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I wana play a retro RPG, like 16/32 bit generation game. Anyone have a suggestion?

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the one you posted is a good place to start

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If you never played retro rpgs: Final Fantasy VI
If you are looking for something different: Valkyrie Profile

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>Play FF6
>"Dude play valkyrie profile!!!!"
Not okay.

If your going to play a game by Enix on the PS1 play Star Ocean 2. If you've never played it yet play Seiken Densetsu 3 on the super nintendo. Its highly regarded as pushing the systems limits without extra chips in the cart like Star Ocean 1 needed for voice clips. Don't play through SoM1 because you will find it very slow and get tired of waiting for the percent sign to refill to 100%. trust me and play seiken densetsu 3.

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There's no reason for OP to not play VP just because you like Star Ocean better.

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Its not about preference its about being able to play the game period. VP is not player friendly.

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Give 8bit a chance. Play Phantasy Star. It looks good, sounds good, and is fun.

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Play Earthbound.
Unless you're scared.

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this would be one of my favorites, an action RPG with lots of action and lots of RPG, very underrated, wonderful game

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What makes you say that?

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Not him but VP is plenty player friendly.

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Isn't PSP the best way to play Valkyrie Profile?

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Eh, you're getting some new CG cutscenes that I could take or leave and losing some menu functionality. The PSP version is based on the Japanese release, but the PS1 western release had those UI improvements. I think the best version is probably the mobile version.

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Panzer Dragoon Saga.

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Mother 3 fan translation
The music is so fuckin good

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>If your going to play a game by Enix on the PS1 play Star Ocean 2.

1. You're is a contraction for you are.

>If you're going to play a game by [...]

2. Your indicates possessive.

3. Valkyrie Profile and Star Ocean 2 are by tri-Ace. Enix are just the publisher.

>ENIX presents
>A tri-Ace creation

4. There is only one "Secret of Mana," no need to refer the game as "SoM1."

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Goddamn what a worthless response. Talk about video games, don’t check his fucking syntax.

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You're talking about the good "true" ending, because that's the only cryptic thing in the game. The game was intended to be played twice, once for the bad ending and a second time with a guide for the good one. I think this is why most people hate it.

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>If you've never played it yet play Seiken Densetsu 3 on the super nintendo.

I want to agree but man, is that game flawed in a lot ways. fuck spells and hit detection/boxes in SD3, dude. somebody really needs to mod in gambits/scripts for the 2 other characters you have as well so that you can use your warrior and have Angela automatically cast spells by herself from the back.

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saga frontier 2 is peak aesthetics, jesus christ

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Gunman’s Proof is you want a quick Zelda clone you can burn through in a day. Derivative, but neat.

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I legit don't even know what you're talking about. I loved VP.

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someone actually took the time to make bait this bad.

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>like 16/32 bit generation game
I suggest you spend more time learning English than you do do making up new new "generations". Also try a little math. 16/32 is 1/2.

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Mystic Quest. My first RPG. It's almost impossible to lose a fight but fucking hell, the music rocks my balls every time.

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He meant 16 or 32, you abysmal moron. Slash here is meant as a slash, not a fraction bar, you turd.

Fucking autists need to die.

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What are the best 16/32 bit RPG's and how do they rank for their respective eras?

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off the bat take some of the greats lad:
>16 bit
tales of phantasia
star ocean 1
ff4 5 and 6
seiken densetsu 3
tactics ogre
rudra no hihou
bahamut lagoon
romancing saga 3
dq 3
uncharted waters 2 new horizons
lufia 2
phantasy star 2 and 4
star ocean 2
valkyrie profile
ff7 8 and 9
lunar 2
legend of mana
legend of dragoon
skies of arcadia
breath of fire 3
suikoden 2

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almost forgot final fantasy tactics, vagrant story, dragon valor, and ehrgeiz (quest mode)

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maybe you're just a worthless casual

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Lemme get a fries with that McFantasy while your at it Ronald.

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The only player unfriendly thing about Valkyrie Profile is the confusing ending requirements for ending A (and I guess Hard mode being easier than Normal, and Easy mode being the hardest mode). There is pretty much no way your average player is gonna figure them out on their own. You can follow a spoiler free guide to get it relatively easily though.

Otherwise, everything else is fair, it just needs a lot of actually doing on your part. The battle system seems very confusing at first but everything makes sense after you read the in-game tutorials and try it out yourself for a bit. A lot of features (like transferring Einherjar and the time limit) seem daunting too but they aren't actually at all, as you have plenty einherjar to choose from (and Freya clearly explains what she wants), and you have more than enough time to do whatever you need each chapter.

Overall, VP is definitely one of the best JRPGs on the PS1, if not one of the best JRPGs period.

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>Hard mode being easier than Normal, and Easy mode being the hardest mode

I was thinking of playing this game soon. Whats up with the wonked difficulty settings? Experience curve or something?

I was planning on a natural playthrough to get whatever ending, I dont “need” the best ending or whatever. Is that fine or is there crucial big deal game stuff I’ll miss out on playing this way?

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Shouldn't it mean whatever I say it does? After all, this thread is all about making up terms and what they mean.

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The only thing its severely lacking is a difficulty setting for people that have already beaten it and want an extra challenge. Other flaws like Spell casters not working off of A.I I understand might have been due to memory/cpu constraints. I like to imagine its because their so powerful that the game intended for you to feel like a tactician/leader switching between ring menus. SD3 pushed the snes to its limits without extra chips IIRC. I don't really remember anything bad about hitboxes. Overall probably the best game on the super nintendo in my opinion.
I didn't say (you) weren't allowed to like it.
You couldn't be more wrong, but then again every VP fag is like this. The game is not player friendly. I never insulted the quality of the game. The OP said he wanted to play some 16/32 bit retro rpgs. He didn't say he wanted a cryptic battle system where the game barely explains how to utilize your party members in combat and using that dumb ice shot mechanic in dungeons for platforming. Theres nothing about the game that is player friendly. Theres a reason why Star Ocean kept being made, because its player friendly and its not some wanna-be deep bullshit. I'm all for in depth games and what not, but everything from the way you summon characters, to its terrible battle system, and shit tier dungeon exploration/mechanics all leaves for a game that isn't meant to just be picked up and played.

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Here you go OP.

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This guy are sick.

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