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Is Fallout 2 the greatest game ever made?

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>Is Fallout 2 the greatest game ever made?
it's up there in its genre; don't make/imply meme premises here btw, you ridiculous cunt, such as "is___the greatest game ver made?", we are serious people here.

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So what is the greatest game if it isn't Fallout 2?

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>So what is the greatest game
no such thing exists considering the amount of genres, subgenres, platforms, time periods, etc.

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Then by default I shall consider it Fallout 2.

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It is still currently Fallout 2.

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News flash: there are idiots who don't know what the hell they're talking about on every board. There is no exception.

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FO2 was just memes and "lel doze fifties amirite guize". Only the first game was actually engrossing.

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*40's, atleast when it comes to the music, it was always meant to be 40's. Until Fallout 4 came around and fucked everything that was established about Fallout's aesthetic right in the ass.

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SPECIAL system is a broken pile of mess with half the skills not working and half of the stats being useless too, which leads to every remotely optimized character having roughly the same stats and skills.

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I would say that that is more of an issue with the game's implementation of it rather than the system itself. Case in point Fallout of Nevada

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Way better than the "sequels." New Vegas excluded.

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Didn't play Fallout of Nevada yet, but I still figure that Throwing, First Aid, Traps, Outdoorsman, Barter, Gambling are badly implemented and it's worrisome that even melee builds are compelled to dump Strength and Endurance, or that diplomat builds often run off 1-2 Charisma.

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Hey look, they have you in the game too.

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No, because an "ridiculously overly-muscled physique" isn't even what makes any good character in the Fallout series. In fact, funny movie reference dwarf character is a ridiculously poor judge of what is overpowered.

Sure, I can put points into stats that don't even do anything just to LARP that I'm pretty (when no one comments on it) or strong (oh wow, the game lets you use your bare hands to get a single door in a remote location unstuck, what a bargain!), but that doesn't change the fact that the mechanics are broken. See also: Stormwind Fallacy.

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Yeah, any Fallout that takes place on the East Coast seems to suck major balls.
I hated how FO4 main story was basically just taking plot points from Wasteland.

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It's good, but Fallout 1 is considerably better

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I liked Fallout 1, but Fallout 2 just has much more contant than the first and if you can slug through it will leave Fallout 1 in the dust in your brain.

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All me.

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This is your brain on Jet.

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I was a Jet addict after the slave riots.

I managed to crash the game during the jail break a good 3-6 times before I finally said fuck it and took 2 hoots of Jet to kill that fucker.

Addict for life.

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Metzan, Slave Riots...

I wasn't using my brain, but I learned how to use a fist that day...

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Cool, now kill yourself.

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*Haymaker to the eyes*

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When did *action* posting become acceptable?

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Metal gear 2

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>much more content

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It's not even in top of CRPGs for me. Sluggish team combat, shit interface. Fallout 1 was better for the amount of time spent, and each next failed to deliver fully, not to speak about shitty spin ofs.

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Its second only to Planescape: Torment. FFIII is third.

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*teleports behind you*
*kicks your knees out*
*knock you to the ground*
*step over you*
*pull my pants down*
*spread my butt cheeks*
*put my asshole directly on your mouth*
*shart like I'm in a mart*

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