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This game was designed for retards

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No, this game was designed for CHILDREN. You're the one who's retarded. Please understand.

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Post your run of beating the victory road cave and elite 4 using only 1 pokemon.

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Not him but a high level Alakazam will smoke the gen 1 E4 and trainers leading up, though you'd have to burn run from randoms or through ethers.

OP is retarded though, the base game of beating the E4 is always easy and can be done with almost any stock team. The point of collecting and raising Pokemon that are strong isfir versus battles. That's always been the real meat of the series.

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>that are strong isfir


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is for playing against other people

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I had a friend who grinded his Charmander into a Charizard just to beat Misty
He was a fucking idiot

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If you were beating this with a single pokemon you'd have to use the key HMs on that single pokemon... like surf and cut. There's no pokemon out of the starters who can learn all the necessary HMs... so you can never beat this game using a single starter.

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I did this all the time as a kid. Level 100 victreebel doesn't play

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Level 100 Metapod ez

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I just beat it using a hacked perfect IV Surf / Ice Beam / Earthquake / Hyper Beam Blastoise that starts at LV65 at Lorelei and has 12800 stat EXP across all stats (equivalent of 5 vitamins, so probably half if not even less of what you'd expect from a mono poke run that reaches E4). I needed some luck at Blue (Jolteon does ~75% with Thunder and others can easily do the remaining 25% unless you luck out with crits and/or misses) and Lorelei (Slowbro can do a lot of damage and then Lapras can easily parafuse you to death), the other three fights are trivial.
I don't remember if you can get Hyper Beam outside long Game Corner grind, but even if you don't you can just replace it with Blizzard to make a few mons like Blue's Exeggutor less of an issue.
The level you can get your single mon to without excessive grinding depends on how many optional trainers you defeat and how many secret rare candies you get. 65 was a very modest estimate - for a relatively fast growing mon like Blastoise it could've easily been in mid 70s, in which case the fights would get trivial even without perfect IVs.
I didn't use any items except for HP and PP restoration between each fight. If you were allowed to use X items then the entire challenge becomes completely pointless because you autowin every fight where the first mon doesn't twoshot you and a lot of other scenarios.

The fact that you asked for this in the first place shows you have very little experience with Pokemon. Watch some speedruns to see how much you can do with relatively underleveled single mons.

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>The fact that you asked for this in the first place shows you have very little experience with Pokemon.
I mean, I mainly have experience with the games in original hardware. Yeah of course if we're including emulation, hacks and cheats you can do anything.
But OP is still worng, it's not "super easy" to get through the game with a single pokemon. In fact, it's like a self-imposed challenge.
The "super easy" thing to do is to make a balanced team of 6 mons like any normal person.

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i play on original hardware, its very easy to solo the game with blastoise or a nido

but it never occurs to you to do that. they dont give you six slots so you can have one battle. and after all, what about electric and grass (or psychic, ice, and water) enemies? dont you need to have a team that covers each others weaknesses?

not necessarily. speedrunners play on original hardware and have been using those guys, who are at the start of the game, to beat the game in an hour for years.

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The problem with this franchise in regards to the main story campaign is that speed stat. All you need to really do is out-speed everything and maximize your damage output. Makes for a very boring gameplay when you grow older. That is why this franchise is supposed to be for children.

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>very easy
It's not easy. You just know the game by heart and know how to exploit it, but most people will struggle to finish the game with only 1 mon, as OP as it may be.

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those mons arent even op, theyre just all-around good. whats op is having one big fat pokemon as opposed to a decent team.

once you ignore your instinct to level up your mons equally you start to realize how much better it is to stick with a buff reliable mon

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>The "super easy" thing to do is to make a balanced team of 6 mons like any normal person.
Objectively incorrect on multiple levels. The more Pokemon you use, the less exp each of them gets. For example the exp you'd need to get six mons from Medium-Fast group from lv30 to lv45 could instead be used to get three of those to lv53, or two to lv60, or one to lv74. The lower their level, the less effective they will be at their niche (more mons will outspeed them, tank their attacks and/or deal heavy damage) and the more redundant their niches will be. Using a full combat team also means you need to spend more time to catch it, you need to sidetrack or grind for more TM moves, you split rare candies and vitamins more and so on.
I would argue that 2 or 3 mons with very good synergy would be the optimum for making the game as effortless as possible. 1 mon will always struggle at some part of the game and require either a lot of extra grinding or employing elaborate and unreliable strats like speedrunners do. But more than 3 is just a time waste.

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The best is to only use ur starter
and pick bulbasaur because that is canon

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>he doesn't know about competitive

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I did this with a rare-candied level 99 Charizard; slash 1-shots almost everything that you can't use fire on.

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In a group of people with asperger's the one that plays competitive pokemon would get bullied by the other retards.

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Why would you hang out with all aspies if you weren't one yourself? Also I would have thought they'd be all over competition battles. He is right though, that's where the real meat of Pokemon is and the only reason to get into breeding and effort training. The base game is very easy by design, though some like Crystal have some good post game single player challenges too.

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My Lvl 100 Fearow was fairly consistent at beating the Kanto E4 in Crystal using no items.
Only Lance could sometimes be a bit of a bother.

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Requires trading. You should have just said "Kadabra". He's OP enough.

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>The problem with this franchise in regards to the main story campaign is that speed stat. All you need to really do is out-speed everything and maximize your damage output.
Actually the main problem is the absurdly huge level cap, or rather the mere fact that you can outlevel opposing Pokemon, so "grind more" becomes a solution to every problem rather than forcing players to come up with strategies.
>That is why this franchise is supposed to be for children.
Which is why the games should've had proper difficulty levels implemented a long time ago. RBY and GSC had a very good excuse of being on hardware that didn't support games that big, but DS era onward don't at all.

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Yeah kadabra does just as well. I hadn't considered no training. A host of Pokes can do it, Ala was just the first that came to mind.

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>but it never occurs to you to do that
Yes it does. For the first stretch of the game, your starter is way, way stronger than anything else you can get, so a lot of people do gravitate toward primarily using their starter until they get out of Mt Moon. By that point, your starter is so over-leveled that you don't really have much reason to start doing anything else.

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I almost beat Emerald with only a Mudkip, no slaves. The only exception being a Castform that the game forces on you, and the 7th gym requires 2 pokemon.

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Why almost?

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Lv100 victreebell does tap damage against ice and dragon pokemon

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I like watching people push games to their limits on twitch as much as the other guy but I feel like I'm too old for this shit. I have bills to pay and trap hentai to fap too.

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I think Chadstoise is the easiest Pokemon to solo with, I can't imagine Charizard or Venusaur being much better.

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In what dimension does ice resist grass you dumb faggot? Fucking get out.

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I didn't say that, incel.

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never used anything but my charizard. also just catch the legendary birds and you have a well balanced team that can shred the e4

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You can backpedal all you want but level 100 razor leaf is doing far more than "tap" damage

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I had a level 90 Nidoking as a kid and I'd use thrash to beat the entire elite four. The damn game literally plays itself

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This, MOST kids I knew would just use their starter + HM using Pokemon that primarily exist so they could use revive on their starter.

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as a kid i would always solo with my starter. It really was the easiest to go that route I think. Now I play with balanced teams and it's a lot more fun to be honest.

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They need to have sex.

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I-I wasn't the only one who traded a Scyther with a friend right at the beginning and solo'd the game with it, was I?

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Only retards play jrpgs expecting any challenge.

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My nigga

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>It's actually super easy to beat this game

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why is it that every other pokemon /vr/ thread acts like red and blue were hard games? Calling any pokemon game difficult (except for maybe stadium 2) would get you laughed off over /v/ and /vp/.

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The console games were hard to 100% just because of the unnecessarily high amount of battles needed to unlock shit.
But for gen 1 handheld, you can 100% the game with literally any one pokemon if you allow yourself some HM slaves.

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t. the biggest autisitc retard of /vr/

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Cant believe Im seeing this retarded tripfaggot out of /lit/.

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I did it with just my Starters back in Gen 1/2, was kinda able to do it in Gen 3/4, but I feel like since they balanced it in a way that you can't from Gen 5+

Granted they made EXP. Share kinda broken in the later games, but I feel like that helps emphasis using more than your starter and wanting to use other Pokemon. So I kinda liked that. I replayed Blue again when it came out on 3DS, and grinding up the rest of my party every so often got a little tiresome.

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>over level
>complain it’s unbalanced

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Over leveling should be almost required to beat the finale part of the game.

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Uh pick a better balance of a team and moves, that’s the point of the game retard

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Not me, I meticulously leveled a bunch of different pokemon as I went, even more than six so I had to swap them in and out to level them. When I would reach a point where I had to stop levelling a pokemon, like if I already had a bunch of normal types like nidoran and nidorino a couple more than I actually felt pretty sad that I'd have to put some away in the PC and continue on without them. It seemed like once I decided to stop levelling a pokemon it was pretty much dead.

But in the end I just blew everything away with alakazam, I forgot how I got him, maybe I traded with my brother. He was pretty OP now that I think of it I guess he's kind of a cheat character.

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Yeah and btw, isn't it fun to level a magicarp do so you can get gyrodose, or level a caterpie through metapod into butterfree, so you can have a butterfree with harden? And if you find a cool pokemon later in the game like scyther, don't you want to level them up for a bit so you can enjoy them? And you've got to have a pikachu.

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