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Is this honestly a good game or just a meme?
Thinking of picking it up on steam if not just emulating.

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/vr/ is undergoing a tourist frenzy from /v/ right now so expect contrarians to drop in and say it’s a bad game. Overall it is a good game aside from the fighting mechanics being outdated.

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I’m a big Shenmue fan but it is admittedly divisive. I’m not sure how much people playing it for the first time now will be able to get into it.

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H-How do you do fellow RETRO GAMERS!
Gee, I do say that Half-Life is a much overrated game! Along with Ocarina of Time and Super Mario World of course

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Legit the greatest game Sega ever made and easily one of my five favorite video games ever. It’s about as comfy as gaming gets.

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After going through it, it felt like a lot of side things to do and waiting. Apart from the fights you may as well just watch the cut scenes. I still enjoy it but Yakuza is definitely a step up from the concept of Shenmue.

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I lost interest after disc 1.

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If you can stomach dated design, then it is still a good game. The issue is that the advanced design of the time (mostly the time system) just doesnt accomplish what it did back in 1999. You could say it didnt age well.

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It's good if you like moviegames like Metal Gear Shit and Half Life. But as an adventure game, compared to others at the time, it's laughably bad. People only liked it back in the day for the admittedly advanced graphics.

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it's remarkable how much the quality has dropped in the last 6 months, and the quality before that wasn't great

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you need to experience this game at least once... just for the forklift races.

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>Movie game
You didn't even try.

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It pioneered "interactive cutscenes" in videogames, anon.

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Retarded doombabby back to your wads.

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Kill yourself valvecuck.

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Stay mad doomnigger and back to your circlejerk general.

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I honestly enjoyed playing and working Pachinko stands in part 2 just as much if not more. I really hope 3 is good.

You realize that almost the entire genre of laserdisc arcade games are this right?

But yeah OP it's a good game but as Anon said you're going to need to be able to either get into the slice of life out of 80s Japan or how incredible the technology was in 99 or ideally both. Otherwise you will absolutely find it slow and probably even worse, evoking a feel of some terribad modern games but I promise you get to do some Virtua Fighter shit once in a while.

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Is that so?

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FMV games are different, they are basically QTE's. Half Life's scripted in-engine cutscenes were revolutionary, for the worse. You basically do nothing during the sequence, and have to wait for it to finish, when a developer that respects the player would just make a normal cutscene you watch, and give him the option to skip.

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Its because /v/ is being filled with threads about resetera and e3.

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Emu was too choppy so I got the pc remake.
I gotta say this is max comfy. I just don’t like the brand changes so far

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60% life simulator
30% waiting for the time to pass
9% forklift
1% clunky outdated combat

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Non-interactive cutscenes are bad design, because not only do they take control away from you, they also force you to watch them from only one angle.
As for skipping, that's what quicksaves are for, you dumb nigger.

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half life 1 and 2 are fucking garbage.
The only thing food to come out of valve's money grubbing anus was CS1.6 and Portal.
I'm glad you'll never get Ep 3

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These days I think of it as the proto-Yakuza. It's very basic and repetitive, but it's still kinda charming.

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Fuck off to /v/.

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What a dumb question, if you don't like it you don't like it, there's a reason so many of us do. There's no point to these dumb threads but to see which side can shitpost the best.

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There's basically no point in discussing anything anymore on /vr/

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If you were not playing games when it released, or even 5 years after it released, chances are you won't see what's special about it, unless you're able to retrospectively understand the past's perception of things. Shenmue was definitely a pioneering game, it was one of the first games of its "scale" in terms of plot-driven adventure with a world / setting that felt alive and immersive to interact with.

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They're both shit design. Just because you can walk around and jump while watching the cutscene doesn't make HL's cinematic garbage any less shit.

How the fuck is that going to skip them the first time, you tard. Also stop being a save scummer.

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First of all, there's no such thing as an "interactive cutscene." That's an oxymoron. Second of all, both cutscenes and QTEs are good design if they're utilized well. This absolutism is silly and disregards the importance of context in things we experience.

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imagine still seething about hl 20 years later.
imagine being a idnigger.
imagine liking a fps where you cant aim up and down.

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HL cutscenes are basically "wait for the narration to finish so you can go back to actually progressing in the game again". Of course you still have control over Gordon, but it's still essentially watching a cutscene, so in that sense HL is indeed moviegame shit.

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being this retarded

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What are you on about, child?

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he is an assblasted doomnigger

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How long is this game?
I’ve already seen most the meme and I’m like an hour or two in.

Also lmfao this dudes carhart

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20 hours maybe if it's your first playthrough.

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the controls are clunky but otherwise it's a masterpiece. although the game is set in a japanese suburb...i was living in seoul s. korea in the late 80s and the atmosphere really does capture where i lived.

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theres a mod to restore it

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ppl really think the VF combat is outdated? wtf?

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Shenmue’s combat was sort of a watered down clunkier version of VF.

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>literally the same engine

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no brain

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classic retard

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>Is this honestly a good game
Not really. Even though i played the shit out of it at the time.

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It was such kino back when I first experienced it on Dreamcast all those years ago. The game and its sequel are basically like glorified tech demo's (more in the case of the first) though if you want me to simplify explaining what they are about in as little detail as possible. Shenmue was basically a game that at the time was a look into how far gaming was coming along. Shenmue basically blew away basically all games graphically and detail wise I had seen in console games up to that point. Because so much of Shenmue was about showing off and immersion more than actually good solid game design it is understandable many would say it has not aged well. Even though its been forever since I played it (did not buy HD collection) I am sure I would still enjoy them on nostalgia alone but I wouldn't even bother recommending it to any faggy zoomer that hates old games anyways. If you fall into this camp then just play those timeless classics that even most today still widely regard as great like the 2D Mario games (or almost anything 2D really) or even Ocarina of Time, which I think you'd have to be a pure grade A faggot to actually hate or call dated in any way.

Shenmue 1 and 2 are great games but will be a hard sell to anyone who didn't grow up playing them or just has a stupid amount of hatred for old games like most teen to young twenty somethings today seem to.

My favorite memories of the games is playing arcade games within the game. Blew my mind back then. I also liked collecting those stupid capsule toys. Weird how a game about a simple revenge story would have the character have plenty of ways to kill time by just messing around like that but I guess it works to make the game enjoyable.

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I mean, i think of the forklift being a much worse thing than the fighting mechanics, i know why that and other moments were added, but man, that doesn't mean Shenmue was always fun or engaging.

That being said, it's still full of charm and my God, it was a really ambitious game at the time and a game so expensive that Sega was willing to make it the last game they would release before going bankrupt.

It had an open world with a more interesting story than a lot of games, and there was a lot of stuff to do, including playing classic arcade games which is awesome.

Again, i refuse to say the games are perfect when there are things that are bad about them, but it's still worth playing in my opinion.
That or some people don't like those games?

Meh, i like Shenmue, Half-Life and Super Mario World, Ocarina Of Time is just...okay to me, but i admit i am not the biggest Zelda fan ever and prefer other Nintendo franchises like Metroid.

But sometimes, games really do feel outdated or not fun to a newer generation or people who are used to other mechanics, or they really end up not liking those, i like Ocarina Of Time a bit but i don't like Goldeneye at all and would not even put it at my top 10 FPS list, yet a lot of retro gamers love Goldeneye a lot.

No one can like everything.

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It didn't appeal to me as a kid. Tried it again when Shenmue 3 was announced. Still didn't like it. Well, to be more specific, didn't have the patience. The story didn't grab me and the loading took me out of things. I do admire it for what it tried to do.

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>half life
fuck off>>5637643

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Why is the game called Shenmue in the west rather than Shenmù? Is the the e there to simulate falling intonation? Would angloshits just not have been able to pronounce it correctly without the e?

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a lot of retarded americans pronounce mu like mew

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It's not Shin-moo-ay?

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reminder shenmue, hl and mgs are all moviegames that dont belong on /vr/.

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you're in literally every single thread you autist

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>those jittering graphics
oh for fucks sake

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Make sure to pre-order Shenmue 3 at Gamestop to get this sweet medallion. Only need to put down $5 to pre-order a game at Gamestop.

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>those littering graphics

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Reminder that video games wanted to emulate movies since they got highly detailed and enthusiastic illustrative cover art.

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I want to be there ;__;
Mid 90’s 3D is always the most awe inspiring. Wish I had more content like that

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1 is pretty short if you go straight to story points, i would say less than 10 hours. If you explore things, then maybe 20.

It was the same, but I know people think that way since in 1 you barely fight and 2 is where you get to fight more often especially against characters based on VF characters.
The thing is that Ryo style is more about dodging/quickstep and then counter. You cannot spam the Punch/Kick button because some mooks will guard it and they need to be defeat in another way, as some that cant be grabbed.
Another thing is training. If you train the moves they will get better, stronger, more effective, faster, some will change how they work and others can be linked into others after reaching a certain level of mastering. If you dont bother to train at all things will work worse and you will get your ass kicked by Chai in the arcade, as other bosses and sidequests fights in 2.

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I see.

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It's a good game, but you have to go in with the right mindset.

I like 2 more, but you almost need to start with 1

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>It was the same, but I know people think that way since in 1 you barely fight
Shenmue1 has more fights than Shenmue2 because of all the fighting against the Mad Angels you do near the end.

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Losing fights in Shenmue makes the difficulty go down so it doesn't really matter whether you train or not.

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The game is a hunk of shit with no redeeming value. It's comfy at times but that's really it. Not having a time skip function breaks the game. You'll be sitting there bored to tears watching tv or shit posting until you are allowed to get to the next part of the game. Fuck space harrier and fuck this game. I was dumb enough to buy this game in the early 2000's. I now use it as a beer coaster. Waiting simulator with some story thrown in for laughs.

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why post a picture of yourself? the topic is shenmue, not your poor life choices

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Shenmue 2 spoiler.

It's Shen-moo.

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A meme.
Nothing ever happens in the game and well, it failed.

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So far I’m very much enjoying it. I really like how every NPC has something to say to you specifically about what you ask. It makes them seem more real compared to the few standard answers.
I do think the combat is highly underutilized and I’m looking forward to the endgame where you get to fight more.

On that note for training before sleep, is it enough to “train all” like I’ve been doing or is it more effective to focus on one area/move?

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Here's a reply

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One of the greatest virtues of the game was the typical japanese weird things: the capsule toys, the forklift races, the strange people you encountered, etc. Also, few games have reached the great atmosphere and detail of Shenmue interiors.

People can't even realise how awesome was in 1999 playing a game where you could see people closing up their shops at night and going to their homes to sleep or maybe going to a bar to have a drink. I remember doing that to the guy who sells Bear Burgers as a joke an being amazed that such a secondary character had its own house he went to sleep at night. Shenmue was full of little surprises like that.

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I wish 4chan had a filter for people that type in all lowercase. I’ve never once seen a lowercase phonepost that contained anything of value.

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Doesn’t autocorrect make stuff capitalized when it needs to be?

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Yikes and oofpilled.

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the details and thought put into it were highly innovative for the era, but the game is just average compared to games that have come out since

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The game is still a chunk of shit regardless. Kike

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fuck this game

>> No.5641991

Yup. Try telling that to the brain dead retards that fucking worship this shit show of a game. Any time I hear someone likes this game I automatically know they are tards.

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Get laid.

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Not a retort you zoomer piece of shit. You sit there and speak when spoken to. ME RIKE SHENMUE! ME RIKE BORING GAME! CHING CHING CHONG! YOU RIKE ME YET REDDIT!?!? I PRAY OLD 90'S MEME GAME!!!

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Its good, but not for everyone. If you enjoy immersing yourself into detailed worlds that you can explore and like adventure games, then this is for you.

>> No.5642247

It's hard to get into these days, considering all the gameplay issues it has. If you're up for a slog and story though, go for it.

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back to school

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It is a bad game. Its appeal came from a time where the idea of a digital second life was novel, and outside of that it has absolutely terrible gameplay.

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"Shenmue is a great example to show how technology and (at the time) great graphics are enough to impress a majority of gamers. The game wouldn't be nearly as popular if it hadn't been so technically advanced compared to everything else that was around on consoles back then. Other than that there isn't much more than the atmosphere and the Japanese aestethics.

I really liked both Shenmue games when they came out. It was interesting to play them again as remastered versions. Looking back however, shows how extremely overrated the games are on many levels. If you check out Shenmue videos you see so many comments that are just completely wrong. In terms of gameplay/inovation the game didn't really have much that hadn't been around before Shenmue in some way. SEGA might have set quality standards and taken a lot of elements to a new level, but that's it. I guess the main problem is nostlagia (as said in the video) and also that a majority of fans only compare it to console games and completely ignore or don't even know on the technological standards that had been set in PC gaming long before Shenmue came out.

The interaction with drawers, paintings, food items, items at the convenience store and knocking at doors might have done much for the atmosphere but they were gimmicky at best. Most drawers were mainly there to open and close and items were there to pick up, inspect and put down again."

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>"The open world, especially in the first game was far from an open world and it certianly wasn't needed to influence something like GTA3 which was already in development when Shenmue came out. There have been all kind of huge open and semi-open worlds (including driving games) in PC gaming way before Shenmue was even planned.

Daily routines for NPCs have been around since the late 80s. The first game I remember where NPCs had a daily routine/schedule is Ultima V from 1988.

QTE might have been used in the modern way we know them today but SEGA didn't invent it. There have been "QTE" games since the early 80s.

I'm sure there are more examples, but these are the most important imo.

It's not about bashing Suzuki's or SEGA's, it's more about shifting the focus of what they really accomplished with Shenmue 1 and 2. The game might have been a combination of many things that had been around before, but they showed it can be done on consoles as well. They pushed technological boundaried and set new standards for console gaming. This is were Shenmue really shines."

>> No.5642373

Dragon’s Lair is basically QTE the game

>> No.5642592

It's a very nice game. Pretty much like the yakuza series except it's much older so less content and some gameplay relics here and there. Overall a very comfy experience, nice game

>> No.5642806

Literally one game did QTEs well and it was God of War.

>> No.5642921

I get my post deleted and warned for talking about GBA because it's too modern but the Dreamcast is aok. I see you, moderator.

>> No.5642936

It was pretty revolutionary in its day but it's not something I would replay. I absolutely hate QTE shit.

>> No.5642942

see consolecuck>>5642359

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I hope shenmue 3 winds up being just as impressive as the first 2 games, so far the footage seems very rough and cheap.

>> No.5643828

There should be a filter for posts that contain some variation of lol, lmao, or rofl. They literally have nothing to contribute and are just shitpost bait, either being genuine normalfags or larping as one.

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Mgs, hl1 and shemmue still are moviegames. The cancer that ruined gaming.

>> No.5643881

It’s crowdfunded and been delayed half a dozen times.
If it’s anything more than derivative fan service I’ll be surprised

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Have sex lol

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unironically the type of reply i was expecting to get, congratulations. and what's the deal with this "have sex" thing? is this the new "u mad"?

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