines just drop dead or end, and then bam, the game ends and resets without much context or anything to work out of it. The supposed cycle isn't a plot point, so much as an excuse for you to keep running the same events over on higher difficulties or to see different outcomes, and it has to be inferred rather than actually being relevant to anything. It's likely a major reason why fans assumed it to be a destroyed world or bad end timeline; there's nothing to really fix or recover because nothing allows it to be recovered or implies that it can be.

And that's if all of Legend wasn't just some fucked up dream or fake reality composed of memories from the main timeline or some shit.

>> No.5659250

You now that mystic quest is sd1 and that was befor secret of Mana was Release. Mystic quest and mystic quest legend are different games!
The final fantasy adventure is mystic quest

>> No.5659261

>You now that mystic quest is sd1 and that was befor secret of Mana was Release.
I knew that Final Fantasy Adventure was released as Mystic Quest to europeans. I did not know that Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was released as Mystic Quest Legends.

>> No.5659318

Why would you want it? The new translation is incredibly fucking bad.

>> No.5659368

No mystic quest legend Was a stand alone game and no connection to seiken densetsu.

But when you say final fantasy adventure it is correct to add that mystic quest is the title too

>> No.5659379

>it is correct to add that mystic quest is the title too
When you eurofags make a post, you can say "Mystic Quest"

>> No.5659434

Says the one who are in that Idiot USA is. A land with crime and hate. Are you a trump support er?

>> No.5659448

I can that game too:joy:

>> No.5659459

>Says the one who are in that Idiot USA is.
What does this even mean?
What are you even saying?

>> No.5659476

Haha wenn de dat noch net mal selber weist. Oh man wat für ein hoschi

>> No.5659508

Of course is some German (read: soviet rape baby) gets upset someone doesn't use their phrasing for a game

>> No.5659528

Oh man lieber Russland als die Ami mit ihrer Paranoia und waffenwahn. Die sich als weltverbesserer und weltpolizei aufspielen aber nichtmal ihr Land im Griff habe mit tausenden waffentoten. Aber Hauptsache alles voller Atombomben und waffen. Schonmal gemerkt das keiner euch haben will

>> No.5659534

>[ German chimpout ]

>> No.5659541

Ach und wo wir dabei sind lieber Russland denn die lassen sich nichts von den Flüchtlingen inÜbersee sagen die ja schön die Ureinwohner abgemetzelt haben als sie nach Amerika kamen.
Und falls du nur trump news kennst! Putin bedroht hier keinen! Es gibt keine millionenhafte flüchtlingseinwanderung und sonst was was trump, fox news und co an fake news raushauen.
Und das trumpsche idioten trampeltier was sich president schimpft könnt ihr behalten!
Ebenso den Rotz von Ami Produkten der Wirtschaft der wie die Autos der letzte müll ist. PUNKT!

>> No.5659542

>literally so mad he is arguing with himself

>> No.5659545

Idiotischer waffen fanatischer deppen ami

>> No.5659548

Doof wenn man net mal nen Übersetzer kennt und nur kappen Ami englisch kann

>> No.5659551

It must be frustrating wanting to insult someone but not being able to express the words

>> No.5659559

It's Final Fantasy Adventure in the US.

They more recently re-remade it as Adventures of Mana, though that's almost purely graphical and doesn't alter the whole gameplay like Sword of Mana did.

>> No.5659692
File: 49 KB, 720x546, E7EDA18F-953D-4315-9A7F-638E099A1E6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine being this wrong on 4channel dot org forward slash

>> No.5659768

You know, I kind of hate the non-ring interface in this game. It's so clunky and unresponsive.

>> No.5659832


>> No.5659949


>> No.5659968


>> No.5659978

Analyzing the spanish translation is just text than graphical, graphical text was left untranslated excepting the level and hp graphics

>> No.5659982

Let's try that again with English.

>> No.5660151

Anyone have review or in depth comparison between fan and official translations?
Hoping to play on original snes with a Sd2snes

>> No.5660157

Sure, count me in. anon.

>> No.5660194

>adventures of mana
I recommend this remake. It's basically like a Zelda game but faster and more fun.

What's kind of janky is monsters can spawn right on you when you enter a new area, and some do tons of damage this way. But it's a forgiving game and pretty easy. Very viable for representing or going for a no death run.

>> No.5660195

Representing » speedrunning
Wtf autocorrect

>> No.5660198

Can it be emulated?

>> No.5660207

Yes with retroarch and snes9x

>> No.5660209

Oh es gibt genug Sprachen. Warum muss ich deine dann nehmen?

>> No.5660225

he's talking about the vita remake of the first game

>> No.5660337

Has anyone figured out a way to make it not run like absolute dogshit through the snes mini/retroarch snes9x core?

>> No.5660372

That crap Remake? Thats no good remake

>> No.5660374

Use retroarch with snes9x 2016 or 2018 core and add the no low latency command to it.
Then it run good

>> No.5660434

Nah the vita remake is good. I had a false start before, didn't like the kiddy presentation and monsters didn't seem to attack you they just wandered around at the start, so seemed too easy, but now I'm half way through and its very charming. I even died a couple times .
What didn't you like about it?

>> No.5660438

It's only on vita and there's an android version I think...Not sure

>> No.5660535

PS vita, Android and ios

>> No.5660548

>this thread
What is it about this series that brought out all the ESLs?

>> No.5660552

Can you add info about every of those

>> No.5660561

>So who's gonna rip the official English rom of this game for us like that kind Anon did with Kid Dracula for the Castlevania Collection?
yeah, and the Romancing SaGa 2 remaster translation getting backported by based Gideon

>> No.5660572

anon its already been ripped

>> No.5660573

what about the latter?

>> No.5660576
File: 62 KB, 570x653, sniff!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5660604

What a positive difference actual literary skill makes in the official translation, compared to the inept fan-fiction version.


Side by side comparison.
It's obvious from the very first intro text.

>> No.5660606

>localizer for video ganes
>literary skills
pick one, and only one

>> No.5660626

don't worry in 20 years all germans will speak arabic

>> No.5660629

The fan translation isn't that bad, just amateurish.

You can clearly see that whoever made the fan translation has no intimacy with language. They probably exercised their writing with high school level texts and message board talk and may have translated one other big project with zero people assuring the translation was of quality.

>> No.5660630

What's the point without having the original text for comparison to see how bad both are?

>> No.5660661

Can'twait. What a shithole of a country full of amoral people.

>> No.5660739

It's a game that had never been officially released in English,naturally most of the people who would have played it wouldn't be English speakers.

>> No.5660771

I said the series, not SD3. First two were released in english. Even then, SD3 has had an unofficial english release for like 20 years now. Did any of these games even get translated to German and whatever other language these ESLs are shitting up the thread with?

>> No.5660776

This literally took me 30 seconds

>> No.5660787

I am so glad that this invalidates the previous work. Not often does this happen.

>> No.5660792

Also, there are weebs learning Japanese and playing jap exclusives all over the world.

>> No.5660802

Jaja und USA wird von Mexiko überrannt

>> No.5660805

Only after the think Ii of Nazis like trump or afd

>> No.5660806

Thats the german Fan Translation that is really different to the official translation

>> No.5660810

For a twenty-year-old fan translation it holds up pretty well. There's no "chan" or "sama" and only a couple of instances of "fu fu fu". The retranslation is better, but it's harder to read.

Compare that to the "Beacause" shit we get served with today.

>> No.5660815

>Did any of these games even get translated to German
Yes, Seiken Densetsu 2 was one of the first RPGs translated to German.

>> No.5660858

>doesn't keep any of the honorifics or anything else
t. ken-sama

>> No.5660860

Sd3 has since years a german Translation but its different to the new official

Nope mystic quest aka sd1 Was before and translate.
Mystic quest 21.3.1993
Secret of Mana 24.11.1994
Thats over 1 Year before secret ofana Was released in europe

>> No.5660862

Sd3 has since years a german Translation but its different to the new official

Nope mystic quest aka sd1 Was before and translate.
Mystic quest 21.3.1993
Secret of Mana 24.11.1994

>> No.5660869

And a link to the past and links awakening was too before secret of Mana and in german

>> No.5660880

You should also call it Final Fantasy Adventure, dumb double poster

>> No.5660885

Nope i call it mystic quest Because Thats the Name!

And dump is the Posting System what not clear Show if the Post is set or not

>> No.5660892

Oh well, you can call it what you want

>> No.5660895

And you talk about translate in german and in europe There was no final fantasy adventure! Only mystic quest

>> No.5660897

That is the official Name in europe and you talk about the Translation to german.

>> No.5660905

you mean final fantasy adventure, right?

>> No.5660906

And final fantasy adventure is only the US Name.
The Japan Name is Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden. But Gaiden is not adventure! Its translate to side Story.

>> No.5660914

So we agree it is Final Fantasy Adventure

>> No.5660915

Japan: Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (gaiden=side Story)
NA: Final Fantasy Adventure
Europe Mystic Quest.

Thats the Name and when you talk about one of the europe Version Then it is mystic quest the correct name

>> No.5660924

Right, so Final Fantasy Adventure. Got it.

>> No.5660927

And when you Look is final fantasy only for Marketing andit has nothing to Do with the final fantasy serie

>> No.5660932

I’m guessing this broken english is agreeing.

>> No.5660938

Ahja labert der der behauptet som sei das erste spiel was ins deutsch übersetzt wurde

>> No.5660945

German here. He is agreeing here

>> No.5661369

Is SD2 official translation good?

>> No.5661373


>> No.5661382

Someone deleted a post in this thread talking about what is the best translation of SD2, if the original, the relocalized hack or the 3d remake if my memory don't fail

>> No.5661410

did they fix the awful bugs?

>> No.5661414
File: 129 KB, 1280x677, tumblr_ovekupXHmk1r2g7mto1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

do people really get autistic over translations? I just want to play the fucking game

>> No.5661420

those games are literally better than any AAA garbage that are out today though

>> No.5661421

>Kid Dracula
link where?

>> No.5661424

Nope. It's kind of pointless release as far as emulating goes.

>> No.5661441

I'm pretty late here, but this is an issue with the original game. It happens even in the Japanese version. People often admonished the fan translation for never bothering to fix this bug, even after they learned it wasn't caused by their patch.

>> No.5661452

Is FuSoYa DS2 translation good?

>> No.5661459


>> No.5661464
File: 225 KB, 770x1344, $R1HARKE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone on /v/ did a couple of side-by-side-by-side comparisons.

>> No.5661479
File: 155 KB, 1538x3142, $R7EV4RG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5661484

oh boy

>> No.5661489

So the one on the right is just making shit up while the middle one sounds like it was written by a child.
Meanwhile the left has a better dramatic flow and class.

>> No.5661491

What's the point of not being faithful to so much of the dialogue, but deciding that Charlotte sounding like she does is fine?

>> No.5661505

See>>5661464 and>>5661479

Also SE shills on /vr/? More likely than you think.

>> No.5661523

Is this thing all right or I'm better off with anon's dump version?

>> No.5661524

You shouldn't use either.

>> No.5661525

Is this some /vr/ meme to say no to every question?

>> No.5661538


>> No.5661984
File: 65 KB, 1920x1080, Trials of Mana - Sanctuary of Mana 1920x1080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5662085

Anons rom is fine.

>> No.5662092

>long winded comma ridden sentences = better flow
See me after class.

>> No.5662183 [DELETED] 

Every time I hear someone played a game, and it turns out it was a fan translation, I look them dead in the eye and say "No you didn't."

>> No.5662545

Can someone explain step by step how in the fuck I get the old translation to run on the mini correctly? I've got sfromtool and all the patches and shit but godfuckingdamn is that google compatibility list obtuse in its instructions. The new one runs like absolute shit in retroarch despite what people have said.

>> No.5662686

Nevermind. I'm just retarded. Sorted.

>> No.5662708

"Naughty novel" is actually the more accurate translation.

>> No.5662715

The retranslation is way more accurate than the old fan tl.

>> No.5662731

>itt: people act like a fan translation from 2000, when they barely had romhacking tricks designed and almost no tools of significant worth yet, is inherently more accurate than an official localization from the company that actually can read and has the script on-hand personally
does the localization make boneheaded choices? fuck yes it does, but nostalgia doesn't suddenly improve the quality

>> No.5662735

You talk as if the fan translation team didn't have the script available to them when it was, y'know, in the game itself.
Considering how similar the two are overall I'd say the fan translation ended up doing a pretty good job.

>> No.5662920

many thanks good anon
has anyone beat the game using this yet? just want to make sure it doesn't suddenly crash near the end like my game did ages ago

>> No.5663198

this game sucks i got to the big ass mole guy boss and died but there was literally no way i could win aside from maybe going and buying a bunch more healing items
unavoidable enemy attacks in an ARPG are gay

>> No.5663258

>sucking THIS hard at an objectively easy game
what level were you?
people beat the mole boss at level 2 without heal light

>> No.5663268

>video shows guy using a bunch of healing items
that's the problem, i only have 3 and no heal spells
>go buy more
ok but that's lame

>> No.5663280

The fanTL only had to work with the limitation of the single width font, numb nuts. They still had the script.

>> No.5663294

>an objectively easy game
There are some field enemies that can one shot you and there are some pretty difficult bosses if you aren't following a guide. I wouldn't this game is hard, but I don't know about objectively easy. Though wolf form Kevin can trivialize some things like in your video.

>> No.5663314

go back to tumblr you sjw white knight trash

>> No.5663338
File: 53 KB, 520x294, 1547121151532.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

automatic garbage

It's a shallow baby action rpg anyway I'll just take the fan translation with bugfixes.

>> No.5663348

Fan translations are only acceptable if there's no official release available.

>> No.5663354

Translations are never acceptable.

>> No.5663484

just check the archives (warosu, desuarchive)

>> No.5663564

>buying games
Hahahahaha faggot

>> No.5663773

Better translation but the font and formatting is annoying to read.

>> No.5663781

I'll support them alright. M2 deserves it.

But at the same time, all the ROMs that are inside the Collection, including Trials, deserve to be archived.

>> No.5665478

There's a physical release coming in August, it'll be complete with no patches. I would have bought that version but I'm impatient.

>> No.5665604

>M2 deserves it.
M2 ported the Mana games? wut?

>> No.5665619


I second this. The original hack has flaws, so maybe the hacking community could improve this with the official translated ROM ?

>> No.5667584

Yes. M2 ported these games. Including Trials of Mana.

That's why they are awesome.

>> No.5667843

Jesus christ, those narrow kanji.

>> No.5667890

Well that sounds like a very autistic thing to do. Should probably stop that or you'll never make friends.

>> No.5667901

>(though that's apparently faithful to the original)
It isn't. Charlotte has a childlike sentence structure in the original, but she does not talk like a literal toddler. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an EOP.

>> No.5668005

thanks s4s

>> No.5668007

>Every time I hear someone played a game, and it turns out it was a translation, I look them dead in the eye and say "No you didn't."

>> No.5668013

only the japanese version is canon, localization changes aren't canon.

>> No.5668027

really unlikely

>> No.5668210

More like Charlotte contracted Elmer Fudd Syndrome
>Be vewy vewy qwuiet, I'm hunting wabites!

>> No.5668214

No one is bashing the fan translations except for that super old ass one that's shit, it's just they're now obsolete and the people who think the official translation is "wrong" are the same people who think Berserk's main character's name is Gatsu and not Guts.

>> No.5668223

Ain't no expert on code stuff but I can tell you right now that this Collections of Mana version is an extended rom with a bunch of data shifted everywhere so if we were to try and check it it'd require a lot of menial trawling.
On the other hand though, I am fairly certain that the Japanese version of Collection of Mana that came out like a year ago would have had the same changes if any existed, you could find somebody with connections to a jap player and ask them about it.

>> No.5668228

I absolutely DO think the official is wrong for what they did to Charlotte. Stop thinking that "professional" translators can do no wrong.

>> No.5668236
File: 25 KB, 450x294, michael-palin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing wong here

>> No.5668237

>the sk3_e rom for example has some issues according to the dumper
Only problem I've had so far is trying to load it from the 7z after renaming the zip folder so it no longer matched the rom filename in bsnes. Running it loose works fine

>> No.5668248

His name is Götz

>> No.5668259
File: 328 KB, 1168x896, Ne0zbuY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That blurry text shit is actually caused by bsnes not being able to properly render the super special unique graphics layer that the text in ToM uses. The new current version of bsnes off of that faggot byuu's site fixes it, but if you don't want that just make sure you have absolutely no emulation filters on.

>> No.5668286

I think it's more or less just everybody being used to the fan translation's way of handling things, so when we see the official translation we as people who are resistant to change (why else are we doting on retro games so much?) just can't handle what Square Enix threw at us now after all these years.
Can't really say if either of them are correct or in line with the original Japanese text since I'm EOP, but I will say that so far the Trials version at least does a far better job at English sentence structuring.

>> No.5668295

I don't think it's that bad to be honest.

>> No.5668297

I'm playing it on Switch because I bought it to support the series and it actually reads fine, I guess it looks small and skinny compared to the fan one but I can read it without any problems on tv and in handheld mode.

>> No.5668309

I'm now in the middle of a dungeon with Lester in Final Fantasy Adventure after I turned him back using medusa tears. How much longer?

>> No.5668318
File: 21 KB, 480x360, 1464205774495.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Official translation is far closer to the original Japanese portrayal of her way of speaking
>"No this is wrong I like the fan fiction version of her better that's the right one the literal creators of the game are the wrong ones"

>> No.5668321

Both translations are shit. Stop pretending English can replace Japanese.

>> No.5668336

Go back to cursing your non-Japanese heritage, weeaboo.

>> No.5668338
File: 181 KB, 407x275, 1539705565260.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5668339

I'm actually taking racial reassignment surgery to become Japanese.

>> No.5668358

I can at least confirm that the new translation is much more accurate to the original than the fan translation here >>5661479

>> No.5668369

"Even Woolsey" was perfectly willing to admit that none of his translations were all THAT good, but had suffered a lot from being rushed, having to be trunctated badly in order to fit into extremely limited space (especially Secret of Mana) and were full of bits he just had to guesslate due to not having the necessary context.

As far as mid 90s video game translations went, they were above par, but that speaks more of the low standards at the time than anything.

>> No.5668381

But that is in fact closer to the original

>> No.5668542

The official translation is not only more accurate here, it also feels more natural than the fan translation.
Not that there's anything fundamentally wrong with the fan translation either.

>> No.5668876

official still a bit rough, with at least one more read over, the translation would be much better

>> No.5669419

Fug, those are cute tits

>> No.5669639

I prefer the fan-translations font and size

>> No.5669650

being better > being accurate

>> No.5669661

There is obviously going to compromises between original and localization. It seems strange decision to not have any of the honorifics or other literal translations, but it is okay to literally translate the annoying parts of her childish speech

>> No.5669704
File: 76 KB, 302x405, 1560467361634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>literal creators
you know, the ones that left the company years ago and had nothing to do with this release

>> No.5670102

>Character talks in a cutesy accent
>"No we can't be having this at all, we need to make her dialogue flat, stale, and practically machine translated.

>> No.5670109

t. iconoclast

>> No.5670110

This. What works and sounds well in Japanese may come out as absolute dogshit in English no matter how much a translator tries to make it work. And often there are cultural references that 99% of the non-Japanese market either won't understand or won't relate to.

>> No.5670553

Please god someone help me with Lugar in Sin of Mana. Dervish Bishop Wanderer lvl45, I'm just getting murdered by chain AoE techs.

>> No.5670569

don't use techs

>> No.5670571

Everyone is set to lvl1 techs for countering. Eventually he just spams it like a mad man and deals around 500+ damage without the chance for healing.

>> No.5670575

then buffer spells so you can throw a grail if anyone gets KOd mid cast

>> No.5670580

I'll try that.

>> No.5670797

Easiest way to see Angela's ass is to start up her story and the moment you gain control go left. She flashes the old man and runs off. Can confirm they left it in the Switch port

>> No.5670806



>> No.5670816

Yeah, not surprising that they kept that. If they kept the literal naked ass shot I wouldn't expect they'd tone down the dialogue THAT much. I just hope they keep the ass shots in the remake

>> No.5670826

I just hope Angela gets more attention in general, she's loaded with personality, is hilarious, and kind of a bitch. I hope she gets her man, too.

Don't get me wrong, Riesz is great, too, but I've always preferred Angela over her simply because of Angela's sass. I also really like mages a lot.

>> No.5670830

Nah I agree with that, as much as I'd rather play as her to see her ass she's genuinely a better character

>> No.5670854

How viable is an all-female party in this? Because that's the only way I'm going to play it. Not gonna put my time in to some greasy dude when I can be the little girl.

>> No.5671798

I've been wondering this myself.

>> No.5671974

Considering that Sword was a remake of the first, I don't think that's likely. Also, if they're basically emulating the original hardware for this collection, they'd need to add a GBA emulator too...

>> No.5672153

It's alright, you're going to be very magic focused because Charlotte and Angela hit like wet paper, leaving Riesz to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

>> No.5673024

Never mind this ROM, does anyone know how to get the fan translation to work on the SNES mini? I swear I've tried a lot of guides, graphic fixes, 1610 preset, header/unheadered ROM, but I STILL get blurry ass menu text.

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