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What fan missions have you been playing lately? Have you been making any?

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Better Tomorrow was spook.

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Dirty Money. It looks nice but it was kinda short and too easy.

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Just played some endless rain recently, fuck that mission was good.

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>muh spoops

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I just finished Bloodstone Prison. It took me forever to figure out how to open the damned office safe. I didn't put together the ghost and his candle part of it for a long time, I didn't even see the candle in front of him when I looted the area. It was a pretty fun mission overall though, I like how you explode the necromancer warden by throwing a holy hammer at him.

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Are you the anon I'm doing the historical playthrough with? I posted my thoughts about Bloodstone Prison in the previous thread.
Yeah, there could have been one or two more hints about the candle puzzle. It's hard to aim the hammer!

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No, not him. What's a historical playthrough, like doing fan missions in order of their release or something? I'm just doing a bunch of Thief 1 missions that have a high Hammer Score on this Thief fan mission site. I'm thinking I'm going to do Lord Edmund Entertains next.

I long bombed the hammer at him from the door behind you in that picture. I'm pretty sure Garrett throws underhand.

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skaky knows what he's doing, check the other missions by him, all excellent

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>like doing fan missions in order of their release or something?
Yes, in order of their release.

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t. butthurt

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I know, I've played all of them recently after getting an itch to play FMs again. I was slacking on his collection even though I really liked BTDW and Sound of a Burrick in a Room

Next on the hitlist is a bunch of melan missions. Besides his contest mission, I haven't played anything of his, which would you recommend first? Heard good things about Disorientation

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well I've been riding my bike all day

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get back on it and ride off a cliff

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They are literally all the same, and if you've played his contest missions or anything by skacky you might as well just skip them.

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Their fms have a loose story connecting them (except Unbidden Guest) so it makes sense to play them in the order they came out.

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What's the best way to play Thief 1? Some sourceport or patch? I've got Thief Gold on Steam.

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just install Tfix Lite and you're good to go

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Lovely, thanks anon.

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Autumn at Lampfire Hills, but that was like last year, around Halloween.

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/v/ is making their own e3 cringe bros ultimate and I managed to get some EH -level loss in. Better just leave the real Garrett out entirely

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I'm making my level for a while it features naked tits and its gonna kicks ass

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post screens

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can't really show anything right now, but I might have something for E3

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boobies!!! hahahahahahaha

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>realizes that he has played multiple FMs with tasteless nudity in them
Thief mappers really are mostly edgy 90's kids.

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Human or pagan creatures?

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Just installed Thief 2. Played Thief 3 years ago and enjoyed it.

What am I in for?

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either really really good maps or really really bad maps

there is no in-between for thief 2

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thiefcucks will defend this

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>play on easy
>surprised it's easy

protip: normal is easy

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>the mission's name is literally Undercover

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ai isnt affected by difficulty level

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every time

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It's bread.

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What do you think of the new thief podcast?

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Guards in Undercover take a short while before they realise you're fucking shit up. Waiting 2-3 seconds after you commit a crime in plain sight of the guards will alert them. Even if they don't move immediately, they're alerted and the entire jig of going Undercover is up. Reminder: Even if you are seen sneaking into a prohibited area, guards will fuck you up. Also: They are fucking eagle-eyed and bat-eared. Make sure no one is around when you break the laws of the compound.

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The most obnoxious thing is the theatrical head shaking.

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>texture mod

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what mission is this? looks good

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Ominous Bequest Gold, definitely one of the classics.

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cool thanks, gonna give that a go

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Just beat that one a few days ago. Fuck, what a ride. Started off as a simple heist and got crazier and crazier.

Took me half an hour to figure out how to make a holy sponge.

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Isn't it wonderful how this board doesn't allow sound in webms so you can't hear the hammerites playing the alert voice lines that are unique to the player blowing their disguise in this mission? When they notice you're an impostor, they freeze in place as their disguise stealth oriented AI switches to standard AI and they play their "Hey, thou art not a novice" line.
I won't defend it though. Just because Thief had the most complex stealth AI in 1998 and the developers couldn't be bothered with creating an entirely different AI behavior model parallel to it to process the one disguise mission in the game, and just because no game since has come anywhere close to doing even the former let alone both, doesn't give it an excuse to be bad. When you let the age of anything excuse any of its flaws, you're being nostalgic, not objective. Which reminds me... just because Pac-Man has gameplay that rivals or exceeds Metal Gear Solid doesn't mean that Pac-Man was amazing by the standards of 1998. Metal Gear was just obsolete.

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No one remembers thief. Literally the most bland LGS game.

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Just finished this on expert, great mission. Lots of good secrets, puzzles, and unique items. I like how they added attic doors so now you're keeping your eyes peeled for doors on the ceiling while taffing about. The layout of it was great, very expansive level as you go through mansions, an underground church, secret crypts, double secret crypts, caverns, and sewers. I also dig the no blackjack start and the frying pan you find to replace it. Also it's nice how they tie into the lore from the first game with mention of the Eye as well. I haven't played a lot of these fan missions, maybe 5 or so, but this one was the best so far.

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How is it?
What others FMs have you played?

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is the ultimate difficulty mod thing worth using? does it break FMs?

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deadly shadows was the best thief imo and theres nothing you can say to change my mind

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So far I've done Ominous Bequest Gold, Death of Garrett, The Hand of Glory, Calendra's Cistern, and Bloodstone Prison. I've enjoyed them all so far and I'm definitely looking forward to more. I want to see how crazy some of these levels get, some guys put a lot of effort into these, making their own cinematics and things like that. The ones where the person has tried to make a decent map for Garrett to look at are usually good, like they put the effort in to create something that looks like it's from the actual game. A couple I've seen are just a few box shapes drawn from MSpaint with some text and that kind of sucks but I guess not everyone is an artist. How the level is designed is more important anyway, I just like looking at at the maps.

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Ruined your post by typing it in past tense

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Trial by Night has an excellent map very much in the style of the originals. Just don't play that one on Expert cause the loot goal is ridiculous.

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I'll try that. I'm looking at the loot requirement on expert and 3000 doesn't seem too bad. The last mission I did, Bequest Ominous, you needed 5000 on expert. It was pretty easy to get that, though, there was stuff everywhere including in a big vault. I think I ended with 6000 out of the available 8000 or so.

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Try 'Seeds of Doubt' and 'Gathering at the Bar'.

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Ok, I've added them to my list. I notice those aren't on the 'recommended Thief missions' image that's passed around and neither was Death of Garrett, which I played and enjoyed. I guess that list is just a taste.
Man, this mission is tough, I don't if it's just me and I'm imagining it but the guards seem extra touchy. Too much coffee is actually making them twitchy, they aren't lying when they say that in this one. Is it possible to mess around with the AI in DromEd? I have no idea.

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>I guess that list is just a taste.
That list is extremely biased towards city missions. A lot of pretty good missions were omitted to make space for more mediocre city missions that all look and play the same. You should probably just check the "fan mission listing by type" thread on TTLG and see what interests you.

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Seeds of Doubt was recommended to me in these threads. It's a small city mission with a Hammerite church and some horror elements. Gathering at the Bar was one of the first FMs. It was also the FM that convinced the designers to make Dromed public, if I remember correctly.

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Formerly Sucks of Doubt

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3000 doesn't sound a lot, but that number represents around 97% of the total loot in the mission, and some of it is very very well hidden.

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GOD thief 1&2 are boring.

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Are you fucking KIDDING ME. THIS is how you open this door. One little book sticking out half an inch from the rest of the books. FUCK the level design in this stupid fucking game. Yeah, wow, what a classic, more modern games should follow this truly intellectual design philosophy. Walking at a snail's pace through a gigantic, ugly level for hours because you missed a tiny protrusion in a generic bookcase is so much motherfucking fun.

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How the hell is that not the first thing you checked when you noticed that obvious secret door?

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if you thought that was bad you should honestly avoid fms altogether

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>Walking at a snail's pace through a gigantic, ugly level for hours
I mean it's thief...

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There's an obvious secret door and a bookcase right next to it. Fucking zoomers.

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New version of newdark, includes a multiplayer beta.

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For T2, GOLD has to wait a little longer.
How functional is multiplayer anyway atm?

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sounds cool